Are you a middle or high school band and really want to have an opportunity to show how good you are?  Do that and more!  You can play 2-3 songs for a large crowd and potentially be crowned the best band in Shanghai for 2021.  Register today to play in the May 16th competition in the Green Sports & Leisure Center in Jinqiao.  Proceeds will go to Heart to Heart Shanghai to put towards heart surgery for a child and the glory will go to you!  Register now by calling and sending a WeChat to Pearl at 18357268713.

你是一个初高中的乐队成员,想要有真的机会展示自己的实力吗? 你甚至可以得到更多! 你可以为一大群人演奏2-3首歌曲,还有可能获得2021年上海最佳乐队的称号。今天就报名来参加5月16日在金桥绿色体育休闲中心举行的比赛吧!所得的所有款项将用于“心连心上海”为需要帮助的孩子做心脏手术,荣誉将属于你! 请致电18357268713 并向Pearl发微信信息报名。