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July 2020

July Assembly:

Tuesday, July 7     9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, July 14   9:30-12:30
Tuesday, July 21   9:30-12:30
Tuesday, July 28   9:30-12:30
Thursday, July 30 17:30-20:30

July  Events:

Sunday, July 5
Sally Huang Charity Sale
Saturday-Sunday, July 11-12
Jing’an Courtyard Festival
Each weekend (Saturday-Sunday)
starting July 11-12
Green Escape at Anyi Road

2020 Arts for Hearts 

t’s almost time to submit art for the 2020 Art for Hearts art show to benefit Heart to Heart.  We hope to sponsor many children for heart surgery through the sale of artwork this year, but can only do it if we have many artists participating. So, create a couple of amazing pieces for us and get your artistic friends to do the same.  We have professionals and amateurs participating.  Work will need to be submitted in August and September.  April (WC id:  aprilinwonderland) has all the rules so contact her for more details.  Help H2H save lives!

Note:  If you have original artwork and are moving or no longer want it for some reason, you can submit that as well.  We’re received some amazing pieces in the past under such circumstances and would love to get more!

Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart!

又到了为心连心艺术展2020 Art for Hearts捐赠艺术品的时候了。我们希望能用今年艺术展的销售所得资助很多孩子的心脏手术,而这个目标的实现离不开很多艺术家的参与。所以请大家为我们创作一些艺术品,并邀请您的艺术家朋友也加入其中。我们欢迎专业和业余艺术家参与。作品需要在八月和九月提交。April (微信号: aprilinwonderland)那里有参与规则,欢迎联系她。帮助心连心一起挽救生命。



Shoes of Love

(This is a letter we received recently.)

Dear Heart to Heart, 

First, we want you to know we care for all of the kids getting their surgeries  sponsored, and send our warmest greetings your way.

We sent you some shoes that were hand painted by us, so that you could have shoes with special designs made just for you! No one has shoes like these. They are even water proof! All the shoes are new and have never been worn, and have been made specially for all the kids in the hospital.

A lot of people helped get these new shoes for you by donating money and buying painted bags.

We hope to donate more in the future!

We hope you like the shoes, with much love,

Shanghai JY Group (Sophia, Larissa, Salma, Aeryn, and Teresa)

(From H2H):  Thank you Sophia, Larissa, Salma, Aeryn and Teresa.  I know that the children who receive your “shoes of love” will wear them proudly.  It’s not often that you receive gifts with so much love in them and that are useful at the same time.  I know that the children will love them.  Thank you for thinking of them during this difficult time in their lives.

亲爱的心连心, 首先,请允许我们对所有得到手术资助的孩子们表示关心,并向贵组织致以最热烈的问候! 我们为心连心送来一批手工绘制的童鞋,这样孩子们就可以拥有专属设计的鞋子了!而且它们是独一无二的,甚至是防水的。所有的鞋子都是全新的,也是我们特意为住院的孩子们制作,很多慷慨的人们通过捐钱或购买彩绘包来捐助这些新鞋。 我们希望将来能捐更多,也希望你们喜欢这些充满爱的鞋子! 上海JY集团(Sophia, Larissa, Salma, Aeryn, and Teresa) (来自心连心的回复):谢谢Sophia, Larissa, Salma, Aeryn, and Teresa!我相信收到“爱的鞋子”的孩子们会自豪地穿上它们。收到的礼物中包含如此多的爱,同时又很实用,这种情况并不常见,我相信孩子们一定会非常喜欢!也感谢您们在他们生活中的艰难时刻给予的关爱。

Help Sew for the Heart Bears!

Since events and bazaars have started back up for Heart to Heart, our sales of heart bears have been on the increase. Although the knitters and seamstresses who volunteer for Heart to Heart in Shanghai are working really hard, they are having a hard time keeping up with demand.  If you would like to knit or sew for Heart to Heart, please sign up by scanning our QR code for volunteering at the end of the newsletter and come join the fun.  We need you to help so that our heart bears have something to wear and we can sell them at events and thereby sponsor more children for heart surgery.  The kids are waiting and we don’t want to disappoint them and their families.  Help!

Also, if you are overseas and planning to come back to Shanghai any time soon, please us know by writing or Wechat “Karen-H2H”.  We’d love for you to bring heart bear outfits or Innocent Drink hats back with you.  We have people all over the world trying to help, but we can’t get their creations back at the moment.  (It is too expensive to mail them since Heart to Heart has no operating budget.)  We will try to link you up with knitters/sewers from your home country that have things to send back.  There are literally hundreds of items we’d love to have on this end.  For instance, the pictured items are from a H2H sewing group (also pictured at the beginning of the newsletter) in Germany.  The new outfits made by volunteers all over the world would really help!


