June 2022

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June Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, June 7         Cancelled
Tuesday, June 14       Cancelled
Tuesday, June 21       Cancelled
Tuesday, June 28       Pending
Thursday, June 30      Pending

June Events: 
None are scheduled yet due to
COVID prevention measures



H2H Lockdown Quiz

The 2022 Shanghai lockdown was a first for all of us in many ways.  Heart to Heart is never left out – it got to have its own first Lockdown Quiz. Quizzing is a regular event for us – a chance to get everyone together at Cages Jing’an with teams sitting around drink-laden tables, tucking into hearty fare – face to face and phones faced downwards. Answers sheets are swapped around for marking and the winning team captain gets to go on stage to claim the prize and take the glory.

Lockdown quizzes need a different format. They completely rely on technology, looking at phones and mixing your own drinks.  We turned to Ned Kelly, our trusted quiz-master extraordinaire, and of course he stepped up to do the honors.

On a Friday evening in May, whilst the plum rains poured down on the empty streets of Shanghai, nine teams competed from their individual sofas.  Volunteers, sponsors and friends of Heart to Heart – about 60 people. Every team had people in multiple locations – one team had all its members in different locations.  We zoomed, wechatted, tencented, scratched our heads and scribbled, whilst finding the mute button, QR code and power banks. Ned kept us on track and made it seamless by screen-sharing the rounds.  Good teamwork communication was vital with an extra special stretch over the volume for the audio rounds – movies & music – added in for good measure.  It was frantic and very very fun.

“Yoda One That I Want” won the quiz and “Ben’s Gang Green” were runners up.  Thank you to Ned Kelly for hosting and to our quizzers for taking part & donating.  We raised just under 7000rmb and got ourselves a great new first for Heart to Heart.     (by Kate Bayles)

2022 年上海的封控,在很多方​​面对我们所有人来说都是第一次。心连心也一样,我们举行了自己的第一个“封控百科知识竞赛”。知识竞赛是我们的一项常规活动,是把大家聚集在CAGES凯吉思西餐厅运动乐园(静安店)、围坐在盛满酒水和美食的桌子旁、放下手机、面对面交流的机会。大家彼此传递着答题纸,获胜的队长可以上台领取奖品并获得荣耀。

“封控知识竞赛”需要以不同的形式进行——完全依赖科技,参与者要盯着手机看,并且自己调饮料喝。于是,我们邀请值得信赖的知识竞赛达人Ned Kelly来组织。他欣然接受了。


“Yoda One That I Want”团队赢得了比赛,“Ben’s Gang Green”获得了亚军。感谢 Ned Kelly 的主持,也感谢各位参赛者的参与和慷慨解囊。我们筹集了不到 7000 元人民币,也为心连心开创了一个崭新的第一次。

Current Situation

It’s been sad to see how many of our long-term volunteers have left Shanghai in the last month or two.  We will definitely miss their smiling faces and all their efforts — once we are back to volunteering together again.  We wish them only the best though pursuing their new lives and dreams.

Fortunately, the situation in Shanghai seems to be well under control and it looks like most of us will be out of various stages lockdown in June.  That’s great news for all of us.  Although life will slowly go back to normal, it may be a while until children come in for surgeries, but we hope that it will be the first thing that happens and that it will happen soon.  There are a lot of them waiting to come in so I’m sure that as soon as they figure out how to get to the hospitals, it will happen.  The hospitals will be off-limits for volunteering and the drop-off of donated goods for a while, but rest assured that we will let everyone know when those activities recommence.  We want to see all of you who stayed and we want to get back to work!  There’s a lot to do.  For those of you on the events team, it may be a while until events can take place other than on-line, but I’m sure it will happen.  And playroom volunteers …. we will need to start getting ready to open the new playroom at Yida as soon as we get the word that we can proceed.  We haven’t forgotten you.  Most of the other teams have had something to do during the lockdown period (knitting, sewing, financials, etc.), but it will be great to actually see you.

Things will be very busy once we are given the word that we can proceed.  I hope you are all ready to make a difference again.  I know I am!
See you soon.  Thank you for volunteering for Heart to Heart.


