July 2021

Heart to Heart Newsletter

July Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, July 6                9:30-12:30
Tuesday, July 13              9:30-12:30
Tuesday, July 20              9:30-12:30
Tuesday, July 27              9:30-12:30
Thursday, July 29            17:30-20:30

July Events: 

July 3/4 – Green Escape Market
July 6 –    Guest Chef Night for H2H
at Tacolicious
July 10/11 – ASE Mall Summer
Carnival – Minhang
July 17/18 – Commune Market at the
Langham Xintiandi

A Night of Magical British Tales

May 29 saw one of the biggest BritCham Shanghai Annual Balls over the past five years. Nearly 500 guests gathered at W Shanghai – The Bund to celebrate the very best of British fantastical authors and the beloved characters from their popular stories.  The night was amazing with whole tables of storybook characters.  And the best part of all was that the ball was held to benefit Heart to Heart!  There were heart bear sales from H2H volunteers, silent auction items and live auction items.  And, of course, the attendees could just donate to Heart to Heart.  It was a night full of gaiety.  And by the end, the guests had definitely given generously.  A total of RMB 192,969.87 was raised!

The Heart to Heart thank you note to the ball organizers said:  “Thank you for choosing Heart to Heart! This means that 6+ children will be sponsored for heart surgery from the ball this time. Their lives will be forever changed because of your magic. Their new, wonderful fairy tale ending begins now. Thank you!”  And we meant it!   We LOVE the British Chamber of Commerce.


心连心给活动筹备负责人的谢卡上写着 “感谢你们选择赞助心连心!这代表着此次活动能够帮助六个以上的孩子接受手术治疗。他们的人生由于你们魔术般的赠予将永远改变。他们新的、美妙的童话结局就此展开。谢谢你们!” 这是我们由衷之言!我们特爱英侨商会!

Register for Ryan’s Next Cycling Challenge! 
Hello, my name is Ryan Smith. I’ll start by giving you some background on previous events and my work for Heart to Heart before introducing my next challenge. I began raising money for Heart to Heart in November 2017. I ran the Shanghai Marathon and people were kind enough to donate ¥3,033 to a great cause. This proved to be the beginning of something special.
In May of 2018, it was time for the 100,000 steps in a day challenge. 15 of us started this epic feat, only one finished – Sam from the States. I reached 82,000 steps but had to retire due to a monsoon and exhaustion. A whopping ¥41,000 was raised from this event. Thanks to all the walkers and donators.
October of 2018 saw my first cycling challenge. A modest challenge of riding to Suzhou and back in a weekend. 6 riders from the UK started, and all finished. For the inexperienced rider at the time, it was a bit of a struggle. 215KM was ridden in total, with ¥15,017.31 being raised for Heart to Heart.
May 2019 and it was time to give the 100,000 steps in a day another go. This time 100,000 steps were walked (78 KM) in one day. A massive ¥76,247.98 was raised from this event. Some unreal fundraising and kindness from donators shown during this event.

Due to a knee injury (probably sustained during aforementioned event), I’ve been out of action for a couple of years. However, here is the next challenge:
Date: Saturday October 23rd 2021 
Sport: Road cycling 
Starting time: 03:00 
Starting location: People’s Park, Huangpu District, Shanghai. 
End location: Nanjing, Jiangsu. 
Distance: 300 KM 
Estimated duration: 12-18 hours 

Heart to Heart provides corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart disease (CHD) whose parents are unavailable to afford the surgery. It costs ¥30,000 to pay for one child’s life-changing surgery. I love helping Heart to Heart because they are very well-organized, they are entirely volunteer-led and are completely transparent with regards to donations, where it goes and who it helps. I have visited patients who I have helped raise money for and this sense of tangibility really pushes me on to keep working with H2H and for the children. 

50 riders from 16 countries have signed up already to form our team.

Please donate by scanning the QR code!

