March 2022

Heart to Heart Newsletter

March Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, Mar 1         9:30 – 12:30***
Tuesday, Mar 8         9:30 – 12:30***
Tuesday, Mar 15       9:30 – 12:30***
Tuesday, Mar 22       9:30 – 12:30***
Tuesday, Mar 29       9;30 – 12:30***
Thursday, Mar 31   17:30 – 20:30***
*** COVID test required within 1 week of attending

March Events: 

Saturday, 3/19       Commune Market
Sunday, 3/20         Commune Market
Sunday, March 27 Yoga for Charity

H2H’s 2021 Annual Report

If you’re interested in Heart to Heart’s year (2021) in review, request a copy of the annual report.  Just ask for your copy from or (WeChat) Karen-H2H.

若您想了解2021年心连心年度报告的更多详情,可以通过“ ”或者 微信“Karen-H2H”。

Donated Goods – Drop off Rules During Covid

For those who missed our announcement last autumn, donated goods can be sent to Heart to Heart by kuaidi at any time (as long as we aren’t required to be there to receive them.)  Just use the address in the attachment and put the delivery recipient as Karen 13916295852.

Donated goods can also be dropped off at Yoda Hospital.  However, the drop offs must occur within the designated assembly date times the schedule at the beginning of the newsletter or prior arrangements must be made with DJ (WeChat – DjWizniak).  When dropping goods off, the donors are not allowed into the hospital complex.  Instead, please call DJ at 18516254244 upon arrival (at the designated times).  He will send a crew out to meet you at the gate and pick up the donation.

Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart through your in-kind donations.  There are many people out there who will be thrilled to receive the goods.

对于那些错过了我们去年秋季通告的朋友们,再次通知一下,捐赠的物品可以通过快递在任何时候送到心连心(只要不需要我们在那里接收)。快递的地址详见附件,收货人是Karen 13916295852。

捐赠的物品也可以直接送到远大心胸医院。 但是,必须在指定的装配日期内(见附件)或事先与DJ(微信- DjWizniak)联系约好时间。 卸货时,捐献者不允许进入医院。 因此,请在到达后 (指定时间) 致电DJ 18516254244。 他会派一组人去门口接捐赠物资。

感谢您通过物资的捐赠支持心连心。 有很多人会因为收到货物而兴奋不已。

Great Concert by the Heart Rockers
Hogchoker’s singer and sax blower, Simon Jackson, on how the Heart Rockers show came about…..

The beats are echoing through the green room; the bands all know they’re the most amazing thing that’s entered the Shanghai music scene even if they sound like poor Rolling Stones cover bands. Yet there is a certain euphoria this year that has been missing at other gigs. A feeling we’re maybe doing good for something other than our egos.

For most of the past decade Shanghai band Hogchoker has put on a big Christmas or New Year Show (The Hogchoker Hogmany) with all their friends playing. This year we decided to make it a little more special and, after two years of feeling lucky to be where we are and how much less we are affected by COVID and lockdowns than most of the world, that we wanted to give something back to the community. Something more than a great party, that is.

All income from our single ‘Shoot the Poets’ went to PEN International this year (I don’t know how many poets were saved by it but none were harmed in the making of the song) but we were sure there were vital causes nearer to home.  As our lead singer has been the MC at several Shanghai Racquet Club charity events for Heart to Heart this was unanimously agreed as the cause closest to our own hearts in Shanghai.

The longest running punk and rock livehouse in Shanghai, the legendary YuYinTang, agreed to host and eight great, eclectic local and ex-pat bands rocked, funked, popped, skanked and punked the night away. Hogchoker, Loose Booty, Dizang, Banjax, FYB, The Matt Barker Project, Jungle Butterfly and The Ray Dio Band put on amazing shows while Shanghai’s 2nd best DJ TM, DJ BO, spun classic discs between the bands.

