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October 2019

October Assembly:

Tuesday, October 1             9:30-12:30
Tuesday, October 8             9:30-12:30
Tuesday, October 15           9:30-12:30
Tuesday, October 22           9:30-12:30
Tuesday, October 29           9:30-12:30
Thursday, October 31         17:30-20:30

October Events:

Sunday, October 6         NBA Playzone Event
Sunday, October 13       SAS PUXI International Fair

Shandong Field Trip 

Going on a Heart to Heart field trip is one of the best ways to see how the work Heart to Heart does pays off.  Participants in our September field trip to Shandong province were able to visit six of our previously sponsored children in their homes.  They were all well and acting like normal children.  Remembering the children as they were before their surgeries and how they are now definitely showed what a difference heart surgery makes.  Who did we see?

  • Child #417 – Yan Jiaxin – She was sponsored 9 years ago as a small baby.  She’s a lovely 9 year old girl now.  Thank you Denise Lau for sponsoring her!
  • Child #1244 – Wang Hengli – He’s a charming, active 3 year old who didn’t seem daunted at all that there were strangers in his home.  Thank you YCIS for sponsoring him.
  • Child #1317 – Du Qinyan – She’s a shy 5 year old who can run and jump just fine despite having had complex surgery in January.  Thanks to the 2018 H2H Kenya/Cotswold Way 4,455 Km Challenge donors for sponsoring her.
  • Child #1352 – Dong Jingrui – She’s a charming 9 year old girl who warmed to us quickly and had a lovely smile for all.  Thanks to SEA (Shanghai Expats Association) for sponsoring her.
  • Child #1400 – Du Xing – She’s a 2 year old girl who was a bit overwhelmed by the whole visit, but did manage smiles and hand shakes in the end.  Thanks to DCP Fund for sponsoring her.
  • Child #1491 – Xu Fengke – He’s a one year old boy who just had surgery in August.  What a difference a month makes!  He was sluggish in the hospital, but is now interactive and bright.  His mother thinks he gets better every day.  Thanks to the British Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring him.

In addition to seeing children H2H had previously sponsored for heart surgery, we also visited 5 primary schools where we donated libraries and sports equipment packages.  Shandong rural schools are in the process of being consolidated so some of them were a bit larger than we were used to seeing, but the impact of the donations seemed to thrill them just as much.  All the kids, teachers, headmasters and school board officials seemed to be in a holiday spirit and truly thankful to receive the books, computers, library tables, ping pong tables, badminton sets, footballs, volleyball sets, etc. that they ordered from the donations.  And a special thanks to Bill Cook who personally bought hard back story books for the students so they could each personally get a book to call their own.  The schools we visited were:

  • H2H School #139 – Guichang Primary School – 386 students – Library donated by Brian & Babs Williams.  Sports Equipment Package donated by Brits Abroad Shanghai.
  • H2H School #140 – Qianwandi Primary School – 264 students – Library donated by APM.  Sports Equipment Package donated by Baker McKenzie.
  • H2H School #141 – Zhanghualong Primary School – 24 students – Library donated by Annette Landgraeber, Chris Liu, and H2H volunteers.  Sports Equipment Package donated by Brits Abroad Shanghai.
  • H2H School #142 – Zhangzhuang Primary School – 454 students – Library and Sports Equipment Package donated by Rotork.
  • H2H School #143 – Lvzhuang Primary School – 226 students – Library donated by Friends of Dulwich.  Sports Equipment Package donated by Brits Abroad Shanghai.

Consider joining us on a future trip.  We even have people fly into China to go on the trips…. 5 of them last time.  All are welcome as long as you are registered in time.  It’s a great way to experience Heart to Heart’s results and the warmth of Chinese hospitality.

Donate a Library to a Rural School for

Our November Field Trip

Four times a year Heart to Heart travels to different areas in China to donate libraries/computers and sports packages to rural primary schools.  The books/computers for these libraries are chosen by the headmaster of the school(s) since he knows what is needed.  We give the school the money they need (RMB 20,000) for the purchases.  Usually, two computers, equipment for the library and hundreds of books are chosen that capture the students’ imaginations so as to encourage reading and an expanded knowledge of the world.  It is a very beloved and successful program.  Before a school is selected for this project, however, H2H must receive the RMB 20,000 donation (per school).   The required donation can be from a single sponsor or a combination of donations of  lesser amounts.  Naturally, if you donate a library you can go with us to the library’s dedication if you wish.  It’s a wonderful experience … and you leave a lasting legacy for hundreds/thousands of children to come.  We still need donors for 3 rural school libraries for our November trip.  Make a difference!  Please contact or WeChat id:  Karen-H2H if you are interested in being a sponsor for this great project.  I can send or discuss all the information with you.

