December 2020

Heart to Heart Newsletter

December Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, December 1 – 9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, December 8 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, December 15 – 9:30-12:30
Tuesday, December 22 – 9:30-12:30
Thursday,December 29 -9:30-12:30

December Events: 

Dec 5-6 – Paulaner Xmas Market
Dec 5-6 – Green Escape Market
Dec 7 – Italo Chrismas Market
Dec 10 – Brits Xmas Lunch
Dec 12 – Ugly Xmas Jumper Party
Dec 12-13 – Green Escape Market
Dec 16 – Ladies Night Bingo
Dec 18 – Hampton Woods Music
Dec 19-20 – Green Escape Market
Dec 26-27 – Green Escape Market

See our website for event flyers

Running Dinner for Heart to Heart

During October a slightly ambitious group of women decided to organise a running dinner. Also known in the US as a progressive dinner, it involves a three-course dinner eaten across three different houses with each couple hosting just one course. And definitely no running involved! We chose to support Heart to Heart with a small entry fee and also donations once we’d made sure everyone had enjoyed an amazing evening. In order to keep the anticipation and secrecy going for as long as possible, the first location was hand delivered with strict instructions not to open it until 6pm that evening. Then they were off! At each house guests dined with either 2 or 3 other couples who they (hopefully) didn’t know, wine and cocktails flowed and everyone was in high spirits. At the end of the first course the host revealed a box that had been delivered earlier. Inside were small bottles, one for each couple with a message inside to reveal the next destination. Time to move on! Yet more people to meet and wine to drink at the main course venue and then the final destination for dessert needed to be revealed. This time there was a balloon inside a box, burst the balloon (also filled with glitter!), find your scroll and reveal your next venue. Time to move on again! Finally, dessert was enjoyed with yet more new faces. After meeting so many new people and eating an amazing array of food everybody convened for a huge after party at Yasmine’s Steakhouse. New friends met again, and the conversations flowed easily. Music and dancing rounded off what was an unforgettable evening in Huacao. Of course, no gathering of expats would be complete with a small amount of fundraising and we were thrilled to be able to transfer RMB 10,350 to Heart to Heart to help support their amazing work. 

 10月份,一群稍有野心的女士们决定组织一次跑步晚餐。它在美国也被称为“渐进式晚餐”,它包括在三个不同的房子里吃三道菜,每对夫妇只上一道菜。绝对不涉及跑步!当我们确定每个人都享受了一个美妙的夜晚后,我们选择用小额的入场费和捐款来支持心连心公益组织。为了尽可能长时间地保持期待和保密,第一个地点是亲手送来的,并严格指示要到当晚6点才能打开,然后他们就离开了!在每一间房子里,客人们都和另外二到三对他们不认识的夫妇共进晚餐,酒和鸡尾酒源源不断,每个人都兴高采烈。在第一道菜结束时,主人拿出了一个先前送来的箱子, 里面是小瓶子,每对夫妇一个,里面有一条信息,告诉他们下一个目的地。是时候继续前进了!还有更多的人在主菜场见面,享用美酒,然后揭示甜点的最终目的地。这一次盒子里有一个气球,气球被戳破了(还装满了闪光片),找到你的卷轴并显示你的下一个地点。是时候再继续前进了!最后,更多的新面孔享用甜点。在认识了这么多新朋友,享用了丰富的美味佳肴之后,大家在Yasmine牛排店举行了盛大的余兴派对。新朋友又见面了,谈话轻松流畅。在Huacao以音乐和舞蹈圆满结束了一个如此难忘的夜晚。当然,在募集少量资金的情况下,海外人士的聚会是可以完成的,我们很高兴能够将10350元人民币转帐到心连心公益组织,帮助他们完成令人惊叹的工作。

 Knitting From Abroad – We Need Your Suitcases!

We still have hundreds of cardigans, Innocent Drink hats, and other knitted goods “stuck” in countries outside of China.  If you’re not in China and happen to be one of the increasing number of people who are returning to China in the near future, we need your help.  Many of our knitters are in other countries.  We rely on them to help us supply the huge number of cardigans/outfits we need for Christmas and normal events and we also need them to help with the thousands of little hats for the Innocent Drink rollout of the Big Knit program in China (where H2H will be their sponsored charity).  Usually, we can find someone to bring back their treasures.  COVID-19 has made this very difficult this year, however.  So, if you are coming back to China in the near future and have even a little room in your suitcase, please let us know!  We can get the knitting sent to you in your home country and you can bring it back to a grateful H2H staff.  The knitting definitely helps us sponsor many, many children each year!

