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May 2020

May Assembly:

Tuesday, May 5        9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, May 12      9:30-12:30
Tuesday, May 19      9:30-12:30
Tuesday, May 26      9:30-12:30
Thursday, May 28    17:30-20:30

May  Events:

Monday, May 11         SEA Coffee Morning

First Assembly Held on April 14

We’re back!  Assembly sessions have restarted at Yoda Hospital per our published schedule.  It was wonderful seeing the 13 volunteers who came and participated in our first session on April 14.  Lots of old friendships were renewed and some new ones made.  Most importantly, we were able to sort piles of donated goods and detag a lot of new clothing that came to us from vendors.  It will be going out to the countryside to people who need it once we get the transportation straightened out.  We hope that we’re able to see more and more of you as more of our local volunteers come back and flights will hopefully start coming in for those “stranded” in other countries.

Donated goods can now be sent to us by kuaidi – 上海市徐汇区龙漕路218号远大心胸医院心连心基金 Karen 13916295852.  It will probably be June before drop offs are allowed.

If you are planning to attend a future assembly session, please remember that you MUST be on the H2H active assemblers list or signed up as a prospective assembler (through a new application).  Once you reach the hospital, please check in with Karen at the lobby desk.  You will need (1) your temperature taken, (2) a mask, (3)  your GREEN QR code, and (4) you will need to fill out a card stating that you have been in Shanghai for at least 14 days.  Not hard!  We’re looking forward to seeing you.  We have LOTS to do!


捐赠物品现在开始可以直接通过快递寄送给我们,收件信息:上海市徐汇区龙漕路218号远大心胸医院心连心基金  凯琳特(收) 13916295852。鉴于目前的情况,亲自送捐赠物到心连心办公室可能会在6月左右开放,当然我们会继续积极配合医院工作,一旦医院批准允许,我们会再更新信息。


Playroom to Resume Operations on June 1

At the moment the Heart to Heart playroom looks like a tornado hit it since we are sorting donated goods in it.  But, by the end of May, it should be back to its lovely, fun self so we can begin playroom sessions every afternoon beginning June 1.  (We will be holding an abbreviated children’s day gift handout in the room on Sunday, May 31, but we are already staffed for that activity.)  Nevertheless, all of you playroom volunteers who have been wanting to get back to work with our little patients should be able to sign up now for sessions beginning June 1.  Naturally, we will also need all of the orientation leaders to sign up for sessions as well (through your group chat) so that new recruits from the past few months can finally learn what the playroom is all about and start volunteering.  It’s all very exciting and we hope that many of you are around to participate.

Only active playroom volunteers who have signed up on the internet scheduler and prospectives that have officially signed up and been scheduled through Ross ( are allowed in the playroom.  If you are worried about whether you are still active or not, please check with Karen at or WeChat (Karen-H2H).

Come have fun and bring some joy into the lives of the children who are in the hospital!  Bring some fun into your own lives as well;  it’s been a long, stressful winter and spring!

此时此刻,心连心的儿童游戏室看上去像被龙卷风袭击过,因为我们正在整理大量的捐赠物品。不过,到5月底,它就会恢复以往充满童趣的样子,并从6月1日起正常开放了。在5月31日那天,我们将在这里举办一个简单的儿童节礼物发放活动,也已经确定了当天值班的志愿者。当然,所有想回归儿童游戏室陪伴小病人的志愿者,从6月1日开始,也可以在线注册当月的值班日期了。同时,我们也需要所有负责志愿者入职培训的培训师们,在自己的微信群里进行当月值班日期注册。这样,过去几个月新来的志愿者们也就可以正式上岗担任志愿者了。这即将到来的一切非常激动人心,我们希望更多的人都能参与进来。 唯有通过Ross正式注册过的志愿者才能进入心连心儿童游戏室。如果您无法确定自己的志愿者身份是否依然有效,请通过info@h2hsh.net或微信(Karen-H2H)向Karen咨询。 来吧,给住院孩子们的生活带来一些快乐吧!也为您自己带来一些乐趣, 毕竟我们刚刚经历了一个漫长而沉重的冬天和春天!

Help Us Knit Hats for Our Upcoming Cooperation with Innocent Drinks

Calling all knitters and crocheters….. We need your help no matter where in the world you might be.  Heart to Heart is about to sign a cooperation agreement with Innocent Drinks to become their charity partner in China.  We hope to have years of cooperation with them that should benefit many, many children through heart surgeries and the provision of food cards for their families.  How can you help us?  We need little hats for the Innocent Drink bottles.  We literally need to provide thousands of them – and the need will be ongoing.  They should, however, be fun and easy to knit.  Use your creativity.  As long as the hat fits the bottle (contact us on that if you have questions or need a sample bottle), it should be fine.  If you knit a bunch of them and don’t live in Shanghai, contact Karen at or Wechat (Karen-H2H) and we’ll figure out how to get them from you to us.  We need them to come to Shanghai for them to “count” in the campaign.  There are patterns on the Innocent Drinks site at and on the H2H website at  We can also send you training videos and more help aids.  Just contact us.  Please help!