大家好,我叫瑞安·史密斯。在分享我的下一个募捐挑战之前,我想先介绍一下我之前为“心连心”所做的一些工作。2017 年 11 月, 我参加了上海马拉松比赛,为 “心连心” 筹款。“心连心”的慈善事业打动了很多好心人,他们慷慨捐赠了3033元。我和“心连心”的合作征程就从那时开始了。

2018 年 5 月,我们举行了“一日10000步”的募捐挑战,一共有 15人参加了这次非常艰难的挑战,最后只有来自美国的山姆走到了一万步。 我在走到82000步时,迫于闷热的梅雨天气和疲惫,不得不停下来。这次活动筹集到了41,000元,远远超出了预期。这要感谢所有的步行者和捐助者。

2018 年 10 月见证了我的第一次自行车募捐挑战 — 我们要在周末的两天里,骑车完成上海和苏州之间的往返旅程。6名来自英国的车手参加了这次挑战,并且全体顺利完成目标。对于没有经验的骑手来说,这次挑战是有难度的。我们一共骑行了215公里,为“心连心”筹集了15,017.31元。

2019 年 5 月,我决定再次挑战“一日10000步”。这一天,我完成了 100,000 步(78 公里),为“心连心”筹集到了76,247.98元。这是一笔非常可观的数目,展示了来自捐赠者的极大的慷慨和善心。


日期:2021 年 10 月 23 日 星期六
开始时间:凌晨 03:00
预计时长:12-18 小时

“心连心”为来自全国各地,患有先天性心脏病(CHD),且其父母无力承担手术费用的儿童提供矫正手术。手术需要花费 30,000元,却能帮助一个孩子改变他(她)的人生。我很喜欢为 “心连心”出力,因为他们组织运行地非常好。这是一个完全由志愿者主导,在捐款用途和受助儿童的信息上做到完全公开透明的慈善组织。我拜访了用我帮助筹集到的资金支付手术费用的小患者们,这让我感受到我的努力在这些活生生的儿童身上起到的正面作用,这种实实在在的连接激励我与 “心连心”一起,为需要帮助的孩子们继续努力!



Order Delivery and Benefit Heart to Heart
There is a new food delivery service in town – EatForCharity.  The name is a little confusing because of “Chifan for Charity”, but they are definitely different.  EatForCharity is an ongoing business that you can call when you want something delivered from a restaurant.  It’s easy and has English service if Chinese is not your first language.  Naturally, since they are new in Shanghai, they have somewhat of a chicken-and-egg battle trying to add new restaurants and attract new customers.  Slowly but surely, however, they are getting new restaurants and customers.  Why does Heart to Heart like them so much?  Well, when you sign onto their site to order food, you can select a charity (see the attached QR code) and a percentage of each order comes to Heart to Heart as a donation.  It definitely works since we’ve been getting donations from them for several months now when customers order from Abbey Road and La Coyota (who were H2H’s original restaurants on the site).

What can you do to help?  Well, try a delicious meal from one of their participating restaurants and select H2H as your charity of choice.  Our donation comes automatically.  Also, if you have a favorite restaurant and they aren’t cooperating with EatForCharity, mention it to them and try to get them to sign up.  We can put them in contact with the organizers if they can’t figure it out.

最近市面上出现了一种新的送餐服务——EatForCharity(为慈善而吃)。光听名字大家可能有些疑惑,什么叫“为慈善而吃”?不过他们绝对是很特别的。EatForCharity是一项正在发展中的业务,当您想从餐厅点餐时,可以打电话给它。操作非常简单,并且有英文服务。当然,由于他们刚起步,该行业竞争激烈,他们需要努力开发新的餐厅和顾客。相信在不久的将来,他们能够赢得更多客户。为什么心连心如此欢迎他们呢?那是因为,当你登录他们的网站订餐时,你可以选择一个慈善机构(见附件二维码),每份订单的一定比例将作为捐赠给“心连心”。这个方法很奏效,因为几个月来,当顾客从Abbey Road和La Coyota (在该网站上的心连心合作餐厅)点菜时,我们总能从他们那里获得捐赠。 你能帮些什么呢?好吧,试试在他们合作的其中一家餐厅点美味佳肴,并勾选上海心连心作为你的慈善选择,心连心就能收到捐赠。此外,如果你有一家非常喜欢的餐馆,而他们还没有与EatForCharity合作,您可以告诉这家餐厅,让他们进行注册。如果他们遇到问题,我们可以帮助他们与该组织联系。 所以,吃吧!吃吧!吃吧!为了慈善!

A Memorable Send Off 
High school student Winston Wang from the Shanghai American School had his going away party recently.  Grace Qi was quoted as saying, “What a meaningful event!  We celebrated my son’s friend’s farewell going to study abroad with lovely H2H bears. The love is continuing and always in our life.”

Heart to Heart wishes Winston the best in his new school and thinks it was a very wonderful way to send him off.  We wish everyone would help sponsor children for heart surgery through their events!  Good luck Winston!

