August 2021

Heart to Heart Newsletter

August Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, August 3            9:30-12:30
Tuesday, August 10          9:30-12:30
Tuesday, August 17          9:30-12:30
Tuesday, August 24          9:30-12:30
Thursday, August 26       17:30-20:30

August Events: 

August 6-8 – One City Park Market
August 13-15 – One City Park Market
August 15 – Chess Fun Day
August 20-22 – One City Park Market
August 21 – Kerry Center St Festival
August 27-29 – One City Park Market
August 27 – Concordia Recruiting
August 31 – NYU Recruiting

Knitting at Yanlord Riveride Garden
Yanlord Riverside Garden is a large residential community located in Shanghai’s Changning District. It is a lively and friendly community. In June and July, Heart to Heart volunteers held two knitting classes in Yanlord so the residents could learn to knit heart bear sweaters.

The first event was on June 24th. H2H volunteers Sophia, Mei, Frauke, Alicia and Amanda went to the Yanlord’s Revo cafe and spent time with more than 20 residents who had signed up. Sophia introduced H2H’s mission and volunteer team as well as the significance of knitting. Other volunteers also shared their thoughts and experience. Then, the five volunteers started to teach everyone to knit. Participants without prior experience learned basic knitting methods and made small squares;  experienced participants learned to knit basic heart bear outfits. Everyone quickly completed one piece.  Everyone seemed happy.

The second event was on July 1st. H2H volunteers Sophia and Mei organized a parent-child knitting activity in Yanlord. The participants continued to learn to knit bear sweaters and skirts. The new comers started from the basics and mastered small square knitting quickly. The older children who participated in the activity were very patient in learning knitting, while the younger children participated in the decorative design of sweaters by pasting beautiful bows, colorful beads or lace on the outfits.  Everyone was very concentrated and time passed quickly.
We are very grateful to our friends in the Yanlord community for their support of Heart to Heart and we hope to cooperate with more communities in the future to support children’s heart surgeries!






Become a Playroom Orientation Leader 
The playroom is such a beautiful place where the hospitalized children get to play and enjoy themselves, interact with others and forget about all the hospital procedures. It is open every day of the year, which means Heart to Heart relies heavily on committed volunteers to run the playroom sessions. Since playroom volunteers deal with children recovering from surgery, it is required that all prospective volunteers have an orientation in order to become playroom volunteers. These orientations are done by our orientation leaders.

So, who are orientation leaders? What do they do? It’s quite easy; they are your regular playroom volunteers. During the orientation, they will follow a checklist that will cover explaining a little bit about Heart to Heart, what a regular playroom session looks like and the safety items to keep in mind. Who can be an orientation leader then? Honestly, if you speak English or Chinese and you’ve done a few playroom sessions, you’re more than capable to be an orientation leader! And the best part is, the more orientation leaders we have, the more people we can assist to become volunteers and, therefore, the better staffed the playroom will be, helping Heart to Heart maintain a wonderful, safe and lively playroom for the children!


那么,谁可以成为游戏室的培训负责人呢?他们的任务是什么?答案非常简单:他们就是目前的志愿者。他们将按照一份清单来培训新人,其中包括介绍“心连心”组织,游戏室的常规活动,以及要注意的安全事项。那么谁能成为培训负责人呢?如果你会说英语或中文,并且参加过几次游戏室的志愿活动,那么你就完全有能力成为培训负责人! 要强调是,如果我们有更多的培训负责人,我们就可以让更多的人成为志愿者,从而帮助“心到心”保持一个精彩,安全和有活力的儿童游戏室!

Call for Artists | 2021 Art for Hearts 
We are happy to announce that Heart to Heart Shanghai will hold its fourth annual Art for Hearts art show in late October 2021.  Art for Hearts is an annual charity art show held by Heart to Heart Shanghai, a 100% volunteer-operated non-profit organization providing heart surgeries for Chinese children from impoverished families all over China. 100% of the proceeds will go to Heart to Heart to sponsor more heart surgeries.  No fees or salaries will be taken out. Last year the event raised enough money to help more than 12 Chinese children have the lifesaving heart surgeries they needed.  We hope to save many more lives in this year.

