September 2021

Heart to Heart Newsletter

September Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, Sept 7            PENDING
Tuesday, Sept 14          PENDING
Tuesday, Sept 21          PENDING
Tuesday, Sept 28          PENDING

September Events: 

Sept – The Sanctuary H2H promotion
Sept – Sherpa’s  Pizza for Charity
Sept 3, 4, 5 – Gather 800 Market
Sept 4 – Rooster’s Scooter Wash
Sept 5 – Yoga for Heart to Heart
Sept 8 – H2H Golf Tournament
Sept 10, 11, 12 – Gather 800 Market
Sept 12 – Nintendo Switch Tourney
Sept 13 – Global Harbour Maket
Sept 13 – SEA Coffee Morning

H2H is Temporarily Closed for Deliveries
PLEASE NOTE:  As of 2021 August 1, government rules around the COVID situation in Shanghai have dictated that we are NOT allowed to accept any drop off or kuaidi deliveries at the hospital at all until the situation is resolved.  We will take away this posting (from the Activities/Assembly section on our website at as soon as the rules change back to normal.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

请注意,自 2021 年 8 月 1 日起,根据政府针对新冠疫情的相关规定,我们无法接受任何寄到医院的快递或者送到医院的物品。情况一旦恢复正常,我们将会第一时间撤下此通知 ( – 活动/后勤集会)。我们对由此造成的不便表示歉意!

Happy 5th Anniversary to the H2H Sewing Team

A lot of people think that the sewing group has been around a long time, but it’s pretty new in the H2H history.  It was created to help the knitting group provide outfits for heart bears during high demand times.  The first sewn collection date was September 2016. The designs included pyjamas, dressing gowns, dresses, pants, suits, ties and hoodies.  Sewn outfits proved to be popular so the team continued to meet and expanded.  In December 2018 the team invented outfits for H2H’s baby bears.  They were a big success, although the outfits were easy to make for the baby girl bears, but difficult for boys. In September 2020 the bestseller “onesie” was created and the problem with making outfits for the baby bear boys was solved.  By Christmas 2020, the sewing team was supplementing the knitted angel bears with sewn dresses for angels.  As the orders became bigger and bigger, the sewing team created a cutting team in April 2021. Now the team is staffed to doo creative pop-up collections for special events like Mother’s Day.  The team has been a big success!  We hope they can continue to design and make outfits for our bears for a long time.


My Experience at H2H
Living in an ever-changing and developing world, the feeling of being insignificant among 7 billion other people can be present for you or me. Just by living in Shanghai, with 24 million living beside you, you may feel as if you’re just a small speck of dust amidst the rest. However, your value is maybe more important than you think. There is no doubt that there are multiple issues around the world, and while social change is being encouraged, enough isn’t being done. Most people think the changes they make does not make a difference globally, but creating change within your own community is just as important. The smallest contribution you can have in your community may have a larger impact eventually. Because of this reason, I decided to participate in Heart to Heart. Discovering H2H through my school, I was intrigued and wanted to continue learning more about this 100% non-profit organization. H2H is an organization set out to help children with congenital heart disease and support them in obtaining surgeries. Most of the children come from families with little to no money and therefore, H2H’s goal is to support these families with the resources they require, which they have been able to do so with success since 2003! After I signed up, I was warmly welcomed by fellow volunteers. I specifically have been taking part in volunteering in events and the playroom since last summer. By volunteering at H2H events, I am directly able to interact with the wider Shanghai community and raise awareness which gains potential volunteers and more funds for heart surgeries. However, I particularly enjoy attending the playroom because I am able to see the children H2H is helping directly and engage with them in a positive way. Doing this even once a week gives you the feeling of creating change in your own community as you are helping multiple families through your time and effort. Continuing to participate in volunteering for H2H has shown me how no change is too small and anyone can make a difference if they choose to.     (Suhani Chawla) 