幸运的是,上海的疫情似乎得到了很好的控制,看起来我们大多数人都将在 6 月份摆脱各个阶段的封控。这对我们所有人来说都是好消息。虽然生活会慢慢恢复正常,但孩子们来做手术可能还需要一段时间,我们希望越快越好。有很多孩子等着进来,所以我敢肯定,一旦能来医院,他们就会马上来做手术。医院仍暂时禁止志愿服务和捐赠物品的投递,但请放心,当这些活动重新开始时,我们会通知大家。我们想见到所有留下来的人,我们想重启我们的工作!要做的事情有很多。对于活动团队的志愿者来说,可能需要一段时间才能举办线上活动,但我相信这一天一定会到来的。还有游戏室的志愿者们,一旦我们接到通知,我们就要开始准备在医大医院开设新的游戏室。我们没有忘记你们。大多数其他团队在封控期间都有事可做(针织、缝纫、财务等),但我们也很期待能跟你们见面。


Good-bye Note from Mohana Priya

I’m Mohana Priya. I have been volunteering with Heart to Heart since June 2019. An internal job change brought me to Shanghai in 2018. It was the most unplanned decision of my life. In the beginning, I was struggling to cope with the bizarre shift that happened in my life. I had lived in two countries away from my home country before I came to China. However, China was so unique and different. I was mostly trying to solve life’s challenges at that point of time.

Doing something to uplift and help children has always been in my thoughts. For some reason, I was not able to act on that thought until I found Heart to Heart. A life changing incident in June 2019 made me question life’s purpose, the heart beat I hear and the breath I take. I wanted to find a purpose. A purpose that would convince me that I deserved to be alive when so many weren’t in this ever-changing world. In the hunt for purpose, I searched on the internet for children and charity. And I found my soul connection – Heart to Heart Shanghai. It would be super hard for me to put it in words what volunteering with H2H has done for me. This incredible experience was soul nourishing. The children that we were able to help and their families’ happiness will always be very very close to my heart. Suddenly my life felt fulfilling and purposeful. I met some of the most beautiful souls through Heart to Heart – Karen, DJ and Sunita are some to mention.

I have been actively participating in fund raising events, contributed art pieces for the “Art for Hearts” show, made donations on my birthdays and have done videos, graphics, marketing materials for H2H on various occasions. I also recently started volunteering in Yoda hospital as playroom volunteer. Children healing from surgeries come to playroom to play with toys for a while. It is so picturesque to see them smile and feel the warmth that they will have a long and healthy life. Meeting so many different people with same purpose was unbelievably satiating for me. In addition to this, I have also inspired many of my colleagues and friends to contribute for H2H to help children. I also had a small ritual of visiting a child on my birthdays that I have helped to raise money for the surgery or personally contributed towards the surgery. This small ritual made me feel that I was making a difference in someone’s life. We have had so much fun together. Bingo nights, birthday parties, H2H new volunteer video making sessions, etc.

It is hard to believe I have left Shanghai for good. Recent years have been hard for everybody with the pandemic. We, as humans, were trying our best to show resilience and survive with the change. It is stunning to see how we have managed it through. Due to these global challenges, I am again moving country for work. This time, Sweden. I will for sure keep contributing for Heart to Heart in any shape and form that I can.  It is so unfortunate that I was not able to meet every single of my H2H friends to say bye until we meet again. With a hope that I will meet you all at some point in life again, I would like to express sincere gratitude and thank you for helping me to put the broken pieces back in my life.

我是 Mohana Priya。 自 2019 年 6 月以来,我一直在心连心做志愿者。2018 年,一次内部工作的调动将我带到了上海, 这可能算得上是我这一生中的一个最没有预先计划而做出的决定。 起初,我真的很难适应我的生活中由此而带来的各种转变。 在我来中国之前,我其实已经在远离我的祖国的另外两个国家生活过。 然而,中国是如此的独特和不同,以至于我当时真的需要非常努力,才能应对生活中的挑战。

一直以来我都想做一些事情来帮助到需要帮助的孩子。 但出于某种原因,在我加入心连心之前,一直无法按照我这个想法而采取行动。2019 年 6 月,在我经历了一件改变我人生的事件之后,我开始质疑我人生的目的,甚至质疑我听到的心跳和我的呼吸是不是值得。我需要重新找到一个我的人生目标,一个能让我相信,我应该在这个不断变化的世界里活着的目标。为了这个,我在网上搜索了一个儿童慈善机构。我找到了我的灵魂纽带——上海心连心。很难用语言来形容心连心的志愿服务给我带来的一切,那是一种令人难以置信的经历,令人精神振奋。看到我们能够帮助生病的孩子和他们的家人得到幸福,总是让我自己也无比感动。那一瞬间,我的生活变得充实而有意义。 我通过心连心结识了一群最美丽的灵魂——Karen、DJ 和 Sunita,他们都很值得一提。

