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June 2020

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Saturday, June 6       Commune Market

Group Volunteering Kicks Off

As spring disappears and summer slowly creeps up on us, we are finally getting back to work. COVID-19 shut down our sorting and organizing for a while and now we need to step it up.  Luckily, regulations are relaxing so on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons we are happy to host up to 12 volunteers for group volunteering.  We were lucky to host our first group volunteering session of the Year of the Rat on April 28;  in that session we were joined by a great team from Be Kind.  We spent several hours delabeling donated clothing and the group learned more about how they can contribute to H2H.  Their purchases and donations will help us sponsor more children in the future.

If you and your work or school mates would like to help Heart to Heart through group volunteering, please contact us by sending an email to Bev at  We would be happy to sign you up for a session.

Thanks!  DJ

 Goodbye Note from Christina Nestler

Dear Karen and Volunteers,

It’s unbelievable how a virus can change our lives and how plans become obsolete.  It is really a pity and I am shocked, but Corona has had an unforeseen impact on my life. Unfortunately, I am not able to come back to Shanghai for living and volunteering for Heart to Heart. I have to stay in Germany and accept new challenges in my private life as well as in business.

Thank You to Karen, DJ (“love is love is love is love” ;-)) and Nancy.   You are the engine and spirit of Heart to Heart.  I am very grateful for being a part of your organisation for nearly two years and all the friendships I have made.  I also want to say Thank You to all of the volunteers for enriching my life in every moment with Heart to Heart during assembly, knitting or at any event!  It was always a pleasure and great fun to work in a team like yours with a lot of international, interesting and dedicated people.

You are all doing an outstanding job!

I hope the activities of Heart to Heart will soon get back to normal.  Furthermore, I wish you all the best for your future and Heart to Heart many successful surgeries, happy families and generous sponsors.  Hopefully I will meet you again on a field trip.

Come and join Heart to Heart, get involved and be a volunteer!

Christina from Germany (from the events set up team)

亲爱的凯琳和志愿者们, 无法想象一个病毒能改变人生,让计划成为泡影。很可惜也很震惊新冠病毒对我的人生造成了没有预料到的影响。我再也无法回上海住,和担任心连心志愿者的工作。我必须留在德国接受个人生活和事业的新挑战。 感谢凯琳特(Karen),DJ (“爱就是爱就是爱” ☺️) 和Nancy。你们是心连心的动力和精神。感激两年来有机会参与这个组织和建立的友谊。也要向所有在各个心连心活动当中丰富了我的人生的志愿者们道谢。能够和像你们一样具有国际性,多元性和有奉献心的伙伴们合作,充满乐趣。 你们都做着出色的工作! 希望心连心的作业很快能恢复常态。此外,我对各位的前途,心连心更多成功的手术,幸福的家庭,和慷慨的赞助者献上祝福。希望我们还有机会在回访之路重逢。 请加入心连心行列,参与活动,成为一位志愿者。 从德国写信给大家的克莉丝汀娜 (活动布置组)

The Events Season has Kicked Off

Events are finally back up again and our beautiful bears have awoken from hibernation! It was our pleasure to join Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA) on Monday, May 11, for their coffee morning where new and old friends gathered to catch up and mingle. In support of our mission at H2H, SEA auctioned off our wonderfully knitted Year of the Rat Bear in an exciting raffle. SEA was able to donate RMB 5,600 for the bear to Heart to Heart to help sponsor a child for heart surgery.  And the winner was more than pleased to take the heart bear home. After speaking with some of the SEA members, it was heartwarming to find that many are sponsoring children through H2H and visiting them at the hospital – one member has sponsored up to 10 children! What a great turnout for our first event after COVID-19 with many more to come. Together, we are making a difference.  Sign up for the events team and join the fun.  Let’s keep going!


Things Needed for the Children in the Hospital

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Heart to Heart.  No, none of our sponsored children nor patients in the hospital have contracted it.  Once funded, children are still coming into the hospital and getting the surgeries they need to survive.  But, since donations are way down in the wake of COVID-19, Heart to Heart has very few full-sized toiletries or other necessities to put in the children’s / families’ welcome bags.  I know it doesn’t sound all that bad, but remember that these are families who come to the hospital with nothing and have to live on nothing in the hospital rooms for weeks on end.  We want to make their stays in the hospital as comfortable as possible since the time is extremely stressful for them anyway with their children having heart surgery.  So, if you have the means, please help us with obtaining some of the things we need:

  • Baby lotion
  • Baby wash
  • Baby toys
  • Hand towels and wash cloths
  • Blankets for single beds
  • Liquid and bar soap
  • Body lotion

Donated goods for the children and their families can be sent to Heart to Heart at our Yoda Hospital address at the end of the newsletter.  Just use “Karen 13916295852” as the contact if you send it by courier.