来自上海美国学校的高中生Winston Wang最近举行了他出国求学前的告别派对。Grace Qi说:“这真的是非常有意义的一个活动! 我们与可爱的心连心小熊一起庆祝了我儿子朋友去国外留学前的告别派对。爱一直在我们的生活中。”   心连心祝Winston在他新的学校里一切顺利。我们认为,这真的是一个非常好的送别他的方式。我们也希望每个人都能通过他们的活动来资助儿童心脏手术! 祝福你,Winston!

2021 H2H Children’s Day Celebration
The H2H Children’s Day was celebrated on May 30th.  Due to the COVID-19 situation, we decided to cancel most of the normal activities but keep the gift bag give away and magic show (from the magician Elliot). Volunteers came in the morning and started to sort and fill gift bags in the H2H playroom. Every child got 2 bags and 1 stationary kit. One backpack was filled with a selection of books and toys. A second goodie bag was filled with sweets, more toys and lots of snacks.  Everyone loved the gifts and the magic tricks.   The special day at Yoda Hospital was enjoyed by everyone. Without the dedicated volunteers and community support the day would have never happened.

H2H would like to thank everyone who was a part of the day, see you all next year!
2021年上海心连心儿童节活动于5月30日成功举办. 鉴于新冠疫情的问题, 经过考虑后我们决定取消大部分的互动环节, 保留礼物发放这个环节以及来自魔术师Elliot的魔术表演. 帮忙的志愿者和朋友当天一早就开始在活动室分类/分装礼物, 下午的礼物发放也是在活动室执行. 每个孩子收到2礼物袋和1盒文具套装. 第一个礼物袋是书包, 书包里面装了多种图书和玩具. 第二个礼物袋里面装了更多的玩具, 糖果, 零食等, 满满一袋子. 当然, 大家都很喜欢Elliot带来的魔术表演. 孩子和家长们都很享受在远大医院的特别的一天. 但如果没有心连心志愿者和一直支持上海心连心的朋友的帮助, 我们不可能能够举办这次活动.

上海心连心诚挚感谢参与本次活动的所有人, 我们明年再见!

Candy Filled Backpack Surprise for the H2H Hunan Schools
Perfetti Van Melle is one of world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum. PVM creates imaginative products and brands that are enjoyed in over 150 countries. Lots of well-known brands like Alpenliebe, Mentos, Chupa Chups and BBG belong to PVM.  In order to celebrate Children’s Day and bring extraordinary happiness and warmth to children, PVM donated and sent 1,100 backpacks filled with candy to the children in 5 of the rural schools in Hunan province that Heart to Heart just donated rural school libraries and sports equipment to in March 2021.  You can see that the children were thrilled when they received the unexpected gift from PVM!   Thank you PVM for bringing so much joy to them on their special day.

不凡帝范梅勒糖果(Perfetti Van Melle)是世界上最大的糖果和口香糖制造商和分销商之一。 PVM 创造了富有想象力的产品和品牌,为全球超过150 个国家的消费者提供超凡美味的糖果。阿尔卑斯(Alpenliebe)、曼妥思(Mentos)、珍宝珠(Chupa Chups)、比巴卜(BBG)等众多知名品牌都属于PVM。为庆祝六一儿童节,给孩子们带来非凡的快乐和温暖,PVM 向湖南省 5 所农村学校的孩子们捐赠了1100个装满糖果的背包,这5所学校正是心连心机构在2021年3月曾捐赠过图书馆和运动器材的学校。孩子们非常高兴能够收到来自 PVM 的意外礼物!感谢 PVM 在特殊的日子给他们带来如此多的欢乐。
Yoga at Heart to Heart 
When my friends and family back home ask me what I am doing in Shanghai, I always say that my weekly schedule has two priorities: going to the H2H assembly on Tuesdays and teaching/practicing yoga.  In 2014, my husband and I traveled for over a year. On our trip, we learned what is really important and necessary in life. It is not money, fancy brands or materialistic goods as we are told from advertisements, society and the outer world. When you travel with only one backpack, you get to know that one doesn’t need a lot to be happy. It also taught me to appreciate the life we have in developed countries and I realized it is important to support others who don´t have all the opportunities that we have. After moving to Shanghai in 2019, I had the great opportunity to join the charity Heart to Heart where I can help support and raise money for children in need.