Each year, we call for all types of artists to donate their artwork for the show -whether it is traditional ink painting or Western oil painting or any other media. We also welcome all to contribute whether you are a professional artist or simply view art as a hobby.

We ask that all artwork donations be received in the months of August and September 2021. All artwork must be free from nudity, profanity, or any political or controversial subjects. Due to the limitations on space, we can only accept a maximum of 3 pieces from each artist. Please note that prices cannot be set by the individual artists, but the artwork will be priced by a professional assessor who will volunteer for this purpose. Also, any artwork donated for the show will not be returned afterwards whether it sold or not. Artists should begin the process by filling out the information requested in our artist portal on our H2H WeChat site (see the attached QR code for the site).  All work should come framed, stretched, and with the unique Submission Code assigned by our artist portal so that it can be identified.    

If you have any questions, please contact

征集艺术品| 2021艺连心慈善艺术展

我们非常高兴地宣布,心连心将于2021年10月下旬举办第四届艺连心慈善艺术展。“艺连心”是由上海心连心亲自筹办的年度慈善艺术展。上海心连心是一个100%由志愿者运营的非营利组织,帮助中 国贫困家庭的儿童完成心脏手术。该活动100%的收益将捐给心连心资助更多的儿童心脏手术,没有 任何费用或工资需要支付。去年的艺连心慈善艺术展筹集的善款已经资助了超过12名儿童完成心脏

每年,我们都呼吁各种类型的国内外艺术家捐赠他们的作品——无论是传统水墨画还是西方油画或 其他艺术品。在此,我们也欢迎所有人捐赠作品,无论你是专业艺术家,还是仅仅把艺术视为一种 爱好。

我们将于2021年8月和9月收集捐赠。所有艺术作品必须没有裸露,亵渎,或任何政治或有争议的主 题。由于空间的限制,我们最多只能接受每个艺术家的三件作品。请注意,价格不由任何艺术家自 己确定,所有的艺术品将由一位自愿参与本活动的专业评估员来定价。此外,所有捐赠艺术品无论 是否售出,都不予退还。艺术家们应首先在心连心微信公众号上的”艺术家门户”上填写相关信息 (见以下二维码)。所有作品都需要裱好,并通过“艺术家门户”这一唯一指定渠道进行提交。


Intern Review – Prathamesh Raikar 
I am Prathamesh and I am a student of Britannica International School Shanghai. As part of my work experience week, I decided to intern at Heart to Heart, a charity that funds and supports children that are underprivileged and have to undergo heart surgery. Heart to Heart is more than a charity;  it is like a community and family and I was welcomed with open arms within the first few moments.
As for what i did, i was tasked to overlook the playroom as well as attend the Green Escape event over the weekend which is a street market where Heart to Heart sells bears and all profits go directly in supporting the children and families. During the course of this event, I met many new people and it also helped build my confidence talking to strangers explaining to them about Heart to Heart. I also met new people who have been with Heart to Heart for a long time. For the playroom, it was a really fun and exciting experience for me as I met children who were below the age of 10 playing with toys that were donated by the public and these children came from all over China (for example from Tibet). I clearly remember one child who was 4 years old for the whole week I was there.  He and I would always play together and he would ask me for help to reach for toys that were too high up. I also recall that on my last day, he got a bit emotional as we might not see each other again. It really touched my heart. Overall, I felt that this experience is one that I will not forget and that I will 100% come back to volunteer.

Regards, Prathamesh Raikar

我叫Prathamesh, 是上海不列颠英国外籍人员子女学校的学生。在工作经验周,我选择了在心连心这个为患有先心症的贫困儿童筹款并提供手术治疗的慈善组织担任实习生。心连心不仅仅是个慈善公益组织,它像一个社区,一个大家庭,我才报到就展开双臂欢迎我。