David Kelman of Banjax spent weeks scouring the tastiest vendors in this metropolis and used his Scottish charm (and possibly more nefarious skills) to secure an amazing array of raffle prizes from hotels, restaurants, studios, galleries and almost every real ale manufacturer in China which raised almost 8,000 rmb in surely the biggest rock raffle (run by two plump British ale supping musos) Shanghai’s ever known!

With YuYinTang donating a percentage of the bar take and the door money from a sold out show we made 16,588.30 to donate to Heart to Heart and all had an amazing night. The biggest takeaway from all the bands as they wobbled into Didi’s in the early hours was the determination to set up a new show for H2H and make it twice as big!

Hogchoker 的主唱和萨克斯吹奏手 Simon Jackson给大家说明Heart Rockers演出的缘由…

过去近十年上海Hogchocker乐队每年都在圣诞节或新年期间跟所有的朋友一起推出盛大的演出活动The Hogchoker Hogmany。今年我们决定要比较特别一点儿。我们很庆幸经过两年的新冠肆虐,全球历经几次的封锁,而我们在此地的生活受到的影响很有限,除了办一场盛大的派对之外,更要借此回馈社会。
我们的单曲“Shoot the Poets” 收入今年全数捐给了国际笔会 PEN International (确实有几位诗人被拯救不好说,但是没有人在创作过程中受到伤害)不过我们深信在我们身边就有重要的引子。由于乐团的主唱曾经多次在上海西庭网球俱乐部担任心连心慈善活动的司仪,所以这个离我们的心最近的上海组织就被我们全数通过选定了。

长期在上海提供朋克和摇滚乐现场表演场地,传奇的育音堂同意主办,八个特棒,不拘一格的本地和外籍人士组成的乐队,在摇滚、放克摇滚、流行摇滚、闪客摇滚、和朋克摇滚乐声中度过了夜晚。有Hogchoker, Loose Booty, Dizang, Banjax, FYB, The Barker Project, Jungle Butterfly 和 The Ray Dio Band 精彩的表演,以及上海第二把打碟师DJ BO 在各乐队表演空档时间播放经典光盘。

Banjax 乐团的David Kelman 花了好几个星期筛选大都会里的美食供应商,也发挥他的苏格兰魅力(可能也用了邪门儿技俩)取得一连串酒店、餐厅、工作室、艺廊和几乎所有在中国的真正啤酒生产商,提供近人民币8000元的抽奖奖品,产生由两位英籍肌肉壮汉主持的上海有史以来最大金额的摇滚抽奖活动。

Things We Need 

Each child/family whom Heart to Heart sponsors for heart surgery receives a large bag of “gifts” when they get to their room.  This bag is always received very enthusiastically.  It contains clothing for the whole family, toiletries for the hospital stay, tissues, wet wipes,  a “throw” blanket for the hospital bed, towels/washcloths, diapers (if the child is a baby), books, toys to occupy the children while they are in bed, stationery/school supplies for older children, etc.  In other words, this bag of “goodies” is very important.  The things in the bags are new and donated by H2H supporters and volunteers.

Once travel becomes a little more affordable and easier after the long Spring Festival holiday, many children will be coming in for heart surgery.  Each will be hoping for one of the gift bags.  We hope to be able to satisfy everyone.  For March, however, we are a little short on the following items:

  • Baby toys
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Body lotion
  • “Throw” blankets for the hospital beds
  • Towels
  • Diapers – Medium size
  • Adult toothbrushes
  • Masks

If you would like to help us out by donating any of these items, please do so.  You can just kuaidi them to our Yoda Hospital address with Karen 13916295852 as the receiver.  You will help us make the new arrivals feel very happy in an extremely stressful time.



