November 2021

Heart to Heart Newsletter

November Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, Nov 2      NO ASSEMBLY
Tuesday, Nov 9      NO ASSEMBLY
Tuesday, Nov 16      9:30 – 12:30***
Tuesday, Nov 22      9:30 – 12:30***
Thursday, Nov  25  17:30 – 20:30***
Tuesday, Nov 30       9:30 – 12:30***

*** with conditions (see article)

November Events: 

Nov 6      Green Escape Market
Nov 7      Green Escape Market
Nov 13    Green Escape Market
Nov 13    Million Steps Challenge
Nov 14    Green Escape Market
Nov 19    Brits Abroad Coffee Morn
Nov 20    Green Escape Market
Nov 21    Green Escape Market
Nov 26    NAIS Market
Nov 27    Green Escape Market
Nov 28    Green Escape Market

 Farewell from Anh Ly Moellers

I first encountered H2H in 2012, shortly after moving back to China. I had previously worked in Sanya and Beijing and, in my free time, had volunteered in orphanages there. What I appreciate about H2H is that it provides so many roles and jobs: anyone can find something to do that suits their skills, needs, and lifestyle.

My H2H tasks allowed me to work from home. Unfortunately, I still traveled frequently and was rarely in Shanghai long enough to say hello to everyone. Still, I managed to continue to help with the never-ending admin work that goes on behind the scenes. After a couple of years, we moved again, and I thought I had left my volunteering work at H2H behind me as well.

However, as life goes, we found ourselves back in Shanghai in 2015. Consequently, I soon had some free time again so I signed up to join H2H’s admin team and have been happily typing away since 2017. Most volunteers don’t see much of me, and that’s ok. I like being in the background, quietly assisting in my own way.

Heart to Heart has a special meaning to me. As a child, my family fled Vietnam after the war. We had a tumultuous journey on a fishing boat that was pirated and capsized. We were luckily rescued and helped to a refugee camp. By more random luck, we were eventually accepted as refugees to Australia. Having had to go through medical examinations for our visas, doctors discovered that I had a CHD — and my parents finally understood why I tired easily and was rather small for my age. So within a year of arriving in Perth, and being only 4 years old, I underwent open-heart surgery sponsored by the government. My parents didn’t speak English, they didn’t understand what the surgery would do, but they knew that it would give me a better future.

In May this year, I handed over my admin role to two wonderful volunteers who I know will do a great job keeping the inbox in check! I have since spent time in the playroom and helped to orientate new playroom volunteers. We understand that the situation isn’t ideal right now. The hospital has been closed to visitors for a couple of months due to COVID restrictions. Still, I hope we can all get back into the playroom to offer respite to the kids and their parents or guardians once the hospital allows. It may not seem like we are doing much there, but providing a safe and joyful place for the young patients to spend time is invaluable. I talk to the parents and ask them how they are doing. They enjoy our chats and sometimes just need a time-out as well. The kids are resilient; in most cases, they may one day not even remember that they were ever in a hospital as a child. But the impact on the parents and families is immense.

As you see, I am an example of what life-changing heart surgery can do for an underprivileged child. Only with the generosity that was shown to me all those years ago do I have the quality of life that I have today and the opportunities I get to pay it forward. I know how lucky I am.

You are all fantastic people: Karen, DJ, and Nancy at H2H’s helm, and the army of assemblers, event and playroom volunteers, sewers, knitters, and admin crew. H2H’s inspiring work impacts generations. I hope you know the good you do. It has been a privilege to participate in this community during my time in Shanghai. Thanks for having me and know that I will forever be connected to Heart to Heart and all of you.




心连心对我有特殊的意义。我很小的时候,全家人在战后逃离越南。一路险象环生,我们乘坐的渔船被海盗攻击而翻覆,幸亏我们被及时救起安置到一所难民营。更幸运的是我们被以难民身份安排前往澳大利亚。在做例行签证健康检查时,医生发现我患有先天性心脏病(CHD)- 我的父母终于了解为什么我小小年纪就总是那么容易疲倦的原由。抵达珀斯不到一年,年仅四岁的我,接受了政府资助的开心手术。我的父母不懂英语,也不明白手术的效力,但是他们知道这个手术对我的未来有帮助。



Notte Italiana

On Saturday 9th October a sold out Notte Italiana in aid of ️Heart to Heart was held by the pool at the Shanghai Racquet Club.

