May 2021

Heart to Heart Newsletter

May Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, May 4 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, May 11 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, May 18 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, May 25 – 9:30-12:30
Thursday, May 27 – 17:30-20:30

May Events: 

May 1-2: Commune Market
May 5: Little Bee’s H2H Market
May 9: H2H-Delta Mother’s Day
May 15-16: Lidoway Bazaar Event
May 16: Hangzhou – Into the Woods
May 29-30: Jingan Courtyard
May 29: BritCham 2021 Annual Ball

Register for the H2H – Delta Hospital Mother’s Day Celebration

Heart to Heart and Delta Health will present a Mother’s Day Carnival on 2021 May 9.  It will be a fun, creative event for friends and supporters of Heart to Heart Shanghai and Delta Hospital.  Everyone is invited!  Please register by scanning the QR code.  Then we’ll see you at Delta Hospital (1st floor of the Admin building) for the celebration.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Paint for Hearts
We want to thank all the Heart to Heart families who gathered during the sessions held at Delta Hospital to help decorate the Heart to Heart playroom so we can create a warm and colorful healing space for the H2H children after their heart surgeries.  This was a great opportunity for volunteer families, especially younger children, to understand the concept of sharing and community support.  Coming together and even doing very small things like painting, putting up toys and books for the room is a way to contribute.  Many participants were a little hesitant to take part as they were worried about their limited drawing skills, but talent didn’t matter. The main objective of the event was to let people know that every small action counts.  It is the effort and awareness we want to encourage as well as coming together as a community.
Delta team member and head of the Delta Charity Department, Hartnett, and his family participated in the Paint for Hearts event during the Chinese New Year session. Hartnett expressed that it was a very interactive and friendly approach to introduce H2H to his 6 year old son.  He now knows how children from less fortunate families are able to benefit from a mini project like this.  “ Every little action counts!” Hartnett shared this with his son.
Paint for Hearts will be a continuous family project at Delta as a way to introduce H2H to the community and young volunteers. The playroom at Delta will be our upcoming task.  Look for the flyers that come out with future dates.  We hope to see you there!
感谢所有心连心大家庭通过几次在德达医院的活动替我们把心连心游戏室布置起来,给动过心脏手术之后的孩子们制造了一个温馨又充满色彩的康复空间。这是给志愿者家庭,特别是年纪小一些的孩子们,体认助人最乐和街坊相持的好机会。大家合力,即使小如替游戏室刷油漆、摆置玩具、书本,都是一种付出。许多出席的人因为觉得自己缺乏绘画天分,在行动上有所迟疑,真是多虑了。这次活动的主要目的是要鼓励大家对涓水成流,众志成城的认知,每个人的小善,集合起来就造就了一个团体的支援成效。德达团队成员,以及德达慈善部门领导Hartnett先生和家人,在春节期间参与了“为心灵着色” 的活动。Hartnett 先生表示这是个互动和友善地把心连心介绍给他六岁的孩子的方式。他现在知道通过类似这样的小型项目也可以让弱势出身的孩子们受益。”每个小动作都很重要!”Hartnett这么跟他的孩子分享。 为心灵着色在德达医院将是一个持续进行的家庭性质项目,借此把心连心介绍给大家,也鼓励年轻的志愿者投入助人行列。接下来的任务是招募及培训游戏室志愿者,这也会是一个持续进行的项目。未来请关注我们的活动日程海报,多多参与!
Clothing for Those in Need
It is still difficult for Heart to Heart to make trips to the countryside in our traditional manner where we split the cost between us, rent a large bus and deliver hundreds of bags of clothing to those in need in the areas we visit.  We are hoping our trips of that sort will resume in September.  In the meantime, we are answering calls from individual charity groups in the countryside who can attest that certain villages need help.  This month we were able to send a large shipment of summer clothing to Guangdong province to a charity organization who will distribute it to local poor children and their families.  We know the recipients will be happy once they receive these great donations.  Thank you to all of you who have donated clothing – new or used.  It is all going for a great use!If you know of groups who need help with in-kind donations, please let us know.  We’ll be happy to qualify them and get them the help they need if possible.



Things We Need
If you want to help out by sending things that the children and their families need while they are in the hospital (or when they get home), here is what we currently need:

  • Full-sized body lotion
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Boys clothing (ages 6 months – 4 years)
  • Baby toys

We really appreciate your generosity!

