Our mission is to provide support and financial assistance to indigent Chinese children who require heart surgery and to provide financial assistance to rural Chinese schools which require libraries, sports equipment and other essentials. For more information visit our website (www.h2hsh.com).

Sign up to volunteer on our website.  Feel free to pass along the information to friends who may want to get involved.
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October 2020

October Assembly:

Tuesday, October 6       9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, October 13     9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, October 20     9:30-12:30
Tuesday, October 15     9:30-12:30
Tuesday, October 27     9:30-12:30
Thursday, October 29    17:30-20:30

October  Events:

Oct. 5                  Shanghai Centre
Oct. 17-18           Green Escape
Oct. 24-25           Green Escape
Oct. 31 – Nov. 1   Green Escape

What We Need for the Upcoming Month

Heart to Heart always wants money so we can perform more heart surgeries for our little patients who need it so badly.  But, if you also want to help out by sending things that the children and their families need while they are in the hospital (or when they get home), here is what we currently need:

  • Hand towels and wash cloths
  • Full-sized body lotion
  • Full-sized shampoo
  • Wet wipes
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Boys clothing (ages 2 – 4)
  • Children’s toothbrushes

We really appreciate your generosity!

上海心连心一直努力筹集资金,为更多急需钱的小病人完成心脏手术。当然,如果您想通过捐赠物品来帮助住院期间的孩子和他们的家人们,我们也是非常欢迎的。 目前我们最需要的是:

  • 擦手毛巾和擦脸毛巾
  • 沐浴露(瓶装,非旅行用小包装)
  • 洗发水(瓶装,非旅行用小包装)
  • 湿纸巾
  • 成年人牙膏
  • 男童服装(2 – 4岁)
  • 儿童牙刷


Make Sponsoring a H2H Surgey an Objective for Your Group This Year!

Several groups have volunteered at Yoda Hospital recently and we have loved meeting them all. However, it is not always practical for all of you to come to our premises. Why not set up an activity to benefit Heart to Heart within your walls?Most importantly we need funds for without money none of our programmes can continue.  On average a surgery costs about 30,000RMB.  Think how proud you would all be in your company or school if you managed to save a child’s life by raising some money towards this.

Here are a few fund-raising ideas you could consider:

  • A raffle
  • A sponsored run or walkathon
  • A coffee and cake sale
  • A children’s used clothes and toys sale

We also need donations of clothing and toiletries for our sponsored children and their families.  Maybe you could organise a collection for us. We always need:

  • Adult, baby and children’s clothes (new or gently used)
  • Children’s toys and games (new or gently used)
  • Stationary – pens, pencils, crayons, exercise books…
  • Toiletries such as soap, baby wash, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste (full or travel sizes)

Get your collection together and bring it or send it to us, our Heart to Heart families will be very grateful.

See you soon I hope!

最近有几个团体到远大医院提供志愿服务,我们很高兴认识大家!不过,有时候让所有的人到我们这儿并不是最实际的安排。您考虑过在您所在的环境安排能够帮助心连心的活动吗? 最重要的是经费。没有它,我们无法维持任何一项任务。平均来说,每一个手术的费用是人民币三万元。如果您能够组织您服务的公司或学校朝着这个指标筹款提供手术费用,会是多么为自我骄傲的事儿啊! 在此提供些募款的方式,给您考虑:

  • 抽奖
  • 赞助跑步或步行马拉松
  • 咖啡甜点义卖
  • 儿童二手衣和玩具义卖


  • 成人,婴儿和儿童衣物(全新或几乎全新不拘)
  • 儿童玩具或游戏(全新或二手不拘)
  • 文具 – 笔、铅笔、色笔、练习本、等等
  • 盥洗用具如肥皂、婴儿沐浴液、洗发水、牙刷和牙膏(家庭用或旅行用包装皆可)

收集来的用品可以送或寄给我们。心连心家庭感激您的付出! 希望我们很快见面!