The event was the result of a joint effort with Vanessa and Bernard organizing.  A special thanks goes to Barilla – Bella Vita – Mediterranean Kitchen – Nicola Coppi – Buonissimo – Aperol Spritz – illy & SRC for donating their products and their time.

The night began at 5pm with sunset aperol spritz from the Aperol pop up bar by the pool while tunes from Italy from Eros Ramazzotti to Zucchero, Laura Pausini to Rafaela Carra were playing.  The guests enjoyed an Italian buffet of antipasti, pastas, lasagnas, salads, desserts and gelato as well as iced illy coffee.  Alessia Raisi, accompanied by a saxophonist, sang Italian and international hits. The guests danced the night away under the stars and the moon. Many also enjoyed swimming in the pool.

Thanks to all the guests and sponsors.  22,360 RMB was donated to Heart to Heart!

10 月 9 日星期六,一票难求的“意大利之夜-心连心晚会”在上海网球俱乐部的游泳池畔举行。   Vanessa 和 Bernard 协力组织举办了这次活动。衷心感谢 Barilla 百味来- Bella Vita 美好生活意大利餐厅- Mediterranean Kitchen地中海厨房 – Nicola Coppi尼古拉·高佩- Buonissimo 布尼禧姆甜点 – 阿佩罗鸡尾酒Aperol Spritz – illy 意利咖啡 和 SRC上海网球俱乐部,为这次晚会捐助了产品和时间。   从下午 5 点起,泳池边的鸡尾酒吧便开始提供夕阳开胃酒,同时播放着来自意大利的美妙乐曲 – Eros Ramazzotti艾罗斯·拉玛佐第,Zucchero祖奇罗,Laura Pausini劳拉·普西妮和Rafaela Carra 拉斐拉·卡拉。客人们享用着意大利美食,包括antipasti开胃菜,pastas意大利面,lasagnas烤宽面条、沙拉、甜点,冰淇淋以及illy意利冰咖啡。 Alessia Raisi, 在萨克斯管的现场伴奏下,演唱了意大利和国际热门歌曲。嘉宾们在璀璨的群星和月光下,轻歌曼舞,不少客人在泳池里徜徉。   这次活动,心连心收到了 22,360元捐赠!感谢所有嘉宾和赞助商!

Congratulations to Ned and Nari!
Heart to Heart would like to say a big congratulations to Ned Kelly and Nari Elhadidi.  Ned is the Heart to Heart quiz master and Nari is the Heart to Heart processes and procedures manager.  But what makes them extra special this month is that they got married on October 20 in Beijing.  We are very excited for them and wish them many, many glorious years together.

心连心向Ned Kelly和Nari Elhadidi表示热烈的祝贺。 Ned是心连心的智力竞赛主持人,Nari是心连心的过程控制经理。 但让他们更加特别的是,他们于10月20日在北京结婚了。 我们为他们感到高兴,并祝愿他们能在一起度过许多美好的时光。

A Wedding Benefitting Heart to Heart
Nils and Melissa Becker got married in September in Hong Kong and are having a reception here in Shanghai for their friends.  Wedding gifts?  Well, Heart to Heart is very excited to report that theirs is our first wedding where the guests were asked to donate to Heart to Heart in lieu of wedding gifts.  That seems to be an extremely generous and auspicious way to start life together!  Thank you Nils & Melissa for your amazing gesture bymaking the lives of others so important during your special time.

在香港结婚。他们将在上海举办一场婚宴,邀请朋友们参加。 猜猜他们想要什么结婚礼物?答案是:给心连心的捐款!要求宾客以向心连心捐款来代替结婚礼物,这样的婚礼心连心还是头一次遇见。这对于心连心来说,是多么让人兴奋和高兴的事情啊。以这种方式开始共同的生活,又是多么地慷慨和吉利啊!  Nils & Melissa,感谢你们在自己人生的特别时刻,把他人的生命放在如此重要的位置,给你们点赞,也祝你们幸福。

Resumption of Assembly and Donated Goods Drop-off WITH CONDITIONS

We’ve all been waiting a long time for assembly sessions to start back up …. and for our donors to be able to drop off donated goods.  Assuming there are no COVID outbreaks in Shanghai in the coming weeks, that day is almost on us.

