February 2021

Heart to Heart Newsletter

February Assembly Dates: 

No assembly on February 2
No assembly on February 9
Tuesday, February 16 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, February 23 – 9:30-12:30
Thursday, February 25 – 17:30-20:30

February Events: 

Due to the threat of a resurgence of COVID-19, activities will be limited before February 16.  See our website for updates and active event flyers

The Year of the Rat in ReviewThe Year of the Rat will stick in everyone’s mind as the Year of COVID.  Hopefully, such a year won’t return to us every 12 years and the world and Heart to Heart will get back to normal soon.  Like everyone else, COVID and the sanctions that went into place to try to defeat it had a severe impact on Heart to Heart, but we have survived to continue our work.

The beginning of 2020 saw the freezing of surgeries due to quarantines and travel restrictions.  As a result COVID incidences were reduced to almost nothing in China, but children continued to suffer from congenital heart disease and were unable to get to hospitals to get the surgery they needed.  By June we finally started to see children coming to Shanghai for surgery.  By the end of 2020 we are proud to say that we were able to save 203 children!  Although it’s 35 children less than in 2019, it is still many more than we did in any other year.  Bravo!  There are now 203 children in China who started their new lives due to the work of Heart to Heart sponsors and volunteers this year.

2020 was a trial for our volunteers.  Many of our volunteers (both Chinese and foreign) were “stuck” outside China when China closed its borders in late March.  Some won’t ever be coming back to us.  The impact was huge.  But, by the autumn we started to recover with new volunteers taking up where our veterans had left off.  It was difficult for a while, but each week has gotten easier.  We will always miss those who can’t or won’t return, but we are extremely grateful to our new volunteers.  The team is a strong one going into the Year of the Ox.

Our rural school libraries and sports packages programs were severely impacted in 2020.  We were not able to make any trips or sponsor libraries or sports packages at all.  It was a pity, but we do hope that sometime in 2021 everything will resume.  We have sponsors in the queue and volunteers who are excited to go on the first trips.  Let’s hope it all happens soon.

One thing happened that was counter intuitive….. monetary donations increased in 2020!  Had children been able to come to the hospital all year, we would have had another increase in the number of surgeries we were able to perform.  We’re hoping that this increase will continue into 2021 and we’ll break another surgery record!  There are hundreds/thousands of little patients waiting for someone to sponsor their heart surgery so we hope to make it happen.

Each and every one of you associated with H2H in ANY capacity should be extremely proud of what we achieved in 2020 despite COVID.  Nothing could have happened without your work, commitment, and donations.  As a team – whether you are a volunteer, a sponsor, a Board of Directors member or a member of Rende Foundation – we make it all happen for these children who have no hope without us.   Thank you for your generosity, selflessness, energy and commitment.  You are heroes to the children we help and they don’t even know that you do all of this without pay or reimbursement.  Your dedication to H2H is inspiring.

Let’s strive to make Year of the Ox a year of friends, family, togetherness with a big increase in surgeries for H2H children.  Happy New Year!








Spreading the Word about Heart to HeartYou never know when you are going to have a huge influence on someone.  I’m sure that our lovely Jeanette from the Netherlands never knew that her words and actions would eventually result in a warm friendship and that Heart to Heart would get the full sponsorship of a child from someone who previously had no relationship with H2H and lives in Switzerland!  Here is what Rebecca wrote (from Switzerland) when she recently donated RMB 30,000…..