Of course if you’d like to donate towards a child’s surgery, that is ALWAYS appreciated.  Just contact Karen on WeChat (Karen-H2H) or mail ( if you’d like to donate.
新冠疫情对上海心连心带来了巨大的影响。但是,不要误会,我们资助的孩子和医院的病人都没有感染过。 一旦得到资助金,孩子们仍然进入医院,接受他们生存所需的手术。 但是,由于捐赠物资随着新冠爆发之后已经减少了非常多,我们用于发放给患儿及家属的洗浴用品及其他日常生活必需品库存已经几乎用完。 我知道这听起来并不算那么糟糕,但请记住,这些家庭一无所有地来到医院,不得不艰难维持连续数周在病房里生活。 我们希望让他们在医院呆得尽可能舒适,他们的孩子都做了心脏手术,时间越长对他们压力越大。 所以,如果你有意愿或渠道,请帮助我们获得一些我们需要的物品:

  • 婴儿洗发水
  • 婴儿沐浴露
  • 儿童玩具
  • 手巾和浴巾
  • 单人尺寸毛毯
  • 香皂或洗手液
  • 成人沐浴露

所有捐赠物均可通过送到上海心连心在远大心胸医院的地址,具体信息请见此份月报的结尾。另外,如果使用快递寄送方式,收件人信息请务必使用- Karen 13916295852。


T-Shirts to Benefit H2H

Our good friend from Z Wang T-shirts has made Heart to Heart Shanghai his official charity beneficiary in his new online shop.  The first of the t-shirts he is offering to benefit H2H has a QR code on it that scans to say “STAY AWESOME”.  He will soon add more t-shirt styles and colors (they already come in any size) – the proceeds from which will go to H2H when you order them.  I just got myself one and it was really easy.  (If you can’t read or type your address in Chinese, however, you might have a friend with you when you scan the QR code so that you can get a little help.  Otherwise, they are really easy to order.)  There are also t-shirts from many of our supporters on the site so you can order from them too.  Some benefit H2H as well.  Stay Awesome and sponsor H2H!

我们来自Z Wang T恤的好朋友决定把上海心连心列为他新开张的在线商城的正式慈善受益伙伴。T恤上会印有一个二维码,扫描二维码会显示”STAY AWESOME” (真棒)。之后会有更多款式和颜色的T恤,销售所得会捐给心连心。我已经订购了一件,非常方便。如果你不会写中文地址,或许可以在使用二维码时请朋友帮助。我们也有很多合作机构的T恤出售,您可以直接订购。其中一些也会将销售收入捐给心连心。支持心连心,真棒。

 Message from the Knitting Team

Heart to Heart always needs knitters and we don’t care where you are knitting from.  We give a big thanks to Karen Fakesch who just knitted 103 gorgeous sweaters in Germany.  Now we just have to get them to Shanghai so our heart bears can wear them.  Thanks Karen!


 Message from the Sewing Team 

We just had a shipment of heart bears wearing sewn dresses go to Beijing to help with a company’s Children’s Day celebration.  As a result, we are almost out of sewn dresses.  Many of our seamstresses are out of the country at the moment so we’re trying to find new people to join our sewing team members who are currently working hard to keep up since bazaars are back and we’re selling bears.  So if you’re interested in cutting, sewing or other tasks associated with the H2H sewing team, please let us know.  We can use you!  Come meet some lovely ladies and support our efforts to make some stylish summer dresses for our heart bears.  Just scan the volunteering application and apply today!


Donate Your Old Transportation Cardsto Heart to Heart 

With everyone using their phones to pay for transportation these days, transportation cards are almost a thing of the past.  In addition, there are always many people moving out of Shanghai who have no future use for their cards.  Wondering how to put them to good use?  Heart to Heart would love for you to donate yours to us. We can cash them in and put the money towards heart surgeries.  We’d love to do it.  There should be enough of them out there to pay for multiple surgeries.  Tell your friends and families!  So, if you have one, two, three …. please give them to us.