On 2021 August 1, government rules around the COVID situation dictated that our assembly activities be temporarily suspended.  Only essential hospital personnel and patients were allowed in the hospital.  As of November 16, however, REGISTERED ASSEMBLY VOLUNTEERS will be allowed to attend assembly IF THEY HAVE HAD A COVID TEST WITHIN 1 WEEK OF VOLUNTEERING AT THE HOSPITAL.  The volunteers must ALL be able to prove they have had a test within the last week at a desk set up on the 3rd floor.  Please do NOT try to enter the hospital without proof of your current test.  You will put our organization and the hospital at risk otherwise.

Also, as of November 16, people will be able to send donated goods to us by kuaidi at any time.  And the drop off of donated goods at the hospital will resume.  However, the drop offs must occur within the designated assembly date times or prior arrangements must be made with DJ (WeChat – DjWizniak).  When dropping goods off, the donors are not allowed into the hospital complex.  Instead, please call DJ at 18516254244 upon arrival (at the designated times).  He will send a crew out to meet you at the gate and pick up the donation.

我们一直在等待后勤集会重新启动…. 同时可以允许我们的捐赠者送捐赠的物品到医院。 假设未来几周上海没有新冠疫情爆发,这一天就快到来了。

2021年8月1日,政府根据新冠疫情规定暂停了我们的后勤集会活动。 只有医院的必要人员和病人才被允许进入医院。 然而,从11月16日起,注册的后勤集会志愿者如果在医院志愿服务前一周内进行了COVID – 19测试,就可以参加集会。 所有志愿者必须在三楼的柜台前证明他们在一周内参加过COVID-19的测试。 如果你无法提供测试报告,请不要试图进入医院。 否则你会把我们的组织和医院置于危险之中。

此外,从11月16日起,大家可以随时通过快递把捐赠的物品寄给我们。同时,医院将恢复捐赠物资的接收工作。 但是,捐赠的物资必须在指定的后勤集会日期内送来,如果是其他日期送来需要提前与DJ (微信号- DjWizniak) 进行联络。 运送物品到医院时,捐赠者不允许进入医院。 请在到达医院门口后 (在指定时间) 给DJ打电话(电话号码:18516254244),他会派人去门口接收物资。

2021 Art for Hearts Art Show Results What an amazing event!  The Heart to Heart volunteers and sponsors outdid themselves this year.  The 2021 Art for Hearts show was INCREDIBLE!  With more than 300 pieces of art donated by generous artists from all over the world, H2H held the 4th annual event on October 22 & 23.  It was impossible to count the number of people who attended, but we think there were at least 500 people who came to the opening gala on Friday evening.  They bought art (around 250 pieces so far), they bought raffle tickets, they bought special heart bears made for the event, they bought the special Salvador Dali bear in the auction….. There was music, refreshments, old friends, new friends and just good old fashioned fun.

We would especially like to thank Shanghai Centre for giving us their amazing 4th floor atrium to use as a venue (and also nearby storage so everything could go smoothly).  And, of course, St. James’s Place was a huge help – supplying part of the food for the evening and an incredible RMB 75,000 donation!  We also want to thank Rende Foundation of whom we are a part; their diligence with the financials at the event and constant support throughout the year truly helps Heart to Heart be what we are.

We will still have sales trickling in for a while, but the basic elements from the art show are now all in and balanced.  It is a GREAT result.  The basic elements tallied to:  Art sales:   RMB 207,229     SJP:  RMB 75,000     Raffle sales:  21,935     Bear sales and donations:  45,138.30     for a GRAND TOTAL of RMB 349,302.30!!!!!   By the time everything is in, that will be at least 12 heart surgeries for the Heart to Heart children – maybe more.  Congratulations to everyone who made this wonderful event happen!   You have made it possible for at least 12 children to have a second chance at life.  They won’t forget it and we won’t forget the great help you gave us.  Thank you.
多么了不起的一场活动!心连心的志愿者和赞助商们今年再创新高。 2021 年“艺连心——第四届年度艺术展+艺术品义卖”大获成功! 10月22、23日,心连心带着来自世界各地的艺术家慷慨捐赠的300多件艺术品,连续第四年举办了这场年度盛会。尽管我们无法准确统计来参加活动的人数,但我们觉得至少有500人出席了周五晚上的开幕酒会。来宾们买了艺术品(到目前为止大约250件),买了抽奖券,买了为活动特别制作的爱心小熊,通过拍卖买了特别的萨尔瓦多·达利(Salvador Dali)熊……现场有音乐,有美食,有新老朋友,充满欢乐。