我一直积极参与筹款活动,为“Art for Hearts”节目提供艺术作品,在每年我的生日那天筹款,并在各种场合为心连心制作完成视频、宣传和营销材料。看到从手术中康复的孩子们来到游戏室做游戏,看到他们的微笑, 知道他们从现在以后将拥有一个健康而长寿的生活,这些总是那么美好。这些年来,我遇到了很多和我志同道合的人,这让我感到非常的满足。除此之外,我还带动了我的许多同事和朋友加入心连心,为帮助孩子们做出贡献。我还有一个小小的传统,就是在我生日那天拜访一个我帮助筹集过资金或我个人捐助过的孩子。这个小小的传统让我觉得我真的在改变别人的生活。 宾果游戏之夜、生日派对、心连心新志愿者视频制作会议,这些都让我很开心。

难以置信,我已经永远地离开了上海。 近年来,疫情对每个人来说都很艰难。作为普通人,我们一直在努力展现人类的韧性,在变化中幸存下来。我们是如何不容易地在度过难关。由于这些变化,我不得不再次为工作搬家。这一次,我是去瑞典。我一定会尽我所能继续为心连心做出贡献。很遗憾我没能在我离开之前和我的每一位心连心朋友面对面说再见。希望我能在人生的某个时刻再次见到你们,到时,我要向你们表达我最诚挚的谢意,感谢你们曾经帮助我,让我生活中地碎片在我的生活中得到了修复。

Good-bye Note from Wilma Maas

During my stay in Shanghai, I committed myself to H2H. The fact that 100% of the work is done by volunteers, the high level of creativity to raise funds and especially the goal to which so many people are willing to contribute towards makes this organization very special.  I’ve only been a small link in this well-oiled organization, but H2H is in my heart forever. During a field trip I saw that the same applies to the children, who have undergone necessary heart surgery thanks to financial help from H2H. As a result, they have a chance to participate in a full life and they will never forget the support of H2H.

I’m grateful that I was able to contribute to H2H. Luckily, I was able to experience a field trip.  The memory of the field trip and all the children I’ve seen recover from heart surgery in the Yoda hospital will stay with me forever.  I’ve taken the enthusiasm of the team of volunteers and especially their friendship back to the Netherlands and hopefully we will stay connected!


在上海的这段时间里,我致力于参加心连心的志愿者工作。 心连心100%由志愿者完成工作的事实,志愿者们筹集资金的高水平创造力,尤其是如此多的人愿意为之投入和付出以筹集更多资金的目标,使这个组织非常特别。 我只是这个运作良好的组织中的一个小环节,但心连心永远在我心中。 在一次实地考察中,我发现孩子们也是如此,他们在心连心的资助下接受了必要的心脏手术。 因此,他们有机会参与完整的人生,他们永远不会忘记心连心的帮助。

我很感激我能够为心连心贡献我的力量。 幸运的是,我能够经历一次实地旅行。 这次实地考察的记忆,以及我见过的所有在远大心胸医院接受心脏手术后康复的孩子们,将永远伴随我。 我已经把志愿者团队的热情,尤其是他们的友谊带回了荷兰,希望我们能保持联系!


Featured Sponsor of the Month – doTerra

Hello!  I am Loisann Rogowyi and I started volunteering with H2H in October 2018.  Shanghai Expatriates Association (SEA) is where I learned about the different opportunities to volunteer with H2H.  I started volunteering in the assembly room on Tuesdays.  I volunteered with the cutting and sewing group, which I have to admit was amazing working alongside some brilliant creativity and talent. I joined the marketing team as well as working on fundraisers.  I also joined numerous times meetings with the children and families as they arrived in Shanghai for their surgeries.  I also visited the children and families after their heart surgery.  I love making a difference in the lives of the children and families.  When you see the children and families with smiles on their faces you instantly know you are in the right place at the right time.

My business gig is doTERRA Essential Oils.  The oils are 100 percent Certified Pure Tested Grade which means they are safe to use topically, internally, as well as diffusing.  doTERRA is involved in the China market as well as 52 other countries around the world.  When I was asked what doTERRA could offer, I immediately offered our three favorite oils:  Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint set.
Working with H2H and doTERRA make an impact on peoples’ lives which is so gratifying and sustainable.

