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February 2020

February Assembly:

Tuesday, February 11       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, February 18       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, February 25       9:30-12:30  Thursday, February  27   17:30-20:30

February Assembly:

Wednesday, February 26
Tiny Tots International                             Kindergarten Charity Bazaar
Friday, February 28
ACS Rug Auction
Fighting the Coronavirus

新年快乐!Happy New Year! The Year of the Rat is certainly starting out in a manner that won’t be forgotten for a long, long time.  China is in the grip of the Coronavirus. Although we still have 5 post-surgery children in the hospital at Yoda Cardio-Thoracic Hospital in Shanghai and 1 post-surgery child in DeltaHealth in Minhang and neither of these hospitals are taking Coronavirus cases, Heart to Heart in-hospital operations will be closed down until Monday, February 10, to conform to government guidelines.  We want to make sure all of you and our patients are well.  Naturally, behind the scenes paperwork and essential operations will continue to the best of our abilities, but there will be no group get-togethers.  Don’t forget us during the hiatus!  We will be back saving the lives of Chinese children with CHD as soon as circumstances permit.  Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart!  Stay safe!


Message from the Events Team

Hi, I am Tina and I got involved with H2H through a friend.  She said that the group helped kids and  needed some extra help during the summer with a warehouse cleanout.  From that time, I was hooked and realised this was where I could give something back to China for the great experience it was giving me.  I started helping  on Tuesday mornings sorting clothing and later in the year becoming the Event Kits Manager.  This basically meant I put together the items needed for the weekend markets and other events.    A fun part of this job was getting to  dress all the bears.   Unfortunately, I have had to leave Shanghai unexpectedly and return to Australia this new year without saying goodbye to many of you.  It was great to meet so many H2H volunteers.  Thanks to H2H for providing me the opportunity to volunteer and the great work it does in helping kids.   Wishing Christina, who is taking over the Event Kits, all the best.


很遗憾我临时在新年期间搬回澳大利亚,没能跟许多志同道合的朋友们道别。感谢心连心给了我这个志工服务的机会,感动它为病童的付出。同时并向接替我工作的Christina 致意。

Hi, I am Christina.
I am a typical spouse accompanying my husband in Shanghai. When I arrived in China, it was my deepest heart´s desire to get involved with a charity project and spend my unaccustomed free time helping people in need.  I am so happy to be a member of the Heart to Heart family.  I joined the Heart to Heart Assembly Team in July 2018 and soon I started to support the Events Team as well.  Due to the fact that I am often in Germany, I am not able to stand by continuously, but I try to help as often as possible.  My additional task now is to help with the events kits.  It’s working “backstage” to prepare the kits for upcoming events. In my opinion it is an important task because the representatives of Heart to Heart rely on us and expect a completely packed suitcase for the events.  Sometimes we are quite busy, but it is always fun to dress the bears and communicate with the Events Team.  I will need help doing this – a partner to help when I’m not around.  Come and join Heart to Heart,  get involved and be a volunteer on the event kits team!


A Reminder from the Assembly Team

The assembly room belongs to all volunteers and so it needs to be taken care of by all. Whether you visit H2H once a week, month or year, we all need to take responsibility to keep the space tidy and organized. The assembly and sewing teams try their best to keep the assembly room as organized as possible. Everything has its place and should be returned to it. Threads, buttons, needles and scissors all have marked spaces and should not be left on the worktable or loose on shelves. If you don’t know where something goes, ask. The only silly questions are the ones not asked.


We receive a lot of donated goods and sometimes they overflow into the work area. It’s not always easy to return things to their proper locations, but if you were able to find something in the first place, you should be able to replace it where it goes.


We don’t have an Ayi so:
If you see a mess that needs sweeping, grab the broom and dustpan.
If you see a spill, grab a towel or mop.
If the washroom sink is a mess, wipe it.
If you use a cup or chopsticks, please wash up.
Please don’t leave any type of food or liquid in the assembly room or in its trash bin.


The play room must also be kept clean for the safety of the children.  We use the space on Tuesday mornings for assembly and it’s all of our responsibility to make sure it’s left safe and tidy for the patients. Let’s not leave the sweeping and wiping down of the tables to the same few people. If you see a problem, PLEASE spend a few minutes and lend a hand.


Thank you for the countless hours you spend sorting, sewing and knitting. It takes a team working together to keep the assembly room and playroom running smoothly… so THANK-YOU!