在这纷繁变迁的世界上,你我只是70亿人中的一员,这让我们总觉得自己微不足道。在上海这个拥有2400万人口的都市里,一个人仿佛只是小小的一粒尘埃。但是,你的价值或许超乎你的想象。我们的世界存在许多问题,人们也在进行积极的变革,但是这些还不够。或许我们所做的努力还不足以在全球范围内产生影响,但我们在自己的社区内做出的改变同样重要。我们为社区作出的看似微小的贡献最终可能会产生很大的影响。因为这个原因,我决定加入心连心。我是通过学校解到心连心的。我对这个100% 的非营利慈善组织很感兴趣,想继续更多地了解。 心连心是一个致力于帮助患有先天性心脏病的儿童并资助他们进行手术的慈善团体。这些儿童几乎都来自于贫困的家庭,心连心的目标就是支持这些儿童和家庭。自 2003 年心连心成立以来,他们成功地做到了这一点!加入到心连心后,我受到了其他志愿者的热忱欢迎。去年夏天以来,我参加了很多志愿活动,并在儿童游戏室里担任管理。在心连心的志愿活动中,我与上海其他社区有了广泛的互动,通过宣传心连心的理念,吸引了更多的志愿者和用于儿童心脏手术的资金。我尤其喜欢在游戏室里的时间,因为在那里,我能和接受心连心帮助的孩子们一起游戏。即使每周只是一次,也会让我觉得我的努力正在让这些儿童和他们的家庭变得更好。我在心连心的志愿服务让我看到,只要我们愿意付出,任何微小的努力都能成就善果。

Great Undertaking by Fairy from SCIS

There are many ways to raise funds to sponsor children for heart surgery.  An SCIS Grade 3 student has just shown us another…. write and publish a book!  Fairy undertook to write and publish a book to help support SCIS’s efforts to raise money for Heart to Heart.  Her parents encouraged the idea and had more than 200 copies of “My First encyclopedia of Stories” printed.  The result was an amazing  book and an RMB 6,000+ donation to Heart to Heart.  Wow!  We see great things in the future for both Fairy and the child she helps sponsor for heart surgery from her efforts.  Thank you Fairy!  Keep up the great work.

为病童筹集手术费用的方式很多。一位在长宁国际学校就读三年级的学生又为我们展示了另一个法子….出一本书!Fairy 有意用写书出版来帮助长宁国际学校替心连心募款的努力。她的双亲鼓励她的想法,并且印了两百多本“我的第一部故事百科全书”。结果有了一本很棒的书和6000多人民币給心连心的捐款。哇!我们深信Fairy 和通过她的努力得到手术治疗的孩子有着光明的未来。谢谢你Fairy!继续保持好心态!

Featured Child of the Month H2H Child #1960 Sang Cuo

Our featured child of August is a beautiful 11 year old girl from Tibet, Sang Cuo.  When Sang Cuo was 4 years old, her family took her to the doctor for the first time.  The doctor found that she had congenital heart problems.   She was referred to the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region for a detailed examination and was diagnosed with VSD.   Surgery was recommended to avoid serious problems, but her family couldn’t afford it.  Life passed by, but over the last 2 years Sang Cuo has been suffering from chest pains. It was recommended that she have surgery immediately, but her family of 3 (parents and Sang Cuo) still couldn’t afford it.  Luckily, she was chosen to come to Shanghai with a group of 20 Tibetan children to receive heart surgery through Yuanda Hospital / Heart to Heart.  Her cardiac catheterization was successful and she has returned to Tibet feeling well.  She should recover fully from her surgery and go on to live a normal life.  It’s a wonderful outcome.

So why are we featuring Sang Cuo (other than the fact that she was a perfectly lovely, sweet girl)?  We wanted everyone to know that her surgery was not the result of a big company/individual/school donation, but the result of multiple sponsors being put together to equal the RMB 30,000 needed for the surgery.  Many of the donors were individuals who gave just a few yuan;  one was an artist who supports Heart to Heart.  Two donors had their birthday parties and donated their monetary gifts.  Some of the donors were kids who held a sale of their toys and possessions to help sponsor a child.  Another of them – Heart to Heart’s own Angela Stanton – bought special heart bears for her daughters in the UK.  A knitted Year of the Ox bear went to her daughter Nicole who was born in the year of the ox and the first “graduation bear” that our sewing team has ever made was given to her daughter Lauren for her graduation from university.  So, Angela was able to give her daughters special gifts ….. and Sang Cuo was able to receive the most special gift of all – the gift of life.

All of our donors are special and appreciated.  If you would like to help sponsor a child for heart surgery, just contact Heart to Heart at or (Wechat) Karen-H2H.  It will be the most important investment you ever made.