此外,如果您在海外但计划很快回到上海,请联系我们 或者微信”Karen-H2H”。我们希望您能为我们带回心心小熊的服饰或者Innocent Drink的小帽子。我们来自世界各地的志愿者们都准备好了服饰和小帽子,所以我们需要把它们运回上海。(国际快运费用太高了)。我们会将您和我们的编织志愿者配对已方便安排运送事宜。我们有数以百计的东西要运回。照片中的作品来自我们德国编制组。这些来自世界各地的服饰能给我们带来很大的帮助。

Thank You to Those Donating Things on the H2H Wish List 

Last month we listed full-sized toiletries that we really needed to help us create the welcome bags we give each of our sponsored children and families when they come into the hospital.  We truly appreciate the response!  We have received so many wonderful things to give out when patients check-in.  I know the families’ stays will be much more comfortable and less nerve-racking with these items.  Thank you to all the individuals, groups, schools and companies who responded.  And a special thank you to SUIS Hongquan for the lovely way you sent your donations – in hand painted boxes.  We will be using the boxes in our assembly room to store things in the future.  It will brighten up the room as well as remind us all of our sponsors’ creativity and generosity.

Also, a current list of what is needed can always be found on our website at


H2H’s September Field Trip – Sign Up Now! 

Every year, Heart to Heart arranges field trips to rural provinces in China to visit our children who previously went through heart surgeries sponsored by Heart to Heart. During the field trips we also donate rural school libraries and sports packages to support the communities. Most volunteers view the trips as highlights of their lives in China. A link to one volunteer’s observations from a field trip to Anhui province several years ago is below.  We’ll be going back to Anhui this September 14-17.  If you’d like to share in that amazing experience, make a reservation by sending an email to or a WeChat to Karen-H2H.  We hope to see you then.  In the meantime, enjoy the article.

心连心每年都会组织去中国的乡村回访我们资助完成心脏手术的孩子们。在回访中我们也会捐赠乡村学校图书馆和健身器械。我们的志愿者们都觉得乡村回访是他们在中国生活中的亮点。一位志愿者把几年前安徽乡村之旅的经历记录了下来。我们今年9月14-17号会再次前往安徽。如果您也想参与,欢迎邮件报名 或微信联系Karen-H2H。我们期待您的加入。与此同时,欢迎看看这篇文章。

Goodbye Note from Michèle Laurent 

Dear H2H team,
Among the few Michèles at H2H, I was called French Michèle or Book Michèle or Michèèèle. I arrived in Shanghai in 2015 and I joined H2H three years later through a field trip as a member from the French partner charity « A Pleines Mains » where I was volunteering as the manager of the sewing section. APM sometimes funds a school library for H2H and that was how I was able to join the trip and discover this amazing organisation. Starting with a field trip was the best idea ever I must say. It showed me on the spot the direct results of H2H actions, seeing the kids healthy and happy back in their homes on the one hand and the many schools that were waiting for us with the libraries and sports equipment they had bought thanks to H2H funds on the other hand. I loved every aspect of that first field trip and went on three more after that until Covid-19 stopped us all … In the meantime, I joined the assembly volunteer group and I have not stopped going to the hospital’s third floor ever since. You would find me packing the school, toys and misc. bags – a teacher cannot be de-labelled that easily (as opposed to the mountains of clothes we sorted for so many months…). I also joined the playroom team for a short while when everyone was away and it needed staffing. Volunteering for H2H allows you to occupy different roles, in a very straight and simple way. I really appreciated this flexibility. I enjoyed the beehive atmosphere of Tuesdays’ mornings and kept being impressed by the huge amount of work that was done every week, in good spirits always. I could observe everybody’s commitment in the many actions and events that were prepared and led by wonderful people of all nationalities. In the end, I ended up joining a quiz team as well, for some more relaxing hours… I would like to make a special thanks to Karen and DJ whose amazing dedication makes H2H’s existence possible in China. I am so glad to have met you and been part of your team, for too short a time though. I thank you for the complete trust, the kind friendship you gave me, and for the good fun! Authentic comradeship along with a meaningful activity is what I found at H2H. I thank all the good friends that I met on my road. I will keep H2H and its people deep in my heart when I am back in France. I wish a long life to this exceptional project.

