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November 2019

November Assembly:

Tuesday, November 5         9:30-12:30
Tuesday, November 12       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, November 19       NO ASSEMBLY
Tuesday, November 26       9:30-12:30       Thursday, November 28     17:30-20:30

November Events:

Sunday, November 3
Newman Bund Tour
Wednesday, November 13
Charity Link Volunteer Marching Fair
Friday, November 15
Art for Hearts
Saturday, November 16
Jiahsan Market
Saturday-Sunday, November 16-17
Commune Market
Friday, Novemebr 22
2019 Ugly Jumper Party
Saturday, November 23
SCIS Winter Carnival
Saturday-Sunday, November 30-December 1
Commune Christmas Market


Dulwich Suzhou – Learning about Kindness and Courage through Heart to Heart

Dulwich College Suzhou is a sister school to Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou.  The school has just over 1000 students aged from 2 to 18 across the Kindergarten (DUCKS), Junior School and Senior School. The College follows a set of Guiding Statements, developed by our community to guide children’s  learning, our teaching and everything that we do. The statement “We care about our world” encourages our children to think about the wider community and world at large. At Dulwich College we pride ourselves on being at the heart of our community; this is integral to the ethos of our college. At DUCKS, our Kindergarten, we have been working in partnership with Heart to Heart for more than a year now and so far we have managed to fund three successful surgeries. The students, staff and families have loved participating in activities to fundraise for H2H and then hearing about the children that they are supporting. We find that the stories we are part of as part of the Heart to Heart family really help our students to learn about our two core values at DUCKS: Kindness and Courage.Our Head Teacher Mr Hughes worked with Heart to Heart for many years during his time at Dulwich Shanghai Pudong. We saw the same great opportunity for our students here in Suzhou to develop their understanding of the world around them, our local and wider communities in China, and the challenges that some children with whom they have a great deal in common face on a daily basis. Hearing about the children that Heart to Heart work with, meeting Karen and seeing the work that the organization does has made this all the more relatable for the children. In turn, the projects and initiatives that the children have led and contributed to in school have become ever more meaningful to them.

We started our journey last year by hosting many events to raise money for Heart to Heart. Our first event in DUCKS involved our students participating in a ‘Mini-Marathon’ to raise the funds required to sponsor our first child’s surgery. Learning about his story touched our students at Dulwich and has motivated them to raise money through more fundraising events. Following on from this success, DUCKS hosted an end of year celebration known as ‘DUCKFEST’ in June which sponsored H2H though selling end of year t-shirts sporting the H2H branding. The aim of this was both to raise money and raise the profile of our chosen charity. Learning about the plight of children in rural China through Karen’s visits and the stories we hear from the various H2H projects is incredibly impactful; our children’s learning and understanding of the world has been significantly enriched due to this collaboration.

In the future, DUCKS have planned to continue their support through more fundraising opportunities. After the success of the Mini-marathon last year, we recently held this event once more and beat our fundraising target and having a great time to boot, as you can see! Both the ‘Mini-Marathon’ and ‘DUCK FEST’ are intended to become annual events, and I’m sure that the children will come up with lots more amazing fundraising ideas in the months and years to come.

Beth Maclennan

Don’t Miss the 2nd Annual Art for Hearts Art Show on November 15

The second annual Art for Hearts art show will be held on November 15th from 18:30 – 21:30 at Hellas House.  Everyone should be there!  Art for Hearts is a charity art show, entirely conceptualized, organized and managed by H2H volunteers.  It will be for one evening only and if you went to last year’s event, you’ll know that it will be an amazing event!  Great art, great people, great drinks/snacks and great fun.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of artwork will go to the Heart to Heart Shanghai to sponsor heart surgeries.

The 2018 Art for Hearts event raised enough for 11 children to have heart surgery.  We were lucky to have both international and local artists donate their great works to the 1st Art for Hearts art show.  This time will be no different.  The art will be fantastic.  In 2018 St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation sponsored Art for Hearts whilst Art Labor hosted the art show.  This year, St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation will sponsor the event again.  The art show, however, will be held at Hellas House, which is a Greek culture and lifestyle center. It resides in a majestic Shanghainese villa, built in 1936, located in the Old French Concession in the heart of Shanghai. If you only came to see the mansion your trip would be worthwhile.  The address is:  735 Yuyuan Road near Zhenning Road (愚园路735号).