我们八月要介绍的孩子是一个美丽的11岁女孩,来自西藏,她叫桑措。桑措4岁时,家人第一次带她去看医生。结果医生发现她有先天性心脏病。她被转到自治区人民医院做了详细的检查,被确诊为心脏室间隔缺损。为了避免严重的后果,医生建议她做手术。但她的家庭负担不起。生活就这样继续着,但在过去的两年中,桑措一直饱受胸痛的折磨。医生再次建议她立即做手术,但她的三口之家(父母和桑措)仍然负担不起。幸运的是,她被选中和一组20名藏族儿童一起来到上海,在远达医院接受了心脏手术。她的心导管手术很成功。她现在已经回到西藏,而且感觉良好。她应该能从手术中完全康复,继续过正常人的生活,让我们看到一个完美的结果。 那么,我们为什么要让桑措当这期介绍的主角呢?当然她是一个非常可爱、甜美的女孩,但更重要的原因是,我们想让大家知道,她的手术费用不是由一个大公司或者个人或者一个学校捐赠的结果,而是由多个捐赠者一起努力的结果,他们一起凑足了她手术所需的3万元人民币。许多捐赠者是个人,只捐了几元钱。其中有一个是支持心连心的艺术家,还有两位捐赠者通过举办他们的生日派对,捐赠了他们收到的生日礼金。另外有一些捐赠者是孩子,他们通过出售自己的玩具和物品来帮助捐助。值得一提的是我们心连心的义工 Angela Stanton,她为她在英国的女儿们买了特别的爱心熊。她的女儿Nicole出生在牛年,她为Nicole买了一个针织的牛年熊;我们的缝纫团队制作的第一个“毕业熊”则送给了她的另一个女儿Lauren,作为她大学毕业的礼物。就这样,Angela通过这种方式送了她的女儿们特别的礼物…..而桑措则得到了最为特别的礼物——生命的礼物。 我们非常感谢所有的捐赠者,你们都很特别。如果你想帮助捐助孩子的心脏手术,请联系心连心 或(微信)karenh2h。这肯定会成为您做过的最重要的投资。

Into New Territory

Every time a record is set it seems that the natural tendency is for people to want to break it.  I know records always bring out my competitive spirit.  Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s not.  But in regards to Heart to Heart, you can only see it one way – more children having surgery means more lives saved.  Setting records for us is a wonderful thing.  The fact that we are still a 100% volunteer organization with no operating budget that functions only on people’s generosity and willingness to help becomes irrelevant.  The question of how will we do all the paperwork and clothe, feed and look after more children also becomes something that should just be coped with and looked at as a labor of love rather than a reason not to go forward.

In 2019 Heart to Heart sponsored 238 children for heart surgery.  It was almost double the number of surgeries from any other year.  We thought it was a wild fluke – a wonderful one, but a record that would stand for a long time.  It almost killed us administratively.  BUT, there are more than 150,000 children born every year in China with congenital heart disease.  Thousands of them need funding in order to get the surgery they need so it is essential that we continue to do as many surgeries as possible no matter what the burden is on the organization.  I think we are up to the challenge.  We have a great volunteer team.  We have great sponsors.  We hope we can raise more money and do more surgeries.  So, as August moves to September and our record of 238 surgeries in one year has already been broken, we look forward to more surgeries, more amazing children and more ways to excel at the tasks before us.  Thank you to everyone who made our new total of 256 children saved in one year possible.  And thank you to the volunteers for coping with the (wonderful) strain of caring for them.  Let’s save MORE!

每当有一个纪录,就很自然的有打破纪录的倾向。我知道自己的竞争精神总是会被一个纪录激出来。这有优点也有缺点。可是任何关于心连心的事情,我们只有一种方式来看待它 – 有越多孩子接受手术,就有越多的生命被拯救。创新纪录对我们来说是好事儿。老实说这跟我们依旧是个百分之一百志工组织,没有营作预算,完全仰赖社会人士慷慨解囊和志愿服务已经不相关了。如何完成文书作业、給更多孩子们穿衣吃饭,照顾他们的问题也变成了我们要本着为爱付出代价来处理,而不是驻足不前的理由。心连心在2019年赞助了238个手术,这比以往任何一年多了一倍。我们以为这存粹是侥幸 – 非常好,而且可能会保持一阵子的纪录。行政作业这一块真把我们累惨了。但是,在中国每年有超过15万的先心病患儿出生,有上千的孩子们需要经费协助,才得以接受手术治疗。所以不论我们这个组织的负担有多重,我们必需尽力赞助更多的手术。我相信我们能够面对挑战。我们有很棒的志工团队,有非凡的赞助者。我们希望能筹集更多善款,赞助更多手术。在我们从八月迈入九月,打破了一年238个手术记录的同时,我们期盼会有更多的手术,更多了不起的孩子,和更多让我们完成未来任务的方法。感谢所有让我们得以在一年内令256手术记录达到新高的人。感谢志愿者(美妙的)应对照顾他们的压力。让我们拯救更多孩子!