如果您想通过捐赠物品来帮助住院期间的孩子和他们的家人们,我们也是非常欢迎的。 目前我们最需要的是:

  • 身体化妆水
  • 成年人牙膏
  • 6个月-4岁女童和男童服装
  • 婴儿玩具


Frequently-Asked Questions About Volunteering in the Playroom

Q: Do I need to speak Chinese?
A: Not at all. The beauty of this activity is that playing and smiling are the common language.

Q: What hours is the playroom open?
A: It is open every day of the week from 2pm to 3:45pm. We highly encourage volunteers to be there 15 minutes prior the opening to ensure everything is ready for the children. You will need about 10-15 minutes after the playroom closes to put everything away and clean up.  Thus, volunteers are there for just a little bit over 2 hours.

Q: Do I need to have experience working with children or have medical training?
A: You just need to like children and to want to play with them. Of course, we all need to be mindful remembering to be careful around the children as they are recovering from heart surgery.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?
A: Yes. You will be required to wear a mask in the hospital communal areas (elevators and halls) as well as in the playroom while there are children.

Q: How often do I need to volunteer?
A: Volunteering means donating your time to help others so we just hope that you can come at least once a month to help the children recover faster by running a playroom session.

Q: Can I just come in one day to check out the playroom before signing up?
A: No. As we’re dealing with children recovering from major heart surgery, it is a must to have an orientation given by one of our experienced volunteers before you can partake in the playroom. However, it’s not rocket science, we just need to ensure you have all the information and know how to conduct yourself in this space.  So just register and become a playroom volunteer!








Go Dragons!
As part of a very special fundraiser for Heart to Heart, SCIS Lower School student council members at the Hongqiao campus worked hard to come up with useful items to sell to the SCIS community.  After weeks of brainstorming, planning and designing, the students came up with two wonderful ideas:  custom masks and mask holders.  Here is part of an interview conducted with student council members Eli (Grade 5), Ana (Grade 5) and Meilin (Grade 4) about the project.
Why did you decide to sell masks as the final product?
Ana:  Because of COVID a lot of people are wearing masks and we thought having SCIS masks would be a very cool touch for the school and advertisements.
Meilin:  At first a lot of us thought the price of masks might be a little too high, but then we figured we could go for reusable ones to make them last longer.  They’re made out of 100% pure cotton and so are easily washable.

How were the masks created?  Who designed them?
Eli:  We started by coming up with designs.  Some people made presentations with different drawings and logos.  We then had everyone present their designs for all members to vote for the ones we liked the most.
Meilin:  We voted using a survey where we had to choose two out of four mask designs from different categories.  The two with the most votes got chosen to be sent to a seller we found on Taobao.

How do you plan on promoting these masks?
Ana:  We’ve been making lots of posters to put up around the school.  Then, each student council member has received one mask for us to wear at SCIS and hopefully persuade people to want to get them.
Eli:  We’ve also created some PowerPoints and included information about the masks, the price, how they’re made and how it is a fundraiser for Heart to Heart.  ….  All proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to Heart to Heart.

From Heart to Heart:  This is a wonderful fundraiser.  We are really proud of and thankful to the resourceful student council members who came up with such a great project.  Thank you for caring enough to make it a H2H fundraiser and helping to change lives in the process!







梅林: 我们通过一项调查进行投票,从四个不同类别的面具设计中选出两个。得票最多的两个将被送到淘宝上的一个卖家那里。






Group Volunteering Possibilities

If you have a small group of people at your company, school, social group, etc. who are interested in volunteering together at Heart to Heart, we have several suggestions for you.  We hope to see you soon!
On-site (Yoda Cardio-Thoracic Hospital) Group Volunteering

  • Sorting and packing in-kind donations and toiletries for distribution to those in need
  • Cleaning the hospital playroom and/or the assembly room
  • Preparing fund-raising products (dressing bears, simple sewing, packing, etc.)
  • Preparing yarn for the knitting team (de-tangling and winding)
  • Counting donated change
  • Other duties as required

    Groups of up to 12 people can be scheduled for each session.

