November 2020

Heart to Heart Newsletter

November Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, November 3 – 9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, November 10 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, November 17 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, November 24 – 9:30-12:30
Thursday,November 26 -17:30-20:30

November Events: 

2020 Art for Hearts – Nov. 6 & 7
SEA Coffee Morning – Nov. 9
Green Escape Market – Nov.14-15
TasteBuds – Nov. 21-22
Green Escape Market – Nov.21-22
Paulaner Cristkindlmarkt- Nov. 28-29
Green Escape Market – Nov.28-29

A Treat for the Holiday from ICA Shanghai Trading

Heart to Heart has been receiving in-kind                                                          donations from the Swedish company ICA for many years now.  They are a favorite with our patients who receive the donated goods and with hospital employees and volunteers who can purchase donated goods (and then the money is used to sponsor children for surgery).  We love ICA and always look forward to hearing that they have more samples for us.  We received one such donation in August, but now just got a big donation of 1,300 bags of very yummy muesli (45% fruit) to give out in the hospital and sell to volunteers.  It arrived just in time to hand out in the wards – to patients, nurses, doctors and staff – the night before the big national day and Mid-autumn festival holiday.  It was a huge hit!  Perhaps many people didn’t know how to eat it “properly” but soon discovered it was great just out of the bag.  You have brought many smiles to the faces of those in the hospital for the holidays – an otherwise rather sad way to spend a happy festival.  Thank you ICA Shanghai Trading.  We love cooperating with you!

心连心已经接受瑞典超市连锁集团ICA爱心捐赠多年。他们是我们接受赠品的病患、能够直接购买捐赠物品的医院工作同仁、以及志愿者所爱(义卖所得让我们能赞助手术费用)。我们爱ICA,也不时盼望他们能提供更多的样品。八月份有一份大的赠品,最近我们又收到1300包可口的麦片(含45%水果)在医院分送和义卖给志愿者。这份赠品在国庆和中秋双节前夕及时送达,大受欢迎!很多人可能不知道该怎么吃,但是很快就发现这些都是即食包装,打开就能吃了。感激ICA上海. 你们给假期中伤心失落的留院者带来笑容。我们特别爱与ICA合作!

 Thank You to Ming and the Community of Hampton Woods! 

Heart to Heart would like to say a big thank you to all the owners of Shengshi Xiang Changyuan, school families, and Tianyige property.  Over three days during the October national holiday, the wonderful community of Hampton Woods raised RMB 30,000 at their Shengshi Xiang Changyuan Shuangqing Good Market.  They had creative booths, food stalls, family talent shows, charity bidding, heavy-duty locomotive public service tours, and displays from kindergartens.  All together it created a festive market atmosphere and brought out their spirit of “Happy Day People”.  Their value of “help and sharing” is a team consensus that is shared by all families in their community and their values enabled their event to be highly successful.

In fact, their generosity has already paid off.  Their sponsored child – Deng Chenhao (a 3 year old boy from Guizhou province with complex congenital heart disease) – has already had his surgery and recovered enough to return to Guizhou this week.  He should have to have a heart valve replacement as a teenager, but is otherwise going to be able to live a healthy life.  Thank you Hampton Woods!

感谢所有盛世香樟苑的业主,学校家庭,和天艺阁物业,H2H 心连心在3天的盛世香樟苑双庆好市集筹得了3万 的爱心善款。创意后备箱,美食摊位,家庭才艺募捐,心连心公益小熊慈善竞拍,重型机车公益巡演,以及幼儿园的手工展示都力所能及的发挥 ”悦日人“ 精神。“ 帮助和分享” 的这一个价值观, 是我们这个社区家庭都一致认可的团队共识,也因为这个价值观的引领, 让本次公益集结能够获得成功。


Goodbye from Maria Chrisoforatos

The whole world has had changes in 2020 and many of us have experienced great transformations during this year. I, like many others, have been stuck in my home country, Australia, and have not been able to get back to Shanghai all year. Now circumstances have changed and we will remain in Australia permanently.