我们要尤其感谢上海商城。他们为我们提供了条件很好的4 楼中庭作为活动场地,还给我们提供了工作/储物间,让我们的活动能顺利进行。St. James’s Place也为我们提供了巨大的支持,不仅赞助了酒会的部分餐饮,而且捐款75,000 人民币!我们还要感谢仁德基金会。心连心能发展成今天这样,离不开他们在活动中严谨的财务管理和日常持续不断的支持。

我们的艺术品销售还会持续一段时间,但通过艺术展筹得的款项已经基本统计好了。 结果很令人兴奋:艺术品销售所得RMB 207,229, St. James’s Place捐款RMB 75,000,抽奖券销售所得RMB 21,935,爱心小熊销售和捐赠所得45,138.30,共计 RMB 349,302.30 !!!! 到销售完全结束时,我们预计能至少赞助12台心脏手术,也许更多。祝贺促成这一精彩活动的每一个人! 你们给予至少 12 个孩子第二次生命。他们不会忘记这一珍贵的礼物,我们也不会忘记你们给我们的巨大帮助。衷心地感谢你们!

Goodbye from Sarah Sellars

After three years and three months, with an unexpected break in the middle, I am saying good bye to Shanghai. It is a bitter sweet task; I am excited to be seeing my boys, grandson and parents again, but so so sad to be leaving this wonderful life in Shanghai. I came out exhausted, but keen to work.  It didn’t take me long to realise that with all the family and friends who had booked into the Hotel Sellars in the heart of Lujiazui that working might be inconvenient. My first year was gentle (compared to this last 15 months).  I joined Brits Abroad where I met Karen and juggled a social life around the nine sets of visitors in five months. We managed to see a lot of China in that time too and soon fell in love with Shanghai and the wider China though I was getting tired of Yuyuan gardens by the fourth visit. Our return to England at the beginning of 2020 was an unexpected shock, but it proved to be a blessing. Time with family made our return (and stay) more bearable. We landed back on Chinese soil and did our quarantine, but I was not sure what life held for me. Many of my friends had not returned. I needn’t have worried. I joined an art class, mahjong group, took on roles within the Brits, as well as volunteering for Heart to Heart. Life became very busy and fulfilling. I had been introduced to the assembly team at the end of 2019 having attended the hospital only once or twice and never daring to venture into the sewing room. As a garment technologist turned D&T teacher, I knew my skills would be better used with the bears. I needn’t have worried. Ingrid greeted me with open arms, well a needle and thread, and I soon felt at home. My sewing room got used and I loved being able to contribute. It is wonderful seeing the orders coming together and then going out, but the best bit is seeing the children receiving their life changing surgery. The friendships formed have been fabulous and will stay with me for a very long time. The work you all do is amazing.

We are now home. In our village, but in a holiday let for our isolation. We have not seen our family yet. It is hard knowing that they are close but we are unable to meet. Family and friends are the best part of life’s rich mixture and I see you as my family and friends. If you find yourself in middle England, please look us up.

三年零三个月后,其中还有意想不到的休假,我要和上海说再见了。这是一项艰巨而甜蜜的任务;我很高兴能再次见到我的儿子、孙子和父母,但要离开上海的美好生活,我感到非常难过。我虽然感到疲劳,但也热衷于这项工作。没过多久,我就意识到,和所有预订陆家嘴市中心塞勒斯酒店的家人和朋友一起,工作可能有些麻烦。我的第一年比较平和(与过去的 15 个月相比)。我加入了 Brits Abroad,在那里我遇到了 Karen,并在五个月内和九组访客进行了交友互动。那段时间我们去了很多中国的城市,很快就爱上了上海和其它中国更广阔的地方,尽管第四次访问豫园时我已经感到厌倦了。我们在 2020 年初意外回到英格兰,事实证明这是一种幸运。与家人共度时光使我们的返回(和逗留)变得更愉悦。我们回到了中国并进行了隔离,但我不确定我的生活是什么样的。我的很多朋友还没有回来。我不需要感到担心。我参加了一个艺术班,麻将小组,在 Brits里承担任务,并为心连心做志愿者。生活变得非常忙碌和充实。2019年底,在只去过一两次医院而且从来没有勇气想着进入缝纫室的我,被介绍到装配组。作为一名服装技术专家转为老师,我知道我的技能会更好地用于制作爱心熊。我不必担心。英格丽张开双臂迎接我,还给我针线,我很快就感到宾至如归。我的缝纫室热闹起来了,我为自己能够做出贡献感到高兴。看到订单进来,然后手工艺品被卖出去真是太棒了,但最棒的是能看到孩子们得以接受改变生活的手术。这样的方式所形成的友谊非常棒,将陪伴我很长时间。你们所做的工作都很棒。 