 Message from Group Volunteering

Our group volunteering program hosted 53 groups of volunteers at Heart to Heart in 2019!   We would like to send out a big THANK YOU message to all of them.  They were quite varied – being groups from companies, schools, clubs, universities, etc., but they all came to give us a hand with sorting donations, preparing heart bears, supervising shoe drives, cleaning the playroom and so on. Some organisations have now been volunteering in the program for several years and the group volunteering team is always delighted to see them again.  Maybe 2020 could be the year when your organisation gets a group together to help H2H.  It’s a great bonding and team-building activity. Groups can come on Tuesday afternoons or Thursday mornings or afternoons.  Up to 12 people can take part in one session, but, if you have more than 12 volunteers, we can always set up multiple sessions. If you would like to organise a session, send an email to Bev at we are looking forward to having even more volunteers in 2020.

心连心的团体志愿活动项目在2019年有53个团体参与。我们要在此向这些志愿者发表致谢的信息。虽然这些团体的背景不同,有公司行号、各级学校、会所等等,但是他们都在心连心协助整理捐赠物品、装配爱心小熊、监督捐鞋活动、清洁消毒游乐室等等。有些志愿团体已经在心连心服务多年,我们的志愿团队特别高兴与长期保持合作的伙伴们见面。也许2020是您的单位组织志愿团体帮助心连心的一年。这是一个培养默契和团队精神的好法子。每周二下午、周四上午,和周四下午开放给志愿团体的时段,每次最多可以容纳12人。如果人数超过12人,我们可以安排复数时段。有意安排团体服务的朋友,请用电邮跟Bev女士联系 期盼2020年有更多志愿者加入我们的行列。


Mom 2 Mom Sales (M2M)

Have you ever wondered what Mom 2 Mom Sales (M2M) is all about?  It all began in 2008 by two German women as a small event in Huacao Town, Minhang.  It was just a few mothers selling their second hand children´s items. Over the years, the events have grown and become one of the biggest charity sales in Shanghai.  The sales take place four times a year around spring/summer and fall/winter. As both names suggest, Mom-to-Mom Sales centres around second hand children´s and maternity items while Women-to-Women Sales caters to ladies who love to shop pre-loved women´s wear & accessories.  All are at incredible bargains. The best part is of the sales is that for 11 years and one sale at a time, M2M has donated all their profits to Heart to Heart Shanghai. Our target is 30000 RMB for each sale – the price for saving one child´s life. 

您有没有想过Mom 2 Mom Sales (简称“M2M”)这个售卖组织具体是做什么的吗?我来告诉您:这一切始于2008年,两位德国女士参加了闵行区华漕镇的一个小规模售卖活动。一开始只有几位妈妈出售她们孩子用过的物品。而经过十多年来,这项活动越来越有规模,并成为上海最大的慈善义卖活动之一。售卖一年举办四次,每季度一次。正如这两个名称所示,“Mom-to-Mom”的销售集中在儿童和产妇二手用品,而”Women-to-Women”的销售则迎合那些喜欢购买女装和配饰的女士。所有这些都是难以置信的便宜货。最精彩的部分是,11年来,M2M一次一笔地把他们所有的利润捐给了心连心上海。我们的目标是每次销售30,000元人民币,这样可以挽救一个孩子的生命。

For years the Shanghai Racquet Club (SRC) has been M2M’s biggest supporter since they opened their doors for our event, year after year. The M2M team is eternally grateful for their support.  Since last year more organizations and businesses have joined forces with us such as La Rive des Pains providing our volunteers with free food during the preparations and the JICDA Community Center who honored M2M with the “Excellence in Organizing“ award.  But most of the praise goes to all our tireless and hardworking volunteers who help out before, during and after the sales.  Without them none of this would be possible. We are very grateful to work with all of you side by side for a great cause.

多年来,上海西庭网球俱乐部一直是M2M最大的支持者,因为他们年复一年地为我们的活动敞开大门,M2M永远要感谢他们的支持。自去年以来,越来越多的组织和企业与我们携手合作,例如在筹备过程中为志愿者提供免费食物的La Rive des Pains,以及授予M2M“卓越组织”奖的JICDA社区中心。而这些赞扬都归功于我们所有不知疲倦、勤奋的志愿者们,他们在销售之前、期间和之后都付出了辛勤的劳动。没有他们,这一切都不可能实现。我们非常感恩能为了一个共同目标而并肩作战。

We are constantly looking for new core team members for our M2M Minhang team. If you think you have great ideas and would like to join help the cause please get in touch by scanning the QR code.  We are hoping to also open a Mom2Mom Pudong branch. Who will take on this noble task? Organizing and running Mom2Mom Sales can be quite work intensive,  but it is a huge achievement and definitely pays off. This becomes particularly obvious when meeting “our” kids in the hospital. Our Mission and vision for this year 2020 is to expand operations and try to double the number of funded heart surgeries. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? This is why we are looking for ladies and gentlemen in the Pudong community who would like to learn from us and organize their own M2M Pudong as an independent event. If this sounds interesting to you please get in touch by scanning the QR code.