在心连心的Michèle中,我被称为法国Michèle或书籍Michèle或Michèèèle。我于2015年来到上海,三年后作为法国合作伙伴慈善机构“a Pleines Mains”的成员参与了一次乡村回访旅行,之后加入了心连心。我自愿担任缝纫部门经理。APM有时会捐助H2H的乡村学校图书馆,这就是我参加旅行并发现这个令人惊叹的团队的故事。乡村旅行是个很不错的选择。我了解到心连心行动的直接成果,一方面看到孩子们健康快乐地回到家中,另一方面看到许多学校正等着我们过去,他们用我们的捐款购买了图书馆和体育器材。在新冠疫情之前,我已经参加了三次旅行。同时,我加入了集会志愿者小组,从那以后我就一直去医院三楼参加活动。你会发现我在收拾书包,玩具和其他东西。当大家都不在的时候,我也加入游戏室团队。心连心的志愿者服务让你可以以一种非常直接和简单的方式担任不同的角色。我真的很欣赏这种灵活性。我喜欢星期二早上蜂巢般的氛围,每周做的大量工作给我留下了深刻的印象,我总是精力充沛。我可以观察到每个人在各项工作中的努力,他们有着不同的国籍。最后我也加入了一个测试小组,度过了更轻松的几个小时……我要特别感谢Karen和DJ,他们令人惊叹的奉献精神使心连心在中国的存在成为可能。我很高兴认识你并加入你的团队,虽然时间很短。我感谢你对我的信任,我们的友谊和快乐!我在心连心找到真正的情谊和有意义的活动。我感谢所有我遇到的好朋友。当我回到法国的时候,我会把心连心和所有志愿者记在心里。我希望这个特殊的项目能一直进行下去。

Play “Bottle Bingo” & Sponsor a Heart Surgery

Heart to Heart’s mission might be a serious one – saving children’s lives through heart surgery, but we love to have fun.  On July 17 we’ll be combining the two.  We’ll be having a great time playing H2H Bottle Bingo and using the proceeds to pay for a child’s heart surgery.  If you don’t know what bottle bingo is, don’t worry.  It’s easy and fun.  Come and join us!  RSVP through the QR code on the poster or if you have trouble with that, tell Karen at or (WC) Karen-H2H and she’ll make the reservation for you.  It’s going to be a fantastic evening at Abbey Road.

We’ll see you there!

心连心的使命也许很严肃——通过心脏手术挽救孩子们的生命,但我们也喜欢共度快乐时光。7月17日我们将把两者结合起来。我们组织了一个有趣的心连心水瓶宾戈游戏,收入所得会被用以支付一个孩子的心脏手术。如果你不知道宾戈是什么,别担心。游戏简单有趣,请加入我们吧!通过海报上的二维码预约。如果您有问题欢迎联系 info@h2hsh.net或微信Karen-H2H。这将是一个美妙的夜晚,我们不见不散!


2020 H2H Children’s Day Celebration 


The H2H Children’s Day was celebrated on May 31st. Due to COVID-19 situation, we didn’t want to risk having our traditional celebration so we decided to cancel all the normal activities and limit it to a gift bag give away. Volunteers came in the morning of the “party” and started to sort and fill bags in the H2H playroom since it was where we would give away the gift bags.  The volunteers packed 2 bags and 1 stationary kit for each child. One bag was a backpack filled with a selection of books and toys.  The second was a goodie bag filled with toys and snacks. When the children came into the room, it was a special time that was enjoyed by everyone. Without the dedicated volunteers and community support the day would have never happened.

H2H would like to thank everyone who was a part of the day.  See you all next year!    Kai (Alex) Zou

2020年上海心连心儿童节活动于5月31日成功举办. 鉴于新冠疫情的问题, 众多患儿和家庭成员参加聚会, 再加上心连心的志愿者和来帮忙的朋友, 对所有人来说都太冒险.但我们不想就这样取消掉这个上海心连心的”传统节目”, 经过考虑后我们决定取消所有的互动环节, 仅保留礼物发放这个部分. 帮忙的志愿者和朋友当天一早就开始在活动室分类/分装礼物, 下午的礼物发放也是在活动室执行. 每个孩子收到2礼物袋和1盒文具套装. 第一个礼物袋是书包, 书包里面装了多种图书和玩具. 第二个礼物袋里面装了更多的玩具, 糖果, 零食等, 满满一袋子. 孩子和家长们都很享受在远大医院的特别的一天. 但如果没有心连心志愿者和一直支持上海心连心的朋友的帮助, 我们不可能能够举办这次活动.