Our First Sponsor Visit after the COVID-19 Lockdown!

Yay!  Finally!  Although we’ve had quite a few children come into the hospital for heart surgery this year, we weren’t easily able to have their sponsors into the hospital to meet them.  Since this is always a lovely part of the H2H process, it was rather distressing.  Now, however, everything is looking up.  The first child to have a sponsor visit since the COVID-19 lockdown was child #1591 – Fang Guoqing – an 11 year old boy from Jiangxi province.  He was fully sponsored by the Shanghai Expats Association (SEA) at the end of 2019.  He had a complex CHD problem, but came through his March 24 surgery well.  Members of the SEA were able to visit him in the H2H hospital playroom on April 1.  It was a great meeting.  Since then, Fang Guoqing passed all of his post-surgery tests and is now back in Jiangxi province with his family.  We’re really glad the SEA sponsored him and got to visit him!



Featured H2H Volunteer – Michele Davis

I arrived in Shanghai March 2019 from Perth, Western Australia. I encountered one of the H2H volunteers at a SEA welcome event & turned up to assembly the following week. Being involved with Heart to Heart is a lovely chance to give back to the community and also provides a purposeful activity with a great group of people.

I have 2 children still studying in Australia & they have both had the chance to visit Shanghai & help out at H2H assembly. The H2H volunteers are a very industrious bunch of people – it truly is amazing the sheer quantity of stuff that is processed each week! Not to mention the Tardis like capacity that the back room possesses!
The fact that tasks performed at assembly, both sorting & sewing, are part of the process that ensures a child gets life saving surgery is powerful. The motivation & commitment of the long serving volunteers is also commendable. The level of creativity that is employed to maximise the funding of life-saving operations is inspiring, from Karen’s sponsored treks, to art shows & shoe drives & everything in between.

Volunteering with Heart to Heart has become a big unexpected highlight of moving to Shanghai. Right now quite a few of the volunteers are not in Shanghai, for some it is temporary as they wait for borders to reopen and I look forward to them returning. But for others their China adventure has abruptly ended and they will not return – it is a sad way to farewell such committed volunteers and their presence & laughter will be greatly missed. As that is the core of H2H volunteers – a great group of people motivated around a single cause, namely, little kids getting a healthy heart.
In the next few months I look forward to travel restrictions to rural China being lifted and joining field trips into the countryside to visit past patients of H2H.


Featured Sponsor: Mountain Trails Wines/Ozland

Mountain Trail Wines. …. Our journey in doing business with China started 15 yearsago with importing products from China to Australia. Over this time, I had built up both business and personal relationships.  From my first visit to China in 2008, I felt amazed about the people and their culture and with wanting to know more about China I have continued to visit every 2 years.  Over the last 6 years we are getting more people asking for Australian products for themselves and their families. Through this Ozland was born. We have been exporting Australian wines to China for 5 years searching from the many wineries in Australia for suitable wines based on quality and price. Our main objective was to provide a better wine at a better price for those in China.

With Ozland sales growth over this period and with people enjoying our wines in China, we decided to search and find a suitable charity to contribute to.  We chose Heart to Heart Shanghai for the work they do for and as a father myself of 2 young children, I wanted to use the experience of supporting H2H to educate my children.  In the past few years Ozland and Mountain Trail Wines have donated wines to be used at H2H events and will continue to do so. We have also purchased bears to help support surgeries.  We are also planning to donate towards other H2H projects such as libraries and sports programs.


随着Ozland 在这段期间在中国销售成长和日益受欢迎,我们也决定挑选一个合适的慈善事业来支持。我们选择了上海心连心,是因为他们所做的事,身为两个孩子的父亲,也要透过这个经验来教育他们。过去几年Ozland 和 Mountain Trail Wines 捐赠酒品赞助心连心的活动,未来会继续这么做。我们也购买爱心小熊来支持心脏手术。我们也计划捐赠心连心其他图书馆和运动器材的项目。

Warren Clark
Ozland & Mountain Trail Wines – Director

WeChat: WarrenClark00

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New Project Manager
Abi Chin

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Grace Hsu
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New Knitting & Sewing Volunteers
Carrie Yu Min
Kateryna Gedz
Yi Zhen Mao
Josie Wang

New Assembly Volunteers
Candia Allen
Madeleine Maier
Stephen Thorn
Yi Zhen Mao

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