Featured Sponsor of the Month – Marcus

 Approximately 1% of the children in China are born with congenital heart disease every year.  Of course, the vast majority of them come from families who can afford to get them the surgery they need to correct their heart conditions.  But, there are literally thousands who need the type of monetary assistance that Heart to Heart offers.  Without our help they can’t get the surgery.  The consequences of not having the surgery they need are not something most of us even want to begin to think about.  So, H2H needs a constant influx of monetary donations to help.  That’s where working together – no matter what your donating power is – makes the difference.  Not everyone can afford to sponsor multiple children every year, but if everybody donates what they can, the accumulated effect is amazing.

Marcus of Art Stones is an example of someone who continually helps Heart to Heart.  He sells art stones at markets and donates 10% of his sales to Heart to Heart.  He has been doing this for years.  His donations combined with donations from others have helped several children.  It’s wonderful what the power of working together can do.  Just ask the family of H2H Child #1726 Guo Zhenyichen from Guizhou province who had surgery last January using donations from Marcus and 11 other sponsors if they felt the impact of one of Marcus’s donations.  I’m sure that they would agree that everybody who donates is a hero.  Everyone donating what they can together makes Heart to Heart work. So do what you can.  Be like Marcus.  Help save a child’s life.


Art Stones的Marcus就是不断帮助心连心的其中一个例子。Marcus在市场上销售艺术宝石,并将销售额的 10% 捐赠给心连心。他多年来一直这样做。他的捐款加上其他人的捐款帮助救治了几个孩子,这就是大家共同努力的结果。问问心连心资助的第1726名孩子,来自贵州省的郭振一臣的家人,他去年 1 月利用Marcus和其他11位赞助者的捐款进行了心脏手术,他们是否感受到了 Marcus的捐赠带来的影响。我相信他们会同意,每个捐款的人都是英雄。每个人都尽其所能地捐赠,这让心连心发挥作用。所以请尽你所能,像Marcus一样帮助挽救孩子的生命。

Featured Children of the Month – Jian Yongxin and Si Ruoxi
When proceeds from the BenCham Gala in 2017 sponsored H2H Child #1114 Jian Yongxin for heart surgery, both Heart to Heart and BenCham knew that the heart surgery would change the lives of both Jian Yongxin and her family forever.  We often see that families have their whole views on life changed by the kindness of strangers.  They understand that helping others is a great thing.  Hope is something that can’t be measured in terms of what it can do.  But what none of us could have guessed was that Jian Yongxin and her family would be so inspired by the generosity of others that they in turn would want to keep the spirit of giving going – literally.

In September (four years after her surgery), we heard from Jian Yongxin’s family.  They still don’t have much, but things are getting better.  They sell pears for a living now.  They wanted to give something back to H2H to help another child, since the surgery meant so much to them.  Jian Yongxin is strong and healthy and they are very happy because of that.  Their future is bright and full of hope.  So, they donated 2 yuan for every box of pears they sold this year and sent us RMB 130.  It isn’t much to most people, but it was a fortune to them and is an amazing gesture.  It makes me smile every time I think of it.

How was Jian Yongxin’s money used by Heart to Heart?  It was combined with money from other sponsors until RMB 30,000 was reached.  On October 15 a four year old girl from Henan province (Si Ruoxi) completed her surgery made possible by that donation.  She is doing well now and is out on the ward recuperating…. getting ready to move forward into her new world of hope that Jian Yongxin and her family helped create for her.。

当荷比卢商会(BenCham) 在2017年赞助心连心第1114位病童见永欣的心脏手术时,心连心和商会双方都明白这个手术将改变小朋友和她全家的未来。我们常常看到许多家庭由于陌生人的善行而对人生改变看法,也因此了解了助人最乐的真谛。”希望”带来的影响的是无法衡量的。我们怎么也没想到见永欣和她的家人在受到他人慷慨解囊相助的启发之后,主动表达付出的行动。 今年九月份(见永欣手术四年之后)我们收到她家的信息。他们家境有了改善,目前以卖梨为生。见永欣的手术对他们的帮助很大,让他们的未来越来越光明,所以他们也要回馈心连心,帮助另一位病童:今年每当他们卖了一箱梨,就捐两元給心连心,他们寄来了130元人民币。大部分的人会觉得这笔金额不算什么,但是对Jian家来说是不小的开销,更重要的是他们以行动来表达心意。我总在想到他们时就打心底笑开怀。