The city of Shanghai will always have a special place in my heart, like it does for Heart to Heart.  The friendships I have made there will always be precious to me. Saying good-bye is hard especially without the opportunity to do so face to face. We built such strong bonds so quickly, but who could be surprised when we would cry together, play together, eat together, work together, drink together, laugh together and eat some more together on our field trips. I was fortunate enough to join many of these trips, which were humbling, gratifying and culturally enriching to say the least.

The two Art for Hearts shows we created will always be astounding highlights during my time at Heart to Heart. From working with an amazing group of people to witnessing first-hand people’s incredible generosity of spirit.  It inspires me daily to think back on how big-hearted and charitable a community can be and how much can be accomplished by working together.

To all the amazing people I have met in Shanghai especially at Heart to Heart I want to send you a big virtual kiss and hug from Sydney and hope we meet again one day.
Best wishes and my love to you all
Maria xx

Maria xx

Special Promotion by Renai Hospital for H2H Supporters & Volunteers 

Do you want a dental and/or spine checkup and to help Heart to Heart at the same time?  Renai Hospital has a great November promotion for you.  For the month, they are offering discounts on two consultations and appointment opportunities with ALL the proceeds going to Heart to Heart!  To schedule your appointment(s), just call 021-5498-3781 (Monday-Sunday 09:00 – 17:00) or email  Renai Hospital is located near the H2H office at:  127 Caoxi Rd. Xuhui District   地址:上海市徐汇区漕溪路127号,上海仁爱医院国际部.  When you call or email Renai be sure to mention you bought the service through the charity sales from H2H.  Then you just need to send your donation (RMB 200 for the spinal assessment and/or RMB 150 for the dental assessment) to Heart to Heart.  Contact Karen at (WeChat) Karen-H2H or for donation instructions.  Easy!  Improve your health and that of a H2H child at the same time.

Goodbye Note from Carlos Chan

So how do we begin? I’ve been in Shanghai since 2016 for university and I just began volunteering at Heart to Heart April of 2020. This year I graduated from uni and I’m moving to another city in China for work.  For these past 7 months serving with other assembly volunteers has been really amazing from meeting new friends to speaking with other local Chinese and kids in the hospital. Receiving instructions from the staff team was crucial.  Karen and DJ would instruct so we volunteers can use our skills better and serve in areas that we enjoy and better at. I was kind of part of the “logistics” team.  We would communicate and help to get donations from other generous people and move it to the H2H office. It feels like every Tuesday was also an opportunity to train our muscles by moving boxes here and there hahaha. I remember the first time I came to the assembly room, people around me were so positive and friendly.  It was always nice to hear their journeys in Shanghai and how they came here to volunteer. It has been an amazing and fulfilling experience serving at Heart to Heart.  One of the memorable memories was when I saw the fruits of our volunteering work when all the sorted clothes went to people in need, mostly children in all parts of China and seeing the photo of their smiles.  It was priceless. It just made me think everything was worth it. I pray that God will continue guiding and blessing the Heart to Heart staff and volunteer team for the amazing work that you guys have been doing for all the children and its families in need. I want to thank Karen, DJ and all the volunteers for welcoming me, accepting me as part of H2H family and all the quality time we had together serving! I wish all the best and keep up the good work, the generous heart to serve others to make a difference in the world! (: Carlos 陈嘉成


Message to Schools from the H2H Schools Team

We are so glad you are able to have classes this year despite the COVID-19 crisis.  Here at Heart to Heart Shanghai, we are still striving to work with schools such as yours so that you can have an outlet for philanthropic work by your students and so we can save more underprivileged Chinese children who have congenital heart disease and can’t obtain the surgery.  We have already done 131 surgeries this year, but there are thousands more children to save.

In order to serve you better, we have streamlined our processes.  As a result, you should have heard from your H2H liaison.  The liaison is in place to help you or any group within the school with any information, questions, activities, etc. that you might have in regards to Heart to Heart.  If you haven’t heard from your school liaison, please let me know and we’ll resolve the situation.   My email address is and my WeChat is Karen-H2H.  Please feel free to contact me on any Heart to Heart business.