We’d particularly like to thank all the artists who contributing their artwork for Art for Hearts 2019. We hope to be able to sponsor more children for heart surgery.

We look forward to seeing you on November 15th.

Message from the Playroom

Although all areas of volunteering with Heart to Heart are important, the playroom has a special place in the hearts of many volunteers and (arguably) stands out as the pulse of Heart to Heart. It is the place where some real magic happens on a daily basis.  The playroom was the first area set up by Heart to Heart knowing that movement and activity is important to recovery post-surgery and that having fun is an important aspect of childhood development. With these important goals in mind, the first playroom was put together in 2003 in Shanghai Chest Hospital and our new playroom is open at the Yoda Cardiothoracic Hospital every afternoon of the year between 2 and 3.45pm. The playroom is a welcome retreat for the kids to get out of their rooms, to play with toys, to look at books and pictures and meet other children – to forget the pain and have some fun.

Volunteers help set up the play and craft equipment for the children and then can enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. There’s always fun to have playing games, helping with the puzzles (a favourite for kids of all ages), drawing, painting and crafts, constructing train tracks and playing with dolls. The children are supervised by the volunteers to ensure their safety and also look after the equipment, as well as packing away and cleaning at the end of playtime. It doesn’t matter if you can or cannot speak Mandarin – smiles mean the same in all languages and the children are usually quite captivated by any foreigners. Many children from villages have never seen our faces, hair and eyes like ours before and volunteers tend to be very popular playmates.

Our toys and crafts are all donated and are constantly needed so please consider our playroom if you have spare used or new toys that need a home. They will be well looked after and played with! We are also in need of new volunteers – so please think about the difference you will make in so many lives by volunteering in the playroom. You can volunteer as little as once a month if your schedule is busy, but more if you have the time free. It really is at the core of the Heart to Heart ethos – love, play and smiles.

Please check out the Heart to Heart website for more information and how to volunteer:
Therese Burke

Message from the Marketing Team 

Hello Everyone! I started volunteering for H2H on the marketing team one year ago and have built the H2H Wechat account. Every week I update it with any news and events H2H has.  Seeing the number of followers grow from 0 to over 1,200 today, I feel proud and fulfilled as more and more people with different nationalities are connecting with H2H.  We are all different people, but with the same kindness – “Love”.  When I volunteered at a recent market for Heart to Heart, I observed that a lot of Chinese locals are passionate about supporting H2H.  Hence, I wondered, why not share some Chinese articles on our Wechat account so more Chinese supporters can become involved.  So now if you are following our Wechat account you will see our Wechat account is bilingual!  Our newsletter will eventually be too!

Also, I have shared some information on some popular online media platforms such as Smartshanghai.  Look for our events there.  For example, you will find our upcoming annual art show “Art for Hearts” in this link:  Furthermore, we are trying to build a better H2H marketing team.  So far, we are lucky to have some amazing members, such as April Chiasson who is writing beautiful manuscripts for our new video which should come out soon.  We also have Jessica Kaufenbert who is helping us take nice photos of the children while they are in the hospital.If you have interest in joining our team, let us know.  You are welcome to come and share your marketing skills!


我也利用其它网上媒体平台,比方Smartshanghai 分享信息。您也可以在那儿查看活动资讯。例如,您可以在 这个链接,找到我们即将展开的年度艺展 “Art for Heart” 。此外,我们希望能架设一个更好的心连心营销团队。到目前为止,我们很幸运有非常投入的成员,比方 April Chiasson 正在为即将发行的录像撰稿;Jessica Kaufenbert 协助我们为在医院接受治疗的孩子们拍照。

Alie Wang, H2H Marketing Team manager

Message from the Knitting Team

If you’ve been wanting to knit or are knitting for Heart to Heart, but couldn’t make the knitting sessions at assembly on Tuesday mornings or the Shanghai Guild knitting sessions on Thursday afternoons in the Jingan area each week, here’s an opportunity for all you Minhang knitters.  Lana has formed a new knitting circle which will meet weekly from 9-11 on Friday mornings.  All skill levels are welcome.   The knitting circle will be held on the ground floor of the SRC Clubhouse.  This is near all the international schools in the Minhang area. Just call Lana at 13795333419 if you don’t know where that is!  We’d all love for you to join her.