“I was in Shanghai from 2010 until late 2013 and met Jeannette at one of those grey winter Sundays on Nanjing Xi Lu, browsing through the DVD collection from a girl who sold them from the back of her bicycle (shoutout to the good old days). I suggested Mad Men to her as she couldn’t find anything she seemed to like. She looked at me in disbelief and told me that I am the first person in a week whom she can understand. I think it was her first or second week in town. After spending the whole day with her, Sunday afternoons became our thing. Kindly we let Henny join us :). Jeannette was and is my Shanghai mother and without her courage, her shoulder to lean on and her positivity Shanghai would never have been as colourful as it was to me. Even though we don’t talk as much anymore, she is always in my heart and she is one of the reasons why I want to donate the amount to H2H because it is something that always was very important to her ( I used to be with BEAN during my SH time) and it is just simply time to give back to the people that are not as fortunate but let me live and work in Shanghai for those 3 years. I still miss it and it carries a special place in my heart. I would be very happy to hear back from you and to see whom I supported and I hope that this child has a happy ending to a bad condition and finally can start living –  the same goes to the family, that they all can relax and be happy and not have to worry about the heart condition of the child anymore.”


We welcome Rebecca to the Heart to Heart family even though she lives so far away and may never get to meet her sponsored child.  And we hope that Jeanette knows that her influence and support for Heart to Heart has carried on through the years even though she’s now back in the Netherlands.  We hope we see both of them back in Shanghai someday!  Thank you both for what you do for Heart to Heart.

生活中,你不知道你在什么时候会不知不觉对某个人产生巨大的影响。 我敢肯定,来自荷兰的,我们亲爱的珍妮特(Jeanette),之前也不会想到她的言行会带来这么一份温暖的友谊:这让“心连心”得到一个之前和我们没有任何联系的,住在瑞士的热心人的捐赠,这份捐赠可以全额赞助一个孩子。下面是丽贝卡(Rebecca)在最近她捐赠3万人民币时写的话: “从2010年到2013年末,我曾经居住在上海。在一个灰色冬天的周日,我在南京西路遇见了珍妮特。那时的她正在翻阅一个女孩的自行车后座上卖的的DVD(我真希望能回到那美好时光!)。看她找不到她喜欢的碟片,我向她建议了那张“Mad Mann”。她难以置信地看着我,对我说,我是她在那周中碰到的第一个可以和她交流的人。我这才知道那是她在上海的第一还是第二周。 一起度过了那一天,之后每个周日的下午成了我们共同消磨的时光。后来我们仁慈地同意亨尼也加入了我们 :)。珍妮特曾经并一直是我在上海的妈妈。没有她的鼓励,她肩膀的依靠,她的乐观,上海对我或许就不会像现在这样的多彩。即使现在我们不再有机会聊那么多,我心里还是常常会想到她。她也是我想向心连心捐款的原因之一,因为这对她一直非常重要(我在上海的时候曾经参与BEAN)。 对我来说,现在是时间去回报那些没有那么幸运,但使我在上海生活和工作了三年的人。 我仍然非常想念这段时光,它在我心里的位置很特殊。 我会很高兴听到你们的消息,并祝愿我能帮助的这个孩子能有一个圆满的结局,可以开始新的生活。希望他的家庭也可以从此放松并快乐,不必再担心孩子的心脏状况了。”

我们欢迎丽贝卡加入到心连心的大家庭,尽管她生活在如此遥远的地方,可能永远都无法见到她帮助过的孩子。 我们希望珍妮特知道,即使她现在回到了荷兰,多年来她对“心连心”的影响和支持将一直持续下去。 希望有一天她们俩能回到上海! 谢谢你们为心连心所做的一切。