Heart to Heart still has many volunteering opportunities outside of school hours for students over 14 years old.  Our hospital playroom is open 365 afternoons a year and offers a great volunteering environment for those who are interested in volunteering with children.  It’s a great opportunity to play with children – reading, drawing, singing, etc. is all encouraged.  It’s a great outlet for creative, loving students.  Students can sign up on our website ( to volunteer in the playroom.

This year we are also signing students up to volunteer at events.  Heart to Heart attends events in many locations in Shanghai to raise funds and recruit volunteers.  They are fun and easy, but vital to our mission.  We need students who speak any language.  Many of these events are on the weekends or during holidays so they are perfect for outgoing students who want to help us, but don’t necessarily want to volunteer in the playroom.  Details of the program are attached.  If you have students who would like to sign up, please let your liaison know and we can get them started in the interview process in which they can ask questions and we/they can make sure the events team is for them.

We truly thank you for supporting Heart to Heart and changing the lives of Chinese children with heart disease.



为了提供更好的服务,我们精简了作业程序。您的联系人应该已经与您联系了。这位在校内的联系人负责贵校跟心连心合作的所有信息、疑难问题、活动安排等等。如果校方还没有接到联系人的消息,请跟我联系,以便解决这个情况。本人的电子邮箱是,微信号是Karen-H2H. 任何与心连心有关的事情都可以随时联系我。

心连心还有许多课时以外,提供给14岁以上学生的志愿服务机会。我们在医院的游戏室全年无休,为有意与幼童工作的志愿者提供很好的志愿服务环境和机会。这是与儿童互动的好机会 – 阅读、绘画、唱歌… 等等都受到鼓励,为有创意、有爱心的学生们提供了一个特别好的管道。有意的学生请到我们的网页( 登记到游戏室担任志愿者。



English Instructions for Donating to the H2H QR Code on the Tencent Platform (WeChat)

If you want to make a direct donation to Heart to Heart through WeChat, here are English instructions that make it so even the worst Chinese student can do it.  (Since all the screens are in Chinese we aren’t going to have a translation for this article!  Chinese readers already have an easy time.)  Just put the link in your browser to get the instructions.  The QR code can also be found on our website if you have trouble scanning the one in the link for some reason.  And be sure to send us a screen shot at or (WeChat) Karen-H2H if you want to get a H2H receipt and/or visit the child when he/she comes in for surgery.  We truly appreciate every RMB you give us!  Thank you.

Sponsoring Children for Heart Surgery by Purchasing Bears 

Our goal is to sponsor as many underprivileged Chinese children with CHD for heart surgery as possible.  We do it mainly through generous donations from individuals of all ages, schools and companies.  But there are other ways to make surgeries happen – events for H2H and the purchase of bears being the two of the main ones.  This year we’ve had several companies purchase bears to sponsor surgeries.  Our latest one is Texas Instruments.  We are in the process of making 498 heart bear outfits for them – knitted cardigans/sweaters, jump suits, hoodies, and dresses.  The bears are going to look great for their November event and we are so happy that the money from the purchase of those bears will finance 3 children for surgery.  Thank you Texas Instruments for your continued support of Heart to Heart!  You are definitely changing lives.


Thank You to the Hangzhou Hash House Harriers

If you’ve never heard of hashers, you’re missing something.  They exist all over the world.  They love to combine running on a big scale with having a great time.  And that’s just what the Hangzhou Hash House Harriers’ October 24 Red Dress Run was all about.  They had a fantastic time, got in a lot of exercise AND make a meaningful contribution to a great cause – Heart to Heart.  We were the beneficiary of the RMB 10,615 that they raised during their event.  Thank you, Harriers and all the other hash clubs that ran with them.  Your donation will enable a child to have the surgery he/she needs to be able to maybe run with you someday.  Now that would be something!

要是你从没听过H3这个户外跑步组织,你可就错过了一些事儿!他们遍布全球,乐于在大规模的跑步活动中附带许多乐趣。这正是十月二十四号杭州H3户外跑步红裙跑/走活动的宗旨。所有参加的人都玩儿得开心,做了运动,并且做了很有意义的贡献 – 心连心是这项活动受益者,得到人民币10,615的捐款。感谢杭州H3和其他共襄盛举的伙伴们。你们的爱心捐款得以帮助病童接受手术,甚至有可能哪一天跟大家一块儿户外跑。那该有多棒啊!

