March 2021

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March Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, March 2- 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, March 9 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, March 16 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, March 23 – 9:30-12:30
Thursday, March 25 – 17:30-20:30
Tuesday, March 30 – 9:30-12:30

March Events: 

Monday, March 8
SEA Coffiee Morning

Update from the Sewing Team 
First of all, we’d like to say “welcome back” to Ingrid Dupper our sewing team co-manager!   Things have been really busy over the holidays and it is great to have her support again.  Since the first of the year, we’ve prepared 520 outfits for special orders that came in from companies for Chinese New Year!   As we receive more and more big orders for bears with sewn clothing, we are thinking of reorganizing the team into subgroups.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to proceed with this as yet.  With the recent COVID scare in Shanghai, we had to stop our Wednesday sessions so our sewing team could only continue with “homework”.   They made amazing strides though and finished all the orders that were called for.  We even got to make a special order of creative doll outfits for one of our sponsors whose little girl’s doll’s clothes had gotten into a very tattered state.  The doll will have great clothes for the Year of the Ox though.  Many very creative outfits were made and are about to be sent out.  The ones pictured are just a few of them.  There are some really creative sewing team members!  What are we working on now – restocking the heart bear and baby bear clothes and adding a new butterfly design.  It should be a great spring once the markets start back.  Of course, if you want a large order of our designs, you can always special order it through (or Karen-H2H).    We love to sew for Heart to Heart!    — Marie Blossier首先,我们要欢迎我们缝纫团队的联合经理Ingrid Dupper的回归!假期里事真的很多,我们很高兴能再次得到她的支持。从今年年初开始,我们已经准备了520套公司特别为春节订购的衣饰!随着我们收到越来越多的缝制熊的大订单,我们在考虑将团队分为小组。不幸的是,我们目前还无法执行这个计划。由于上海最近出现了新的COVID感染,我们不得不中止我们周三的团会,这样我们的缝纫团队只能在家继续工作。但是他们仍然取得了惊人的成果,按时完成了所有的订单。我们甚至为其中一个赞助商下了一份特别的创意玩偶服装订单。 他们的娃娃的衣服已经变得破烂不堪,但在牛年里,小熊一定会穿上漂亮的衣服。我们的队伍做了许多非常有创意的服装,他们即将被发送出去。图中的只是其中的一些。 我们有一些非常有创意的缝纫团队成员!我们现在正在努力补充爱心熊和婴儿熊的衣服,并添加一种新的蝴蝶设计。一旦市场开始复苏,这应该是一个伟大的春天!当然,如果您想要大量的设计订单,可以随时通过或Karen-H2H)进行特殊订购。我们喜欢缝制心连心! -玛丽·布罗西耶


The Playroom is Open Again! 
Between a short COVID scare in Shanghai and Spring Festival when most parents won’t bring their children to hospitals for surgery unless it’s an emergency, February was a tough month for the playroom and its volunteers.  Now that both Spring Festival and the COVID restrictions are drawing to a close, children should start coming into Shanghai for heart surgeries again.  And the great news is that the Yoda playroom will resume activities as of March 1st!!! Yay!! I hope you all are excited to be back!! Start signing up to volunteer and let’s wish for an amazing year of the Ox!!
Tacolicious Guest Chef Night Tacolicious, located in the new factories development at 34 Yuyao Rd, lived up to its (de)licious name on 9th February when a large, enthusiastic crowd got to enjoy their Taco Tuesday Special prepared by guest Chef Koen Vessies.  The Chefs Special, a fantastic value at RMB95, consisted of a tasty and well presented entree, followed by 2 double shelled tacos, that received the thumbs up from all the guests at our table. Top this off with a Tacolicious selected cocktail, along with lively, colourful surroundings, attentive service and it’s an evening everybody enjoyed, which was evident by the large crowd who got to enjoy Chef Vessies’s skills that night.

For those who may not be partial to cocktails or alcohol, the staff were happy to replace the included cocktail with a drink of your choice. While the Chefs Night is a Tuesday promotion, Tacolicious still offers their full menu food and drink options so there is plenty of choice to be had.

Tacolicious’s community support was evident on the night with part proceeds of the Chef Special going to Heart to Heart.

Heart to Heart would like to thank Saira and Logan from Tacolicious for their support, Chef Vessies for preparing such a well presented tasty meal, along with all the Tacolicious staff who worked to make the night a great success.

Guest Chefs Night at Tacolicious will be a monthly event, the Heart to Heart team are looking forward to the next time we get an opportunity to visit and enjoy the Tacolicious hospitality.