Different circumstances led me to join a yoga teacher training in Shanghai and after the training, I was immediately convinced that yoga was something that I wanted to share with others. The feeling you have after a yoga practice is unique. Feeling exhausted but also calm, blessed and deeply content, as well as the experience of being in the present moment. You get a deeper understanding of yourself, your body and mind, and find an awareness that you can implement into your daily life. Once you start, there will be more to discover inside and around you.

When you have found your purpose and what you want to do with your life, you want to share your passion rather than focusing on only earning money. This is how I got the idea of combining the two things I love the most. Teaching yoga to raise money for Heart to Heart to share my love and knowledge of yoga while taking an active step to support families that can’t afford life-saving operations for their children. After a little bit of organization and the kind support of Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala, who offered the venue for free, the idea became a reality. I taught the first class for Heart to Heart on May 30.  I was really happy to welcome 10 participants for the charity yoga class where we raised 1,300 RMB for H2H. Thanks again to all for taking part in this event. I am already looking forward to the next one, as I am already planning the next class.

Love & Namasté,


当你找到你的目标和你想过的生活,你就会想去分享你的激情,而不是只关注赚钱。这就是为什么我想到要把我最喜欢的两种东西结合起来:教瑜伽和为心连心筹集资金,分享我对瑜伽的爱和知识,同时采取积极的行动去帮助那些无法负担挽救孩子生命的手术的家庭。经过一些安排和Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala的友好支持(他们提供了免费的场地),这个想法终于变成了现实。我在五月三十日教了在心连心的第一节瑜伽课。我们为心连心筹集了1300元的慈善瑜伽课款,我非常高兴地欢迎了十位参与者。再次感谢所有参与本次活动的人。我已经在期待下一次了:计划下一堂课。



Happy Birthday Chen Xiaoling!
What a fantastic idea Chen Xiaoling had and made happen.  She had her birthday party at school and for the party she and her classmates purchased 43 heart bears for a total of RMB 10,000!  That purchase will go a long way towards sponsoring a child for heart surgery.  In addition, they learned about Heart to Heart from our own Alicia Meng at the party and actually dressed the bears, put their name tags on and put them in their red bags.  It was a great day for Heart to Heart and hopefully a very memorable party for Chen Xiaoling.  It will certainly be a wonderful gift for the lucky child who has heart surgery as a result of the party.

Thank you Chen Xiaoling!

陈筱玲有一个非常奇妙的想法并且实现了。她在学校举办了生日派对,为了这个聚会,她和同学们花了1万元人民币买了43只心熊!这笔收购对赞助孩子做心脏手术有很大帮助。此外,他们还在派对上从心连心的Alicia Meng那里学到了东西,确切的说给小熊们穿衣服,给它们戴上了胸牌,把它们放进了红色的袋子里。对心连心来说,这是一个好日子,也希望对陈筱玲来说是一个非常难忘的派对。对于因为派对的募捐而做了心脏手术的幸运孩子来说,这肯定是一份很棒的礼物。谢谢你陈筱玲!

Working Together
Despite if you have been in Shanghai for weeks or years and have just found Heart to Heart, welcome! Every Tuesday morning we gather to complete tasks to support children’s heart surgery. You never know what you will be doing, but will certainly be working with like-minded volunteers from all over the world. Other than Tuesdays, Heart to Heart also has many events during the week and weekends. If you like to meet new people and share your H2H experience why not join our events team and work an event and sell our cute hand-crafted heart bears. If you can knit or sew, maybe get your creative juices flowing and start making bear outfits. Knitters and sewers meet outside our assembly room under the guidance of our very creative managers. If you have extra time and would like to support in other ways, let it be known and we will help you find the right fit. We are always looking for volunteers to help support behind the scenes. Step up and make your time count!

The Assembly Team.

心连心对各位新来旧到的加入阵容,表达诚挚地欢迎!我们每周二上午聚在一起,为病童心脏手术所需的各种任务达标做支援。虽然无法预测届时将做什么,但是肯定是与从世界各地来的,有志一同的志愿者一块儿工作。周二以外,心连心还有许多在礼拜当中和周末的活动。要是您喜欢结识朋友、或跟人分享您在心连心担任志愿者的经验,加入我们的活动组团队,出席活动,帮忙义卖可爱的手工爱心小熊是个好选择。如果您会编织或缝纫,也喜欢发挥创意,请考虑加入服饰制作团队。编织组和缝纫组成员不需要到后勤工作室,而是在富有创意的经理们带领下,在不同地点完成任务。要是您的时间比较富裕,愿意在其他方面做出贡献,请让我们知道,我们一定能够彼此配合找到最合适的方式。我们随时都有能够在幕后协助和支持的志愿者需求。请踊跃参与,让分分秒秒都有意义! 后勤团队 敬上