Message from the Events Team

I moved to Shanghai about 2 years ago. In the search of adding more meaning to life, I landed on the website of “Heart to Heart Shanghai”, a wonderful organization that is into the incredible journey of extending a helping hand to underprivileged children in China. I am honored to be a part of such an organization. We, majorly, help in funding children’s heart surgeries. We also contribute school libraries and sports equipment in rural parts of China. I actively contribute on the events team to be able to raise fund for the above said purposes.

Recently, on 21st September, I volunteered at the Expat Expo representing H2H. It was such a vibrant event with so much vigor and zest to raise funds and motivate more people to volunteer for H2H. It is one of the few organizations that donate 100% of the donations to the welfare of children. “Only a life lived for others is worth living” by Albert Einstein is one of my favorite lines and I feel I’m getting to live such a life through H2H. I’m grateful that I’m being able to contribute in a small way to make a difference in the children’s lives.

The heart bear outfits are made by a group of sewing and knitting volunteers. We also have photobooks and wrist bands to sell to raise funds. We are a group of people who have joined together with one good cause. The feeling of seeing the smile on a child’s face is priceless. I’m thankful to Karen, Harrison and DJ for getting H2H together for such a wonderful cause. Such experiences are life changing and after all life is all about love.  Mohana Priya, H2H volunteer

Message from the Sewing Team

Summer is fading away and we are already working on Christmas outfits for the festive season. Many volunteers have been working at home.  This was very helpful as we had no workspace during summer.  The good news is that after golden week Crafte’d Shanghai will host us on Friday mornings. As the tiny dresses for the baby bears are selling well, we are also starting to make vests for the small bears. If you like to cut or sew feel free to contact us at if you are already a H2H volunteer or sign up for the sewing team on our website if you aren’t.  We can use you even if you don’t sew!

Message from the Assembly Team

What do we do in “assembly”? Every Tuesday morning (plus a few hours in the evening on the last Thursday of each month) Heart to Heart volunteers gather together to start, work on and finish many projects – we call it “assembly”. The team spends hours coordinating deliveries during the week so sorting new and gently used clothing is an important part of most Tuesdays and Thursdays as bags and boxes are constantly being delivered.

There are a few items we do not pack in the bags. For instance, on any given day new and used shoes are donated and we collect them till we have multiple boxes collected and stored. A few times a year we hold a “shoe drive” at the hospital where patients and their families get to choose shoes that they want.  This is a big hit each time.  In addition, pop up sales are a great way for us to raise money for surgery so when we have enough new clothing from a vendor that allows it, a pop up sale is scheduled.  We need all hands-on deck for these since they are crazy events – good deals for everyone especially the children they sponsor for surgery. Organizers, sellers, packers and security are needed. It is also a lot of fun to shop. Occasionally we separate, sort and bag toiletries from hotels and airlines for the families in the hospital. Another job in the assembly room is a favorite – the dressing of our signature heart bears, but it is only one of the many things that we do.

You might arrive at an assembly session and feel that the task of the day is not your favorite thing, but all are necessary jobs that need to be done. All are very important to the running of Heart to Heart.  And remember, they’re all for a good cause.  Just participate.  No matter what you’re doing it’s a fun communal activity working alongside other volunteers from all around the world for a common end goal.

Message from the Group Volunteering TeamWe are already getting to the end of 2019.  Groups from companies and associations are still coming regularly to work with Heart to Heart at Yoda Hospital. Groups of up to 12 volunteers can come on Tuesday afternoons or Thursday morning or afternoons every week to give us a hand. If you would still like to organise a group volunteering session in 2019, please do not wait until the very end of the year.  We currently have quite a few slots free at the end of October and in November, but space in December will be limited. To reserve a slot, get in touch with Bev Darle at (or

Several groups have joined us over the last couple of months, a big thanks to our friends and supporters from Morgan Stanley, Kora, SCIS and Allegis. Why not do like them and get together a group of volunteers from your company or college to come help Heart to Heart?