我被分派的工作是照管游戏室和周末时出席“安义夜巷”的活动。安义夜巷是一个街市,心连心在这儿义卖爱心小熊,所得全数提供病童手术和支持他们的家庭。透过这个活动,我不只有机会向来往的人介绍心连心,更对个人的表达力建立信心。当然,这也让我跟一些心连心长期志愿者认识。游戏室的经验既兴奋又有趣。一整周我都跟一群十岁以下的孩子们玩着各界人士所捐赠的玩具。这些孩子们来自国内各地(比方有从西藏来的)。我清楚地记得一位四岁的小朋友,整个星期我们都一块儿玩儿,让我帮他拿他搆不着的玩具。我记得在我实习最后一天,因为想着可能再也无法见面,他显得有些情绪化,很让我感动。总体而言,这是个永难忘怀的经验,我也百分之百肯定会回来担任志愿者的。 此致, Prathamesh Raikar

Intern Review – Maja-Sophie Haasler
Hi, I´m Maja. I´m a high school student at the German School in Shanghai. As a student you often feel pressured by the number of tasks you need to work on and the expectations of your teachers. Therefore, I was a little bit scared of the internship our school asked us to do at the end of 10th grade.

I firstly found out about Heart to Heart a year ago, through one of my teachers, who suggested to donate money to them. For my internship, I wanted to find a company or a field, that I could picture myself working in in the future. Therefore, an office job in a big company didn´t seem to be the right thing for me and I was really happy to receive a confirmation for the internship at Heart to Heart.  A few weeks before my internship, Karen and I met to go through the schedule and to talk about the tasks. During my time at H2H, I got to work with many different people from pretty much all around the world in the playroom, as well as during assembly on Tuesday and Thursday. It was great to meet many of the responsible people behind this organization and to see their passion for their work. Although my Chinese skills weren´t the best, playing, drawing and puzzling with the kids in the playroom became one of my favorite things to do during my time at H2H.

Although my internship is over now, I´m planning on coming back to H2H in the future as often as possible to help during assembly as well as to play with the kids. Thank you Heart to Heart Shanghai for having me as an intern, for the great experience and for giving me an insightful view of your organization.

我叫Maja,是上海德国学校的高中生。身为学生,常常会被许多待完成的任务和老师对我们的期许而产生压力。所以,在学校要求我们十年级结束前担任实习生,我真的有点儿害怕。 我是在一年前老师建议我们捐款的时候头一回听说心连心这个组织。我的實習目標是希望有實際的體驗能運用在未來的公司或領域裡。在一家大公司裡坐办公桌对我不是最好的选择,所以我非常高兴接到心连心确认我的实习机会。在开始实习前几个星期,Karen跟我见面讨论工作时间和内容。在心连心实习的时候,我有机会跟来自世界各地的人在游戏室,和周二周四的后勤集会工作。认识在这个组织幕后负责不同项目的国际人士,见证他们的热心投入真的太棒了!虽然我的汉语水平不那么高,在游戏室里跟孩子们一起做游戏,画画儿,和玩拼图是我在心连心实习时最喜欢的活动。 虽然我的实习生涯已经结束,我打算有机会就来后勤集会和游戏室担任志愿者。感谢上海心连心给了我实习的机会,我得到了美好的经验,更对心连心的组织有进一步的了解。

Brits Abroad 25th Anniversary Celebration
Friends, supporters, great food, drinks, raffle prizes and dancing….  The Brits Abroad 25th Anniversary Ball had it all.  It couldn’t have gotten any better — but oh, wait, it did.  Half of all the money from the terrific raffle prizes went to Heart to Heart!  That was RMB 15,400!  So lots of Heart to Heart team members had a great time celebrating with one of our longest term supporters AND a child is going to get to have heart surgery as a result of the party.

Heart to Heart really wants to thank Brits Abroad Shanghai for being an amazing social group for the last 25 years and for showing so much love and support for H2H volunteers and the children we all support.  We love you all – whether you were able to attend the party or not!

朋友、支持者、各色美味佳肴和饮品、抽奖活动和舞蹈…… 海外上海英伦会 25 周年舞会是如此完美无缺。哦,等等,还有一件更令人欣喜的事 – 通过精彩的抽奖活动所获得的资金,一半都捐给了“心连心”!总计人民币15,400元!海外上海英伦会是与“心连心”合作时间最长的组织之一。许多“心连心”团队的成员与来自英伦会的慈善支持者们一起度过了这段非常愉快的时光,并为一个孩子的心脏手术募集了资金。   “心连心”由衷地感谢上海海外英伦会。这是一个了不起的组织,在过去的25年中,给予了“心连心”和我们共同帮助的孩子们如此之多的爱与支持。我们爱你们所有人——无论你是否参加了这次聚会!