Socks, an Often Overlooked Necessity
China is a big country and many parts of it get really cold.  Since our sponsored children and their families are from literally every province in China and many/most don’t have heat in their homes, keeping warm is a major past-time.  Coats, scarves, gloves and other winter clothing are great to receive as in-kind donations for our families and other villagers we send things to.  We love those donations.  But, recently, we received an item that is often overlooked – socks!  Cold feet aren’t fun.  And there are lots of kids and parents in rural China who are wearing flip flops or shoes without socks because they don’t have socks.  Winnie (an SCIS mom) of Shanghai Cheerling International Corporation recognized this and just sent us a huge carton of winter socks.  Thank you, Winnie!  We’ve already given them out to the 24 children/families in the hospital now for surgery…. and we’ll be able to get through a few more weeks with your donation.  They may be small items, but they will make a big difference.中国是个大国,很多地方都很冷。由于我们资助的孩子和他们的家人来自中国的各个省份,而且很多及大多数孩子的家里都没有暖气,所以保暖是一个重要的问题。大衣、围巾、手套和其他冬装都是我们送给家人和其他村民的实物捐赠。我们喜欢这些捐赠。但是,最近,我们收到了一件经常被忽视的东西——袜子! 冷脚不是好事,在中国农村,有很多孩子和父母穿着人字拖或穿鞋子却不穿袜子,因为他们没有袜子。来自于SCIS mom的Winnie认识到了这一点,刚刚给我们寄了一大箱冬季袜子。谢谢维尼! 我们已经把袜子分发给在医院里做手术的24个孩子及家庭,你的捐赠我们还能再撑几个星期。这些可能是小物件,但却带来了很大的不同。
Bracelets of Love 
When Lisa Li’s (李爽) daughter said that she wanted to help children who needed care, Lisa went into action.  She contacted Heart to Heart and asked how they could do something from Shenzhen to help children with CHD.  From the conversation, Lisa decided to make, market and sell woven “bracelets of love” with her daughter.  The result was a beautiful creation.  Lisa must have great marketing skills as well, because in one day she and her daughter raised enough money from their sale to pay for 1/2 of a children’s heart surgery through H2H Shanghai.  That’s an amazing result.  Thank you for wanting to teach your daughter the value of helping those who need help, Lisa.  And thank you for choosing Heart to Heart to make your wish come true.  I know that the child you help with heart surgery will get his/her wish fulfilled by your actions as well.  I just wish you were in Shanghai so you could visit the child after surgery!  Thank you for helping from afar.当女儿说她想帮助一些需要照顾的孩子时,李爽开始行动了。 她找到了“心连心”,咨询如何能让身在深圳的她们来帮助需要心脏手术的儿童。 经过讨论,李爽决定与女儿一起,制作,销售和出售编织的“爱之手链”。 结果非常的完美。 李爽用她出色的营销技巧,在一天之内,和女儿一起,通过销售,筹集了足够的资金,可以支付上海“心连心”一个儿童心脏手术一半的费用。 这是一个了不起的成果。 谢谢您, 李爽,教您的女儿去帮助需要帮助的人。 感谢您选择“心连心”来实现您的愿望。 我知道,您帮助的孩子也会因为您的行动可以实现他/她的愿望。 我是多希望您在上海,这样您就可以在手术后看望您帮助的孩子了! 感谢您的帮助。
H2H Activities and 2nd Office Opening at Delta Hospital in Qingpu
Heart to Heart Shanghai will continue to operate out of Yoda Hospital in Xuhui District that has been our long-term partner for heart surgeries and our base of operations.  We are, however, very excited to announce the launch of a Heart to Heart contact center at Shanghai Delta Hospital (Delta) in Qingpu beginning in January 2021.  Heart to Heart sponsored one surgery with Delta Hospital in 2020 so are happy to be expanding our surgeries and our base of operations with them.   Shanghai Delta Hospital is a foreign-owned general hospital with a cardiovascular center of excellence. Their “Heart Team” is led by renowned experts in cardiology, cardiac surgery, medical imaging and interventional therapy which aims at providing customized treatment that best addresses patients’ condition.  They will give our little patients who have their surgeries there excellent care.
The launch of the new Heart to Heart contact center at Delta will provide opportunities for communities, families, and social organizations in the Qingpu/Minhang/Songjiang districts to get a closer understanding of and interaction with H2H. It will give them an opportunity to know how our projects operate and provide more ways for them to support our platform.  The new contact center at Delta seeks to provide team building training, educational programs, family day events for volunteers – especially corporate/school volunteers who wish to have their staff involved in long-term projects with H2H.Delta will be a strong platform to support heart surgeries for our patients and we are tremendously thankful to have Delta on board with us starting from 2021!

