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September 2019


September Assembly:

Tuesday, September 3             9:30-12:30
Tuesday, September 10           9:30-12:30
No Assembly on September 17
Tuesday, September 24           9:30-12:30
Thursday,September 26         17:30-20:30



Shandong Field Trip (September 16-19) 

Have you ever been to the Liaocheng area in Shandong province? Have you ever visited children that Heart to Heart previously sponsored in their homes?  Have you ever dedicated rural school libraries and/or sports packages?  If the answer is “yes” to any of the questions, you’ll know what a great trip is being planned for our next Heart to Heart field trip to Shandong province.  If you answered “no” to the questions, you should come with us and find out what H2H is all about.  The Shandong field trip will be from September 16 through 19. It should be great!  We will visit our previously sponsored children and rural schools and do lots of other amazing things.  We’ve had several people have schedule changes in the last week so they will be unable to attend.  If you’d like to take their place, please contact me at or on WeChat (Karen-H2H).  Here are a few of the details….
Costs  – Double rooms are RMB 2,200 and single rooms are 2,600.  The cost covers EVERYTHING on the trip except your lunches on September 16 and 19.  Naturally, any extra souvenirs you want to buy in Shandong won’t be covered either.  So it’s a great price for all you’ll see and do!   It’s not too late to sign up.
Trip Schedule (September 16 – 19)   (Detailed schedule to come right before the trip)
– We will load the H2H  bus beginning at 06:30 am on Monday, September 16 at Yoda Hospital.
– We will return to Shanghai during the evening on Thursday, September 19.  I don’t know the exact time since it will depend
upon traffic. It is usually around 8-9pm.
School Libraries and Sports Packages – We’ll be visiting 5 rural schools to donate libraries and sports packages.
Sponsored Children – We should be visiting at least 5 previously sponsored children in their homes.
Point of Interest – We know most of you will never go back to this area so we are trying to see if we will have enough time to visit a “point of interest” in addition to our activities.
Let me know if you want to sign up!    (  or WeChat:  Karen-H2H)

Help H2H Get Matching Funds during the Tencent 7, 8, 9 Campaign!

It’s that time of year again.  Tencent is having it’s annual charity campaign on September 7, 8, 9.  They will match millions and millions of yuan in donations and we would love to be a part of that.  How can you help us???  Just donate to H2H through WeChat during those dates following the instructions below and perhaps Tencent will match or partially match your donation.  We got quite a bit last year and we’d love to do even better this year.  100% of your donation (and Tencent’s match) will go towards a child’s surgery.  You can’t beat that!

Here are the instructions.

1)  Follow the link on your phone or device:  (If you have trouble finding it, let me know (WeChat:  Karen-H2H) and I’ll send you the QR code.  It just wouldn’t print well here.)

2)  You’ll come to pictures of former H2H children and an article in Chinese.  (If you read Chinese – continue on.  You don’t need these instructions!)  Scroll down until an oval shape (half mustard colored / half red) appears in the bottom right of your screen.  The mustard colored half is for monthly donations.  The red half is for a one-time donation.  Press the red half.

3)  Not all phones are the same at this point, but if you come to more choices at the bottom and you don’t read Chinese, just press the red half.  Keep doing this (probably only once) until you get to a screen that gives you options of 20元,50元,100元 or the one below them that allows you to put in your own amount.  Obviously, choose the amount you want.  If you want to donate more than 100 (we’d love that!), just fill it in at the bottom rectangle.  Then press the red oval that comes up.  The normal WeChat screen will come up that asks for your WeChat Wallet password.  Put it in and you’re done!  Tencent will give you a certificate of your donation.  If you want us to know you gave and want to be invited to see your sponsored child, send a screen print of that certificate to my WeChat (Karen-H2H) and I’ll send you a receipt and get you on the list for a sponsored child.  Otherwise, the donations are anonymous.

It really is easy and a great way to make your donation go a long way if Tencent matches it!

We hope you’ll give it a try.