你们好!我是洛桑·罗戈(Loisann Rogowyi),我从2018年10月开始在 H2H 做志愿者。我通过上海侨民协会 (SEA) 了解到给H2H 做志愿者的机会。我开始参加每周二的组装室志愿者活动。我加入了裁剪和缝纫小组,我不得不承认,与一些出色、有创造力和有才华的志愿者一起工作真是太棒了。我加入了营销团队并参与筹款活动。我还参加了无数次与孩子和家人的会面,因为他们来到上海接受手术。我还拜访了心脏手术后的孩子以及他们的家人。我很乐意为孩子和他们家庭的生活带来改变。当你看到孩子和他们的家人脸上挂着笑容时,你会立即知道自己在正确的时间出现在了正确的地方。

我的业务是doTERRA精油。这些油是 100% 经认证的纯测试等级,这意味着它们可以安全地用于局部、内部和扩散。doTERRA涉足中国市场以及全球其他52个国家。当我被问到 doTERRA 都有什么产品时,我立即介绍了我们最受欢迎的三种精油:薰衣草、柠檬和薄荷油。

Good-bye Note from Sara and Andrea

Goodbye H2H!
We are Andrea and Sara from Italy.  Andrea is an engineer and Sara is a doctor. We have two daughters, who left China some years ago to study in the UK. It has been 10 years since we landed in China and many good things have happened to us since then; one in particular is that we met the amazing family of Heart to Heart volunteers and sponsors. We fell in love with these guys at H2H and we have been part of this amazing family for what our time has allowed us to do.

At H2H, the atmosphere is always positive, smiles and jokes.  Volunteers can choose between many options for dedicating their time…The time we spent with you at H2H has been the privilege of giving back to the community and gave us a lot of sincere joy and sense of fulfillment; it has been a warm feeling of family in a foreign country, a connection with children we’ll never meet and who donate their smiles to us and the energy to help.

The environment at H2H is international and eclectic.  It is always vibrant and smiley with tons of positive energy and vibes to store for life in Shanghai.   We are going to seriously miss all of this…but another chapter of our life is beginning and we’ll move to California in the US for another adventure.   We’ll bring in our hearts the joy and the amazing experience with the great people of H2H, the colours and the vibes of the field trip and the memory of how good our time with H2H has been.

The world is a small place and we are sure we will see each other again.   We would have loved to say goodbye by hugging people in a proper Italian way, but the lockdown is stealing this … it doesn’t matter. We are saying goodbye here from the bottom of our hearts to all of you our friends at H2H. You are beautiful people!

A special hug to Karen and DJ

我们是来自意大利的 Andrea 和 Sara。 Andrea 是工程师,Sara 是医生。我们有两个女儿,几年前去英国学习了。我们10年前来到中国后,经历了很多美好的事情。尤其是我们遇到了令人赞叹的心连心的志愿者和赞助人。我们爱上了心连心这个大家庭,成了这个了不起的大家庭的一员,和大家一起度过了无数美好的时光。
在此,给Karen和DJ 一个特别的大拥抱!
Good-bye Note from Mabel Wong McCormick

2001 July 1 I landed in Shanghai and started my new life with a new career and about to get married in six months. My new office was in Plaza 66, which had just opened for tenant occupations. At the back for Nanjing West Road, one could still find some dirt roads, small hawker stalls…the authentic side of Shanghai in her charming development stage. I loved Shanghai then! And what I loved more was to see and experience Shanghai’s growing and becoming a cosmopolitan and international city over the past 20 years. I will not detail all the fantastic places, cuisines and people I went, ate and met for I am sure most of you would have experienced that or even more than I did.
There is one place I must mention though for it is truly an amazing place! In there, life is so vibrant and pure, laughter is so hearty and genuine, time gets lost in games, pains get forgotten momentarily – it is almost like heaven on earth. This is the magical place on the third floor of Yuanda Cardio Thoracic Hospital, our precious PLAYROOM for the children with heart disease. Going to this magical place was one of my favourite activities on the weekend, which I looked forward to every week. The children spent time in the PLAYROOM playing games, solving puzzles, or simply talking to me, a stranger every week. I am grateful for their love and friendships. I hope that all the children whom I played with, and laughed together with are healthy and enjoying their normal lives now, somewhere in their hometowns in China.
As I am about to leave Shanghai for a new city in Europe and start a new chapter of my life with my family, I am thankful that I could bring with me the memories of all the children and volunteers whom I met and played alongside for many weekends in the PLAYROOM at Yuanda Hospital. Special thanks to Karen and all the volunteers and supporters of Heart to Heart for their wonderful serving and charitable hearts. Hope the PLAYROOM continues to bring joy and warmth to the hearts of the children in need as well as the volunteers.