上海心连心诚挚感谢参与本次活动的所有人, 我们明年再见!   邹凯


Call to High School Seniors to Volunteer at H2H

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a rather strange year for a lot of people in the world, but it has been especially tough on those that are more vulnerable or are going through transitions. As we approach the end of the 2019/20 school year, we can’t help but wonder what our new senior graduates will be doing the next 6 to 12 months. Normally, attending universities and/or traveling around the world seem like the most common choices, however, this year they may not be.


So…what are the options for these young, bright and motivated adults (or for any high school students who will be in Shanghai over the summer)?  The best option we can think of is to become a volunteer at a charity organisation, allowing them to not only help those in need, but also expand their knowledge and understanding of their community, learning that any skill can be helpful.  And who needs volunteers?  Heart to Heart Shanghai!


Heart to Heart is a special fund of Ren De Foundation. We are a Shanghai based charity which provides corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart disease (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery. How do we do it, you wonder? Well, we have many different projects and areas dedicated to help raise money to sponsor the surgeries as well as to assist the children and their families, and anyone 15 years old and above can join any of them! For example:

  • Help sort out all the donations we receive at the Assembly session (generally every Tuesday morning and the last Thursday evening of the month).
  • Come play with the children currently recovering from the surgery at the Playroom (every day of the year from 2-4pm).
  • Attend and participate at events to raise money for H2H (please see our website for current and future events taking place).
  • Knit, sew or crochet some cute & cool outfits for our bears.
  • Take on some project in your community and/or school to raise money and/or collect donations (clothes, blankets, books, school material, household cleaning products, toys, Shanghai transportation cards, etc.)

H2H is a very friendly group where any skill is welcome and people are assigned to help wherever they feel happy and assist with tasks they enjoy.  We guarantee you won’t regret joining us and helping children have a future!




  • 帮助整理物资(一般是每周二上午和每月最后一个周四晚上)。
  • 来游戏室和正在手术中康复的孩子们一起玩(每天下午2-4点)。
  • 参与筹款活动(请访问我们的网站了解当前和未来的活动)。
  • 为我们的熊编织、缝制或钩编一些可爱又酷的衣服。



The H2H Playroom is Now Open! 

It was a pity, but the Heart to Heart playroom was closed for 4 months during the height of the COVID-19 epidemic in China.  Of course, having that much empty space was too tempting to resist so we used it for a storage and work room for the entire time.  There was also a small fire in a neighboring room which created lots of black ash and literally tons of water.  For a while the playroom was looking pretty terrible.  But, DJ and some of the assemblers and playroom crew made it all okay the week before the playroom opened on June 1.   It literally took days to get it back in shape.  But now, with the help of liters of disinfectant provided by Marsh (China) Insurance Brokers and some good old fashioned, back-breaking work, it’s beautiful again.  In fact, the children who celebrated Children’s Day in it and the kids who have used it every day since then, never knew that it was any different.  To them it’s still the beautiful, wonderland that they see as the playroom.

Come volunteer in the playroom.  It’s open daily from 2-4.  We need volunteers to help the children discover the wonder of toys, art, reading and the love of “strangers”.

Volunteer with us!




Sponsoring a Child for Surgery Through Heart Bear Sales 

We all love heart bears!  Did you know that the purchase of only 166 heart bears at RMB 200 each will fully sponsor a child for surgery?    This is great news for companies or schools that want to give out something meaningful to students/ teachers/employees/clients and at the same time help Heart to Heart.   The heart bears you receive can be a mixture of our different personally designed and made outfits or you can order specific colors and add we can add your logo or other advertising.  We’ll work with you to make your purchase significant for you while at the same time it is significant for the child who receives help.  Of course, any number of bears can be ordered…. we’ll just need time to prepare them.  Contact or (WeChat) Karen-H2H if you have questions or would like to place an order.

Give heart bears as gifts and help fund a child for heart surgery!