心连心是怎么运用见永欣家捐的钱呢?这笔钱跟其他赞助合并,凑足了三万元人民币,在十月十五号让一位来自河南省,年仅四岁的司若汐小朋友得以完成手术。目前她的状态很好,已经在普通病房恢复…. 为通过见永欣一家带给她的希望,面对新开启的人生做准备。

Featured  Volunteer of the Month – Taeko 

Hello, I am originally from Japan and moved to Shanghai from Singapore in February 2017. I had known about “Heart to Heart” through my friends, but didn’t join until 2019. My volunteer debut was the 2nd Art for Hearts show.   It was an amazing event and I enjoyed working with good friends. Soon after that, I stared joining assembly every Tuesday where everyone enjoys “dressing” other volunteers. It is always filled with laughter. Then, the Covid 19 outbreak happened. I left Shanghai and was stuck in Japan for 7 months trying to come back. During those days, I spent many hours in front of a sewing machine to distract myself. This made me realize I enjoy sewing! As soon as I returned, I found a 2nd hand sewing machine and joined the sewing team.

One of the best parts to being a H2H volunteer are the people themselves. It is a great fun to work with other volunteers who came from different countries with different backgrounds. And also the children and their families who come to Yoda for surgery. My favorites were the Tibetan children who are very shy and quiet for the first few days. When they got used to seeing us at work, they would always come down to help us sort and dress bears. They would repeat counting in “Xizangyu”, “English” and “Japanese”!

I am truly grateful to be part of this amazing H2H family.  And I know that nothing would happen without Karen, DJ and Nancy’s hard work. Thank you for including me as one of your “minions”!




The Trouble with Easels

Many sponsors are needed each year to make the Art for Hearts show work.  No costs are taken out of our totals to pay vendors so our sponsors do a lot for us.  For example, for our first 3 Art for Hearts shows, we borrowed all the easels.  This year, however, we discovered that it was going to be extremely difficult to “beg, borrow and steal” the 250+ easels that we needed for the show.  Luckily, Kevin Bogardus at Chubb came to the rescue and bought 175 easels for us.  (The others came from other places and donors.)  The new easels worked great.  After the show, however, we discovered we had a different problem.  What are we to do with 200 tall easels and 6 boxes of small easels?  Since 100% of our proceeds for all projects are spent on heart surgeries, we have no money for storage.  Enter our long-term friends at SAE – Thank you SAE!!!!  Ferasse and his team answered that question in about 2 seconds when we told them of our problem.  They will be picking up the easels and storing them safely so they can be used again for the 2022 Art for Hearts show.  What a relief!  Now we have easels and can keep them from year to year.  Heart to Heart sponsors are AMAZING!

《艺连心》艺术展每年都需要很多的赞助单位、个人的支持才能顺利举办。 上海心连心是几乎是零成本运行,且所有志愿者都是无偿服务,所以我们的赞助方为我们做了很多。 例如,前3届艺术展,我们借用了所有的画架。 然而今年我们发现,无论是”乞讨、借用和偷窃”,艺术展所需的250多个画架都将极其困难找到。 幸运的是,来自Chubb的凯文·博加杜斯(Kevin Bogardus)及时前来“救援”,为我们买了175个画架。 剩余所缺画架来自其他捐赠单位和捐助者。 新的画架真的很好用,完美的展示了每一幅艺术作品。 然而,在展会结束后,我们发现我们遇到了另一个问题。 我们要怎么存放200个大画架和6箱小画架呢? 100%项目的收益都只能花在心脏手术费上,我们没有钱去租仓库。 超级感谢SAE!!!! 在我们告诉费拉斯(Ferasse)和他的团队我们遇到的难题之后,在大约2秒内他们给了答复,他们将为我们免费储存这批总体积不小的画架,以便我们可以再次用于2022年《艺连心》艺术展。 多么宽慰啊! 现在我们有画架,有地方存放,以后每届艺术展都能使用。 上海心连心赞助单位和个人都真的很棒,感谢每一位支持我们的单位和个人!

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