Thank You from the Tibetans
When our sponsored children come for heart surgery, we give them a large bag filled with things they will need for their stay in the hospital – toiletries, clothing, reading materials, toys (for those hours of staying in bed), etc.  That means that most of them don’t have a way to get their “survival” gifts home with them.  This is particularly true of the Tibetans who come as a group for surgery.  Their in-bound luggage consists of small trash bags, cloth folded around the small amount of clothing they bring, etc.  They don’t own suitcases.  And yet they need to get their new treasures from H2H and sponsors home with them.  Thus, a call usually goes out for suitcases when they are with us.  Such a call went out in May when it was time for them to pack up to leave.  The response  was amazing.  Sponsors and volunteers alike donated suitcases so they could take the long train back to Tibet.  They were really happy!  Thank you for your generosity in sponsoring them for heart surgery and ensuring they could get home with all the new things they received while in Shanghai.  I know they will never forget everything that was done for them here.

当我们资助的孩子来到医院准备接受心脏手术的时候,我们会给他们每个人一个大袋子,里面装满了他们住院期间所需要的物品——洗漱用品、衣服、阅读材料、术后卧床期间用得上的玩具,等等。但是,很多孩子可能无法将这些帮助他们渡过难关的礼物带回家,比如,“心连心“最近资助的来自西藏的一大群孩子就是这种情况。他们到达上海时带来的行李袋里是人们平时用来装垃圾的小袋子,他们一点点的衣服是用布头包裹着的。他们很想把 “心连心”和募捐者们送给他们的宝贝带回家,但是他们没有行李箱。每当这种时候,我们就会号召大家捐助行李箱。今年五月,这些来自西藏的受助儿童们完成手术和修整,准备回家时,我们又一次发出了募捐行李箱的号召。捐赠人和志愿者们迅速行动,很快就让孩子们的宝贝在长时间的列车归途中有了安放的地方,孩子们真的很开心!感谢您慷慨赞助孩子们的心脏手术,并帮助他们能带着他们在上海收到的礼物回家,我知道孩子们会一直铭记这一切。

Message From the Sewing Team 
Butterflies, unicorns, princesses, business men, mums and babies, dads and babies, accessories… our members like be creative to offer choices and to prepare beautiful booths at our markets.  We are happy and grateful when we receive beautiful material. So, we would like thank Isabelle Lovisi from Maison Mumu and Maé Rudillas from Craftd Studio for their fabric donations.  They are already with our cutting team and will soon become summer dresses and onesies.

蝴蝶、独角兽、公主、商务人士、妈妈和宝宝、爸爸和宝宝、饰品配件……我们的裁剪志愿者喜欢有创意的设计心连心小熊服饰,为周末集市精心装扮心连心摊位。所以每当我们收到漂亮的布料时,都非常开心和感激。在此,我们要感谢Isabelle Lovisi女士(来自Maison Mumu)和Maé Rudillas女士(来自Craftd Studio)的布料捐赠。它们都已经在我们的裁剪团队手中,并将很快成为漂亮的小熊夏装和连体衣!

Tacolicious Tuesday!
Tacolicious, (tacolicious-shanghai.com) located at 34 Yuyao Lu, is continuing their Taco Tuesday Monthly Specials offering a great value deal of very creative and delicious tacos prepared each month by a special guest chef.   This colourful and cool establishment is supporting the community by donating part of the proceeds from their Tuesday Chef’s Specials to Heart to Heart.   This happens on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  The chef’s special is a great value for RMB95;  it includes a selected cocktail and the creative special of the evening.  Tacolicious still offers both their full service food and drink menu so there are a lot of options and plenty of choices to satisfy all tastes.  By all reports their Ceviche and margaritas are a hit with the customers and would be a great choice for those hot Shanghai summer evenings.On June 8th a group of us from Heart to Heart went along to enjoy the Chef’s Special.   On that particular evening guest chef, Jamie Pea, was in charge of preparation.  From Jamie’s background and experience in the culinary world, we were in very good hands and were not disappointed. The ingredients were tasty and fresh and served by a friendly crew.  The atmosphere was colourful and lively.  We we all had a thoroughly good time.