2001年7月1日,我抵达上海,开始了我的新生活,新的职业生涯,并计划在六个月后结婚。我的新办公室在刚刚开放给租户使用的恒隆广场。在南京西路的后面,你仍然可以找到一些小马路,小摊小贩…… 这些都是上海迷人发展阶段的真实一面。于是我爱了上海!我更喜欢看到和体验上海在过去20年中的成长和成为一个国际化大都市。我不会详述我去过、吃过、见过的所有奇妙的地方、美食和人,因为我相信你们大多数人都经历过,甚至比我经历的更多。



Good-bye Note from Michele Davis

Heart to Heart – It is with great sadness I bid you farewell – Paul & my Shanghai adventure has ended all too soon. It’s been a privilege & a pleasure in getting to know you all! My time in Shanghai & especially at H2H has taught me skills for life & I will be forever grateful (can size up a donations bag in record time, am very proficient at lugging boxes, can create an online catalogue & have developed a keen taste for gin!)

I was lucky enough to go on 2 field trips & I will treasure those memories, especially the kindness of the recipient families and the exuberance of the students in the schools we visited (& the karaoke on the bus!)  The Heart to Heart management team (looking at you Karen & DJ) has an uncanny ability in uncovering a volunteer’s skillset and then adding that to H2H activities which increases the number of surgeries for children in need.

The recent months have been challenging but if living in Shanghai has taught me anything, it is that regeneration is core to this city’s resilience and success.

Thank you for all that you do in supporting those beautiful H2H children & their families. It is through these acts of kindness that lives are changed.

Just quietly… you do know that you guys are THE BEST and you have made my time in Shanghai a true highlight! ️ Jiayou

心连心,我非常难过要和你们告别了,保罗和我的上海冒险之旅结束得太快。认识大家是我的荣幸! 我在上海的时间,尤其是在心连心的时间教会了我生活的技能,我将永远感激(我可以快速地判断捐赠包大小,非常精通搬运行李箱,还可以创建在线目录并且对杜松子酒产生了浓厚的兴趣!)

我有幸参加了两次实地考察,这些对我而言都是珍贵的回忆,尤其是受助家庭的善意和我们参观的学校学生的热情(以及在大巴车上的卡拉 OK!)。心连心的管理团队(Karen和DJ)有不可思议的能力,他们可以发现志愿者的技能并且让志愿者在心连心的活动中展示他们的技能,帮助更多有需要进行手术的儿童。




Featured  Volunteer of the Month – Sandra Powley

I joined Heart to Heart in early 2021 after returning to Shanghai from a long COVID hiatus in Australia. I had already been in Shanghai for quite some time. Don’t know what took me so long!
My first experience arriving at Yoda for a Tuesday assembly was feeling bewildered in the hospital lobby, but immediately met the lovely Wilma who was on her way to assembly. She took me under wing and the rest is history. Assembly was so busy, but so organised. The feeling of accomplishment whether it be in the sewing room or the sorting room was amazing.
Each week I began to understand more about this well organised group.  I was amazed to learn that people who had left Shanghai were still actively involved and contributing in many different ways. I soon progressed to going in on Thursdays as well. Constantly meeting new people with like-minded goals left me with a real sense of community and purpose.
Meeting the Tibetan families was a wonderful experience.  Seeing their anxious faces waiting for their children to come out of surgery was really moving and makes the work so worthwhile especially when you see the kids bounce back to good health in a matter of days.
Trips out to Qingpu to sort and pack clothing for the countryside and the outdoor sales are memorable. Fun times!
Every day during this lockdown I’m trying to stay positive.  I’m really grateful that I will have Heart to Heart to return to and look forward to working with everyone again. I might even get out of my comfort zone and join a knitting or sewing group!







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Many Ways to Support Us!
Did you know that Heart to Heart is a 100% volunteer organization?  With no paid staff we always need people to volunteer.  Here are just a few of the ways you can help us.

Visit Us at an Event
Check out our ‘Support Us’ section following the calendar.
Donate New or Gently Used Goods
Clothing, toys, toiletries collected from hotel visits, company swag – as long as it is not electronic or breakable, we will find a use for it.  Please contact donations@h2hsh.net.

Donate Your Time
Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

Other Donations
You can help support our food card program, our rural school library or sports equipment programs, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

Tell Your Friends About Us
Talk to a volunteer at an event and pass on the information. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).

Find Out More
Our mission is to provide support and financial assistance to Chinese children who require heart surgery and whose families cannot afford it.  We also provide financial assistance to rural Chinese schools which require additions to their libraries, sports equipment and other essentials. For more information visit our website (www.h2hsh.com).

Sign up to volunteer on our website.  Feel free to pass along the information to friends who may want to get involved.