Message from the Playroom 

It’s wonderful to see the playroom busy and that was definitely the theme during the month of August.   With 20+ little Heart to Heart patients in the hospital plus 35 more Tibetan children, the playroom was pretty crazy.  Fun, but crazy.  The only problem was that we lacked playroom volunteers.  That’s not quite accurate ….. There were quite a few playroom volunteers on the books, but they weren’t volunteering.  We know that it was summertime and that many of you were out of town, but everybody couldn’t have been gone.  Hopefully, you’re back.  We still have an amazing number of children in the hospital so we REALLY need you to volunteer in the playroom if you’re registered as a playroom volunteer. Without volunteers the playroom is usually a disaster.  Not only are toys everywhere, but nothing is cleaned.  This would be a bad situation in a normal playroom, but in this playroom it is critical that things be clean.  Without the daily cleaning, germs are breeding and infections are spreading.  These are children recovering from open heart surgery.  Infections can literally kill them. PLEASE COME AND VOLUNTEER!  The children will have more fun with you there AND will have much less chance of infection.  We hope to see you there soon.

Note:  Thank you to the few playroom volunteers who did come!  And a big thank you to assembly team members and managers for cleaning things in the mornings when you saw they were out of control!

If you’re not registered as a playroom volunteer and would like to give it a try, contact  They can get you signed up!  It’s a fun and rewarding experience.

The Tibetans Have Arrived!

It was business as usual at Heart to Heart in August with our “normal” contingent of children in the hospital (usually 12 in the hospital at a time).  But, in addition to them we were also helping to host 35 children (and a chaperon each) from Tibet.  The children all got heart surgery – 20 of them paid for by our generous donors.  Thank you to those who did that!  In addition to the heart surgeries, however, we also needed to clothe them since all 70 of them showed up with only winter clothing.  It never gets warm enough in their part of Tibet (Ali region to wear anything that would be appropriate in Shanghai’s summer.  As you can imagine, they were rather “freaked out” by the heat…. and typhoon Lekima had to be an entirely new experience for them!  So, the great team of  Anne, Catherine, Jane,  Maria, Nodlaig, Taeko, Therese and Tina packed our usual welcome bags for them all – including the chaperons.  They got toiletries, blankets, clothing, coats (for when they return to Tibet) and lots of T-shirts among other things.  It put a smile on all their faces and hopefully made them at least a little more comfortable.

We want to especially thank Z Wang T-shirts for making and donating special T-shirts for each and every one of the Tibetans.  They loved them!  And we would also like to thank Petit Bateau for sending them the lovely coats that they will take home with them.  They were thrilled with looking so chic!

Message from the School Liason Team

September means the end of the summer holiday and the start of the new academic year. We hope you all had a fabulous summer break and feel relaxed and ready for the year ahead. The 2018-2019 academic year was fanastic and we enjoyed all the wonderful events and activities you held to raise donations for H2H. We appreciate all the support from schools, teachers, students and parents.  You made an amazing impact on the number of children that have been sponsored for heart surgery so far this year. We are excited for the coming school year and look forward to what 2019-2020 has to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact the school liasion team – Nicola and Maria at – if you have any events or inquires about working with H2H. We would love to be part of your events and fundraising so please do not be strangers! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Knitting Emergency

It’s A Knitting Emergency!

We need several hundred knitted sweaters and/or cardigans urgently. If you know how to knit heart bear cardigans, please get knitting.

And just in time, there is a new sweater pattern that can be used to make sweaters rapidly. It’s a very easy knit-in-the-round pattern that knits up very quickly and has no sewing other than sewing in the yarn ends. It can be knit all in one colour, or stripes, or even with a fair isle pattern on the waist and cuffs.  It can even be used for Christmas sweaters, but more on that next month.

If you don’t know how to knit heart bear sweaters and would like to learn, there will be knit-a-long learning sessions running over the next few weeks. Sessions will be on Thursday afternoons from 1-6 pm and again on Sunday afternoons. All materials will be provided, yarn, needles and patterns. You can even get refreshments and meet other knitters too.  Contact our knitting manager, Helen, by WeChat (id = koptergirl) for directions and questions.

And even if you can’t knit, if you would like to learn how, we can teach you. We have several beginners that have quickly gone on to knit heart bear garments, sweaters, cardigans and even dresses.

Finally if you are interested in knitting, we still need your help at assembly sewing up some knitted garments and sewing on buttons and red hearts. So please HELP!