The Rooster’s Annual Chicken Wing Contest The competition was fierce at The Rooster’s annual chicken wing eating contest to benefit Heart to Heart.  It was steaming hot outside, but not nearly as hot as the contestants were after eating 12 super spicy wings as fast as they could in order to win this year’s right to say they were “King of the Wing”.  It wasn’t nearly as easy as most of the contestants thought and it was almost a photo finish at the end.   3 prizes were awarded and hopefully no antacids were needed.  (The wings looked and smelled delicious).   The real winner, however, was the child that will receive surgery from funds raised at the event.  We really appreciate Chase and The Rooster for putting this on every year.  We are already looking forward to the 2022 competition.

The Rooster每年都会举办一场吃鸡翅大赛,为心连心募捐。今年的比赛非常激烈。室外热气腾腾,但远不及室内的参赛者那么热。为了赢得今年的“翅王”称号,他们拼尽全力、以最快的速度吃了12个超级辣的翅膀。这并不像大多数参赛者想象的那么容易。最后大家几乎同一时间完成了比赛,难分胜负。比赛最后颁发了 3 个奖项,希望参赛者们不需要抗酸剂来帮助他们消化(尽管翅膀看起来和闻起来都很美味)。不管怎样,最后的赢家都是那些因为活动筹集的资金而得以接受手术的孩子们。我们非常感谢 Chase 和 The Rooster 每年都举办这个公益活动。我们已经在期待 2022 年的比赛了。


Donate during the Tencent 7,8,9 Campaign

Set your alarm and get ready to help H2H on September 7, 8, 9! If you’re on WeChat, you can do it!  Each year Tencent has a 3-day period where they donate hundreds of millions of yuan to Chinese charities.  We’d love to receive some it for our surgery sponsorships.

How???  Tencent will give a little bit of their own money for many donations (10 yuan or more) that are made between 10:00 – 16:00 on September 7, 8 and 9.  So, it’s a great time to donate through WeChat.  Tencent will give us 7% bonus if we receive more than RMB 30,000 between 150 people.  (There are more bonuses for larger numbers.)  With your help we can do it!  We have a few large donations lined up (although more would be great) …. We need to reach the 150 people minimum though so please help!    All you HAVE to donate to count in the minimum is RMB 20, although we’ll naturally take more if you want to donate it!

These donations can be at any time on September 7, 8 or 9 using the QR code above. 100% goes to support surgeries as always.  If you read Chinese, here is the QR code  (and/or the link) to start …. just go from there.  If not, the instructions are easy. Contact Karen at (WC id) “Karen-H2H” and she’ll send them to you. It’s easy and can have a huge impact!



那么要怎么做呢??? 腾讯将在9月7日、8日和9日10:00-16:00之间,为在线项目所获得的每笔捐款提供匹配捐款。所以那将是通过微信捐款的最好时机。 *同时,腾讯将给我们项目筹款额7%的奖金。如果我们有150人以上,捐款额达到3万元以上,我们可以得到来自腾讯7%(即2100元)的奖励。捐款越多,奖励越多。在您的帮助下,我们可以做到!我们需要达到150人的最低要求,所以请帮助!请记住–你只需要捐出20元。自然,多捐不限,我们自然会接受更多!

这些捐赠可以在9月7日、8日或9日的任何时候使用下面的QR代码。 100%用于资助先心手术治疗。 如果可以看懂中文,这里是QR代码(及链接),按指示操作即可。有问题也可以,联系凯琳特(WC-ID)Karen-H2H。小小努力,大大改变。请加入我们。


Calling All GOLFERS

It’s the perfect excuse to take a day off and it’s right around the corner!  Just because you didn’t make the cut for the early bird special doesn’t mean you can’t play!  Dust off your golf clubs.  Whether you rarely play or are a professional, you should come have a great day of golf with us!  Participate in the H2H Charity Golf Fundraiser on September 8th.  It will be a fun day with an incredible outcome – life saving surgeries.  Don’t miss it.  Sign up yourself …. or even better a team of 4 of your friends or coworkers …. It will be a 18 holes of golf with prizes for the top 3 teams and a delicious buffet dinner afterwards.  There will be great raffle prizes!  All profits from the event will go to sponsor children for heart surgery.  We hope to sponsor 2 children so come play with us!  Sign up through the QR code in the flyers.