位于上海市徐汇区的远大心胸医院是上海心连心(H2H) 慈善机构的长期合作伙伴。 由H2H赞助的患有先天性心脏病的儿童在远大医院接受心脏手术,该医院同时也是H2H的营运总部,我们将一如既往地在远大心胸医院展开业务。与此同时,我们非常高兴地宣布, 2021年1月我们在位于青浦的上海德达医院(Shanghai Delta Hospital)成立了H2H联络中心。H2H于2020年在德达医院赞助了第一台手术,并且很高兴能够继续扩大我们和德达医院的合作。上海德达医院是一家拥有出色的心血管诊疗中心的综合性外资医院。他们的“心脏团队”由心脏病学,心脏外科,医学影像和介入治疗领域的著名专家领导,旨在提供根据患者个体状况而定制的最佳治疗。我们的小患者将在德达医院获得最好的护理。



Share Some Love in 2021!
A very happy new year to all our group volunteers.  I hope that we will be seeing a lot of you again in 2021. This year we will again be organising group volunteering sessions at the hospital. Group volunteers are a huge help, assisting us with preparing teddy bears, sorting donations, cleaning the playroom…  It’s a fun activity which also just happens to benefit a very good cause. We can organise groups at Yoda Hospital on Tuesday afternoons and on Thursday mornings or afternoons. (We are still trying to plan if/when group volunteering will occur at Delta Hospital.)  Groups are limited to 12 volunteers at a time, but if you have more, we can always set up several groups on different days. A manager is always present to guide the group work and answer any questions the volunteers may have about Heart to Heart. We do also have a new weekend group activity: helping out at events that Heart to Heart is invited to (markets, fairs, school open days….).  Volunteering involves 2 or 3 people manning the Heart to Heart booth (with an experienced volunteer of course), selling our fund-raising heart bears and explaining to the public how they can help or contribute towards our work. How about organising a group or getting together some friends or colleagues?  We have welcomed many groups from companies, schools, universities, sports clubs and many other types of organisations. If you would like further information about group volunteering this year, please get in touch with Bev Darle (groupvolunteers@h2hsh.net).  She will be able to answer your questions and reserve a date for your group.祝心连心所有的团队志愿者新年快乐~我希望在2021年可以继续见到你们。今年我们将继续在医院中组织团队志愿者活动。团队志愿者对心连心来说非常重要,工作包括帮助心连心准备泰迪熊,分类捐赠物品和打扫活动室等。这是一个非常有趣并且有意义的工作。远大心胸医院可以安排周二下午、周四上午或下午组织团队活动(我们目前还在计划在上海德达医院组织团队志愿者活动)。团队志愿者每次的人数限制是12人,不过如果团队比较大的话,我们可以分批次在不同的时间组织活动。心连心会有一名负责人在现场组织团队志愿者开展工作,并解答志愿者关心的一些与心连心相关的问题。我们现在还新增了一个周末团队志愿者活动:在心连心被邀请的周末活动中提供帮助(例如集市、学校开放日等)。通常,每次活动需要2-3名志愿者负责心连心的摊位(当然,这其中会包含一位经验丰富的志愿者),主要工作内容包括售卖爱心小熊,像公众解释他们如何可以帮助或资助我们。所以,要不要和自己的同事或朋友们组成一个团队呀?我们已经有各种类型的团队曾帮助过我们了,比如公司、学校、运动俱乐部和其他不同类型的组织。如果你想了解更多关于今年团队志愿者活动的信息,请联系Bev Darle(groupvolunteers@h2hsh.net)。她将回答你们的问题并且帮助你们预约一个团队活动的时间。
Order Your H2H Winter-Wear Now!  
There is still plenty of winter left.  Order your H2H hat, hoodie or sweatshirt today.  You’ll look great, advertise H2H and a portion of the cost is donated to Heart to Heart.冬季余日尚多,欢迎各位踊跃订购H2H冬帽,带帽卫衣或运动衫。H2H服装,不仅使你气质出众,也会让更多人了解H2H。部份购衣款项将被捐赠给心连心。
Tibetan Children Come to Shanghai for Surgery
January is usually a month with a limited number of surgeries for Heart to Heart.  Travel prices are usually higher with the migrations going on before Spring Festival so our families can’t afford to get here.  Also, families are worried about getting “stuck” in Shanghai when transportation is sold out for Spring Festival.  Of course, travel probably won’t be a problem this year because of the COVID threat, but with COVID back on the scene this winter, we still thought it would be quiet.  We were wrong.  Somehow, this year, a group of 27 Tibetan children were found that needed heart surgery, could get to an airport and could come to Shanghai once their flights were paid for by the charity fund at Delta Hospital.  So, Heart to Heart was able to work with Delta and sponsor all 27 children for heart surgery.  Fantastic!  The children were their usual lovely, charming selves – polite, smiley, curious and able to steal your heart in an instant.  We are so glad they were able to make the trip and even gladder that they have now had surgery and are doing so well.  We’d like to say a big thank you to Delta Hospital for enabling the whole thing and an equal thank you to all the sponsors who paid for the surgeries through H2H.  The Tibetan children will never forget what you have done for them.  They will go back to their herds and special way of life with a new understanding of the world and how important the generosity of strangers can really be.