  • 婴儿玩具
  • 成年人牙膏
  • 身体化妆水
  • 可以“扔”在医院的病床上的毯子
  • 浴巾
  • 尿布-中号
  • 成人牙刷
  • 口罩

如果你能捐赠这些物品,我们会非常感激。你可以把这些东西送到我们在远大胸腔医院的办公地址,收件人是Karen, 手机13916295852。你的善举能帮助我们让新来的小病人在紧张之余感受快乐。

Thank You SEA!
The Shanghai Expatriates Association has been supporting Heart to Heart since 2005.  Many of our volunteers come from the SEA and the SEA has sponsored many children for heart surgery over the years.  In addition, for many years they have been raffling one of H2H’s famous “Year of the ???” bears among their members at the first post-CNY coffee morning of the year.  With their February 2022 Coffee Morning, the tradition continued.  Not only did the SEA donate a generous amount to Heart to Heart during the coffee morning, but they held a raffle featuring our Year of the Tiger bear which added another RMB 7,000 to their donation.  It is wonderful having SEA do so much for the children of China.  We are honored to have them as sponsored.

上海外籍人士协会(SEA)自 2005 年以来一直支持上海心连心。我们的许多志愿者来自 SEA,SEA 多年来赞助了许多儿童进行心脏手术。 此外,在每年春节后的咖啡早晨活动,SEA都会在他们的会员中组织心连心著名的“生肖熊”抽奖。 在 2022 年 2 月的咖啡早晨,这一传统也在延续。SEA不仅在咖啡早晨向心连心慷慨捐款,而且还举办了我们的虎年熊抽奖活动,使捐款增加了7,000元人民币。感谢SEA 为中国的孩子们做这么多事情。我们很荣幸获得他们的赞助。

Goodbye Yoda Playroom. It’s Been a Heart Changing Ride!
As you may have heard already, Yoda Hospital is changing locations to Health City (Yida Hospital) in Qingpu in the near future. Sadly, this means that the playroom in its Xuhui district location will now be permanently closed.  Moreover, we haven’t been able to run playroom sessions since the beginning of August 2021 due to COVID management rules, making it even harder to say goodbye.

So, let’s celebrate the over 10 years of bringing happiness and joy to the hospitalized children at Yoda Hospital.  All the volunteers over those years have done something remarkable; they’ve changed children’s lives (and their family’s) by helping them recover faster and enjoy being a kid whilst making the hospital visit a little less tough. From Heart to Heart we would like to say thank you to all the volunteers that spared some time out of their busy schedules to make this playroom an everyday reality for hundreds of children.

This change brings new opportunities and offers the option of volunteering in brand-new facilities. We don’t have the opening date yet, but it is in the near future.  So stay tuned for updates; we will love to have you volunteer at Health City’s new playroom when it opens up!

Even though this is a new chapter that we look forward to and are sure will bring joy to many more children in the future, we will always have the Yoda playroom in our memories and our hearts.

您可能已经听说,远大心胸医院近期将迁址到青浦健康城(宜达医院)。这意味着我们将告别位于徐汇区的游戏室。自2021 年 8 月以来,由于新冠的原因,游戏室一直处于停运状态,这让我们更加觉得恋恋不舍。

正因为如此,让我们一起纪念这 10 多年来,远大医院的住院儿童在这个游戏室里度过的欢乐幸福的时光。这些年来,所有游戏室里的志愿者都做了一件了不起的事情 – 他们帮助孩子们更快地康复并享受童年的快乐,使孩子们的住院时光不再那么难熬,改善了孩子们(和他们家人)的生活。我们衷心感谢所有志愿者,是他们在百忙之中抽出时间,让数百名儿童每天都能在这个游戏室里度过美好的时光。


We Would Love to See You at Assembly

Assembly is still happening.

The past few years have been tough in many ways for many people. Assembly is no different, but in ways you would not imagine. Donated goods have not stopped coming in.  We now have hundreds of bags ready to be sorted so we need your experience and expertise to help get it done. You just need to do a quick COVID test within 7 days (we need to follow local hospital COVID management rules) and join us.  The more volunteers that come out, the quicker we can get back to being sorted and organized.

We still meet Tuesday mornings at 9:30 and work till around 3:30 with a lunch break around 12:30.  COVID tests have become easier and cheaper and can be done in most areas.

Hope to see many more volunteers in the near future!


