It should be a great night to party with Heart to Heart.  Come to R’s Bar in Xujiahui – just for drinks, just for dinner, just to listen to live music, just to sing along/dance or all of the above.  We’ll be there having fun and waiting to have it with you.  50% of the entry fee of RMB 100 will go to H2H and it includes a drink.  10% of the bar/food take for the night will also go to us.  So come and help sponsor a child for heart surgery!

If you’ve never heard of R’s Bar, don’t be embarrassed.  Neither had we.  But it’s easy to find – it’s a “basement” venue at 20 Tianyaoqiao Road really close to Xujiahui.  It will be great for a big crowd.

快来参加心连心在徐家汇R‘s Bar组织的派对吧,一起度过一个美好的夜晚。在派对上,您可以品尝美酒佳肴,听现场乐队演奏,还可以唱歌跳舞。我们将在R’s Bar等您,与您一起度过这个有趣的夜晚。入场费用100元,包含一杯饮品。其中,50%的入场费酒吧将捐赠给心连心。此外,当晚酒吧10%的食物售卖收入也将捐赠给心连心。所以,请大家来参加我们的派对并为资助孩子们的心脏病手术吧!

如果您从来都没有听说过R’s Bar, 请不要觉得尴尬。因为我也没有听说过。但是它非常容易找到,R‘s Bar位于徐家汇附近,在天钥桥路20号地下室。如果当天大家都可以来参加,那就太棒了!