Next month on July 6 come along to Tacolicious for their Taco Tuesday Special (to benefit Heart to Heart).  It’s easy access from Line 7- Changping Lu stop. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, great friendly service and support for Heart to Heart.

Thank you to Logan, Saira and the team at Tacolicious for great evenings.

位于余姚路34号的Tacolicious (http://tacolicious-shanghai.com)依旧维持着每个月由客座主厨精心调配,物超所值,既有创意又美味可口的周二塔口特餐。这家多彩炫耀的餐厅提供社区协助的方式是把他们周二主厨特餐的部分收入捐赠给心连心。活动在每个月的第一个星期二进行。主厨特餐忒超值,一套95人民币的特餐包含一杯精选鸡尾酒和当晚的创意食物。平日的菜单上的各式菜肴和饮料酒水照常供应,选择很多,能够配配合客人的需求。根据了解,Tacolicious的海鲜色拉和马格利塔深受客人喜爱,是在上海炎炎夏日夜晚的首选。 我们一批心连心同仁在6月8号那天去品尝了主厨特餐。那天晚上由客席主厨Jamie Peas负责备餐。Jamie在餐饮界的背景和经验,就是菜肴质量和水平的背书。食材新鲜美味,服务亲切友善。气氛多彩活泼,我们都玩儿的很开心。下个月也请你一起来品尝Tacolicious 周二塔口特餐(和赞助心连心)。餐厅很容易找,就在地铁七号线昌平路站。他们提供户外和室内用餐场所,非常友善的服务,和对心连心的支持。我们感谢Logan,Saira,和所有Tacolicious的工作人员,在这些晚上带给我们的欢乐时光。

Featured Sponsor of the Month – SSIS 
This year is an important milestone in the history of SSIS where we mark 25 years of excellence since its founding in 1996. SSIS was established as a K-12 school, providing an education centrepiece for the Shanghai expatriate community. It offers a one-of-its-kind blended curriculum pathway of Singapore’s Primary Curriculum, IGCSE and IB programmes. Over the past 25 years the school has grown, developed and adapted but it continues to serve the Singaporean and wider Shanghai expatriate community with quality education offerings that aim to meet the challenges of the future.

SSIS provides a holistic education and instills core values to each student, one of which is to involve the whole SSIS community in various outreach projects. We hope that through these projects, students will learn that volunteering and contributing to their community enhances their sense of responsibility and helps them become compassionate global citizens. Our Parent Support Group also plans and organises community projects within the campus to support our drive for building stronger community ties.

SSIS has been supporting Heart to Heart Shanghai since 2015. Every year, SSIS hosts an International Family Bazaar which involves all parents, students and faculty in a day of fun and friendship. The event allows the school community to celebrate as a community and chip in to help with charitable causes. The Senior School Student Council also organizes small charity drives to contribute to the same charity goal.

“We hope to share the SSIS values with the people we care about and enjoy the time we spend together. We want our students to become compassionate global citizens who are willing to contribute and put in effort for the betterment of others and the wider community. This is also an important aspect of education.” 

  • Ms Billie Leong, SSIS School Principal 

“It is really heartening to see children who has successfully undergone a heart surgery and with smiles on their faces. The “thank you” messages from the children and their parents never fail to remind us that each of us can make a difference to someone’s life, through big and small ways.”

  • Ms Sunny Cho, President of SSIS Parent Support Group 

“Being in the Student Council, we have organized events throughout the years in which profits were donated to Heart to Heart, and contributing to a child’s heart surgery is one of the most fulfilling things I have helped to do. Helping the community and providing the student body with fun events at the same time is a great balance.”

  • Defne Siraz Gurkan, G10 student

今年是上海新加坡外籍人员子女学校(SSIS)自1996年创办以来一个重要的里程碑,标志着25 年的卓越成就。SSIS 致力于为在沪外籍学生提供幼儿园至高中(K-12)的一贯制课程,包括新加坡课程、剑桥国际IGCSE课程及IBDP 国际文凭课程,构建了独一无二的教育模式。在过去的 25 年中,学校不断成长、发展和调整,持续为在沪新加坡人以及更广泛的外籍人员群体提供优质教育,以应对未来的挑战。


SSIS从2015年起就一直支持“上海心连心(Heart to Heart Shanghai)”。每年,SSIS都会举办一场“国际家庭嘉年华”,让所有家长、学生和教师都参与其中,度过有趣的、彼此增进友谊的一天。这项活动让学校成为更加紧密的社区,并共同为慈善事业尽一份力。高中学生会还会组织小型慈善活动,为共同的慈善目标筹款。