Heart to Heart Bingo at Abbey Road was sold out again.  We had a fun night on January 22 with prizes, food, drinks, friends and generosity.  H2H is super happy that so many people participated and spent so much money.  Haha.  But it’s all for a great cause – helping a child have the heart surgery he/she needs.  100% of the funds raised (RMB 9,837) will go towards the surgery.  Nothing was or will be taken out for the purchase of prizes or Bingo paraphernalia so that the child is the one that benefits.  We’d like to thank everyone who helped with the purchases and/or arrangements for the prizes and Bingo necessities – Allan, DJ, Karen and Stuart … the great prize sponsors for donating them …. and DJ for wrapping them up so that they looked so beautiful.  Everyone wanted to win!   We’d also like to thank Toby for being our fun-loving Bingo caller extraordinaire.  And, of course, we are forever thankful to the lovely Rebecca and Abbey Road for putting on the event and donating 10% of the food/bar take to H2H.   Thank you everyone!  I hope we can continue the H2H Bingo tradition later in the spring.一月二十二月晚,“心连心”在艾比餐馆举行了一场宾果专场。此次活动的入场券又是一票难求。我们在美味佳肴和慷慨解囊的朋友们的陪伴下度过了愉快的一夜。H2H非常高兴有这么多朋友来参加并踊跃捐助。真的很开心。所有这一切,都是为了一个非常有意义的事业– 为那些需要心脏手术的孩子们筹集资金。此次宾果专场的奖品及用具的购置费用全部另行支出,募集所得的9,837元人民币将全部用于受助儿童的手术。我们要感谢所有提供奖品和宾果游戏设备的朋友们-Allan,DJ,Karen和Stuart。DJ把奖品包装得如此精美和吸引人,使得每个人都想赢取它们!我们还要感谢这次大受欢迎的宾果游戏的主持人Toby。我们还要郑重感激可爱的Rebecca和艾比餐馆(Abbey Road)。谢谢你们不仅提供了本次活动的场地,还捐赠了餐馆当晚10%的餐饮收入。谢谢大家!希望我们在不久的将来,春暖花开之际,再次相会于“心连心”的艾比宾果专场。


Donations to Shanxi Province

COVID-19 cannot stop our donations to rural places. Last month, we received an application for supplies from Linxian, a poor county in Shanxi Province. Linxin County had been recognized as one of the most poverty-stricken counties in Shanxi. It is located on the west side of Lvliang Mountain on the loess plateau and in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It has a large population and few natural resources.  Our assembly team quickly responded to their needs and sent out 100 bags of new clothes directly to the Lvliang Charity Federation in just 7 days. The locals really appreciated our help and sent us photos of how they distribute the clothing.  Thanks to the assembly team volunteers.  It is your selfless work that delivers our donations quickly and efficiently to those who need them.