H2H Quiz Night

The competition was fierce, but friendly as 15 teams representing Heart to Heart friends, families, volunteers and sponsors vied for the title of “winner” of the first ever H2H Quiz.   “The Pushkin Yeti” (don’t ask!) team won, but gave their prize of a keg of beer and H2H T-shirts up for bid so that even more money could be made for the event.  An additional RMB 1,000 was made from the bidding taking the total proceeds from the very fun night at Cages with quizmaster Ned Kelly up to almost RMB 6,000.  Not bad for a night of fun and games….. and the big winner will be the child who has heart surgery as a result all our efforts.  We hope to have another quiz night in a few months so be practicing up on your totally irrelevant facts!

竞赛超级激烈,15支分别代表心连心朋友、家人、志愿者和赞助商的队伍,一同争夺首届心连心知识竞赛的冠军。最终,”The Pushkin Yeti” 团队赢得了胜利,他们将包含一箱啤酒和H2H衬衫的奖品进行了现场竞价,从而使这次活动募集了更多的资金帮助孩子们。最终,竞价募集了1000元人民币。除此之外,这场由Ned全程主持,在Cages举办的生动有趣的知识竞赛还为孩子们募集了6000元左右的救助资金。对于一场有趣的游戏竞赛来说,已经非常棒了。通过我们的努力,我们所有募集的资金将用于捐赠给孩子做心脏病手术。我们计划在几个月内再举办一次知识竞赛,所以快去练习那些你平时不会关注的知识吧。

Results of the Tencent 789 Campaign 

Wow!  The Tencent 789 campaign this year was really crazy.  Thanks to all of you who participated.  I know the RMB 200 limit was not fun for some of you, but all the hard work you put into entering the donations and spreading the word REALLY paid off.  Thank you.  In 2019 we made RMB 28,559.57 from the Tencent 789 campaign.  I thought that would be tough to beat, but you far exceeded my expectations.  Great teamwork! This year the 2020 Tencent 789 campaign yielded RMB 46,772.73 for Heart to Heart.  WOW!  That’s enough to sponsor 1.5 children.  Thank you for taking the time to contribute!   I know the children and their families will be thrilled.  They should be coming in soon.  Thank you for helping them!


Introducing the Heart to Heart Board of Directors

After getting asked questions about whether or not Heart to Heart has a Board of Directors, it occurred to me that we’ve really never put anything out about the makeup of the board.  Naturally, it has changed over time and will continue to evolve, but we’ve always had a board to help us with strategic decisions.  Currently, the board has 6 members representing various groups from which we might need advice.  The current members are:  Alonso Wan (heart surgeon), DJ Wizniak (logistics), Joyce Wang (Chinese charities), Karen Carrington (management), Zhang Qi (legal) and Zhang Xiaoguang (finance).  Over the next few months we’ll try to introduce you to each of them.  Whether you’ve met them or not, be assured that they make a great team and are very dedicated to making sure that Heart to Heart moves in the right direction and helps as many children with congenital heart disease as possible.

Here is our first introduction:  DJ Wizniak  

Most of you know me as the Canadian who is usually overdressed every Tuesday morning. I’m DJ (not a head-banging nightclub one;  it’s just my preferred real-name acronym to help confuse people). I look after the assembly room and donations for Heart to Heart. I came to China with my life partner of 31 years, Toby, a multiple Tony Award winning Broadway / West End producer.  We established a Chinese company together… as Toby says, I am a “bored member”. I have been in China for over 17 years and after living in other cities in China, I decided Shanghai was the city I wanted to make a life in. Toby (reluctantly) agreed.

These days, I spend most of my time working on H2H projects. I began volunteering with H2H over 6 years ago – joining the management team. After a few years as a manager, I was invited to join the Board of Directors and I’m very proud of the work we do particularly as it’s one of the very few charities globally that has zero administration overhead and 100% of all donations go directly to support children in need. My luck overflowed in finding H2H… not only for the extremely rewarding work we do and the team of magnificent people I have worked with, but for the enduring friendships I have made. When you join H2H, you arrive as a friend, but quickly become part of my global family.