想要找个完美的借口给自己放一天假吗?机会马上来了哦。虽然你没有赶上早鸟特别优惠,你仍然可以参与我们的活动!准备好你的高尔夫球杆吧。无论你是新手还是专业人士,都欢迎来参加 9 月 8 日的心连心慈善高尔夫筹款活动,和我们一起打高尔夫、共度美好的一天!这一天将是有趣的而且有意义的一天。你的参与能帮助我们提供挽救生命的手术,不要错过哦。你可以自己报名,更好的是与朋友或同事组成4人一组的团队报名。 你不仅能打一场很棒的 18 洞高尔夫球赛,排名前三的队伍将会获得奖励,赛后还能享用美味的自助晚餐。活动的所有利润都将被用于赞助儿童进行心脏手术。我们希望能赞助2个孩子。快来参加吧!请扫描传单中的二维码注册。

Message from the School Team About Art for Hearts

Each year, we call for all types of artists to donate their artwork to the Art for Hearts show.  This year, we invite all schools to participate. Due to the limitations on space, however, we can only accept a maximum of 3 pieces from each school.

We suggest that an art competition be held within the school to select the top three pieces and sent them for the Art for Hearts art show. Art competitions are a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination and drawing skills, as well as a chance for a bit of competitive fun. The art show is a great way for children to show off their artistic talents while gaining exposure, encouragement, and recognition.


  • All schools are eligible.
  • Any art media are accepted.
  • All work must be original and created by the student entering it.
  • All artwork must be free from nudity, profanity, or any political or controversial subjects.
  • Any artwork donated for the show will not be returned afterwards whether it sold or not.
  • Each school shall fill out the information requested in our artist portal on our H2H WeChat site (see the attached QR code for the site) on behalf of the artists.
  • The final 3 pieces of artwork should be framed and expressed to H2H office and labeled with the student’s name, school, title, category, and contact info.
  • The artwork will be priced by a professional assessor; it cannot be set by the individual artists.
  • Teachers are welcomed and can submit separately.

    Artwork Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact




  • 所有学校都欢迎参与。
  • 我们接受以任何艺术形式展示的作品。
  • 所有艺术作品都必须是参与的学生本人原创。
  • 所有艺术作品必须没有裸露、亵渎、或任何政治或有争议的主题。
  • 所有捐赠的艺术作品无论是否售出,都不予退还。
  • 各学校应代表评选出艺术作品的学生在心连心微信公众号上的“艺术家门户”上填写相关信息并提交(见以下二维码)。
  • 最终评选出的3幅艺术作品都需要装裱好,并送达到上海心连心办公室,并注明学生的姓名、学校、作品标题、艺术类别和联系信息。
  • 艺术作品将由专业评估人定价;不能由学生个人来设定。
  • 欢迎学校的教师参加,可通过上述公众号单独提交。



Donate an Art for Hearts Raffle Prize

Heart to Heart Shanghai held its first annual Art for Hearts art show in 2018. That show and each of the subsequent shows called for all types of artists (emerging/established/domestic/foreign) to donate their artwork for Heart to Heart to exhibit and sell. The 2021 Art for Hearts show will exhibit similar artists.  100% of the proceeds go towards providing heart surgery for Chinese children whose parents cannot afford the surgery.  In the first three years the Art for Hearts art shows raised enough money for 33 Chinese children to have heart surgery.

The Art for Hearts art shows are gala events with drinks (wine, beer and soft) and finger food donated by companies who support H2H.  There will also be live classical music.  As last year, the 2021 show will be held in the spectacular 4th floor Shanghai Centre atrium which is donated for H2H’s use.  There is no charge to get into the show and all are invited.  Approximately 450 people attended the gala event in 2020.  Advertising goes out throughout the city and special invitations are sent to H2H friends, sponsors, volunteers and dignitaries.  We believe 500 people will attend the 2021 show on the evening of Friday, October 22.