    Sessions can be scheduled on Tuesday afternoons, Thursday mornings and/or Thursday afternoons by contacting Bev Darle at

Group Volunteering at Your Office or Designated Facility
  • Knitting classes for beginners (all supplies furnished by H2H for a cost to the requestors of RMB 15 per person)
  • Knitting classes for advanced knitters who wish to learn to make heart bear clothing
  • Activities of your choice – with or without H2H volunteers to assist
    • Bake sales, sports events, tournaments, plays, talent shows, etc.
    • The possibilities for this type of volunteering is only limited by your imagination
    • H2H volunteers can come to sell heart bears at your events

      Groups of any size can be accommodated since the volunteering is at your site.

      These activities can take place most days and times.  It is up to you.  Please schedule these by sending a message by WeChat to Karen at Karen-H2H.  She can then assign the volunteering activity to the correct H2H leader.

Group Volunteering with the Heart to Heart Events Team
  • The events will promote H2H to the general public and/or sell heart bears to raise money to sponsor children for heart surgeries
  • Each shift of 1-3 volunteers is approximately 4 hours long
  • Volunteering is at locations within Shanghai and usually easily accessible by subway
  • Training occurs at the event and through pre-event videos
  • Volunteers will be placed with an experienced H2H events team member

    Small groups of 1-3 volunteers per shift can work with Heart to Heart Shanghai volunteers at events (of all types).

    Events usually occur on weekends and evenings although there are sometimes daytime events on weekdays.  Please schedule these by sending a message by WeChat to Karen at Karen-H2H.  She will advise you of event availability and sign you up.



  • 整理和分装受捐实物和洗护用品,分发给有需要的人
  • 儿童活动室或后勤办公室清洁整理
  • 为义卖集市活动准备物料(为爱心熊穿衣服,简单的针线活,打包等)
  • 为编制小组准备材料(绕线,准备毛线球等)
  • 清点受捐的硬币
  • 其他临时任务,对接志愿者视当日情况做出调整的任务



    志愿者联系人(排期计划沟通,非现场执行志愿者):Bev Darle


  • 初学者针织课程(由上海心连心提供所需的针线材料, 没人收取15元材料费)
  • 中高阶针织课程(适合有一定针织技巧且希望学习如果织打上海心连心爱心熊毛衣的人员)
  • 自选活动-需要或不需要上海心连心志愿者现场协助
    • 烘焙食品售卖,体育项目活动,观光类活动,演出类活动,才艺表演秀,等等
    • 此类活动的参与志愿者人数可根据实际方案调整,无人数限制
    • 此类活动可根据需求安排上海心连心志愿者前往活动地点售卖爱心小熊




  • 此类活动将面向社区公众宣传介绍上海心连心,或以售卖爱心熊的方式,筹集先心病患儿的手术基金
  • 单个班次时长通常为4个小时(最多),需1-3名志愿者至现场执行
  • 活动地点通常在上海市区内公共交通比较方便到达的位置
  • 活动前通过上海心连心提供的视频学习相关知识,活动过程中实践所学内容
  • 活动中上海心连心将指派有经验的心连心志愿者参与及协助团体小组志愿者




Another GREAT SCIS ECE Art Auction to Benefit Heart to Heart
On April 10 the fantastic people at the SCIS ECE Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) successfully ran the 7th Annual SCIS ECE Heart to Heart Art Auction.  A favorite among their parents, staff and community members, the highly anticipated event offers an opportunity to support H2H as well as to celebrate art created by their very own early childhood students.  Under the guidance of their teachers, students worked for months to create beautiful pieces of art – each representing friendship, connection and their time in Shanghai.  Back after a one-year hiatus, the fundraiser was a huge success with over RMB 70,000 raised towards life-saving surgeries!  Thank you SCIS ECE and PAFA!

4月10日,来自上海长宁国际学校(SCIS)ECE 家长和朋友协会(PAFA)的一群不可思议的人们成功的举办了第七届SCIS ECE心连心艺术拍卖会。这个备受期待的活动受到了家长、员工和学生的喜爱,为支持心连心提供了一个机会,同时也庆祝了他们自己的学生孩提时成功创作的艺术作品。在老师们的指导下,学生们花了几个月的时间创作出了美丽的艺术作品——每一件作品都呈现了友情、互联和他们在上海的时光。在中断了一年之后,募捐活动取得了巨大的成功,为拯救生命的手术筹集了7万多人民币!谢谢SCIS ECE和PAFA!