 Featured Child of the Month: Lu Zhaoshuo 
Some may say that Lu Zhaoshuo was born unlucky.  He was from a poor family in Jiangsu province and was born prematurely with serious congenital heart disease.  His condition required a series of 3 open heart surgeries to correct.   Due to his fragile condition at birth in November 2018, he was immediately found to have CHD.  He was referred to Nanjing Children’s Hospital and Shuyang Union Medical College Hospital for further tests.  At both he was diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease.  His family was in despair.  But then his luck changed….. In 2019, he applied to Heart to Heart for help and the donations from long-term sponsors – ACS (American Club Shanghai), Concordia International School, YCIS Girl Scouts and Chantel Wu – were combined to ensure he had his first operation in Shanghai Yuanda Hospital.After his initial surgery, Lu Zhaoshuo went home with his family.  A year passed.  He continued to live with his family of 8 – his great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and a 3 year old brother.  His great-grandfather had a stroke and couldn’t take care of himself. He was confined to a wheelchair.  His grandparents farm their 5 mu of land and take care of the great-grandparents.  The family eats what they grow.  The mother takes care of the children.  The father is an automobile maintenance worker with an annual income of about 20,000 yuan.  It is the only source of income for the family.  At present, the family owes 30,000 yuan.  They couldn’t get a loan for the second surgery.  It looked like things were bad enough again that Lu Zhaoshuo wouldn’t be able to get the 2nd surgery he needed.

But his luck changed again…. The family appealed to Heart to Heart and was accepted for his second of three surgeries.  He just completed that surgery at Shanghai Yuanda Hospital.  This time a new sponsor – Qingdao GTP Schaefer Casting – came forward to help him.  He is now doing well and has been able to return home until he matures enough for his 3rd surgery.  We all hope the family will be able to break through the poverty cycle they are in and finance the 3rd surgery themselves.  BUT we’ve assured them if things are still looking bad for them, Heart to Heart will be there for Lu Zhaoshuo once again.  His luck and their luck have permanently changed.  We are determined that he will be able to live a normal life through H2H’s help.  Thank you sponsors!  Thank you everyone who volunteers and makes surgeries and all the other things that H2H does possible.  There are many children like Lu Zhaoshuo who count on us.

有人会说陆昭硕天生运气不好。他生在江苏省的一个贫困家庭,有着先天性心脏病,需要做三次矫正手术。2018年11月出生时,脆弱的情况被立即发现为先心病。转诊到南京儿童医院和沭阳联合医学院医院做进一步检查。两所医院都确诊为先天性复杂心脏病。全家陷入绝望。但是他的命运改变了…. 2019年通过心连心的申请条件,在我们长期赞助者(上海美国俱乐部、上海协和国际学校、耀中国际学校女童军和Chantel Wu)的合力支持下,得以在远大医院进行第一次手术。


但是他的命运再度改变….陆家向心连心提出诉求,顺利争取到孩子需要三次手术的第二个手术协助。他刚刚在上海远大心胸医院完成手术。这回,有一位新的赞助单位出面 – 迦特彭铸造技术(青岛)有限公司。术后一切顺利,他也已经回家,等再大一点才能做第三次手术。我们希望陆家那个时候会有能力负担第三次手术的医疗费用。不过,我们已经许下承诺,如果到时他们没有能力,心连心一定帮忙到底。他们的命运已经改变,我们深信心连心的协助将让昭硕得以跟正常人一般成长,生活。感谢我们的赞助者,感谢所有让心连心能够协助病童手术、顺利运作的志愿者。还有许多像陆昭硕的孩子们要靠我们帮助。

Featured Volunteer of the Month: Celine Woodhouse 

Hi, my name is Marcelina Woodhouse and I come from The Philippines. In September 2004, my husband and I moved to Shanghai in what was supposed to be a 2-year stint, enough time to set up a Shanghai office for his Company, after which we were to go back to Hong Kong, our adoptive city. Sixteen years later, we are still here. To put it into perspective, there were only 4 lines in the Metro and I was just a lean and spritely 44-year old when I arrived in this city. As we did not know a soul, it took me awhile to get settled but I met a friend soon enough who gave me yoga lessons. I started teaching English to kids and even baked cakes for a neighbor who owns a coffee shop.