过去几年对很多人来说在很多方面都很艰难。 后勤集会也不例外,但你也许无法想象为什么。 捐赠的物品源源不断地输入。我们现在有数百个袋子等着整理和分类。因此我们需要您的经验和专业来帮助我们完成这个艰巨的任务。 您只需持有效的7 天内核酸检测阴性报告(我们需要遵守医院对于疫情的防控管理政策)就可以加入我们了。 参与的志愿者越多,我们就能越快地处理好这些捐赠物品,回到井井有条的状态。

后勤集会仍然在星期二早上 9:30 开始,到下午 3:30 左右结束,中午 12:30 左右是午餐时间。 核酸检测已经变得更容易、更便宜了,在很多地方都能做。


2021 in Review from Mei Kang

This is my third annual report of Heart-to-Heart (H2H), which also means that I have been with H2H for three years. The most important thing in the annual report is the collation of two data: the analysis of children and sponsors. In 2021, H2H funded total 406 children to complete heart surgery. It became the highest record in the 18-year history of H2H, which is also equivalent to double the 203 children in 2019! I believe every H2H volunteer will be excited and proud of this result.

When I look at the excel file with each child’s name, age, name of heart disease and province they are from , I suddenly feel they are no longer just numbers and words, they are all vivid  lives that are reborn! Among these 406 children, girls are 56% and boys for 44%. The proportion of children aged 4-10 years old is 41%. They come from all over the country – most notably two places: 33% of the children come from Guizhou and 31% from Tibet.  I recall in last spring, H2H’s “donating suitcases” project helped more than 20 Tibetan children’s families. With the promotion they could properly bring back the donated items they had received during their stay in Shanghai. Many enthusiastic people took part in the call for “donating suitcases” in their schools and communities and transported their suitcases to Yoda Hospital. About 40 suitcases of all sizes were brought back to Tibet by Tibetan families. What a call for love! Heart to Heart volunteers always try their best to help the families of children solve their difficulties.

In 2021, my experience of volunteering in H2H also gained a lot. I participated in two field trips. In April, we went to Zixing, Hunan province, and donated five rural school libraries and sports package; In November, we went to Chuzhou, Anhui Province, where we visited 12 postoperative children and completed the donation of five rural school libraries and sports packages. The trip to Anhui was difficult due to COVID management. Our trip could have been cancelled or interrupted at any time. Fortunately, we completed all the tasks and delivered more than 100 bags of donations to the funded schools and children’s families. 

As a member of the “Art for Hearts” committee, we started preparations in April 2021. My major task for the period was to be responsible for communicating with about 80 artists who donated pieces on WeChat and to help them complete the donation process. One month before the show, my new task was to recruit 10 volunteers and lead a team to sell art at the event. Several senior volunteers in this team from Heart to Heart handled this task and had a very good sales result. This exhibition was a great success with a total of about 360,000 yuan raised.  That supported 12 children to complete heart surgery. I am so happy to be part of it.
Even though H2H has many knitters who make outfits for heart bears, we still need to recruit more volunteers every year. In 2021, I have participated in 7 on-site knitting classes to teach people how to knit outfits for heart bears. We entered companies, schools and communities to spread the word of H2H and help knitters.

In May of 2021 at the H2H Mother’s Day Charity Carnival, I made the “Silver Moon” family band with my daughter and son. We performed two times at the event and did another performance in October. It’s a very meaningful for my children to experience “volunteering with hobbies”.

In 2022, besides the routine work of the H2H WeChat account, translation and annual report, I hope I can continue to balance between family and personal needs and witness the wonder of H2H!







Featured Child – Zhaxi Baizhen – H2H Child #2005

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor and help more people,” Zhaxi Baizhen said with a smile as she stroked her pigtails.  “The nurse not only washed my hair, but also braided it for me.”