一直有被问到,心连心是否有一个董事会。这不禁让我意识到,我们确实从来没有向外界介绍过心连心董事会的构成。当然,它会随着时间的变化,有新的发展或调整,但是心连心确实有一个董事会在帮助我们进行战略决策。目前,董事会由来自不同领域的六名成员构成,为心连心的决策提供相关建议。他们分别是:Alonso Wan(心脏外科医生),DJ Wizniak(物流),Joyce Wang (中国慈善机构),Karen Carrington(管理),Zhang Qi(法务),Zhang Xiaoguang(财务)。接下来的几个月,我们将依次为大家介绍他们。无论你是否有见过他们,请相信他们是一个非常棒的团队。他们致力于确保心连心在朝正确的方向前进,尽全力帮助那些患有先天性心脏病的儿童。

今天我们介绍的第一位董事会成员是:DJ Wizniak

大多数人都知道我是个加拿大人,每周二早上都会穿得异常正式。我是DJ(不是夜总会里的明星;这只是我名字的缩写,我喜欢以此来迷惑别人)。我主要负责志愿者集会和接收捐赠物资。我和我31年的人生伴侣Toby一起来到中国,Topy是多次获得托尼奖的百老汇/西区制作人。我们一起成立了一家中国公司。.. 正如Toby所说,我是一个“无聊的成员”。我在中国已经17年了,在中国的其他城市生活过之后,我决定要搬到上海生活。Toby(不情愿地)同意了。自此以后,我大部分时间都花在心连心项目上。6年前,我加入了心连心,成为管理团队中的一员。当了几年经理后,我受邀加入董事会。我为我们所做的工作感到自豪,因为它是全球为数不多的慈善机构之一——没有任何管理开销,所有捐款的100%直接用于帮助有需要的儿童。我简直是幸运的爆棚,才能找到心连心。不仅是因为我们所做的工作非常有价值,还有一起共事的伟大的团队,以及在此期间建立的持久的友谊。加入心连心,你以朋友的身份到来,但很快就会成为全球大家庭的员。

Purchasing Heart Bears 

We sell thousands (literally) of heart bears every year to provide heart surgery for our little patients.  Incredibly, we’ve had an amazing upsurge in interest to purchase even more bears lately.  So, we thought we’d make it easy on you if you’re wondering how to get them.  You can buy them one of 4 ways:

1)  Buy them at one of our weekend markets.  Most of the markets can be found on our website (www.h2hsh.com) in the “Activities” section under “Event Flyers”.  Our volunteers will be happy to sell you as many as you want.

2)  You can come by our office in Xuhui District and pick one out.  Just make sure you to tell us when you will come so we can make sure there is a volunteer there.  Write info@h2hsh.net or WeChat Karen-H2H.

3)  You can order them from info@h2hsh.net or WeChat Karen-H2H and we can kuaidi them to you.

4)  You can purchase them on Taobao at the Rende Charity shop.  Here is what you put in your phone to access the shop:   6fu植内容 Http:/T₤RKsFce0CB60₤咑幵τa0寳【重获心生——上海心连心爱心小熊】    or you can use this link on your computer:  https://shop112790895.taobao.com/?spm=a230r.7195193.1997079397.2.472d2044buZ7hx

Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart.


1. 在我们的周末集市购买爱心小熊。大部分集市信息可在我们的网站(www.h2hsh.com) “活动”一栏下的“活动传单”找到。只要您想购买,我们的志愿者会很乐意卖给您。
2. 您可以来我们徐汇区的办公室挑选一件。你一定要告诉我们您什么时候来,这样我们就能确定那里有一位志愿者恭候光临。您可以写邮件: info@h2hsh.net或微信Karen-H2H,联系我们。
3. 您可以通过邮件info@h2hsh.net或微信Karen-H2H订购,我们可以将爱心小熊快递给你。
4. 您可以在淘宝仁德慈善店购买爱心熊。用手机访问这个商店:
6fu植内容 Http:/T₤RKsFce0CB60₤咑幵τa0寳【重获心生——上海心连心爱心小熊】



Work an Event!

We are super busy with markets and events this autumn.  We need all our volunteers to participate as much as possible when we put out calls for personnel.  Yes, we know you’re tired after working (or playing) all week, but remember why we work the markets – to save children’s lives.  For example, 4 year old Zhao Yixin from Anhui province just successfully had her heart surgery.  Her entire procedure was financed through sales at the GREEN ESCAPE MARKET during the first 4 weeks of August.  Be a part of the team to help another child!  Sign up to work a market or event.