总所周知, 上海心连心的爱心小熊很受欢迎! 但你知道吗? 只要购买166只小熊(200元每只)所支付的总金额, 就能够全额赞助一台先心病患儿的手术. 对于公司或学校而言, 这是一个极好的机会, 能够在给予学生/教职员工/公司雇员/甚至客户礼物的同时, 还能帮助到那些需要手术救治的先心病患儿及其家庭. 你购买到的爱心小熊, 服装均由我们的志愿者各自独立”设计”后手工编织或缝纫, 所以可以说是每个小熊都是独一无二的. 当然, 你也可以批量定制自己想要的颜色或加上公司/组织的logo或广告图案等. 我们会竭尽全力与你配合完成你的订单的同时, 也会极力去帮助因你支付订单款项而得到手术赞助的孩子及其家庭. 当然, 不论数量多少, 都可以联系我们下单, 我们会根据实时库存及要求安排合理的交货时间.  只要通过info@h2hsh.net询问我们。

感谢够买爱心小熊作为礼赠, 感谢帮助先心病患儿手术筹款!

Featured H2H Sponsored Child of the Month –            Cai Xiaoran (H2H Child #1634)

A riddle for you – What do petroleum engineers, chili and a 3 year old Chinese girl from Henan province have in common?  Normally – nothing.  At Heart to Heart though they have everything in common.  Every year the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers – most of whom live in south China) hold an amazing Chili Cookoff.  It’s huge and they do it for H2H each year.  It must be delicious chili because at the end of 2019 they raised enough to sponsor little Cai Xiaoran for open heart surgery.  When she was 2 months old, Cai Xiaoran was taken to Shangqiu People’s Hospital since she was ill.  When the doctor checked her heart, he recognized that she had a murmur.  She was given a detailed heart check and diagnosed with ASD.  She had very poor resistance and was constantly sick.  Her family had not been able to afford the surgery she needed.  There are four people in the family – parents, an 11 year old sister and Cai Xiaoran.  The mother looks after the children at home.  Because Cai Xiaoran was ill, her father couldn’t go out for migrant work since she constantly had to get medical care.  He did odd jobs near his home and had a monthly income of around RMB 15,000 per year.  The family owed more than 30,000 yuan.  They couldn’t get a loan for the surgery.

The 2019 SPE Chili Cookoff saved the day.  Cai Xiaoran was able to have her open heart surgery on June 1.  She came through it really well and only spent 2 days in ICU.  On June 9 some members of the SPE were able to have a video call with her and her mother.  And by June 11 Cai Xiaoran and her mother left the hospital.  The prognosis for little Cai Xiaoran is great.  She will have a checkup in about 6 months and it is thought that at that time she will be able to be taken off all heart medication and go on to live a normal life – free from any problems associated with her heart defect.

We truly appreciate the SPE!  Keep cooking and having fun.  You’re saving some precious lives through your actions and generosity.

石油工程师,辣椒和来自河南的三岁女孩有什么共同点?没什么吧。但在心连心他们却有。每年石油工程师协会都会举办一个精彩的辣椒烹饪赛。2019年底的大赛所筹的善款足以资质才潇然的心脏手术。在两个月大的时候,女孩去了商丘人民医院就诊, 被发现有心脏杂音。她身体状况始终不太好。在仔细检查后,她被诊断患有ASD. 她的家庭无法承担手术费用。他们一家有四口人,包括爸爸妈妈,11岁的姐姐和她。妈妈在家照顾孩子。因为女孩时常要看病,爸爸无法外出务工。家附近的零工一年也只能挣来一万五千元左右。家里当时已经负债三万元,无法继续借钱手术。2019年的辣椒烹饪大赛带来了转机。才潇然得以在6月1日完成手术。手术成功,她只在ICU住了2天。6月9号石油工程师协会的代表和女孩以及她妈妈视频通了话。6月11日母女两人离开了医院。女孩的预后很好。6个月后她将复诊,之后便不需要继续服用心脏药物了,可以正常生活,不再受心脏缺陷的困扰。



Featured H2H Sponsor – WISS Parents Association 

The WISS Parents Association (PA) is an extension of WISS (Western International School of Shanghai) that aims to support and implement the WISS IB Mission and Core Values to the greater community.  We believe in a learning community that involves the entire family where we feel home away from home.  We are One WISS!  Raising funds for charity is an important part of the WISS Parent Community’s mission. In 2018 it was unanimously voted that our funds would be donated to the Rende Foundation special fund “Heart to Heart Shanghai” to support corrective heart surgery for children. This choice has touched everybody’s heart.  To date, the WISS PA has funded more than 4 heart surgeries.  The surgeries not only changed life for these children and their families, but are also an accomplishment we are very proud of.  It has been an eye opener for each and every one of us to witness the results of the unconditional commitment from everybody in our community no matter how small.