 Message from Marketing Team

“What is your new year’s resolution?” is one of the most commonly asked questions this time of year.  I have decided to be “effective”.  While searching for how to do this,  one day, this sentence caught my eye:  “To effectively manage your life, donate 10% of your resources to support charity.” I was  impressed to see that supporting a charity actually makes managing our lives more effective!  From my own experience I guess it is not about how much you do something, but more about how you devote your resources.  Whether you give time or money or something else, you are making something positive and constructive happen in real life and I believe this is one of the ways you effectively manage life.

Today i realized it has already been 1 year and 3 months since we launched the H2H Wechat account.  It is delightful to see we have more than 1640 followers already. Thankfully, we also now have more volunteers who are willingly to support the translation of materials into Chinese so we can expand our followers.  This will be a great enhancement to our WeChat account for 2020.  Please stay tuned for our H2H Wechat account 2020 resolution of being more effective.  Together we can make H2H and our WeChat account even greater.   Alie Wang, Marketing Manager

今天我意识到我们推出H2H微信公众号已经一年零三个月了。很高兴看到我们已经有超过1640名追随者。十分感恩,我们现在也有更多的志愿者愿意加入我们的团队将材料翻译成中文,这样我们就可以扩大我们的追随者的范围。这将是我们2020年微信账户的一大提升方向。请继续关注我们的H2H微信公众号。我们可以一起让H2H和我们的微信账户变得更强大。Alie Wang, Marketing Manager

Featured Sponsor of the Month – Jan Dallison

Karen has asked me to write a few words about my time with H2H and why I continue to support it from afar….and as you all know, who can say no to Karen!  I volunteered with H2H between mid 2011 until January 2016. I sorted donations, knitted the occasional scarf, did office management (much to the amusement of former work colleagues who remembered my desk only too well), helped with shoe drives and coordinated group volunteering. I was fortunate enough to go on a number of field trips and, if you haven’t been on one yet, please go on one. Two of the my most memorable moments were meeting Lu Songfei, the child on the name tag on my Year of the Horse bear and meeting the twins in Anhui province. Their grandparents heard H2H was visiting nearby and brought their twin grandsons, both with heart defects, to meet us and ask for help (which they did get).   Meeting the families and seeing the difference that the surgery made to the whole family is why I keep supporting, however small, H2H. I now just need to get a Year of the Ox bear back to the U.K. in 2021 and then all the family will have their own bear!

凯琳特(Karen)让我写一些关于我和心连心的内容,以及我即便身在异地依然支持心连心的原因……大家都知道,谁又能对我们上海心连心执行总监(志愿者)凯琳特女士说不呢!我从2011年年中到2016年1月期间在上海心连心做志愿者。我参加后勤整理捐赠物集会,偶尔也帮忙一起编织围巾和管理办公室事宜(希望现任志愿者能够记得我在这张办公室桌也“工作”过哦),还有帮忙一起在医院里执行鞋类捐赠物院内发放项目,也一同协调过“团体志愿服务”项目。我很幸运参与过几次上海心连心下方探访活动,如果你还没去过,个人建议你务必参加一次。在下乡探访活动中,我最难忘的两件事分别是:在安徽遇见了Lu Songfei,一个在我的马年爱心小熊的名字标签上的孩子;另一个是在安徽省遇见的一对双胞胎,双胞胎孩子的祖父母听说心连心在附近拜访,于是他们带着这对患有心脏病的双胞胎孙子来见我们并向我们寻求帮助(经过之后的核实程序,这对双胞胎兄弟受到上海心连心的手术费用资助)。与他们见面并见证到了手术后给这个家庭带来的改变,个人而言,自己做的微乎其微,包括我们上海心连心这个组织有多小,但受助的孩子和其家庭的的改变之大不是我可以想像的,这也是我一直支持和服务于心连心的原因。我现在得在2021年把一只中国生肖牛年的爱心小熊带回英国,那样我所有的家人都就都拥有他们自己的上海心连心爱心小熊了!

Featured Heart to Heart Sponsored Child –
(Child #1422) He Huiting

Heart to Heart has a lot of cases of special needs children who come from particularly impoverished homes.  H2H Child #1422 – He Huiting – is one such child.  She is a 3 year old girl from Yunnan province.  When she was 2, He Huiting was taken to the state hospital for treatment of pneumonia. She had never been to the doctor before.  She was found to have congenital heart disease.  The family was poor, however, so they couldn’t do anything about it – nor could they repair her mild cleft lip and palate or her right ear that is not growing properly.  All these issues needed surgery, but they were unable to save enough money for any of the surgeries much less all of it.  (The heart surgery had to come first.)  There are 4 people in her family – her parents, a 10 year old sister and He Huiting. They are of the Li Su ethnic group.  They only have one mu of land for growing rice. The mother has a herniated lumbar disc which they can’t afford to fix; she can’t do heavy work.  She takes care of the children.  The father farms their land and does part-time jobs in his spare time.  He earns around RMB 10,000 a year.  They owe RMB 100,000 yuan so were not even able to get a loan of any kind to help with the surgeries.