A Special Gift from 5-Year-Old Eliza Eliza celebrated her 5th birthday not long ago in a meaningful way. She made a donation of RMB 15,000 to Heart to Heart. The donation came from the sales of over 100 t-shirts designed by Eliza herself and her own allowance.

“Young as she might be, Eliza has learnt at school to share love to the world,” said Eliza’s mom. “She wanted to spread the message of ‘Sharing is Caring’ to as many local families as possible, so she sold the t-shirts at a low price. When she saw that the profit was not much, she decided to throw in the allowances she has saved up to make the donation bigger.”

How lovely is Eliza and her gift to children in need of heart surgeries! Thank you to Eliza and her family for sharing love to make this world a better place.




Message from the Events Team
Heart to Heart was invited to the ASE Summer Carnival on July 1st at the ASE shopping mall. The event was hosted by Springfield Kindergarten which offered a variety of products and services for pre-school children. Parents saw buying a H2H heart bear as an opportunity to educate and inspire their children. One mom was attracted by the H2H poster and was interested in helping children with heart diseases. Before telling her daughter about the heart bear, she had a detailed conversation with our volunteers to understand the purpose and mission of H2H. With understanding, this mom led her daughter to the H2H booth and told her the stories of children with heart disease awaiting surgery fees. Her daughter seemed to understand the importance of our heart bears and was willing to help these children with her own money. She selected her favorite bear and helped H2H to save children! Thank you, Springfield Kindergarten, for giving us this wonderful opportunity to raise money for children with CHD and to educate the next generation on the importance of philanthropy.


Calling All GOLFERS
Just because you didn’t make the cut for the early bird special doesn’t mean you can’t play!  Dust off your golf clubs.  Whether you rarely play or are a professional, you should come have a great day of golf with us!  Participate in the H2H Charity Golf Fundraiser on September 8th.  It will be a fun day with an incredible outcome – life saving surgeries.  Don’t miss it.  Sign up yourself …. or even better a team of 4 of your friends or coworkers …. It will be a great 18 holes of golf and a delicious buffet dinner afterwards.  All profits from the event will go to sponsor children for heart surgery.  We hope to sponsor 2 children so come play with us!  Sign up through the QR code in the flyers.

虽然你没有赶上早鸟特别优惠,你仍然可以参与我们的活动!准备好你的高尔夫球杆吧。无论你是新手还是专业人士,都欢迎来参加 9 月 8 日的心连心慈善高尔夫筹款活动,和我们一起打高尔夫、共度美好的一天!这一天将是有趣的而且有意义的一天。你的参与能帮助我们提供挽救生命的手术,不要错过哦。你可以自己报名,更好的是与朋友或同事组成4人一组的团队报名。 你不仅能打一场很棒的 18 洞高尔夫球赛,赛后还能享用美味的自助晚餐。活动的所有利润都将被用于赞助儿童进行心脏手术。我们希望能赞助2个孩子。快来参加吧!请扫描传单中的二维码注册。

Message from the School Team About Art for Hearts

Each year, we call for all types of artists to donate their artwork to the Art for Hearts show.  This year, we invite all schools to participate. Due to the limitations on space, however, we can only accept a maximum of 3 pieces from each school.

We suggest that an art competition be held within the school to select the top three pieces and sent them for the Art for Hearts art show. Art competitions are a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination and drawing skills, as well as a chance for a bit of competitive fun. The art show is a great way for children to show off their artistic talents while gaining exposure, encouragement, and recognition.


  • All schools are eligible.
  • Any art media are accepted.
  • All work must be original and created by the student entering it.
  • All artwork must be free from nudity, profanity, or any political or controversial subjects.
  • Any artwork donated for the show will not be returned afterwards whether it sold or not.
  • Each school shall fill out the information requested in our artist portal on our H2H WeChat site (see the attached QR code for the site) on behalf of the artists.
  • The final 3 pieces of artwork should be framed and expressed to H2H office and labeled with the student’s name, school, title, category, and contact info.
  • The artwork will be priced by a professional assessor; it cannot be set by the individual artists.
  • Teachers are welcomed and can submit separately.