Featured Sponsor of the Month – Oliver Wyman
Employees from Oliver Wyman, a world leading management consulting firm, have sponsored surgeries for around 30 children in China suffering from congenital heart defects, or CHD, and financial difficulties, through their diligent participation in Heart to Heart Shanghai.  Since 2017, the company has organized charity auctions every year to raise funds for children who are born with the disease and lack money and medical resources to be treated properly. As of 2020, at least USD 55,000 have been raised and donated to help families affected by the condition.   Among the children who have been supported, most of them are from rural areas in China with more than half are under 5 years old.

“One of our colleague’s daughters has a similar heart condition as the sponsored kids, therefore, we want to contribute to the project through our own way,” said Kris Sheng, a senior consultant from the company, who has participated in the program since 2018.

According to statistics, about 7 out of every 1,000 newborns suffer from the disease in the country. The cost of an open-heart surgery can range from hundreds to thousands of US dollars, which is not affordable for the impoverished. Without medical or surgical care, more than 25 percent of children with the disease are likely to lose their lives before their first birthday.  “We will keep doing so in the future,” Sheng said, by donating time and money, educating and raising awareness, they aim to help more children and their families live healthy and happy lives.

Oliver Wyman is a global leader in management consulting. With offices in 60 cities across 29 countries, Oliver Wyman combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organization transformation. The firm has more than 5,000 professionals around the world who work with clients to optimize their business, improve their operations and risk profile, and accelerate their organizational performance to seize the most attractive opportunities.

Oliver Wyman is a business of Marsh McLennan [NYSE: MMC]. For more information, visit


从2018年开始参与活动的奥纬高级顾问Kris Sheng 表示:“我们有位同事的女儿跟我们赞助的孩子们有类似的心脏情况,所以我们要以我们的方式为这个项目做贡献” 。




Sunday Bike Wash – Kids Helping Kids 
Sunday is a day for relaxation for many people, but not for Emily, Richelle, William, Aydan, Huddy, Gijs & Joe.  They decided to hold a charity bike wash to help children less fortunate than themselves.  As you can see, they were quite inspired and transformed many bikes.  They raised and donated RMB 100 to Heart to Heart that will be used to transform not another bike but a child’s life through heart surgery.  It was quite an accomplishment on a sunny Sunday.  We really want to thank them for their ingenuity and dedication.  What’s next on their agenda?  We’ve heard that they might be trying a bake sale.  I’m sure it will be a success and we hope they’ll donate to H2H again to help yet another child.  Thank you for spreading hope through your actions Emily, Richelle, William, Aydan, Huddy, Gijs & Joe!

在大多数人放松身心的星期天,艾米丽,蕾齐儿,威廉,艾丹,哈迪,吉斯和乔却很忙碌。他们举办了慈善清洗自行车的活动,来帮助比自己不幸的孩子。他们兴致勃勃地使许多自行车焕然一新,并将募集到的100元捐献给了“心连心”。这笔钱将被用来支付一位受助儿童的心脏外科手术。得以“焕然一新”的不仅仅是自行车, 还有一个孩子的生命。如您所见,他们在一个阳光明媚的星期天取得了一个很大的成就。我们真的要感谢他们的聪明才智和奉献精神。他们下一步的计划是什么?听说他们准备自己烘烤点心进行义卖。我相信他们又将大获成功,并希望他们再次为“心连心”捐款,以帮助另外一个孩子。谢谢你们 – 艾米丽,蕾齐儿,威廉,艾丹,哈迪,吉斯和乔 – 通过自己的行动传播希望!

Message from the Sewing Team
As the team has a lot of members that are new to sewing, we organized a series of classes on sewing and cutting. Those met with so much success that we have created a separate cutting group;  the group will be very helpful in the future for big orders.   Currently, we are preparing beautiful new collections for Mother’s Day.  The collections include accessories, family bears and butterfly bears.  The collections are funny and creative.  We have enjoyed making them.

We would like to say a big goodbye to Zamira who has made hundreds outfits for both the heart bears and the baby bears.  We will miss you!




The Playroom is Expanding

The playroom at Yoda Hospital is very busy these days.  We have around 25-35 Heart to Heart sponsored children there most weeks.  It’s just wonderful to see them engage and have fun in the playroom.  So a big thank you for all the toy donations that have come in and to all the volunteers for making sure this special place remains a fun and safe space for all those kids.
Another positive item of news is that our recent partnership with Delta Hospital (located in Qingpu next to metro line 17) also means that we are going to have a playroom there eventually. So far this year over 50 children have had their H2H sponsored surgery at Delta so with our eyes set firmly in future surgeries taking place there, we are determined to make the Delta playroom a reality.  At the moment we are working to set it all up and we hope to hold orientations for volunteers in the near future.  So please stay tuned and when the time comes, sign up and become a Delta playroom volunteer!!