Signup on: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f4fa9ab2ba7f85-h2hholiday

I can sign you up if you have trouble!  Just PM me (Karen-H2H).  Help sponsor children for heart surgery.  It can’t happen by itself!

这个秋天,因为各种周末集市和活动我们变得非常的忙碌。如果我们给您打电话提出希望您帮助的请求,请您尽量来支持我们。我们知道您或许已经因为一周的工作或安排变得非常的疲惫,但是请您回想一下我们为什么要组织参与周末集市,我们的目的是拯救孩子们的生命。例如,来自安徽省的4岁女孩赵一心刚刚成功完成了她的心脏病手术。她全部的手术费用都来源于月份安义夜巷(GREEN ESCAPE MARKET)的小熊售卖。快来加入我们,报名参加周末集市或活动帮助其他的孩子募集手术资金吧。


如果您报名时遇到了困难,可以联系我 (Karen-H2H),我来帮您进行登记。在您的帮助下,我们才能更多的为孩子们募集心脏病手术的治疗资金。

SEA – Shanghai Expats Association

My first hospital visit to Heart to Heart was shortly after I arrived in Shanghai in 2011. I went to the Yoda Cardio Thoracic Hospital with the ladies from the American Club Shanghai (ACS) to deliver hand knitted blankets, beanie hats and scarves. Before we went into the hospital rooms, we stopped by to see the Heart to Heart volunteer room, which was less crowded than it is now, but carefully organized as it also is now. I loved the playroom and found the ambience to be inviting and soothing for the small children who were playing with toys and smiling in the aftermath of their successful surgeries. That was my first Heart to Heart hospital visit but it would not be my last. Volunteering as the Community Outreach Chair with ACS and then later with Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA), it is now part of my annual schedule to make hospital visits when SEA is alerted to deliver gifts and say hello and offer good wishes for a speedy recovery to all the lovely babies and children who went through successful surgeries that SEA was able to support. Now, I am happy to enlist extra help from Evan Stubbs (SEA Secretary) with whom we represent SEA in making hospital visits.

As a mother of three boys, having been in and out of doctor’s offices and hospital rooms when they were little, I know how painful it is to watch little ones suffer from an illness. When one of my own boys was hospitalized, I spoke to a nurse and asked her if it was depressing to see small children sick. She replied that working with children was more uplifting because they have boundless belief that they will get better soon. Children are hopeful and have innate optimism that things will get better rather than worse. As we grow older, we start letting go of this positive attitude by convincing ourselves that we are becoming more realistic. Yet, attitude is indeed everything. Adults recognize this but it’s the children who embrace it, which is why many find the path to recovery while they are still little.

To all the Heart to Heart babies, boys and girls, SEA wishes you good health that will last not only your childhood but a lifetime. We are honored to be a part of your life’s journey as you grow taller and stronger and healthier.

Here’s to a speedy recovery as you continue embracing hope.

Julie Chun

Julie Chun


A New Product for Heart to Heart  

Heart to Heart has always sold heart bears as its signature product with the outfits being made by the volunteers.  We’ve added other products through the years to help pay for surgeries – our baby bears having lasted the longest (also with clothes made by the volunteers).  We were down to just the 2 types of bears, but have now decided to start up cooperation with a fabric company – Michael Jon Designs (MJD).  It’s all very new and whether we are just using the fabric or more likely selling donated products is yet to be totally established.  Nevertheless, by the beginning of October, you should start seeing some MJD products in our bazaar booths.

Established in 1956 by Arnie Gittelson, Morgan quickly grew from a small California based jobber supplying local manufacturers and designers to a fabric converter with a growing national customer base. In changing its focus, Morgan established itself early on as a premier provider of value oriented, outdoor and designer fabrics to suit any project budget. After opening customer service offices and distribution centers on the US east coast, Morgan opened its international Trading Company in China. Morgan Shanghai is home to regional customer service and sales support for the expanding Asian market. The Shanghai office has two showrooms to view the latest products. Not to forget its roots, Morgan fabrics established Michael Jon Designs a Division of Morgan Fabrics providing specialized service and support to the interior design community. MJD offers a vast selection of decorative and designer fabrics to the interior design, commercial, healthcare and hospitality industries.