Traditionally our PA also organizes something special to show our appreciation to WISS teachers and staff whom we are incredibly grateful to, for their tremendous commitment, dedication and hard work. This year, the circumstances did not allow us, parents, to be on campus to show our gratitude. As part of a caring and compassionate community we found it important, in times of hardship, to also reach out to people in need.  For those reasons the WISS Parents Association chose to use our funds to make a donation to Heart to Heart on their behalf.  A donation in the name of every single WISS teacher and staff was made to contribute towards children’s life-saving open heart surgeries.  As a result, each teacher and staff member received a heart bear as a humble token symbolizing the union of hearts in our community.


The reactions and feedbacks were overwhelming to receive.  All recipients were enchanted by: “Such a special gift of appreciation xxxx” , “A heart-felt gift” and “An opportunity to live and an opportunity to love!”  We felt it was meaningful to hand out all the heart bears through the big fluffy WISS bear. The spontaneous reaction was the urge to have a hug from the bear, a feeling generously enticed by the “Heart to Heart” bears. Some everlasting thoughts come to mind from the recipients: “Caring community, compassionate spirt”, “I would so much rather get a gift like this that goes to charity…” and “Thank you so much…Genius!


From the bottom of our hearts we wish to thank “Heart to Heart” for making all of this possible: from donating to receiving ends, you are nurturing a chain of greatness!

上海西华外籍人员子女学校(WISS)家长会是WISS的延伸,目标是支持和落实WISS IB的使命和核心价值观。我们期待一个学习型社区,涉及到整个家庭。为慈善事业筹集资金是WISS家长会社区使命的重要部分。2018年我们全票通过捐助仁德基金会“心连心上海”专项基金,用于支持儿童心脏矫正手术。这个选择触动了每个人的心。到目前为止WISS 家长会已经资助了超过4台心脏手术。手术不仅改变了孩子及他们家人的生活,也是我们非常自豪的成就。我们每一个人都见证了大家无条件承诺的成果,这也让我们大开眼界。



 Featured H2H Volunteer – Nancy Kong

Hello everyone! My name is Nancy Kong and I am from China. I work in Shanghai Yoda Cardio-thoracic Hospital and have been a faithful H2H volunteer since 2012.

H2H has been the best charity I am involved with so far. I have learned a lot of living skills here.  H2H gave me my first sewing lesson   and I also learned knitting and crocheting because of H2H. Now my friends and I have already finished over 300 hats for the new H2H Innocent Drinks project and we are still working on it.

I have met so many nice people in H2H. You won’t believe how amazing the H2H volunteers are until you get to know them. H2H has been a really nice place to volunteer with volunteers from all over the world. Even though people have different skin colors and speak different languages, they work for the same purpose——to save children with congenital heart disease from underprivileged families in China. Many volunteers still volunteer for H2H after they’ve left Shanghai.  And so many volunteers become good friends because of H2H too.

At H2H I am the on-line project manager.  I create projects on-line to promote H2H and collect donations. People can either donate through the web link or a simple QR code no matter where you are. Through our on-line platform, you can also choose to do a monthly donation which means you can set up a certain amount you wish to donate and then that amount will be donated (automatically by WeChat) to H2H every month until you stop it. It is very easy to make the donation and I would like to offer my help if you need it.  Just ask us how through

Last but not least, it is H2H Shanghai’s 17th birthday this month.  I hope there will be hundreds more birthdays to celebrate. It is an amazing place to volunteer and I hope more and more people will come and help.

大家好!我的名字叫孔楠。我来自中国。我在上海远大心胸医院工作,自2012年以来一直是一名忠实的心连心志愿者。 到目前为止,心连心是我参与过的最好的慈善组织。我在这里学到了很多生活技能。在,心连心给我上了第一堂缝纫课,也因为心连心,我也学会了棒针和钩针编织。目前,朋友们和我一起编制了300多顶小帽子,将来还会有更多的帽子。




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Did you know that Heart to Heart is a 100% volunteer organization?  With no paid staff we always need people to volunteer.  Here are just a few of the ways you can help us.

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Donate New or Gently Used Goods

Clothing, toys, toiletries collected from hotel visits, company swag – as long as it is not electronic or breakable, we will find a use for it.  Please contact

Donate Your Time

Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

Other Donations

You can help support our food card program, our rural school library program, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

Tell Your Friends About Us

Pick up a flyer at an event and pass it on. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).

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