During the 2021 Art for Hearts show, we hope to raise funds to help more children. In order to do this, we need your help. In 2020 a full surgery was sponsored through the sale of raffle tickets.  We would love to equal or surpass that figure in 2021.  But we need raffle prizes!  We would love it if you would be able to help us with an appropriate prize.  Usually, the raffle
prizes are valued at RMB 500 – 10,000.  Prizes are put together with each other so that each of the hopefully 30 prizes we raffle will be something everyone wants to win.  Naturally, we realize this is a great expense so we would advertise you as one of our donors on the large backdrop at the event.  Also, we’ll send you information about the children you help sponsor for heart surgery and invite you to visit them after their surgeries.  We hope that’s an attractive proposition.

We really hope that you will take this opportunity to support Heart to Heart.

Email Karen at or WeChat Karen-H2H to donate raffle prizes.

Thank you for your consideration.

(第一部分) 2018年上海心连心举办了第一届“艺连心“艺术展。自此之后的每一场“艺连心“艺术展,我们号召各类艺术家(无论他们是初出茅庐还是享有盛誉,来自国内或者海外)捐赠他们的作品在“艺连心“艺术展上展览和售出。2021年的 “艺连心“艺术展将以同样的方式举行。售卖所得将100%用于支付那些父母无力承担手术费用的中国儿童的心脏手术。“艺连心“艺术展从2018年开始,连续举办了三届,所筹集到的资金已经为33 名中国儿童支付了必要的心脏手术费用。

“艺连心“艺术展是一场盛会。支持心连心的商家会捐赠丰富的饮品(葡萄酒、啤酒,非酒精饮料)和小食。现场还将进行古典音乐表演。与去年一样,今年的盛会将在上海商城 4楼装饰华美的中庭举行。该场地是以捐赠的方式提供给心连心使用的。“艺连心“艺术展不收取入场费,诚邀大家都来参加。2020 年的盛会, 参与者人数大约为 450 人。今年,我们已经在全市范围内作了广告,并向心连心的朋友们、赞助商、志愿者和相关政要发出了特别邀请。我们相信参加 10 月 22 日星期五晚上的 2021年盛会的人数将达到500人。

(第二部分) 在2021“艺连心“艺术展上,我们希望筹集善款来帮助更多的孩子。为此,我们需要您的帮助。 2020年的盛会上,通过售卖抽奖券筹集到的善款资助了一位受助儿童的全程手术。我们希望能在2021年的盛会上保持或超越这个记录。为此,我们非常需要抽奖奖品!如果您能够帮助我们获得合适的奖品,我们会很高兴。抽奖奖品的价值通常为500-10,000元人民币。我们希望获得足够吸引人的奖品,将它们有机地组合在一起,分成30份,让每一份都成为每个人都想赢得的奖品。当然,我们意识到这是一笔不菲的开支,为此,我们会在盛会的大屏幕上将您作为心连心的捐助商进行宣传。此外,我们会把由于您的捐助获得手术的儿童的信息发给您,并邀请您在孩子们手术后与他们交流。我们希望这是一个能吸引您的方案。


如果您愿意捐赠抽奖奖品,请发送电子邮件至 或微信 Karen-H2H。


Participating in Art for Hearts – Matt Anderson

Before I came to China in 2016 as part of my work, I really didn’t paint very often. Always too busy, even though I loved to do it as a hobby, it was very difficult to avoid distractions and pick up a paint brush. Within a few weeks of moving here, I’d been so inspired by what I was seeing and experiencing that it actually became difficult to avoid thinking about painting and to put down that brush and do other things. Though while here I’ve seen some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, what really captivates me is ordinary, daily life. I love walking around witnessing little moments that make up people’s lives and trying to capture those seconds that will disappear quickly in the pace and confusion of modern life.

Originally, I taught myself to paint, starting with painting toy soldiers as a teenager then trying a few different types of painting until settling on oils because all artists I aspired to be like used oils. It took a long time to understand why I wanted to paint, but now I know painting is a chance for me to take snapshots that mirror a world I see, incorporating some ideas that aren’t visible or literal.   Most of my work contains something relating to contrast; old and new, rich and poor, dirty and clean, ugly and beautiful; trying to find something in people’s ordinary lives that can represent that life, because that’s what we all experience, live with and miss when it’s gone. It’s a bit like photography, but because it’s paint.  You can change it to better communicate the essence.