Contact us through WeChat at “Karen-H2H” or on email at

如今大家都用手机支付交通费用了,交通卡也渐渐成为历史。搬离上海的人们也不再使用上海交通卡了。那闲置的交通卡还有什么用途呢?心连心鼓励大家将不用的交通卡捐赠给我们。我们会用退卡所得善款来资助心脏手术。请帮助我们广而告之!欢迎通过微信”Karen-H2H”或者邮件 info@h2hsh.net联系我们。

Happy Birthday to Heart to Heart Shanghai

In June Heart to Heart Shanghai will celebrate our 17th birthday.  That means that for 17 years we have done our best to help Chinese children who couldn’t afford heart surgery get the surgeries they needed.  To date we’ve done 1,635+ life-savings surgeries.  The surgeries definitely changed the lives of the children who had them, but they positively impacted their families and villages as well.  We’ve seen the positive changes in the families again and again when we made trips to see them after surgeries.  It’s just amazing what the kindness of strangers can do.

We’d like to continue to help children and their families in 2020.  Due to the global impact of COVID-19, however, our mission to raise funds to help children obtain surgeries has become even more difficult.  We truly understand why donations are down, but hope that some of you who haven’t been as hard hit by the situation will remember that the H2H children still need heart surgeries;  their congenital defects won’t wait for COVID-19 to go away.  Thus, we hope you’ll remember to donate to H2H with whatever means you have at your disposal – little or big.  Every RMB helps!  There are numerous ways to donate no matter where you are in the world (Wechat, Alipay, wire transfer, PayPal, credit card, cash).  Just contact us by email at or by WeChat at “Karen-H2H” if you need information on how to help.

Happy Birthday H2H!



Featured H2H Children of the Month – A Famiy Affair 

In the past Heart to Heart has done surgeries on many sets of identical twins.  This year, however, we had a rare case where the second of two sisters from the same family – Luo Meina (H2H Child #1609) was sponsored for surgery.  In February 2019 Qi Xuan (H2H Child #1355), a 4 year old from a farming family in Jiangsu province, had her open heart surgery for her complex CHD condition after a bout of pneumonia almost killed her.  She was partially sponsored by one of our long-time sponsors Fortune Kindergarten – Hongqiao.  While she was in the hospital, her family had her older sister (8 years old) tested for heart problems since she had also always seemed to experience problems and was ill often.  Sure enough, Luo Meina was found to have TOF and needed surgery as well.  The family was overwhelmed by the decisions they faced and the monetary problems they had.  They decided to put Luo Meina’s surgery off for a year – until Qi Xuan had recovered.  A year passed and Qi Xuan thrived.  The parents decided that it was time that they try to get Luo Meina the surgery she needed as well.  Unfortunately, they were still in debit and were once again unable to get a loan.  They remembered that Heart to Heart had said we would help them and applied for Luo Meina to have her open heart surgery.  Naturally, the application was accepted.  And, miraculously, just to keep it in the family, Fortune Kindergarten Yaohao came forward to be her sponsor.  Luo Meina had her surgery in April of this year.  She and her little sister are now both back at home and doing well.  Their family is thrilled and so thankful to Heart to Heart and to Fortune Kindergartens.  Some day we hope to visit the family in Jiangsu province and take representatives from the two Fortune Kindergartens with us so that the whole “family” can be together and celebrate life as it should be.


Featured H2H Sponsors – Sharon & Rich Pallarino

After raising and launching 3 boys in Minnesota, USA, my husband and I thought we would settle into a quieter lifestyle of work, reading, cooking and visiting family.  Instead, in the spring of 2017, we jumped at an opportunity to move to Shanghai. Rich had traveled to Asia for work for many years, but I moved to China without ever even visiting.

I got involved in H2H shortly after arriving in Shanghai.  I happened to sit at Karen’s beginners table at Brits Abroad mahjong and she told me all about H2H.  Volunteering at the hospital appealed to me because it combines my love of volunteering with a love for helping children in need.  I started to come to assembly and then joined the sewing team.  I was able to sew many dresses as I have a sewing machine at my apartment. I have also participated in and very much enjoyed 2 field trips to the countryside to visit sponsored children and dedicate school libraries.  Although the trips involved a lot of time on the bus, the camaraderie. was delightful.

I am also very active in a Shanghai Expat Organization.  I get to meet and help people who have just moved to Shanghai get adjusted to life in the big city and get involved in whatever way they might be interested in.  I love seeing many of the people that I have told about H2H come to assembly and get involved.

Last fall, we had the honor of sponsoring a child’s heart surgery. It was so fun to go to the hospital and see our sponsored child and meet his family.  Sponsoring a child was our way of “paying it forward”.  Our youngest son went through a life-threatening illness at age 13. Having access to excellent health care and having good insurance was so important to our family during that time.  We were able to concentrate on supporting him and not worry about medical bills. Thankfully, he is 26 years old now and very healthy.