Tacolicious位于余姚路34号的新工厂开发区,在29日,当一大群热情的人群享受到由客座厨师Koen Vessies准备的墨西哥玉米卷周二特别版时,它的名字名副其实。我们的厨师特色菜价值95元,包括一份美味可口的主菜,以及两个双壳玉米饼,我们桌的所有客人都对这道菜表示赞许。除此之外Tacolicious还有精心挑选的鸡尾酒,活泼多彩的环境,周到的服务,每个人都很享受这个夜晚,这一点从当晚一大群人享受了Vessies主厨的厨艺就可以看出来。





TEC Gala Results
Heart to Heart is a new member of The Expatriate Center (TEC) and didn’t really know what to expect when they invited us to participate with several other charities in their Gift of Hope Christmas Gala.  We agreed, but then came the news that there were some little things that had to be done for it.  … For those who know me well, you know how much I truly hate to be photographed and TEC wanted to make a video of H2H and insisted I be in it.  It was to be used on a huge screen for the gala presentation.  Yikes.  I didn’t like that much at all, but their videographer was really nice and it turned out to be only a mildly terrible experience.  (Not really – it was fine.)  Then came the news that the affair was formal.  OMG.  That involved purchasing a gown.  I rarely get dressed up and not very well during those times so that was a super scary thought.  And shopping???? Not something I do.  But Nancy Kong and I decided to go together and we each bought a dress for the occasion and scheduled ourselves for the gala dinner.Now everything started to change.  Nancy and I got to the gala on that really cold night in December and found that there were hundreds of people there all excited about the dinner.  We had a table with a few of the other charities in the front.  They were lovely and the meal was great.  So far so good.  The other charities were featured first so Nancy and I got a little worried that all the invitees would run out of money by the time they got to the Heart to Heart part of the evening.  Wow, were we wrong.  Generosity was definitely flowing with the wine that night.  The wonderful people at TEC and their supporters bid to sponsor 12 children for heart surgery that night!  That was a result that we never would have hoped for in our wildest dreams.  Thank you TEC and thank you to all the sponsors who bid that evening.  Rest assured that you donations have now all been received, the fapiaos written and we are waiting for your sponsored children to come into the hospital for their surgeries now that the Spring Festival holiday is over.  We’ll be contacting you soon to introduce you to them.  Thank you in advance for changing their lives!

心连心是外籍人士中心(TEC)的新成员,在接到出席希望礼物圣诞晚会的邀请时,不清楚该有什么预期。我们同意出席,却又被告知要参加必须做点儿小事儿… 认识我的人都知道我是多么不喜欢出现在镜头前面,而TEC要摄制一段心连心的录像,并且坚持我必须入镜。这是要在晚会简报大荧屏上使用的。哎呀!我真的一点儿也不喜欢,好在他们的摄影师人很好最后只是稍微的感受到恐怖经验。(其实不然,这经验还行)接着我们又得到消息说这是个正装晚会。天啊!这表示我得买礼服。我很少正式地打扮,寥寥可数的经验也挺负面,正装出席的念头很可怕。逛街买东西????那真不是我会做的事情。孔楠跟我决定一起去,所以我们就为了这个活动各买一件连衣裙,如期赴会。


Our Global H2H Family 
Heart to Heart has been in operation and saving children’s lives for over 17 years. In that time hundreds of volunteers have freely given up their time to sort, knit, sew, sell and support – and not just in Shanghai.Typically, expats spend 3 to 5 years in Shanghai, and one of the hardest things is leaving behind the social family community of H2H.  HOWEVER, volunteers who have moved on to other countries have often continued meeting in their respective countries or in WeChat groups and continued supporting the ongoing need for heart surgeries.

If you are leaving Shanghai and still want to help, join an existing group in your home country or start a new one in your local community.  If you knit or sew, patterns are available and we can always find a way to get finished bear clothing to the assembly room.

Once you are registered as a Heart to Heart volunteer you are part of a bigger family – for life. A family that continues to grow and do amazing work on the foundations you helped create.