Painting for Art for Heart has been an absolute privilege. As an aspiring artist it gives you a platform to publicly display work and for people to view it in a market; a chance to get some feedback on your work and a true opportunity to learn and become more confident exhibiting. The pressure of exhibiting makes you better as an artist.   As a buyer, there’s a great opportunity to pick up some great works affordably and to invest in the development of the creative industries.   Most importantly though, for artists and creators as human beings, it’s an opportunity for the art market to support people who really need it. For most of us when we hear about the art world it is about famous artists, paintings selling for huge sums and extraordinary ideas. These are in a different world to most people, where art is a luxury and daily problems can be crippling. In Art for Hearts unlike a normal transaction when, a creator invests time and skill, and a buyer invests earnings, the person who benefits is someone who really needs some help from people to help them survive an illness.

Art for Hearts is once a year and I would definitely recommend all creators and buyers to get involved. I’ve seen first hand the impact it has and it really is a win-win-win situation.





Featured Sponsor of the Month – PageGroup
Looking around, efforts and actions to “change lives” are happening all the time. At PageGroup, whether it is for the growth of the next generation or the current society, we are always paying attention and taking action. What we want to do is not only to help people in the workplace, but also to bring changes and opportunities to a wider range of people and things through our continuous efforts and behaviors.
As an organization that provides human resources service, PageGroup always cares about the lives and changes of “people”. Since last year, we have cooperated with Heart to Heart Shanghai to raise treatment funds and supporting goods for children with congenital heart disease from underserved families through a series of charitable projects. At the annual art show held by Heart to Heart last year, our colleagues actively donated paintings.  The money raised from the event helped a total of 14 children in need of heart surgery. This year on Children’s Day (June 1st) we organized a meaningful event, inviting employees and families in the company to participate in Heart to Heart’s “Heart Bear Project”. Parents and children knitted, crocheted and sewed together. The heart bears will be auctioned to raise funds to help save the lives of children with CHD and change their families’ destiny.

At the same time, we have also agreed on long-term cooperation with Heart to Heart Shanghai. For all projects that are successfully completed during the recruitment service contract period, we will donate a part of the funds to them. The client companies who have partnered with us on those projects will also receive a donation certificate. In the first quarter of this year, we successfully donated more than RMB 20,000. We hope that through this move, we can spread love and work with more partners to care for life and to change the lives of more people and families.




Register for the H2H Golf Tournament

Winning teams at the H2H Golf Tournament on September 8 will be receiving some great prizes ….. among those prizes are some limited edition heart bears.  Register to play on the flyer in this newsletter, on our website or our WeChat site!

Industrious Young Volunteers
It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you have a big company behind you.  Everyone can help a child get heart surgery through Heart to Heart.  For instance, on Saturday Sidonie, Gaia, Berenice, Mafalda, Ruth and Anna sold lemonade, cupcakes, earrings and toys at the Shanghai Racquet Club for Heart to Heart.  It looks like they had a great time while putting together a wonderful donation towards a surgery – RMB 823!  Bravo!  If everyone had your entrepreneurial spirit, we could do an amazing number of surgeries each year.

无论你是什么年龄,也不管你是否任职于大企业,每个人都可以通过上海心连心的帮助给孩子提供心脏手术治疗。例如,周六,Sidonie、Gaia、Berenice、Mafalda、Ruth 和 Anna 在上海Racquet Club出售柠檬汽水、纸杯蛋糕、耳环和玩具,他们为手术筹集了一笔很棒的捐款—823元!同时也享受到了一段欢快的时光!太棒了! 如果每个人都有这样的创业精神,相信每年我们都可以为孩子们提供数量可观的手术治疗。

Off the Wall Auction
The restaurant/bar Melbourne on Fumin Road was looking good in the early evening last Thursday.  Melbourne’s owner, Frank, had encouraged the display of the “Off the Wall” photography exhibit.  As a result, the walls were hung with 14 “iconic” prints taken by Heart to Heart’s own Marky Mark and some of his friends.  They celebrated Westerners’ views of China.  There were definitely some amazing, beautiful pieces.  And there was also an oil painting from a friend of Jaycee’s hanging on the wall ready to sell.  The setting was lovely…..  but just 2 hours later, the walls were bare.  It looked like some sort of weird robbery had taken place leaving the place in a shambles.  All of the photographs and the oil painting were sold to lucky bidders who came by Melbourne for drinks, dinner and some fun.  Although the crowd wasn’t as large as last year’s initial photo exhibit at Melbourne, it was an enthusiastic one – drawing even unsuspecting diners into the action.  Everyone admitted they had no idea how the auction was supposed to have been conducted, but that didn’t seem to detract from the event.  In fact, it made it even more fun.  And, RMB 10,251 was raised and donated to Heart to Heart.  Great job!  We hope there will be a 3rd photography exhibition/auction at Melbourne sometime soon.