We hope you’ll like what you see and buy from our new inventory and our heart bears.  Sponsoring surgeries is still what we want to do and we hope this is another way to make that possible.  Thanks to our new partner – MJD – for supporting H2H!

“心连心”一直将爱心小熊作为其标志性公益产品出售,小熊的服装也全部由志愿者手工制作。这些年来,我们努力尝试增加其他产品来帮助支付儿童心脏手术费用——而我们的小熊宝宝持续的时间最长(服装也由志愿者手工制作)。后来我们决定主攻两款爱心小熊,并计划开始与一家面料公司合作——迈克尔·乔恩设计公司(MJD)。这是一次全新的合作,是仅仅使用该公司的面料来制作服装,还是销售其捐赠的产品,目前还没有确最终确定。然而,到十月初,您应该可以在我们的集市摊位上看到MJD的产品。 摩根于1956年由阿尼·吉特森(Arnie Gittelson)成立,从一家总部位于加州的小批发商迅速发展壮大,为一家拥有不断增长的全国客户群的织物转换器提供本地制造商和设计师。在改变关注点的过程中,摩根很早就确立了自己作为价值导向、户外和设计师面料的首要供应商的地位,以适应任何项目预算。在美国东海岸开设客户服务办公室和配送中心后,摩根在中国开设了国际贸易公司。摩根上海为不断扩大的亚洲市场提供区域客户服务和销售支持。上海办公室有两个陈列室展示其最新产品。不要忘记它的根基,摩根面料成立了迈克尔乔恩设计部,为室内设计社区提供专业服务和支持。MJD为室内设计、商业、医疗保健和酒店行业提供大量精选的装饰和设计师面料。 我们希望您能看到并愿意购买全新合作的爱心小熊。资助儿童心脏手术仍然是我们的主要目标,希望这次合作成功。感谢我们的新伙伴——MJD——支持上海心连心!

GoodBye Note from Sue Heine 

Despite living in Shanghai for 6 years, it wasn’t until 2020 that I started to volunteer for Heart to Heart because of other work commitments – but now I wish I had made time sooner! Working on the assembly team once a fortnight has been fun.  The camaraderie of all the volunteers is really great – lots of banter, laughter and in the height of summer, a fair bit of sweat too!  Karen and DJ’s constant presence makes it extra enjoyable as they are always so upbeat & positive – what an amazing pair they are. For me, the most enjoyable contribution has been the playroom, which is so capably run by Cristina. I have been doing this once a week most weeks and those little ones just bring so much joy to my heart! Seeing their journey from admission to surgery and then recovery, seeing such an improvement in their demeanour and health over that time, has brought me closer to what Heart to Heart is all about. These kids are everything. What a huge difference it makes to their lives and to the lives of their parents and grandparents. Their accompanying family members are also such a joy – they are so grateful for the playroom and the break it gives them and the smile it brings to the kids’ faces. My best memory of the playroom? The mum who was teaching her little girl to play “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do” on the little toy piano and was singing along with her. I went over and started singing along too. Her English was limited but really quite good and we had a great chat with a little help from Google Translate. I asked her if she had ever seen “The Sound of Music” and she hadn’t – so I got it up on YouTube on my phone and played it to her and her daughter – they were totally enthralled! Before I knew it, I had half the playroom gathered around watching Julie Andrews and trying to sing along… I think I played it about 10 times over! One of those surreal but unforgettable moments – in a hospital, in Shanghai, with all these precious children in varying stages of health, getting such a kick out of this classic song! The looks on their faces was priceless.

I will miss H2H – it has brought another dimension to my time here – all too short. My love and best wishes to Karen, DJ and all the volunteers – keep doing the amazing work you do, the lives of so many children have been changed because of your generosity of spirit!