Playing – An International Language 

When I first heard about Heart to Heart’s playroom area, I imagined it as a wonderful and fun place for the hospitalised children to spend some time every day, but I also remember thinking that it was probably not a good option for me to volunteer there…how would I play with the children, I don’t speak Chinese!Wow, was I wrong! Every time I’m in the playroom it amazes me how easy it is to communicate with the children and have fun.  We just don’t use words but our innate playing skills. Putting puzzles together, passing a ball, playing table football or pretending to be cooking and dining are all fun activities that keep the children engaged and put a smile on their faces…as well as on the volunteers, I can assure you of that! So, if you’ve ever thought, like me, that you couldn’t volunteer in the playroom, please come and try it!   Bring joy and better recovery times (through simple movement) to our young patients.  You won’t regret it!


当我第一次听说“心连心”在医院的儿童游戏室时,我想它应该是一个能让住院儿童每天得到快乐童趣的地方。记得我曾经认为在那里做志愿者可能并不适合我:我如何跟孩子们一起玩?我根本不会说中文! 后来发现我错了!每一次来到儿童游戏室做志愿者时,我都惊讶于跟孩子们交流和娱乐是如此简单!我们完全不需要语言,而是用我们与生俱来的游戏能力。拼图、传球、打桌球或假装做饭和吃饭,都是很有趣的方式,能让孩子们脸上带着微笑,主动参与进来……我可以向你保证,志愿者也是如此!所以,如果你和我一样认为你不适合在游戏室做志愿者,请过来试一试吧!给我们的年轻小患者们带来欢乐和更好的恢复(通过简单的运动)。你绝对不会后悔的!

Meet Board of Directors Member Zhang Qi

My name is Zhang Qi.  I serve as a legal advisor on the Board of Directors of Heart to Heart, which I joined in 2018.  I am an attorney residing in Shanghai and was trained in both China and the US.   I have been practicing law in China for over twelve years. I formerly worked in private practice and then at a leading Chinese tech company.  At the moment I work at a private equity firm.  As a legal professional, I give my advice to Heart to Heart to ensure its existence and operation follow the legal and ethical rules of China.  I am very happy and grateful to be able to sit on the board of Heart to Heart.  With the great help of all the volunteers, let’s bring a better life for the children.


Thank You Tennant!

Thank you Tennant! The call went out and Tennant responded. Over two years ago we had a large donation of merchandise, but with such limited space we had nowhere to put it. We asked for urgent help and fellow volunteer Janine Haefeli knew exactly what to do:  a special dinner for her husband Marcus later, and by dessert, his company Tennant had agreed to provide the storage space. It has always been a struggle balancing boxes, bags and mounds of donated merchandise. More recently companies want to be environmentally friendlier and now support Heart to Heart with excess inventory normally headed to be burned. With the new merchandise we hold pop up sales to support more children’s heart surgeries and distribute new items in the countryside on our field trips. Over the past few years, our small team has ventured to Tennant in Qingpu to deal with the donation of over 2,000 boxes. We spent time sorting, separating and selling.

The Tennant office is now moving locations and the boxes have been relocated to our new storage room. We want to thank Marcus, Becky and the Tennant team for the kindness they showed us during our time together.

感谢Tennant!Tennant在我们需要帮助的时候响应了我们。两年前,我们接收了一笔巨大的物资捐赠,但是我们的办公室太小了,我们实在是没有地方存放这些物品。我们向大家寻求紧急的帮助,志愿者Janine Haefeli知道该怎么办:她安排了我们与她的老公Marcus吃了一顿特殊的晚餐。上甜点前,他老公的公司Tennant同意了为心连心提供存储物品的空间。一直以来,平衡捐赠的箱子、袋子和成堆的捐赠物品一直是一件艰难的事。近年来,越来越多的公司希望变得更加环保,他们开始把通常会被燃烧处理的一些过剩的库存物品捐赠给心连心。有了新的捐赠物品,我们会快速的销售以筹集更多的资金帮助孩子们进行手术,我们也会在乡村的实地考察中分发这些捐赠的新物资。在过去的几年里,我们的小团队冒险到青浦处理了2000多箱的捐赠物资。我们花了很多时间进行分类和销售。现在,Tennant公司的办公地点要搬迁了,箱子已经被重新安置到了我们新的储藏室。在此,我们希望再次感谢Marcus、Becky和Tennant团队,感谢他们在过去与心连心一起度过的时光里为心连心提供的善意的帮助。

Thank You SAE!