远大医院的游戏室最近相当热闹。好几个星期都有大约25-35个心连心赞助的孩子造访。看到他们在游乐室开心参与活动,真的太棒了。在此向所有捐赠玩具的善心人和志愿者致谢,你们的付出让孩子们有个安全又有趣的空间消磨时光。 另外一个好消息是我们最近跟位于青浦地铁17号线的德达医院成为合作伙伴。这代表着未来我们也会在那儿有个游戏室。今年已经有超过50个孩子通过心连心赞助,在德达医院接受手术。所以基于未来会有更多手术在那儿进行,成立游戏室势在必行。目前我们正在进行设置,希望在不久的将来能在那儿进行志愿者培训活动。敬请关注持续更新的讯息,时机成熟了,请加入德达医院游戏室志愿者行列。

Message from the Assembly Team

“Assembly” has always been a large part of Heart to Heart and over the past few years we have added many new activities to enhance and expand the volunteers’ H2H experience.

You may never know what a Tuesday morning or the last Thursday of the month will include…. It might be sorting, selling, cleaning or moving boxes. The one constant thing is you are with like-minded friends who share the same passion to help children in need while having fun.

As we grow and expand, the Assembly team does as well. Over the past few years, it has been a small team of dedicated volunteers making sure assembly ran like a well-oiled machine. We now have a small army that keeps busy and moving assembly forward.  Introducing our united nations of team leaders:

— DJ Wizniak (Canada) is the ‘guy in the tie’ who looks like he does nothing, but just you try follow him on Tuesday morning and you will get dizzy.

— Jane Bouve (UK) is our elegant expert of knowing what’s going on.  She can be found organizing bear orders or bagging donations while keeping the hallways clear.

— Taeko Fujino (Japan) is our packing guru.  She keeps the bags organized, sewn closed, labeled/packed properly and always with her infectious smile.

— Michele Davis (Australia) is our creative artist of supply and demand making sure we don’t run out of anything and that everyone is always kept busy. If you need anything find her.

— Mark O’Rourke (UK) is our logistics hero, who can be found under a pile of boxes or collecting mounds of donations with his team of skilled volunteer movers. If you need anything jiggered, he’s your guy.

— Sunita Rafiz (India) is the hostess with the mostest welcoming volunteers and guests to assembly by showing them around and sharing our story. You will often see her with new volunteers, so please say hi.

As we grow, and volunteers leave, we need new fabulous people to fill positions on an ongoing basis. If you want to be part of something amazingly fun, rewarding, and meet some like-minded volunteers, or simply want to do more, just chat with one of our assembly team leaders.




– DJ Wizniak(加拿大人):就是那个看上去什么都不做的“领带君”,但如果你在每周二早上试图跟着他的步伐,我保证你会头晕目眩。





– 苏妮塔 (印度人):她是最受欢迎的新志愿者及访客的女主人,她会带大家四处参观并分享心连心的故事。你会经常看到她和新志愿者在一起,所以请和他们打个招呼。


2021 Battle of the Bands 

Are you a middle or high school band and really want to have an opportunity to show how good you are?  Do that and more!  You can play 2-3 songs for a large crowd and potentially be crowned the best band in Shanghai for 2021.  Register today to play in the May 16th competition in the Green Sports & Leisure Center in Jinqiao.  Proceeds will go to Heart to Heart Shanghai to put towards heart surgery for a child and the glory will go to you!  Register now by calling and sending a WeChat to Pearl at 18357268713.

你是一个初高中的乐队成员,想要有真的机会展示自己的实力吗? 你甚至可以得到更多! 你可以为一大群人演奏2-3首歌曲,还有可能获得2021年上海最佳乐队的称号。今天就报名来参加5月16日在金桥绿色体育休闲中心举行的比赛吧!所得的所有款项将用于“心连心上海”为需要帮助的孩子做心脏手术,荣誉将属于你! 请致电18357268713 并向Pearl发微信信息报名。


Farewell Note from Christine Beck 
Yesterday afternoon I got out of the car, tired and sweaty but very happy.  There were six ‘Heart to Hearties’ in that car driving home from the Qingpu storage of the new Yoda Health City Hospital complex.  There we had organized a GAP sale for the employees, getting all the boxes of donated clothes out of storage, arranging them for the sale, assisting people with their shopping, packing the remaining clothes back into all the boxes after the sale and finally carrying them back into the storage room. After this sweaty workout, we were tired but in high spirits and very happy. We earned the money for nearly half a heart surgery that would save another child’s life.