我们仍然有成百上千件羊毛开衫,饮品盖毛线帽和其它针织品滞留在中国以外的国家.  如果不在中国,碰巧也会加入原来越多返回中国的队伍之中的话,那么,我们需要你的帮助!上海心连心的志愿者来自五湖四海,很多志愿者在离开中国以后仍然在国外为我们编织爱心熊的毛衣,上海心连心日常的义卖活动以及一些特殊的活动和项目,比如每年的圣诞小熊的毛衣和帽子,或是像Innocent Drink项目(配合产品上市定制的毛线帽,上海心连心将会是该公司在中国赞助的慈善基金会)需要数以千计的定制毛线帽等等,我们都需要这些海外的志愿的大力支持和帮助才能完成爱心熊的服装编织。通常我们总是能够找到一些乐于帮助我们的朋友,通过他们把上海心连心海外志愿者完成的编织成品带回上海交于我们。但今年新冠疫情的影响,使得这样的操作越来越困难。因此,如果在近期你有返回中国的计划,并且你的行李箱还有多余空间,也乐于帮助我们解决困难,烦请联系我们!我们可以安排海外志愿者将需要带回的编织品送到你在海外的地址,再由你帮忙带到中国交于我们。编织品绝对能够帮助我们筹集到更多的善款,所有的善款将用于资助中国贫困家庭的先心病患儿的手术费用。上海心连心诚挚的感谢每一位帮助我们的爱心人士!


Great Custom Bear Order & Great Pizza Party – Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza is a long-time supporter of Heart to Heart.  Recently, they decided to order 50 custom-made heart bears wearing Joe’s Pizza hoodies so they can use them in their shops.  It was a great idea and kept our sewing team busy for a while.  The bears, when finished will be really cute!  Joe’s Pizza then did something super nice and unexpected.  In addition to paying for the bears, they threw some of the H2H volunteers a pizza party on the Sunday evening after the Art for Hearts show had concluded.  It was a great break for many of us.  It was also great pizza!  Many of our volunteers had never had Joe’s Pizza and they are all now fans.  It was unanimously declared to be DELICIOUS!  Volunteers are rarely able to get together and celebrate in style, but we certainly got to that night.  Thank you, Joe’s Pizza, for making that possible!  We hope you love your bears!

Joe’s Pizza一直是心连心的长期赞助商。最近,他们决定和心连心预订50只穿着套头衫的小熊,上面印有它们店的标志,从而用在他们门店里。这是一个很棒的主意,我们的缝纫小组因此也忙了好一阵子。我们相信这些小熊制作完成时一定特别的可爱!Joe’s Pizza随后又做了一件非常好的事情,是我们没有预料到的。它们除了与我们购买小熊外,在周日晚上艺连心活动结束后,他们还为一些心连心的志愿者提供了一个披萨派对。这对于我们中的很多人来说是一个很好的放松的机会。同时,披萨也超级好吃!心连心的很多志愿者之前都没有品尝过Joe’s Pizza,但现在他们都成为了Joe’s Pizza的粉丝。大家一致认为它真的很好吃!其实,心连心的志愿者们很少有机会可以聚在一起,并且有仪式感的庆祝活动的顺利完成,但是那天晚上我们实现了这一切。感谢Joe’s Pizza让一切得以成真!我们希望你们喜欢你们订制的小熊!


Getting Donated Goods to Heart to Heart 

We take new and used in-kind donations all year long.  They have many end destinations.  We give them to our sponsored children/families when they arrive in the hospital, we use them in the playroom, we send some to people who need them in remote areas, we donate some to rural schools and villages, we sell some items that are inappropriate for any of the previous destinations (with the funds going to heart surgeries) and we recycle unusable items (with the funds going to heart surgeries).  If you have anything you’d like to donate to us, there are two means to get them to us:

  • Kuaidi – Donations can be sent at any time using Karen 13916295852 as the contact.  The goods can be sent to the attached address.
  • Drop-off – Donations can be dropped off to us on Tuesday mornings (9:30-12:30) or the last Thursday evening of each month except December (from 5:30-8:30pm).  Our address is on the attached card.  Call DJ at 18516254244 upon arrival.  Times outside those listed require that alternative arrangements be made with DJ since there is not always someone at our location to receive the goods.

Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart with things that you no longer need!  There are people out there who would love to have them!

上海心连心全年均接受新的或使用的实物捐赠。 这些受赠物品会被分配到很多的目的地。当即将手术的孩子及其家人来到医院后,我们会提供他们一些日常用品;上海心连心的儿童活动室也能用到很多的玩具、童话书等;也可寄送一些给有需要的在偏远地区的人们;或捐赠至一些农村学校和村庄;那些不适合以上条件或无法使用的物品,我们会给到回收公司换取一些资金(资金用于心脏手术)。 如果你有任何想捐赠给我们的东西,有两种方法可以送给我们:快递 – 收件人Karen 13916295852,地址请见所附详细信息。

除了通过寄件的方式,也可以亲自送货。可在周二上午(9:30-12:30)或除12月以外的每月的最后一个星期四晚上(下午5:30-8:30)送至医院。 医院的地址在所附卡片上。 抵达时请致电DJ 18516254244。 因为并不总是一直会有志愿者在医院接收货物,如需在以上列出的时间以外送货,可以与DJ沟通协调具体送货时间。

谢谢一直以来对上海心连心的支持, 你身边已经不再需要的东西,会在其他人那里得到宠爱!