如果你即将要离开上海,但仍想提供帮助,请加入在你的祖国的现有团队,或在当地社区建立新的团队。 如果你会编织或缝制,图案都是现成的,在完成之后,我们总是可以找到一些办法,把你的成品爱心熊服装带到上海心连心的后勤室。


Making Their Holiday Count! 
We applaud Zoe Hamilton and Dania Kieler Gama for taking full advantage of the amazing weather we had over the Spring Festival holiday.  They got together and sold lemonade to benefit Heart to Heart.  The RMB 600 they donated from the venture will go a long way towards helping another child have the heart surgery he/she needs.  Great use of your holiday Zoe and Dania!  Thank you非常感谢Zoe Hamilton和Dania Kieler Gama充分利用春节假期期间的好天气,一起合力售卖柠檬水,为“心连心”筹资。他们捐赠的600元人民币的营业收入将大大地帮助下一个需要的心脏手术的孩子。佐伊和戴妮娅,你们的这个假期过得太有意义了!谢谢你们!
Thank You Sewing Team!
Over the holidays the sewing team worked on numerous outfits for a sponsor’s daughter whose doll really needed clothes.  The clothes have finally been received in Zhejiang province and here is the note from the doll’s “grandmother”.  We thank the “grandmother” for the nice donation made to Heart to Heart as a result of the sewing spree!I can’t thank you and ladies enough for all the gorgeous clothes they made !!!! It is absolutely unbelievable and made with love and so much creativity !!! My daughter is so happy!

(心连心的一位捐助人的女儿,急需很多洋娃娃的服饰。节日假期期间,心连心缝纫小组为这位小女孩赶制了很多套洋娃娃的服饰。近日,这些漂亮的服饰终于到了浙江省。 以下是洋娃娃的“祖母大人”的来信。我们感谢“祖母大人”给予心连心的捐款!)   嗨,凯伦,我对您和各位女士们缝制的所有这些华丽的服饰感激不尽!!!!这些充满爱和创造力的衣服绝对令人惊喜不已!我的女儿真的很开心!

H2H’s 2020 Annual Report
If you’re interested in Heart to Heart’s year (2020) in review, request a copy of the annual report.  Just ask for your copy from or (WeChat) Karen-H2H.若您想了解2020年心连心年度报告的更多详情,可以通过“ ”或者 微信“Karen-H2H” 联系Karen女士。
 Featured Child of the Month: Yang Chengling (H2H Child #1739)

2020 was a strange year and it sometimes took a while to get children into the hospital because of the fear of COVID.  One of the children who was finally able to make it in was Yang Chengling, a 3 year old boy from Guizhou.  In August 2019, Yang Chengling was taken to the city hospital for the treatment of a severe cold and purple lips.  He was tested and found to have congenital heart disease.  His heart beat very fast and he was often ill. The doctors thought that he should have surgery, but the parents couldn’t afford it.   (Later tests revealed that he had complex congenital heart disease and surgery was required as quickly as possible.)  There are four people in his family including parents, a 5 year old brother and Yang Chengling.  The mother takes care of the children at home. The father does odd jobs and earns around RMB 30,000 a year. They were in debt for 40,000 yuan when they applied to Heart to Heart for help since they were unable to borrow enough money for the surgery.

After years of waiting at home since they didn’t know how to get help and then waiting several weeks in the hospital to stabilize enough for surgery, Yang Chengling was finally able to have the open heart surgery he needed on February 5.  (We thank the donors to the Tencent 789 campaign, Rosa Wong and the German Thanksgiving dinner through Christine Beck for donating the money to sponsor him.)  He was in the ICU for over a week after surgery, but started doing better and was been transferred to the Recovery Unit for another week.  This meant he had to stay in the hospital over the long Spring Festival holiday recovering.  It had to be extremely boring for him since only the most severe cases were in the hospital.  He had no one to play with since the hospital couldn’t allow visitors because of the COVID scare in Shanghai around that time and the playroom was closed for the same reason.  Nevertheless, the long stay in the hospital had a happy ending….. he is doing really well now and has just left to go back to Guizhou.  It will be a happy Year of the Ox for him and his family.  Although he will need to have many checkups in the future to ensure that his problem was completely resolved, he should be able to live a normal life now.  His future is much brighter after Heart to Heart’s help.  Thank you!


由于很长时间不清楚该如何争取协助,到了医院以后又花了几个星期让情况稳定,杨承凌终于在二月五号接受了等待已久的开心手术。(在此向腾讯789活动,Rosa Wong, 和Christine Beck 协调的德籍感恩节筹募晚餐的共同捐款赞助这次的手术致谢)手术后他在加护病房待了一个多星期,情况好转后又被转到康复病房一个星期。这表示他得在长长的春节假期里待在医院恢复。对承凌来说,新冠疫情管控医院谢绝访客,游戏室也因此关闭,没人跟他一块儿玩儿,肯定闷到不行。尽管如此,长时间住院有美好的结局….他恢复地很好,刚刚出院回贵州了。对他和家人来说,今年会是个快乐的牛年。虽然往后他还需要多次复检确保完全治愈,目前他可以正常过日子。他的未来也因心连心的帮助而光明许多。谢谢你们!