Last month we were notified that H2H was partially reimbursed for the surgery we sponsored last fall. The reimbursed money was used for another child’s surgery in April. We were so pleased to hear that our sponsorship helped save a second child’s life.

In December 2019, Rich’s employer asked us if we would be willing to stay in Shanghai for 2 more years.  We accepted, but before I could return to China from Christmas break, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We are both currently at home in Minnesota waiting for the chance to return to Shanghai. Hopefully, that will be soon.  I miss all the activities, wonderful people and volunteering opportunities that Shanghai has to offer.

我先生和我在美国明尼苏达州有了三个儿子以后,我们觉得未来的人生将会是平淡温馨的。我们工作,阅读,制作美食,探望家人。然而在2017年春天,我们机缘巧合来到了上海。我先生Rich多年前曾在亚洲生活工作过,但我确是第一次来。 来上海之后,我在一次外籍友人团体组织的麻将活动中从Karen那里了解到了心连心志愿者活动,并决定参与其中。我喜欢志愿者工作,更喜欢孩子们,所以我对医院的志愿者服务很感兴趣。很快我就加入到组装和缝纫小组。我家里恰巧有缝纫机,所以我缝得很快。我也参加了两次乡村实地探访,见到了我们资助过的孩子们和学校图书馆。那两次的旅行虽然舟车劳顿,我们却都很兴奋。 与此同时,我也经常参加上海外籍俱乐部。在那里我帮助刚到上海的外国朋友们更好地适应新的生活环境。我很高兴很多朋友在我的推荐下也加入到心连心志愿者服务活动中来。 去年秋天我们资助了一个患儿的心脏手术。我很高兴能去医院拜访患儿和他的家人,也希望通过资助患儿来将人生中的幸运带给更多人。我的小儿子在他13岁时不幸患了重病。所幸的是优质的医疗服务和医疗保险帮助我们渡过了难关。我们不用担心经济负担,可以专心照顾小儿子。现在我的小儿子已经26岁了,他非常健康。


 Featured H2H Volunteer – Zamira Khalid 

I am Zamira Khalid.  l was born in Tajikistan.  My husband and l moved to China 2011 so we’ve lived here for 10 years. I like this country not solely because it’s very developed and modern, but because the history and culture fascinates me a lot.  Moreover, Chinese people are open-hearted and soft.  Looking at them you want to do something good and help. One day l was shopping at Zara.  The line was pretty long.  There was a one lady standing next to me.  It was Ann Carey.  We had a conversation and she asked me if l worked somewhere.  My answer was “ no “ because l was a housewife . She told me about Heart to Heart and said that if I wanted to come to the hospital to help, it would be great.  Of course l couldn’t ignore it because my country isn’t a really rich country. I went through a lot of troubles like:poverty, disease and sadness. I always say that we should be positive and hope for the best. I am very familiar with the feeling of not only these children, but their parents as well.  They’re going through emotional,and physical pain.  Parents of these children also need support and l should admit they are very strong people.  When l saw the children in the hospital my heart was broken.  Now I can’t stop helping.  I am a grandmother with 7 grandchildren.   l don’t want any children to be in the hospital sick or to be unhappy. I want a good, healthy life for children.  I am very thankful to Ann Carey for telling me about H2H.  Because of her, l can help vulnerable children.  We can all help them.  Volunteer!

我叫Zamira Khalid,出生于塔吉克斯坦。我的丈夫和我在2011年来到中国,已经生活了10年了。我喜欢中国,不仅因为它很现代化,也因为这里的历史和文化很让我着迷。中国朋友们很善良包容,我也很希望能帮助大家。记得有一天在Zara排队的队伍很长,站在我身边的是Ann Carey. 在闲聊中她问我在哪里工作,我说我是家庭主妇。她给我介绍了心连心,问我是否愿意去医院做志愿者。我想到我的祖国也并非富裕国家,我也经历了贫穷,疾病和伤痛。我总是觉得我们要乐观。我很能理解这些孩子和他们父母的感受。他们承受着身体和心理上的伤痛。在医院见到孩子们的时候,我感到心碎。我无法停止对孩子们的帮助。我有7个孙辈,我不喜欢任何孩子生病住院或者不快乐,我希望孩子们能健康快乐。我很感谢Ann Carey让我了解了心连心,我因此能都帮助到有困难的孩子。我们都能一起帮助他们。

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