We really appreciate Lana putting this group together to supplement our knitters who meet at Yoda, in Jing’an, knit at home or in other countries (yes, there are many of them!).  Heart to Heart is always in need of heart bear clothing so her timing couldn’t have been better.  Also, if you aren’t really experienced, the group will also knit squares and prepare blankets for our sponsored children (or to sell).   This is a huge win for Heart to Heart.  Thank you to all who participate!  And remember to sign up as a Heart to Heart knitter (see the website) if you haven’t already done so.

Order Heart Bears for Your Company or School! 

Naturally, we love all our H2H donors who donate funds to sponsor heart surgeries for the H2H children who need them so badly.  Did you know that you can also purchase heart bears to finance surgeries?  If your company or school is looking for gifts that mean more than what they are – for employees, customers, students, teachers, or whomever – remember that you can order heart bears to give to them.  An order of 166 heart bears completely pays for the surgery of a child!  Saving a life and getting 166 beautiful heart bears in return is a great way to go!  Thank you to Texas Instruments who just ordered 498 heart bears and thereby fully sponsored 3 children for heart surgery!  We hope your employees LOVE their bears.  We know that the 3 boys who had surgery as a result of your order will always remember Texas Instruments and heart bears!

Contact by email or Karen-H2H by WeChat if you want to place an order.  Remember to order ahead.  The outfits are handmade and take a while, but are well worth the effort.

Support the Mom2Mom Team!  

Come and visit this season’s  Mom2Mom & Women2Women Charity 2nd Hand Sale in SRC Clubhouse on Tuesday, November 26th. You can buy pre-loved and new children and women clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, strollers, child seats, toys, books, and much more for amazing prices!


If you want to register as a seller, please contact us on Signup Day (Monday, November 11th) via email or our website.


Our sellers and donors donate 30-100 % to Heart to Heart Shanghai. We all work for free, so all profit will be used to provide surgeries for Chinese children with heart diseases. With us, you can shop sustainably🌿 with a good conscience 🧘‍♀️ AND do some good️. See you at the sale!


Goodbye From Jan Parker I left Canada in 2004 to join my husband in Zhuhai, China.  In 2009 we relocated to Shanghai and that is where I met Karen and Christine at a Melbourne Cup event.  They introduced me to Heart to Heart and I joined right away and couldn’t be more grateful.  Over 10 years I saw so many changes in Heart to Heart as it got bigger and better every year.  I met so many caring people from all over the world in the H2H family, which made life as an expatriate so much easier.  At first I joined the assembly room, helping with sewing, and sorting. Then I joined a knitting group that knit blankets, hats and sweaters to sell and help with a child’s surgery.  I still hope to participate with this at some level.  I also joined the sewing group which was fun, when we met and made an assembly line to sew heart bear pants or outfits. I also got my husband and his friends involved by hosting a live music night to raise money for a child’s surgery.

The highlight of my years at H2H was the trips to the countryside to meet the previous patients and their families in their homes.  It is so moving to see the children recovered and their family life improving.  It’s so rewarding to go to the rural schools and mingle with the school children and see the smiles on their faces when we adorn them with gifts of hats, books, new clothing or pencil sets.  In the beginning it was stickers and candy, where we would lose the occasional volunteer in a sea of wild kids.

Being a volunteer for Heart to Heart was an amazing experience for me while I was in Shanghai. I will always have wonderful memories of all the children and their families, the field trips to the countryside and the amazing food from province to province.  But most of all I will remember the amazing volunteers I have met over the 10 years. Heart to Heart was an important part of my life and I miss it!