He Huiting was able to have her open heart surgery on December 20 through Heart to Heart.  Her parents were thrilled even though it took He Huiting a while to recover and her parents were anxious to get home before the Spring Festival holiday made travel difficult.  They made it home, however, with He Huiting, who shouldn’t need any further surgery on her heart.  She should be able to function normally.  Her mother told us that they have also found organizations who can help her with her cleft lip and palate and then help with her ear.  Her mother was very excited about all of it.  She wanted to be able to understand He Huiting when she talked and hasn’t been able to so far.  The heart was the first step towards getting He Huiting well and communicative …. and her mother expressed over and over how she wanted to thank Heart to Heart and the 2019 H2H Sri Lanka/Finland 4,855 Km Challenge who sponsored her for surgery.

心连心有许多有特别需要的孩子是来自特别贫困家庭的。编号1422的孩童- 何慧婷 – 就是其中之一。她是一位从云南来的孩子。两岁的时候因为肺炎被送到医院。在那之前,她从来没看过医生。她被诊断出先天性心脏病。因为家庭条件很差,无法做任何治疗。同时她还有兔唇和右耳发育障碍的问题。这些都是需要动手术来矫正的治疗,但是家庭的经济条件不允许他们凑齐任何手术需要或任何一部分的费用(心脏手术是优先要考虑的)。何家有四口人,何慧婷 的父母之外,还有一个十岁的姐姐,都是傈僳族人。家里只有一亩地种稻米,母亲脊椎滑脱但没钱治疗,不能做粗重活,只能在家照顾孩子。父亲种地之外还打些零工,一年挣上一万人民币,却欠了十万的债。这样的财务状况也无法让他们透过任何管道得到贷款资助医疗费用。


Featured Volunteer: Ingrid

Hello. My name is Ingrid. I am from the Netherlands and have lived in Shanghai with my husband, Dirk, for almost 1.5 years. We have 2 children – a daughter 21 years old and a son 19 years old – both studying in the Netherlands. When I first moved to Shanghai, I joined the SEA to meet new international friends and, of course, do voluntary work for H2H. I like sporting, doing creative things, going out, having nice dinners with friends and family and exploring the city on my bike brought from the Netherlands. Also, I like to show our friends and family the beautiful secrets of Shanghai, a trip they normally wouldn’t make without us being here. I’m also a member of the Dutch association. I have made a lot of new friends through it and it has made living in Shanghai a lot easier.

大家好,我叫英格丽德(Ingrid), 我来自荷兰,和我丈夫德克(Dirk)在上海生活了近1年半。我们有两个孩子,一个21岁的女儿和一个19岁的儿子,他们都在荷兰上学。当我刚搬到上海时,我就加入了SEA,结识了来自五湖四海的新朋友,当然,我还加入了上海心连心的志愿者大家庭。我喜欢运动,做创造性的事情,喜欢外出旅游,也喜欢与朋友和家人吃一顿好的晚餐, 或是骑我从荷兰带来的自行车去探索城市。 此外,我喜欢向来上海旅游的朋友和家人介绍关于上海的一些人文趣事,带他们到一些普通
“游客”不太会去的地方, 那些只有我们“本地人”才能体验到的上海。我也是荷兰协会的成员,通过它,我结交了许多新朋友,这使得我在上海的生活变得容易和方便很多。

Last year, I joined my first H2H field trip. That really was an impressive experience. It was nice to see what
H2H volunteers do to raise money for surgeries for the sponsored kids and also I got a better insight on how people live outside of Shanghai. I have already signed up for the next field trip in March.

去年,我参加了我的第一次上海心连心的下乡探访活动。 这真是一次令人印象深刻的经历。很高兴看到那些受上海心连心赞助过手术的孩子,也理解了我们志愿者平时努力”工作”筹款的目的。 我也对上海以外的人如何生活有了更好的了解。我已经报名参加三月份的下一次下乡探访活动。

From January on, I will get myself more involved in the sewing group by helping Marie to make it all run even more smoothly. I look forward to a new exciting year where I hope to get to know even more people.

从一月开始, 我会参与更多编制和缝纫小组的志愿服务,帮助玛丽(Marie)让我们小组运行更加顺利。我非常期待新的一年,希望我可以结实更多的新朋友。

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Heart to Heart Shanghai
3rd Floor
Yoda Cardio-Thoracic Hospital
No. 218 Long Cao Road,
Xuhui District, 200235
In Chinese:
心连心 – 凯琳特