As everyone knows, Heart to Heart is run on an RMB 0 operating budget.  Many people don’t understand that it means that we can’t pay for anything with Heart to Heart donations except authorized H2H work – heart surgeries, rural school libraries, school sports equipment packages and food cards.  There are no salaries, purchases or reimbursements to volunteers or vendors.  This was particularly difficult to deal with this month since we had to move the 900 large, heavy boxes from Tennant to our new storage area at the new hospital in Qingpu.  Where would we get the trucks and personnel?  That’s where Ferasse and his team at SAE stepped in without hesitation.  He sent two trucks and 3 guys to work with our 7 volunteers to move all the boxes.  It was an exhausting day for all of them, but they accomplished the task.  Heart to Heart thanks the wonderful SAE team for donating the trucks and muscle to work with our muscle.  Each team thought the other was fantastic….. and they were.  It was a hard move made “easy” by a team effort.  Thanks to all!   I hope you recover from your bruises and sore muscles soon.


Featured Volunteers of the Month: Sara Laudani & Andrea Lamieri 

Volunteering has been a “fil rouge” in our lives, as we’ve been doing it “forever”. It all started as we were part of a Scout organization as kids, all the way through to becoming educators. We participated in different ways in social activities in our neighborhoods, such as visiting the elderly, helping as volunteer firefighters, doing security service during public concerts, sorting clothes and medicine donations, and so on and so forth until we arrived to China.  And… here we are! Sara and Andrea, an Italian couple in our 50s, working and living in China since 2012, with two lovely daughters who are now both studying at University in the UK. And here came H2H… one of the several volunteering associations that Sara discovered in Shanghai; not the only one we support but the one we love the most! In fact, we really love the “ease” of dedicating time to volunteering, the lovely management team, the family feeling we have every time we’re there. Sara is a MD and she works in an International Clinic in Shanghai; Andrea is China CEO in a French MNC, working in Shanghai but traveling a lot. Overall, we are both pretty busy but very happy to spend some time for others and as well for ourselves, as volunteering for us is also a way to tear off from normal routine, feel good, laugh, feel free, … so this is truly something rewarding for us too…. And time really flies with H2H and we definitely love helping as much as we can!

做志愿者已经融入我们的血脉,因为一直以来我们都在做这件事。从孩童时代加入童子军组织开始,直到长大成为教育工作者。我们以不同的方式参与社区的社会活动,比如:探望老人、做志愿消防员、在公共音乐会上做保安、整理捐赠的衣服和药品等等,在来到中国之前,这是我们的生活常态。 现在讲讲我们的故事:萨拉和安德烈是一对50多岁的意大利夫妇,从2012年起开始在中国工作和生活。他们有两个可爱的女儿,现在都在英国读大学。心连心(H2H)是萨拉在上海发现的几个志愿者组织之一。它不仅是我们唯一进行支援的组织,也是我们最爱的一个!我们真的很享受把时间花在心连心志愿服务上,它不仅给我们带来做志愿者的“轻松感”,还有可爱的管理团队以及家的感觉。萨拉是医学博士,目前在上海的一家国际诊所工作;安德烈是一家法国跨国公司的中国首席执行官,在上海工作,但经常出差。总的来说,我们都很忙,但很高兴能为别人以及自己花点时间,因为做志愿者也是一种跳脱常规生活模式的方式,让我们感觉很棒,给我们带来欢笑,让我们感到自由等等,所以这对我们来说也是一件很有价值的事。和心连心在一起的时间过得真快,我们衷心希望能尽自己所能帮助他人

Featured Sponsor of the Month: Parent Event Team at BISS

What are the most important values we want to teach our children?  Be kind, appreciate what you have, share and try to help others. Undoubtedly parents have an important part in educating the next generation and it all starts with our own behaviour and actions.  We were lucky enough to be born into an educated and affluent society, but with that comes social responsibility.