– SSIS校长Billie Leong女士

– SSIS家委会主席Sunny Cho女士

“作为学生会的成员,我们多年来一直组织活动,为 ’上海心连心’筹款。能帮助一个孩子获得心脏手术是我参与的最有成就感的事情之一。在做善事的同时,我们也为学生们提供了有趣的活动,一举两得。”
– 10年级学生Defne Siraz Gurkan

Featured Volunteer of the Month – RVenus LW 
Brunei born and Australian grown, I first came to Shanghai in 2007 as a fresh graduate on an AIESEC internship. It was my first time in China, living abroad, not knowing anyone, and working at an international company. I had an absolute blast and met incredible people from all over the world. It still amazes me how international Shanghai is, even back then without the modern conveniences available nowadays. After my internship I returned to Australia, but it was not long after that I was itching to jet off once again. In 2013, I moved to Taiwan and found an exciting job with an international education systems & services company, which allowed me to see the world and progress my career. I met my husband there whose job brought me back to Shanghai in 2017. I was able to stay with my company and after many years in a fast-paced environment, 2020 was the perfect time for a break to rewind and refocus. In the past, I had always volunteered working with youth. So, when I finally had the time, one of my goals was to get back into it. I was drawn to “Heart to Heart” for their longevity, mission, and variety of volunteering opportunities. At the beginning, I had a go at the playroom, assembly, events, and even sewed (very slowly) the red hearts on the heart bears. In the end, the playroom times worked best for me and you can find me there most Wednesdays. I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they’re spoiled with choices of things to play with. Plus, the clean freak in me enjoys keeping things neat and tidy. As an orientation leader, I also have the rewarding task of training prospective playroom volunteers on how to run a session, as well as introducing them to the organisation and all the wonderful things we have and will continue to achieve. Come and join us! We’re a lovely bunch of people. There’s really an opportunity for anyone to get involved and give back to the community.

我出生于文莱,在澳大利亚长大。2007 年我大学毕业,一个 AIESEC(国际经济学商学学生联合会) 的实习机会让我第一次来到上海。那是我第一次出国,举目无亲,在一家国际公司工作。但在那段日子里,我很开心,我遇到了来自世界各地非常有意思的人。当时的上海,生活没有像今天这样便利,但她的国际化程度已经远远超出了我的想象。实习结束后我回到了澳大利亚。没多久,我又开始待不住了。 2013 年,我移居台湾,在一家国际教育系统和服务公司找到了一份令人兴奋的工作,这份工作让我拓展了国际视野,取得了职业生涯的进步。我在那里遇到了我的先生,他的工作让我于 2017 年回到了上海。我仍然留在原先的公司,继续在快节奏的环境中工作了好几年。2020 年是一个停下脚步,自我休整,重新聚焦的最佳时机。之前, 我曾经参与过很多青少年方面的志愿活动。现在,我终于有了时间,我的目标之一就是重新投身于慈善志愿活动。我被“心连心”悠久的历史,目标和使命,以及丰富多彩的志愿活动深深吸引。刚开始时,我尝试了各种活动,包括儿童游戏室、集会、主题活动,甚至还试着一针一线地在“心连心”小熊上缝制小红心。最后,我发现儿童游戏室最适合我,差不多每个礼拜三你都可以在那里找到我。游戏室里有各种精致有趣的玩具供孩子们选择,我特别喜欢看到他们游戏时脸上的笑容。另外,有洁癖的我非常享受把游戏室拾掇得干净整洁。作为迎新主管,我的另一项有意义的任务是培训未来的游戏室志愿者, 教会他们如果管好游戏室,并向他们介绍“心连心”以及我们过往的成就和未来的期待。加入我们吧!我们是一群可爱的人, 每个人都有机会参与并回馈社区。

Featured Child of the Month: Lin Zihan (H2H Child #1882) 
Recently, we’ve been doing CHD surgeries on a lot of children from Fujian province.  (It’s one of the reasons we’d like to go there in September on our next field trip.)  So, this month we thought we’d introduce you to a 6 year girl from Fujian – Lin Zihan.  When Lin Zihan was a month old, she was taken to the hospital for a physical examination. The doctor recognized that her heart had a very heavy murmur and suspected that she had congenital heart disease. She was referred to larger hospitals and was diagnosed with CHD – ASD in all of them. Surgery was recommended, but the family couldn’t afford it. There are six people in the family – grandparents, parents, an 8 year old sister and Lin Zihan. Her grandparents are farmers. The mother takes care of the children at home. The father works odd jobs around the county.  Altogether the family makes around RMB 30,000 per year. Currently, however, they owe 100,000 yuan. They were not able to borrow enough money to get Lin Zihan the surgery she needed.  Luckily, generous donors like Tiantian Kindergarten, Li Shuang in Shenzhen, Xu Lu (from her daughter’s birthday party) and Robin from the CRS Jobfair donated to Heart to Heart and her surgery was assured.