    Artwork Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact




  • 所有学校都欢迎参与。
  • 我们接受以任何艺术形式展示的作品。
  • 所有艺术作品都必须是参与的学生本人原创。
  • 所有艺术作品必须没有裸露、亵渎、或任何政治或有争议的主题。
  • 所有捐赠的艺术作品无论是否售出,都不予退还。
  • 各学校应代表评选出艺术作品的学生在心连心微信公众号上的“艺术家门户”上填写相关信息并提交(见以下二维码)。
  • 最终评选出的3幅艺术作品都需要装裱好,并送达到上海心连心办公室,并注明学生的姓名、学校、作品标题、艺术类别和联系信息。
  • 艺术作品将由专业评估人定价;不能由学生个人来设定。
  • 欢迎学校的教师参加,可通过上述公众号单独提交。



Message From the Sewing Team 
Butterflies, unicorns, princesses, business men, mums and babies, dads and babies, accessories… our members like be creative to offer choices and to prepare beautiful booths at our markets.  We are happy and grateful when we receive beautiful material. So, we would like thank Isabelle Lovisi from Maison Mumu and Maé Rudillas from Craftd Studio for their fabric donations.  They are already with our cutting team and will soon become summer dresses and onesies.

蝴蝶、独角兽、公主、商务人士、妈妈和宝宝、爸爸和宝宝、饰品配件……我们的裁剪志愿者喜欢有创意的设计心连心小熊服饰,为周末集市精心装扮心连心摊位。所以每当我们收到漂亮的布料时,都非常开心和感激。在此,我们要感谢Isabelle Lovisi女士(来自Maison Mumu)和Maé Rudillas女士(来自Craftd Studio)的布料捐赠。它们都已经在我们的裁剪团队手中,并将很快成为漂亮的小熊夏装和连体衣!

Featured Sponsor of the Month – Don Seehafer 
A little bit about myself to share with the Heart to Heart community.  I was born and raised in California and made the move to Shanghai over a decade ago from London.  Having worked at St. James’s Place since 2016, I’ve also been a member on the company’s Foundation Committee for China.  Through the years at St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation, we’ve been supporting the good works at Heart to Heart.  There’s a peace of mind knowing the donations are going directly to the heart surgeries of kids and the organization is made up of 100% volunteers.  Whenever I’ve seen a good opportunity to support H2H, such as sponsoring youth football and helping to get a table for the bears, I’ve taken it.

On weekends I enjoy being active such as cycling and boxing.  Additionally, I’ll cycle around the city to check out new exhibitions at art galleries and museums.  Back in 2019, I started a boxing meetup on Sundays with a friend Evan on the West Bund riverside park.  This became a community of friends to help each other get fit, sharing food afterwards over a picnic on the grass.  For me, this was my church on Sundays, feeding my soul.  At the start of 2021, the boxing meetup club designated Heart to Heart as our charity of choice to support with fundraising events.  100% of proceeds from sale of used gloves and equipment, mostly donated by Aboro Boxing Academy, goes to H2H directly.  Additional donations have come from members and sponsors.  Always wonderful to see the communities and friends come together for a great cause.

Growing up in California, it’s common for many to find ways in giving back to your local community.  For me, that was as a teenager helping the coaches by mentoring and training the new kids at the boxing gym, at university the beach clean ups and being involved with Park & Rec as a member of the Student Housing Co-Operatives and board member, and organizing relief efforts for disaster regions by my college.  I’ve been fortunate enough in Shanghai to be guided by the Charitable Foundation at SJP in finding worthwhile causes such as H2H to give some of my time and energy.  The close-knit community of friends at the boxing club have raised their hands time and again when I’ve asked for help in supporting Heart to Heart.