Two years ago, my son started his studies at BISS – the British International School Shanghai.  I was invited to join the Parent Event Team which organises events and initiatives with the help of its parent volunteers and school support. We aim to engage the school community – students, parents and teachers, to have fun, and to raise much needed funds for charity. We support H2H. In 2019/20 we donated ¥90,000 (a smaller amount then usual owing to Covid19), and in 2018/19 it was ¥150,000? We are thrilled that 100% of these donations goes to kids’ surgeries and that the families are finally able to lead normal healthy lives with their loved ones. We love getting regular updates from H2H about the children we have sponsored and we can then share this with our community.   These remarkable achievements were done under the outstanding guidance and supervision of Sarah Gilsenan, the former PET Chair, along with the PET Team.

I have been in Shanghai for nine years and my kids have attended four international schools here. This is my first experience of a school PET team. Hopefully, similar organisations will be set up at other city schools and H2H can receive more sponsorship.  Unfortunately, owing to Covid19,  government regulations ban the entrance of parents to school and limit the amount of people in public gatherings. Therefore events within the school campus are not possible and so PET is unable to raise money for charity at the moment. We hope we will soon get back to normal and PET’s valuable activity will continue for years to come.

Indisputably, 2020 was a very unpredictable year characterised with high uncertainty throughout the year. Let us all hope 2021 will be different. Calmer, happier and healthier.Iris Kastoriano, Chair of the Parent Event Team, BISS

我们想教孩子最重要的价值观是什么? 善良,感恩,懂得与人分享并努力帮助别人。毫无疑问,父母在教育下一代方面起着重要的作用,这一切都始于我们自己的一言一行。 我们很幸运地出生在一个有良好教育和物资富足的社会,但同时个体也需有相应的社会责任。
两年前,我儿子开始在BISS上海英国国际学校学习。 我被邀请加入家长活动团队,该团队在其家长志愿者和学校支持的帮助下组织活动和集会。我们的目标是让学校社区(学生、家长和教师)参与进来,让他们玩得开心的同时,也能为慈善事业筹集急需的资金。我们支持上海心连心。2019至2020年,我们捐赠了90,000(玖万)欧元(由于新冠疫情的影响,捐赠金额比往年少),2018至2019年捐款150,000(壹拾伍万)欧元。我们非常激动的是百分之百的捐款均用于孩子的手术,受助的这些家庭终将能够与其爱子、爱女或爱孙一起过上正常健康的生活。我们喜欢从上海心连心定期获得关于我们赞助的孩子的状态更新, 然后我们可以与我们的社区分享。这些显著的成就是在PET家长活动团队前任主席萨拉·吉尔塞南和PET家长活动团队的杰出指导和监督下取得的。
我在上海已经九年了,我的孩子在这里上过四所国际学校。这是我第一次体验学校PET家长活动团队。希望其他城市学校也会设立类似的组织,这样上海心连心便可以获得更多的赞助。 不幸的是,由于新冠疫情的影响,相关规定禁止家长进入学校,并限制参加公众集会的人数。因此,校园内的活动开展是不可能的,因此PET家长活动团队目前无法为慈善事业筹集资金。我们希望我们可以很快恢复正常,未来几年PET家长活动团队便可以继续开展更多有价值的项目活动。

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New Assembly Volunteers
Limin Zhou

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Aimee Du
Frauke Nayka Angue
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Yuqing Qiu

New Playroom Volunteers
David Cleland
Fabio J Testi
Kiara Mybaugh
Sifan Wang
Siyuan Tai
Xinyu Lin

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Donate New or Gently Used Goods
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You can help support our food card program, our rural school library program, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

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Pick up a flyer at an event and pass it on. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).

Find Out More
Our mission is to provide support and financial assistance to indigent Chinese children who require heart surgery and to provide financial assistance to rural Chinese schools which require libraries, sports equipment and other essentials. For more information visit our website (

Sign up to volunteer on our website.  Feel free to pass along the information to friends who may want to get involved.