She seemed to be a shy little thing when you first met her – very cute, but not a child to grab your attention.  BUT, then we asked her the key question:  “What do you like to eat?”   “Snacks!”  she replied.  She had me then – an original answer.  But then when pressed for details she went on to mention “corn”.  My favorite H2H field trip rest stop food.  Haha.  It was like a floodgate opened for her when I said I loved corn too.  She became a little chatterbox and quite captivating.  Every visit to her was a pleasure.  We know that she is going to be a star student in school and will grow up strong, healthy and intelligent now that her defect has been repaired.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet up with her when we go to Fujian sometime!

Sponsor a H2H child.  It is an amazing gift for everyone involved.

最近我们资助了不少来自福建的孩子,帮助他们完成了先天性心脏病手术。这也是我们今年九月份计划去那儿实地考察的原因之一。因此,这个月我们想给你介绍一位来自福建的六岁女孩——林子涵。当林子涵一个月大的时候,在一次医院的例行体检中,医生发现她的心脏有很重的杂音,于是怀疑她患有先天性心脏病。她被转诊到了大医院,结果被确诊患有先天性心房间隔缺损。医生建议她做手术,但她的家人负担不起费用。她家里一共有六个人——祖父母、父母、八岁的姐姐和林子涵。她的祖父母都是农民。母亲在家里照顾孩子。父亲在县城里打零工。这个家庭的年收入不到三万元人民币。目前,这个家庭还背负着十万元的债。他们真的无法借到足够的钱给林子涵做手术。幸运的是Tiantian幼儿园,深圳的Li Shuang, 她在女儿生日派对上认识的Xu Lu和CRS招聘会的罗宾等人的慷慨捐赠,使林子涵的手术得到了资金上的保证。 当你第一次见到林子涵的时候,她似乎是一个害羞的小东西——非常可爱,但绝不是一个能马上吸引你关注的孩子。然后,我们问了她一个非常关键的问题:“你喜欢吃什么?”“零食!”她回答说。她当时就把我吸引住了——一个这么不同寻常的回答。当我们追问细节时,她继续回复说是“玉米”。这也是我参加心连心实地考察时最爱的休闲食物。哈哈。当我说我也喜欢玉米的时候,我就像是打开了一扇闸门,林子涵变成了一个小话匣子,非常的迷人。每次去看她都让人愉快的经历。我们知道,她一定会成为学校的明星学生。现在她心脏的缺陷已经修复,之后她一定会变得强壮,健康和聪明。希望我们去福建的时候能见到她! 赞助一个心连心的儿童。这对所有参与的人来说都会是一份神奇的礼物。

Things We Need
If you want to help out by sending things that the children and their families need while they are in the hospital (or when they get home), here is what we currently need:

  • Full-sized body lotion
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Boys’ & girls’ clothing (ages 6 months – 4 years)
  • Baby toys
  • Kid’s toothpaste
  • Full-sized shampoo
  • Baby wash/bath

We really appreciate your generosity!

如果您想通过捐赠物品来帮助住院期间的孩子和他们的家人们,我们也是非常欢迎的。 目前我们最需要的是:

  • 身体化妆水
  • 成年人牙膏
  • 6个月-4岁女童和男童服装
  • 婴儿玩具
  • 6个月-10岁女童和男童牙膏
  • 洗发水
  • 婴儿/儿童沐浴露


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Bia Fortes
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New Playroom Volunteers
Chelsea Ogoshi
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Kei Taichi
Maja Haasler
Min Cheng
Prathamesh Raikar
Sejin Oh
Sophie Norris
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New Events Volunteers
Aizhamal Amatova
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Donate New or Gently Used Goods
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Donate Your Time
Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

Other Donations
You can help support our food card program, our rural school library or sports equipment programs, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

Tell Your Friends About Us
Talk to a volunteer at an event and pass on the information. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).