Zhaxi Baizhen was diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease in June 2021 by a Delta Hospital screening team that had gone to Tibet to identify children with CHD.  Through a special program to bring Tibetan children into Delta Hospital for heart surgery, Zhaxi Baizhen was brought to Shanghai and admitted to Delta Hospital on November 25.  Her earlier diagnosis was confirmed;  she was suffering from ascending aorta and aortic arch dysplasia, VSD, PDA, tricuspid valve malformation and severe pulmonary hypertension.  Obviously, her surgery was going to be very complex and expensive.  Luckily, Heart to Heart and Delta Hospital were able to join forces to approve its funding.  On December 8 Professor Liu Jianshi performed an aortic arch plasty, a ventricular septal defect repair, a mitral valvuloplasty, tricuspid valvuloplasty and a patent ductus arteriosus ligation for her.  Although there were a lot of worried people, she seemed to come through it fine.  But then she developed hemolysis and on December 24 a mitral valvuloplasty had to be performed.  It was successful.  Although it was a long grueling month for her, on December 29 she was strong, looking good and was able to be moved from ICU to her room on the ward.  She was all smiles to everyone’s relief.

By mid-January Zhaxi Baizhen was on her way back to Tibet feeling much better!  Heart to Heart would like to thank Delta Hospital and the donors participating in Karen’s 2021 H2H 5,000 Kms Challenge for sponsoring her surgery and completely changing her life.  In the words of Delta Hospital representatives “We hope she will run freely like a Tibetan antelope and soar like an eagle!”


2021年6月,上海德达医院筛查团队确诊扎西白珍患有复杂的先天性心脏病。该团队曾远赴西藏,筛查患有先天性心脏病的儿童。 11月25日,一批来自西藏的先天性心脏病患儿,通过一个专项项目,住进了德达医院,等待心脏手术,扎西白珍便是其中一位。她的先期诊断得到了证实:她患有升主动脉和主动脉弓发育不良、室间隔缺损、动脉导管未闭、三尖瓣畸形和严重的肺动脉高血压。显然,她的手术非常复杂和昂贵。幸运的是,心连心和德达医院合力解决了手术资金。 12月8日,刘建实教授为扎西白珍进行了主动脉弓成形、室间隔缺损修复、二尖瓣成形、三尖瓣成形和动脉导管未闭结扎手术。大家都提心吊胆,扎西白珍术后初期状态稳定,但随后出现溶血,并在 12 月 24 日进行了二尖瓣成形手术。手术很成功。术后的一个月对扎西白珍来说漫长而艰难。 12 月 29 日,扎西白珍看上去很不错,并从重症加强护理病房转入了常规病房。她满面笑容,让每个人都松了一口气。

一月中旬,扎西白珍在回西藏的路上感觉好多了!心连心感谢德达医院和参与 Karen 2021 年H2H 5,000 公里挑战的捐赠者,他们的捐助使得扎西白珍的手术成为可能,她的生活也彻底变了样。用德达医院代表的话来说,“我们希望她能像藏羚羊一样自由奔跑,像鹰一样展翅翱翔!

Featured  Volunteer of the Month – Lee Jung Woo

I am an IT Consultant, DJ and music producer from Korea.  I’ve been in Shanghai for almost 10 years. I firmly believe in the purpose of the Heart to Heart of sponsoring corrective surgery for children with congenital heart defects from families in need. Even though I wish I could be physically more active in the movements and activities of the organization, I am bound up by a very busy event schedule. Nevertheless, it is with great honor and compassion that I offer my help in managing and ensuring the smooth running of the H2H website and network logistics. It is indeed very satisfying to be able to use my professional aptitudes as a volunteer resource. Even though every volunteer wishes to see the smiles on the faces of the children and their families after their successful recovery, I am still glad to be part of this journey from behind the scenes. Charity is to be able to do something selfless for those in need and I believe that actions speak louder than words. I am proud to be part of this 100% volunteer organization and sincerely hope to be able to do more for the children in need.


Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

New Knitting and Sewing Volunteers
Claire Wu

New Events Volunteers
Claire Wu
Francesca Cosmai

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