Goodbye from Drew Seaman 

It is time, unfortunately, for me to say goodbye to H2H as I’m off to Singapore. I arrived with my wife about a year ago and started volunteering at H2H the week we landed in Shanghai. It’s been an integral part of my Shanghai experience and one I’ll never forget.  It has been invigorating to be involved with a charity that invokes so much passion from so many people. From teams of people sewing tiny, little bear sweaters, to volunteers hauling heavy luggage across the city for an event, the spirit of H2H has been remarkable to witness.  My time was mostly spent in assembly, handling the endless flow of donations, the packing of farmer bags, sponsor visits, and numerous sales, where I routinely witnessed our hard work of sorting get undone in a matter of minutes as boxes were upended and clothes strewn about! I was also lucky to be part of the past three field trips, which made my bond with H2H that much stronger. Being able to see the full circle of the mission of H2H was special.  And for anyone who has yet to attend one, I highly recommend it.  When you get to see for yourself the improvements in the health and life of a child we’ve sponsored, it makes the hours of sorting 100% worth it and provides a stronger sense of purpose for all the hard work we all do.Of course, expat life is anything but predictable, so what I thought would be three years in Shanghai, turned out to be one. I want to thank all of the volunteers who helped out in assembly over the past year and spent so much time sorting, folding, de-tagging, and tightly packing clothes. It’s been a blast.  I want to say a special thank you to DJ, Karen, Nancy, who I worked so closely with and spent far, far too many hours with in a cramped room on the 3rd floor of a hospital.   I feel better leaving H2H knowing that the three of you and the rest of the dedicated volunteers will continue to grow H2H and that we will sponsor more and more children moving forward.   It’s is truly a remarkable charity, and one that I feel lucky to have been part of this past year.
Featured Child of the Month – Yan Jiaxin (H2H Child #417)

What a difference 8 years makes!  On September 18 Heart to Heart volunteers went to Shandong province to visit Yan Jiaxin (H2H Child #417), whom Denise Lau sponsored for heart surgery through H2H in May 2011.  She was 11 months old when she had her surgery, but she is quite the young lady now.  She’s beautiful as you can see from the picture.  Yan Jiaxin, her parents, her grandmother and her 2 year old sister were all at their home when we went to see her.   Her mother was super-excited about the visit.  She wanted to tell everyone how much they appreciate what happened and how well Yan Jiaxin is doing.  She has no health problems now that her heart is fixed.

Her home situation is exactly what we hope for when 8 years have passed after surgery.  Her parents are both still farming, but are now earning good money.  They are able to take extra jobs away from the farm as they become available. They don’t have to worry about medical bills or leaving the children since they are well.  They live in a 3 room house that they’ve taken care to decorate.  It is neat and clean for an old farmhouse.  It seems to be a great environment for the two girls who seem very happy. And Yan Jiaxin’s academic achievements are displayed proudly on the walls.  She apparently really does well in school.

The family is looking forward to a great future and thank you Denise and H2H for making this whole change in their lives possible.  It was a lovely visit.  At the end we gave the family a large bag filled with clothing, toiletries, toys, etc.  They were well received.  We also gave Yan Jiaxin a hongbao to help with expenses and her education.  They were extremely happy to receive it.  And Yan Jianxin thanked us in English.

Sponsoring a child for heart surgery truly does change his/her life …. and the lives of all those around them.

Featured Volunteer: Griki Lubbe

I am a South African interior designer who has lived in Shanghai for the last 4 and half years! After 4 years of long hours and a super stressful job, I decided I needed to take some time off to get back to making some crafts as well as giving something back to the community.  I saw a H2H stand at the Yongping Lane Community market in April where they told me they are always looking for knitters. I have been crocheting on and off for years and thought it would be a good way to fine tune my craft whilst giving back; win win!

I started knitting for the Shanghai Guild (who assists Heart to Heart) in May and as they say: ‘time flies when you are having fun!’  We are a bunch of ladies meeting every Thursday afternoon to knit together; we have knitted different items; from knitting squares for a Morgan Stanley event to bear dresses, cardigans, etc. We are currently busy knitting for an order of 498 bear outfits!  I am not the fastest knitter but seeing all the things that the knitting volunteers are knitting inspires me to improve my speed.  I just came back from my first field trip to Shandong province and it was great to see how something as simple as knitting heart bear clothing can actually have a life changing impact on a whole family. We were received with such warmth and it was really humbling to visit these families in their homes.

It was also a great way to get more familiar with other departments of H2H and it inspired me to get more involved in the future!

Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

New Playroom Volunteers
Anna Harbeck
Domineka Lablanc
Elodie Hu
Jon Espinosa Molano
Meg Sy
Nicolas Wipf
Nicole Cheung

New Assembly and Sewing Team Volunteers
Birgit Fessles
Christine Beck
Ingrid Dupper
Jess Hallowes
Loisann Rogowyi
Lucy Ellis-Hardy
Marie Blossier
Marijke Gansner
Muriel Brechard
Susanne Kushner
Susanne Liskow
Tina Nardo
Wilge Wedel
Yvonne Chen

New Knitters

Anna Harbeck
Jenny Ormerod
Muriel Brechard
Sophia Luo
Yannan Fei

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