尽管在上海生活了6年,但由于其他工作安排,直到2020年我才开始参加“心连心”的志愿者活动——真希望我当初能早些抽出时间来!每两周一次的后勤集会对我来说非常有趣,所有的志愿者都很友好——这里充满了各种风趣的玩笑、欢声笑语、酷热的高温和人们的汗水!Karen和DJ两位心连心的“元老”志愿者从不缺席,他们使这里的工作氛围格外愉快,因为他们总是如此积极和乐观——多么神奇的一对工作搭档!对我来说,最愉悦的付出是在医院的儿童游戏室,这里由志愿者克里斯提娜管理日常工作。我通常每周来这里一次,那些小家伙给我带来许多快乐!见证他们从入院到手术,然后康复的过程,看到他们的健康变化在那段时间有了如此大的改善,使我更加认同心连心,孩子就是一切。这个改变对他们本人以及父母甚至祖父母的生活都将带来巨大的影响!孩子们的随行家属在这里也很愉快——他们非常感激儿童游戏室,感谢它为大人带来片刻的安宁,为孩子带来笑容。我在儿童游戏室里最美好的记忆是,一位妈妈正在教她的小女儿在玩具钢琴上弹“哆来咪发嗦啦西哆”,并和她一起唱,我也走过去跟她们一起唱。这位妈妈的英语能力有限,但在谷歌翻译的帮助下,我们聊得很开心。我问她是否看过《音乐之声》,她说没有——于是我在手机You Tube上播放给她和她的女儿听——她们完全被吸引住了!一不留神,大半个游戏室里的人都围在一起看朱莉·安德鲁斯的演唱并试着跟唱……我估计我播放了十遍之久!

Group Volunteering the New Way

Heart to Heart’s group volunteering program whereby companies, schools and social groups of up to 12 people can volunteer with us in the hospital doing tasks that are helpful to H2H is very popular.  It’s great for team building, CSR, etc.  Everyone has fun and H2H benefits.  But it seems that our groups want to go even further.  They want to help us at H2H events.  Fantastic!  So, we can now take small groups (1-3 people on a shift) at some of our bazaars.  You’ll need to register with Karen at least 3 days in advance for this on WeChat (Karen-H2H) so she can sign you up on our official signup sheet, but we’ve already tested the concept with Morgan Stanley and GTB volunteers in September and it was an amazing success.  We promise to have an experienced volunteer with you to train you…. all you have to do is bring a fun, giving spirit with you and together we will sell, sell, sell for H2H so we can sponsor more heart surgeries.  We look forward to volunteering with you at a bazaar soon!

心连心志愿服务选项中,12人以下团体到医院来,在不同的工作范围里协助心连心的方式相当受欢迎。这种团体服务方式对建立团队精神、达到企业社会责任等非常有助益。参与的人开心,同时也帮助了心连心。更棒的是很多团体也愿意为心连心的活动提供协助。九月份我们跟摩根史坦利以及GTB的志愿者试行的效果非常不错。所以,您现在也可以以1-3人小组一班的方式参与我们的巴扎。请在服务日期至少三天前通过微信跟Karen登记(Karen-H2H),她可以帮您在我们的官方登记表上登记注册。我们保证现场至少有一位有经验的志愿者给您提供培训…. 我们只期盼您带着愉悦和助人为乐的心态来帮忙义卖,让心连心能筹到更多款项,提供更多心脏手术。非常期盼您能到巴扎担任志愿者!

Goodbye Note from Nodliag Stoddart 

A farewell note. Where to start? What to say?

Firstly, I lived in Shanghai for just over four years. As a child I moved many, many times because of my Dad’s job and so as an adult, moving never concerned me. I shut the door behind me and headed off to the new destination without so much as a backward glance. Upping sticks and moving on was in my blood. That is, until I found myself having to leave Shanghai. Shanghai is intoxicating. What I have loved most is the never ending fascination of daily life in the streets of this unique city. You never know what you’ll see round the next corner. The city will be in my heart forever.