8月24日傍晚,位于富民路的猫尔本(Melbourne)餐厅/酒吧生意看起来不错。在猫尔本的老板Frank的大力支持下,“从墙上拿下(Off the Wall)”摄影展成功举办。当晚,餐厅的墙上挂着由心连心志愿者Marky Mark和他的朋友们创作的 14 幅具有标志性的摄影作品,展示西方人眼中独一无二的中国。其中不乏让人惊艳的作品。墙上还挂着一幅Jaycee的朋友的油画,供拍卖。环境布置得很好….. 但仅仅 2 小时后,墙壁就光秃秃的了。看起来像是发生了某种奇怪的“抢劫”,让这个地方变得一片“混乱”。原来,所有的摄影作品和油画都被来猫尔本吃饭、喝东西和玩乐的顾客们以竞拍的形式买光了。虽然今年来参加竞拍的人没有去年在这里举行的首届摄影展那么多,但大家的热情不减,甚至把本来只是围观的食客们也吸引到了活动当中。没有人知道拍卖应该如何进行,但这似乎并没有影响活动。事实上,活动因此变得更加有趣了。此次的摄影展筹得的人民币10,251元会全数捐赠给心连心基金会。大家做的真好!我们希望很快就会在猫尔本举办第三届摄影展/拍卖会。
Featured Volunteer of the Month – Sophia Luo

Hello everyone! I’m Sophia and I have been a Heart to Heart volunteer for more than 2 years. I am very happy to share my experience with you. At that time, getting connected to Heart to Heart was a charity activity between Changning International School where a friend’s child was studying and Heart to Heart to help children with congenital heart disease undergo surgical treatment. I thought it was very meaningful so I applied to join Heart to Heart.

The Heart to Heart volunteer team has different divisions of labor. Because I word, I chose to join the events team at the beginning and sell heart bears at different markets such as Anyi Yexiang, Tonglefang, and Yongpingli on weekends. I especially like the annual Paulaner Christmas Market where the bears are hung on the Christmas tree. When we carefully introduce Heart to Heart to the loving people, amidst the sound of Christmas bells and laughter, we find a home for the bears. At these moments, I feel very happy inside. After that, I helped some companies, teams and friends to customize the heart bears. I am responsible for the cooperation between Shanghai American School SAS and Heart to Heart and participated in the “Art to Heart” Charity Art Exhibition, Changning International School SCIS Art Auction and Delta Hospital Heart to Heart Mother’s Day activities. The charity sales and donated money are used for the surgical treatment of children with congenital heart disease. After the children have completed the operation, the donors can go to the hospital to visit them, play with them and tell stories. The children’s smiles make me feel that everything is worth it.
Last year I joined the Heart to Heart knitting team. I personally knit cute and creative clothes for the heart bears, participate in the knitting sessions at the knitting team leader Helen’s house, and go to the H2H partner companies of to teach their employees knitting. ,We’ve also started developing a knitting team of more than 60 volunteers in the Yanlord Garden community this year. We all enjoy the joy of knitting, and at the same time, we can truly help the children. Knitting for love is very meaningful!

Since joining H2H, I have always felt the warmth and perseverance of this 100% volunteer family. I was fortunate to meet a group of like-minded volunteer partners Karen, Helen, DJ, Mei, etc., and were impressed by their enthusiasm and Infected and moved by selflessness. With so many misfortunes and diseases in the world, we can start with a small thing and be the ones who help others and make the world a better place.  Join us!大家好!我是Sophia,加入上海心连心志愿者团队已有2年多,很高兴与大家分享下心得。当时结缘心连心是朋友孩子就读的长宁国际学校与心连心合作慈善活动,帮助先天性心脏病孩子进行手术治疗,觉得非常有意义,于是申请加入心连心。




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Nelson Ren

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Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

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