It was not until 2013 that I started volunteering for H2H and can honestly say that it is one of the highlights of my stay here. I get to meet people from all walks of life from around the world and have made friends for life. It also allowed me to learn skills that I never thought I would enjoy like crocheting, knitting and sewing. Most of all I get to be part of a hard-working and dedicated group of people that helps children with CHD get a second chance for a healthier and better future. It is also worth mentioning that the person who benefits most from my volunteering work is me because it made me realize how blessed and fortunate I am.

I know that when the time comes for me to repatriate, it will be hard to say goodbye, but at the same time I will be happy that in my own little way I made a difference to a child’s life and that I will forever be a part of H2H. Mabuhay!

大家好,我的名字叫Marcelina Woodhouse,来自菲律宾。2004年9月,我和我的丈夫搬到了上海并计划在这里待2年的时间,足够让我的丈夫成立他公司在上海的办事处,之后我们再搬回我们被领养的城市-香港。16年过去了,我们仍然在这里。从另一个角度看,过去上海地铁只有4条线路,当我初到这个城市时,我只是一个精瘦而且活力四射的44岁女子。因为在这个城市我们一个人都不认识,我花了好长一段时间才安顿下来,但很快我就遇到了一个朋友,她教我瑜伽。我也开始教孩子们英语,甚至为一个开咖啡店的邻居烤蛋糕。



Featured Sponsor of the Month: NAIS Pudong
NAIS Pudong is an international school in  Pudong providing globally respected curricula and collaborations with pre-eminent organisations including MIT, Juilliard and UNICEF. Our students are encouraged to consider the ideas of service and giving back to the community as a fundamental part of school life.
This service ethos underpins our support for local charities including Heart to Heart. NAIS Pudong has been a long-term supporter of H2H because of the fantastic work it does within Shanghai and elsewhere having a life changing impact on the children and families it helps. This individual benefit really resonates with our students and is one of the reasons why we continue to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.Over the last year we have had to find new ways to engage with our community for fund raising but our active and supportive parents’ community continue to take the lead in raising money and supporting initiatives at Halloween and Christmas with activities led by our older students. It is truly lovely to be able to show our students photos and information about the children whose lives have been so dramatically improved thanks to their donations.

NAIS Pudong will definitely continue to support Heart to Heart in the future and are busy planning future fund raising schemes around Chinese New Year and our ever popular “Hong bao for a Heart.”

NAIS浦东是一所位于浦东的国际学校。我校提供国际认可的课程,并与MIT(麻省理工),Juilliard(世界顶尖音乐学院)和UNICEF(联合国儿童基金会)等杰出组织携手合作。我校的办学宗旨之一是鼓励学生树立服务和回馈社区的理念。 这种服务精神体现于我们对本地慈善机构的支持,其中就有 “上海心连心”。 NAIS浦东是“上海心连心”的长期支持者。“上海心连心”在上海及全国各省市的出色工作帮助了很多孩子和家庭改善了生存境遇。这种对不幸个体切实的关怀和帮助深深地打动了我校同学,成为我们持续为如此有意义的事业筹集资金的原因之一。 在过去的一年中,在学生家长的全力支持下,我校学长继续在万圣节和圣诞节期间带领大家进行募捐等各项慈善活动;与此同时,学校积极开拓和尝试全新的方式与社区互动,开展筹款。 这些捐赠和付出使很多不幸的孩子们的生活得到了极大的改善,当学生们看到这些孩子们的照片和信息时,都非常高兴。 NAIS浦东将一如既往地支持“上海心连心”。我们将在农历新年期间推出新的募捐活动,其中包括广受欢迎的“热心红包“活动。

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