But life is not just about the place. It’s also about the people and that is where Heart to Heart comes in. The time I have spent with Heart to Heart has been wonderful in so many ways. The cause is profoundly moving and to meet the children who have had surgery, both in the hospital and on field trips, is a source of great pleasure. Just as I left, we had one young boy who made his home in the assembly room and each afternoon he headed there, to help, rather than the playroom. He seemed to have a sixth sense about which donations had remote control cars in them! DJ and Karen made him feel welcome in their workspace and turned not a hair at accommodating the youngster in their midst. Quite the opposite, they encouraged him.  As they do to all of us, the volunteers who come and go, ships passing in the night. We are welcomed, one and all, our participation is accepted graciously, however great, however small. For that I am truly grateful. DJ, Karen and Nancy you pull off a great achievement, turning the combined effort of so many volunteers doing a variety of tasks into surgeries for the children and for that I take my hat off to you and say a massive thank you.

Tearful again, so it’s time to sign off. Hopefully it’s only ‘goodbye for now’ as I sincerely hope to be back for a field trip once travelling becomes easier again.


A Treat for the Holiday from ICA Shanghai Trading

Heart to Heart has been receiving in-kind donations from the Swedish company ICA for many years now.  They are a favorite with our patients who receive the donated goods and with hospital employees and volunteers who can purchase donated goods (and then the money is used to sponsor children for surgery).  We love ICA and always look forward to hearing that they have more samples for us.  We received one such donation in August, but now just got a big donation of 1,300 bags of very yummy muesli (45% fruit) to give out in the hospital and sell to volunteers.  It arrived just in time to hand out in the wards – to patients, nurses, doctors and staff – the night before the big national day and Mid-autumn festival holiday.  It was a huge hit!  Perhaps many people didn’t know how to eat it “properly” but soon discovered it was great just out of the bag.  You have brought many smiles to the faces of those in the hospital for the holidays – an otherwise rather sad way to spend a happy festival.

Thank you ICA Shanghai Trading.  We love cooperating with you!


感激ICA上海. 你们给假期中伤心失落的留院者带来笑容。我们特别爱与ICA合作!

Congrats to Katie and Rohan! 

Despite COVID and the delays it brought about, Katie and Rohan have finally gotten to say their wedding vows.  They look great, don’t they?  Congratulations to both of you!  We are so glad you were able to go ahead with the wedding and are also glad that Katie is still going to continue volunteering for our marketing team from New York as she has for many years.  We hope you’ll visit us in Shanghai sometime soon once travel gets easier.  Good luck!

Play Golf for Heart to Heart on October 21st!We have been able to secure a partnership with the Australia Chamber to be involved in, and receive some funding, that will be generated at the Austcham Corporate Golf Day on October 21st. If you are, or know some golfing enthusiasts, this event will be an opportunity to have a good day out and practice your skills. To show our support to Austcham it would be ideal if we could have some H2H teams participate in this event. If you are interested in joining please let Allan McDean know (WeChat id – AllanMcD) and we can put a team(s) together.  It is also possible to participate individually and be allocated a team spot on the day. Full information regarding the day is on the flyer.  We look forward to hearing from the H2H golfers 🏌

 Featured H2H Volunteer: Steve Thorn

I arrived in Shanghai in December 2018 as my wife had the opportunity of a placement in China. We quickly adapted to Shanghai life and love the energy and excitement of the city as well as the good food! I’m from the U.K. and prior to moving to Shanghai I spent 10 years as a General Manager of a Clinical Research company, managing 7 sites across the UK. We conducted many varied clinical trials on consumer healthcare products. Before this I spent many years in the rail industry in various companies and roles including project management, management of train crews and I also covered the whole of the UK as a lead rail accident, incident investigator. The most challenging role was managing a customer complaints department for unhappy UK rail customers. There is no ideal word to describe how busy it could be. As a secret train geek, I’m enjoying using the extensive and incredible Chinese highspeed rail network. It really is setting global standards for the future of rail travel.

I started volunteering with Heart to Heart in April of this year. I’m enjoying being involved with the assembly and events teams and getting everything set up for weekly events. The enthusiasm and dedication of everyone at H2H is amazing and I have made many new friends and enjoy meeting everyone. I never thought I would ever find myself matching outfits for bears but I really enjoy it. I look forward to several more years in China and being involved in more H2H events.



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