This Month’s Sponsored Child(ren):  Tibetans!

Heart to Heart might not know the sound of one hand clapping, but we do know the sound of 35 Tibetan children in the hospital getting surgery all at once.  It’s laughter, squeals of delight, and many pairs of small feet running down the hallways.  And if smiles had sounds, we would be able to hear them everywhere!  These are some wonderful children.  Yes, they were all sick and needed heart surgery, but you wouldn’t have know it.  They were always up beat, always curious and always up to mischief.  You couldn’t enter Yoda Hospital between August 2 and 31 and not know they were there.  We will miss them now that they are on their week long journey back to Tibet.  We won’t forget them and I know they won’t forget us.  But especially, they won’t forget that strangers reached out to them and paid for their heart surgeries with no expectations in return.  All of you who helped them in any way have saved their lives and changed their entire world view.  Thank you for helping them whether it was sponsoring their surgeries, clothing them, playing with them or any of the hundreds of other things that were done for them while they were here.  A smile from just one of them made all the effort seem like nothing.


Featured Sponsor: Chantel Wu 

My name is Chantel and I’m a medical student at Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University.  I grew up in California and moved to Shanghai after college to further my medical school study.  I first learned about H2H through a school charity event.  I did more research and it surprised me that H2H is entirely made up of volunteers.  I started making monthly donations knowing all proceeds are spent on surgeries for children.  After having met some of the children I have sponsored, I’m glad my efforts have made a real difference in these children’s lives.  All of the children in need of surgery are from rural provinces in China.  Knowing my contribution can help save their lives is very heartwarming.  I have yet to participate in a H2H trip to the sponsored children’s homes and villages.  The trips are on my agenda as I would love to see the children I have sponsored back in their hometowns and fully recovered from their surgeries.  Understanding that change can be made in these children’s lives in many different ways, I hope we can continue to spread awareness and lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed.

Featured Volunteer: Yuchen (April) Shi

My name is Yuchen (April) Shi, but I was not born in April. I finished my Masters in Social Work in Boston last summer, gave up my fellowship as a psychotherapist in the States afterwards, and returned to Shanghai in Nov 2018. I was taking a break from everything after that. Some people asked me how I got to know H2H, but I seriously don’t remember. All I can remember is that it happened in March 2019.

I was not even thinking about helping people. However, after I bumped into H2H and did my first event volunteering selling heart bears at SCIS. I was impressed by the passion radiated from both volunteers and SCIS students/teachers, and more importantly, the relaxing atmosphere throughout the whole event. H2H is creating fun for both the helper and the helped, which is crucial for the sustainability of a charity.

Then I started volunteering for more events, such as Shanghai Love Beer Festival, TEK Opening Party, and different bazaars, and eventually Karen asked me if I was interested in volunteering to be a project manager for H2H. I used to think that being the helper requires too much responsibility from my own experience, but H2H helps me to see that there are so many ways to help people. H2H has really created a terrific and comprehensive platform for different talents and personalities to contribute in their own ways.

Right now, I’m working on the H2H promotional video and the Art for Hearts art show with other project managers. I really enjoy what I do with H2H and I’m glad that I’m also helping in my own way.


Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

Assembly Team Members
Jayne Clark
Michele Davis
Theresa Mehling
Chiasin Kok
Darryl Tan
Julie Smith
Katrina Herring
Jaycee Zhang
Sophia Dean
Erin Crail

Weekend Playroom Volunteers
Yuvanart Virachanang
Casey Lim
Stany Petkova

Weekday Playroom Volunteers
Gill Drury
Judy Hsu

Knitter Volunteers

Jean Zhao

Jingwu Wang

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Did you know that Heart to Heart is a 100% volunteer organization?  With no paid staff we always need people to volunteer.  Here are just a few of the ways you can help us.

Visit Us at an Event

Check out our ‘Support Us‘ section following the calendar.

Donate New or Gently Used Goods

Clothing, toys, toiletries collected from hotel visits, company swag – as long as it is not electronic or breakable, we will find a use for it.  Please contact

Donate Your Time

Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

Other Donations

You can help support our food card program, our rural school library program, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

Tell Your Friends About Us

Pick up a flyer at an event and pass it on. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).

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