Featured Volunteer of the Month: Yulia Brennan

I am Yulia Brennan and I moved to Shanghai with my family in July 2019. I learnt about H2H through my husband’s work at the British Consulate where they’ve supported H2H for several years. My first involvement was taking donated clothes to the hospital assembly session and helping to sort them out. We also helped to sew hearts on to bears outfits. The work was filled with laughter and friendly banter. I felt like being part of one big happy family. It was December and I was really starting to settle here…..then Covid struck China. Most families from the Consulate had to return to UK where we stayed for several months. When we returned, I realised how tough the past year has been to the charity, so I looked for ways to get involved again. I signed up to help sell the famous H2H bears at Christmas markets. It was lovely to tell people about H2H, to show that behind every cute bear there was a life story of the child whose heart condition had been helped thanks to the tremendous work of the charity, volunteers and supporters. The picture is our first customer of the day with the bear of her choice. I have recently started to work for the Consulate as the Community Liaison Officer and look forward to becoming more involved with H2H work.我是Yulia Brennan,2019年7月搬到上海。透过在英国领事馆工作的丈夫,知道领馆支持多年的心连心这个组织。最早是在后勤团队协助接受和整理捐赠的衣物,给爱心小熊的配件缝上心连心的红心。这份工作充满了欢笑和善意逗趣。我觉得自己去属于一个欢乐的大家庭。那是十二月,我觉得自己开始适应了新环境… 没想到新冠疫情袭击中国。大部分领馆的工作人员家属都返回英国待了好几个与。我们再回到上海的时候,我发现这一年对心连心面对的运作挑战巨大,所以就再度参与服务。我登记了圣诞市集义卖爱心小熊的活动。能够向大众介绍心连心,在可爱的小熊背后每一个通过慈善义举、志愿者、支持者的爱心得以接受手术治疗的孩子的故事,是非常令人高兴的事。这张照片是我们当天第一位客户和她亲自挑选的爱心小熊的合照 。 最近我开始担任领馆社区联络官的工作,非常期盼能与心连心有更多合作的机会。
Featured Sponsor of the Month: Kellan Wang

I’m Kellan. I was born and raised in China. I work at an investment bank in Shanghai. I’ve been living in Shanghai almost two years. There are always surprises here in Shanghai.  Love the city. Prior to Shanghai, I studied and worked in California for a couple of years. Apart from work, I’m a big fan of snowboarding and Netflix.

Why do I support Heart to Heart?  When you learn the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to be merely normal, you want to do something. But the problem is you don’t how or where.  At the very first, a very trustworthy friend of mine introduced H2H to me. I was told that H2H was a professional NGO focused on providing free heart surgeries for kids with congenital heart disease but couldn’t afford a surgery. The team was small but very accessible, efficient and transparent and it was true as I went closer with H2H. And here I am.  What really impresses me about their work is that they show us every kid who got better by heart surgery with every small amount of money donated by me and others. Those unlucky kids were previously in pain but unheard.  I was amazed again by how H2H found them and helped them. I read their stories and I feel my donations finally made some good results rather than going nowhere.  Although my donations are small, they help.  H2H’s commitment, transparency, and professionalism have really made a lot of lives breathe easier. They deserve more attention.

我叫Kellan,来自中国,目前在上海从事金融领域工作。我来上海快两年了,很喜欢这个城市,总是能发现惊喜。来上海前,我在美国加州留学和工作了几年时间。工作以外,我很喜欢滑雪和Netflix。 为什么我一直支持H2H?随着年龄和阅历的增长,我遇到了很多很多不那么幸运的人,当我意识到有时一点点的帮助就能改变那些人的命运时,我就开始想去做些什么了,但问题是如何做和怎么做。后来来到上海后,我很信赖的一位德国朋友讲给了我H2H这家公益组织的故事,我很受打动,他们通过长期努力已经为许多患有先天心脏病的孩子提供了免费手术,改变了他们的命运。和H2H进一步接触和合作后,发现这个团队非常的了不起、专业以及透明。有一点特别打动我的是,不同于我以前接触过的NGO,我所能做的仅仅就是捐款,H2H清楚的让我知道我和其他人追踪到每一分捐款拯救了哪个孩子,以及安排后续的探望,虽然个人的力量非常有限,并且能帮助的人屈指可数,可当你看到具体一个人因为你而呼吸的更顺畅时,真的很开心。 我以前真的不知道中国仍有那么多不幸运的孩子被疾病和贫困剥削着生命,更不知道H2H里的这些外国人默默的在一个一个的救助那些孩子,作为一个中国人,我希望能尽我的一份绵薄之力,让更多人的人注意到他们。


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