We Will Miss You Drew!!

Featured Child of the Month – Du Qinyan (H2H Child #1317)

It’s not every day that you get to go to the home of a child whose life was saved as a result of one of the Heart to Heart walking challenges.  Nevertheless, that’s what H2H volunteers did in September.  We went to Shandong province to visit Du Qinyan, who was sponsored for heart surgery in January 2019 by all those wonderful donors who contributed to the 2018 Kenya/Cotswold Way 4,455 Km Challenge.  There is a big difference in the child we saw in her home that day and the one who had surgery earlier this year.  She looks great!  Although she was a little nervous and shy around us, she interacted with the group and had several bursts of running up the steep incline into her house.  She is obviously well;  no sick child could do that.  She also seems to be growing, although she’s still thin.  Her parents are excited about her health for the future.  They are convinced that she is completely well now — and she should be.  Du Qinyan’s home situation is good.  She lives with her parents, grandparents and older sister (all of whom were there to talk with us) in a very nice one room house.  It is neat and tidy.  They obviously take great pride in it.  Her aunt and cousin live nearby so there is plenty of family support for Du Qinyan and her sister.  Her father is working and doing well.  They hope to be able to pay off their loans in the future now that there are no medical expenses coming in.  They have great hopes for the future.

The family thanks everyone associated with the 2018 Kenya/Cotswold Way 4,455 Km Challenge for making this whole change in their lives possible.  It was a lovely visit.  At the end we gave the family a large bag filled with clothing, toiletries, toys, etc.  They were well received.  We also gave them a hongbao (red envelope) to help with expenses and Du Qinyan’s education.  They were extremely happy to receive it.

Here’s a big THANK YOU to all who donated to the 2018 Challenge and thereby sponsored her for surgery.  You not only saved her life, but changed everything for this lovely family!  If you haven’t donated to the 2019 Sri Lanka/Finland 4,855 Km Challenge and want to, please let me know (WeChat:  Karen-H2H or email:  There are 9 more children out there who need heart surgery that we plan to save through the challenge.

Featured Volunteer: Janine Haefeli

Hi – I am originally from South Africa and lived in Switzerland, Melbourne, Jakarta and Sydney before moving to Shanghai in 2017 where I found an amazing, busy and vibrant city!  Having volunteered in Sydney, I knew my goal here would be to find something to fill my days.  Over coffee with a ‘friend of a friend’, an experienced expat who helped me find my feet quickly, suggested I join the Shanghai Expat Association.  I did and very quickly my days were filled with as many events as I could attend! Through SEA I met many amazing people, some of whom were volunteering at Heart to Heart and this is how I decided to come along one Tuesday morning.

Volunteering at H2H has been a wonderful experience for me as Tuesday mornings at Assembly has many fantastic volunteers who get involved with sewing, sorting, packing and stacking and there is always someone new, someone leaving or someone returning – or even someone having a baby!  Its hard work but it always gets done with lots of laugher and fun, and occasionally we get to dress the gorgeous bears!

Of course one of the best parts of being a H2H volunteer is going on the field trips. Four times a year we get to visit the children who have received heart operations through H2H and going into rural china and visiting these children in their homes with their families is very humbling and fulfilling.  We also get to visit schools where we deliver donations of books, computers, libraries as well as backpacks and bags of clothing for the local community.  One of my most memorable experiences was arriving at a little school and having the entire school outside singing to us.

Heart to Heart is an amazing organization, doing amazing things and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this unique experience and of being able to give back.  Of course we have an amazing team led by wonderful people and nothing would happen without Karen, DJ, Nancy’s hard work.    Thanks guys!

Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

New Playroom Volunteers
Alan Rijnders
Mei Kang
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Yalu Kong
Zoe Crook

New Sewing Team Volunteer
Yunfan Xia

New Events Volunteers
Willow Alber-Martin
Yunfan Xia

New Knitting Volunteer

Lindsay Chen

New Assembly Volunteers
Anne Barthelemy
Batsheva Manes
Jamie Hallowes
Jens Kier
Joyce Hu
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Yueqi Shi

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