与心连心的小伙伴们分享一些关于我的故事吧。我在美国加州出生长大,十多年前从伦敦搬到了上海。自2016年以来,我一直在St. James‘s Place工作,同时我也担任公司的中国基金会委员会成员。在St. James Place慈善基金会工作的这些年,我们一直在支持心连心的慈善事业。知道心连心收到的所有捐款会直接用于孩子们的心脏手术,而且该组织100%志愿者组成的,这些都让我们非常的安心。每当我看到一个支持心连心的好机会,比如赞助青少年足球活动时在现场准备一张桌子给爱心小熊们,我就会让心连心来参加。
在加州长大,很多人都会想办法回馈社会。从小到大,我的志愿者经历有:青少年时期帮助拳击馆里的教练指导和培训新学生;大学时期作为Park & Rec成员在学校的海滩打扫卫生以及作为学生住房合作社董事会成员组织学校对灾区的救援工作。我很幸运在上海的SJP慈善基金会的指导下找到了一些有价值的事业,比如心连心,并付出了我的时间和精力。此外,当我请求帮助支持心连心的时候,拳击俱乐部里关系密切的朋友们一次又一次的支持着我!
Featured Volunteer of the Month – Cristina Buron 
Hi! I’m Cristina Buron, a 35-year-old Spanish girl living in Shanghai since mid 2017. From a very young age my parents taught me about helping those less fortunate by donating money and toys to orphanages in Spain. When I moved to Barcelona and started working, I decided to donate money to Doctors Without Borders as well as to volunteer as a dance teacher for the Barcelona Downs Syndrome Association. That’s when I truly realized the wonder of helping others by volunteering not just with money, but also with my time and skills.

After a good year and a half living in Shanghai, I felt I had some free time that I wanted to spend doing some volunteering that would help children. Through the school where my husband teaches, SSIS, I came to know about Heart to Heart and once I joined this charity in late 2019, I fell in love with their cause and its wonderful people. I started in the assembly team and I still love being part of it.  It’s amazing how far all the donations can go to help communities in the countryside and I have so much fun helping in this area! In June 2020 I became the playroom manager, after its previous manager had to stay back in her home country and Heart to Heart had to have the playroom closed for about 5 months due to Covid-19. Although I was a little bit afraid as I didn’t have much experience with children, with the help of some of the more experienced volunteers (such as DJ, Anh and Karen), as well as all the other volunteers, the playroom is still running and its team keeps growing. One of the main reasons I love being in the playroom is seeing the resilience of the children and their families, their smiles whilst playing and enjoying themselves, and the impact of Heart to Heart’s efforts; it is just so heartwarming and rewarding. I’m looking forward to keep being part of this wonderful charity that has now become my second family in Shanghai.

嗨,大家好!我叫克里斯蒂娜,我是一位35岁的西班牙女孩,于2017年年中来到上海生活。从很小的时候,我的父母就教我如何通过向西班牙的孤儿院捐款和捐赠玩具来帮助那些不太幸运的人。当我搬到巴塞罗那并开始工作时,我决定捐钱给无国界医生组织,并成为巴塞罗那唐氏综合症协会的舞蹈志愿老师。这时候我才真正意识到通过志愿服务帮助他人的奇妙之处,不仅仅是捐钱,还可以通过付出我的时间和技能。 在上海生活了一年半后,我开始有一些空闲时间,我想花在做一些帮助孩子的志愿活动上。通过我丈夫任教的学校SSIS,我开始了解“上海心连心”这个慈善机构,并于2019年末加入,我很快爱上了他们的事业和优秀的志愿者们。我是从后勤团队服务开始的,目前我仍然是其中的一员。令人感动的是,那些被我们整理后的捐赠物品竟然可以帮助到如此偏远的贫困山区,我非常享受这项任务。2020年6月,我成为了心连心儿童游戏室的经理,在此之前,由于新冠疫情的原因,游戏室的前任经理不得不留在她的国家,而心连心不得不关闭游戏室大约5个月。虽然我有点担心能否胜任这个岗位,毕竟我没有太多带孩子的经验,但在一些更有经验的志愿者(如DJ、Anh和Karen)以及所有其他志愿者的帮助下,儿童游戏室仍然在运行,志愿者团队也在不断壮大。我喜欢呆在儿童游戏室的主要原因是:见证了孩子们和他们的家人身心健康的恢复,看到孩子们在游戏室玩耍时的开心笑容,以及目睹了“心连心”的努力带给他们的积极影响,而这一切是如此温暖和有意义!我期待着继续成为这个奇妙的慈善机构的一员,它现在已经成为我在上海的第二个家庭。

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