To be able to raise as much as we can to support as many kids as possible, we made many of these trips to Qingpu and we organised sales in Yoda Hospital as well. In our assembly sessions we sort donations, pack bags for the villages, sew and knit clothes for the bears and get them ready for sale. Helping children by these activities brings us closer together. We do this with a lot of fun and I always enjoyed being part of this wonderful group of people.

Dear H2H family, I will miss your commitment, your team spirit , your friendship and all the nice talks and laughter we shared. I am proud being part of all that and helping to improve and enrich the lives of all these kids and their families. But looking back, I realise that this also enriched my life.

Thanks to all of you and keep up this good spirit.
I will miss you much when I now go back to Germany.

昨天下午我下车后,感觉即疲惫又冒汗,但是很开心。从青浦新尤达健康城市医院(Yoda Health City Hospital complex)的仓库开回家的车上有六位“心到心”(Heart to Hearties)的成员。 在那里,我们为员工们组织了一次义卖,把所有捐赠衣服的箱子从仓库里拿出来,安排他们销售,给予人们购物上的帮助,销售结束之后将剩下的衣服装回箱子中,最后运回仓库。经过这次大汗淋漓的锻炼,我们很疲惫,但情绪高昂,也非常高兴。我们赚了将近半个心脏手术的钱,这将挽救另一个孩子的生命。





Farewell from Zamira 
H2H is the best charity organization one could volunteer for.   I have met people from around the world and made good friends.  It also allowed me to help at assembly, play with the kids recovering from surgery and use my sewing skills to make heart bear outfits. I have always looked forward to volunteering every Tuesday and enjoyed being creative with the sewing group.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter,  but I will always remember the good times I had here.  I am very grateful that I volunteered for H2H and I know that my efforts did help changed a child’s life for the better.

Lastly,  thank you for your dedication and friendship.  I will keep in touch and will be watching what the group is up to.

Best Regards,

心连心是在慈善机构中担任志工的最佳选择。我在这儿与来自全球各地的人相识相知。我得以在后勤集会帮忙、跟术后复原的孩子们玩儿、还利用自己的缝纫手艺给爱心小熊做衣服。我总是盼望着每周二的志愿服务活动,也以跟缝纫团队创新设计为乐。 我以沉重的心情写这封信,但我会永远记得这段欢乐时光。感恩得以在心连心担任志工,并且知道自己的付出的确帮助改变了某个孩子的命运。 最后,谢谢大家的贡献和友谊。我会保持联系并且关注心连心的发展。 此致, Zamira













Featured Volunteer of the Month: Manuela Anguis
I’m Manuela.
I’m Italian.  I come from Sardinia.  Do you know what it means? It means that now that summer is starting (but not only in the summer indeed) homesickness is very strong.  Where are the white beaches, the turquois sea and the sea breeze? Very, very far from here….

I found a really good way to distract myself from these thoughts: become a volunteer of H2H!  A dear friend introduced me in this new and fabulous world about one year ago.  I have never volunteered before.  This is my first experience and I’m very happy to have started.  I go to the hospital every Tuesday and Thursday morning in accordance with my work schedule. There are a lot of things to do!  I also used to volunteer in the playroom but, unfortunately,  because of work, I am no longer able to attend.   That was a wonderful experience too! Did you know that Chinese children are really good at making puzzles?   And when they fail to fit the pieces into the puzzle, they get angry?  Not only the children, but the parents as well are very active in the playroom!

I met nice and selfless people who dedicate a portion of their time to helping less fortunate people. Yes, we are really fortunate and we often forget it.  H2H is a big family.  That’s why we are sad when someone leaves Shanghai and moves to another country.   Sooner or later it will also my turn to leave and, although there will be some inevitable sadness, I will be happy because I will have contributed in my small way to save a life – the life of a child born with a fragile heart but who has never stopped giving smiles because he knows he was lucky too.





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