Children Helping Children 
Sometimes it seems that the world is a little crazy and the future doesn’t look as rosy as it could – even for me, an optimist.  But, then along comes a lovely girl like Leyi from NAIS who makes the world seem right again.  Leyi will be 10 years old soon.  She was inspired after seeing the publicity on the 2020 Art for Hearts show and believed that she could start with baby steps and help Heart to Heart too.  On her own she decided that she would get too many birthday gifts when she turned 10 and that instead she would ask her friends to donate to Heart to Heart.  And thus was born one of the cutest, most inspiring birthday invitations I’ve seen in a while.  Thank you Leyi for wanting to help other children live up to their full potential after they get heart surgery.  I know that you are going to do great things and are certainly going to make a big difference at your party as a start.  Happy Birthday!有时候这个世界即使对我这么乐观的人也显得有些疯狂,未来也不显得美好。但像NAIS的可爱女孩Leyi的适时出现又让周遭显得正常了。Leyi即将满十周岁。她在看到2020艺连心活动宣传之后受到启发,深信自己也可以略尽绵薄之力帮助心连心。她知道自己十岁生日一定会收到很多礼物,所以就决定让朋友们以捐助心连心代替生日礼物,一份可爱又鼓舞人心的生日邀请函也因此诞生。谢谢Leyi要帮助手术后的孩子们达到他们潜能的意愿。我深信从生日会开始的引子,你以后将会做出贡献的。祝你生日快乐!
Morgan Fabric’s Merchandise for Sale at H2H Booths 

We hope you never think you have too many heart bears or handmade outfits for your bears, but if you want a new idea that’s available at H2H event booths this winter, we have it.  Morgan Fabrics have donated beautiful shopping bags, placement/napkin sets, neck pillows, slippers and more to us to sell.  100% of the price is going towards surgeries so it’s a great deal for us and a great purchase for you.  Everything is of very high quality and lovely to look at.  I hope you’ll come by and buy some…. great for gifts and great for yourself.  Thank you Morgan Fabrics!


Heroine of the Day: April Shi

The 2020 Art for Heart show was a huge success this year.  12 children will be sponsored as a result of the sales, raffles, donations, etc.  There are many, many people who contributed to its success over the 5 months it took to organize.  One person stands out as the hero of the day and that is April Shi, the event’s project manager.  Yes, she has a full-time job outside Heart to Heart.  Yes, she is a volunteer like the rest of us.  Yes, she went above and beyond the call of duty. She worked tirelessly with the artists, the H2H Art for Hearts Committee, the sponsors, the event volunteers and all the other people it took to make everything come together for an amazing evening.  And now she is still on the job organizing certificates, thank you notes, the “lessons learned” meetings and the rest of the details that have to be cleaned up after an event.  So, if you see or hear from April, please give her a big THANK YOU!  We couldn’t have done it without her.  Hopefully, she’ll sign on to do it another time!

2020 艺连心超前成功,有12个孩子通过这个活动的义卖、抽奖、和捐款等方式能够受益,接受手术治疗。许多人对这个长达五个月的筹备做出贡献,领先群雄的是项目经理April Shi。April本身有一份全职的工作,跟其他人一样是心连心志愿者。她的付出远远超出任务的要求, 从联系艺术家、与艺连心筹备委员、赞助商、志愿者沟通,让活动顺利进行、圆满结束,到活动收尾的证书、感谢函、检讨会、等程序。要是你看到April或是收到她的信息,请务必向她致谢!没有她的付出我们这次是不可能完成使命的。希望她未来依旧愿意协助我们的活动。

Message from the Marketing TeamSince our first sponsored heart surgeries 16-years ago, Heart to Heart has continuously relied on the generosity of our benefactors and dedicated volunteers to continue to operate and provide surgeries for children from across China.  When we first started in 2003, getting our message out to the community was not an easy task. How times have changed, the community is now able to connect with H2H in many ways in both English and Chinese.

Come and socialise with us. 

Follow us on social media, both Facebook and Instagram at Heart to Heart Shanghai 上海心连心 

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Pay us a visit and support H2H at one of the many community events in which H2H participates.

Buy our bears online. We are all familiar with the H2H heart bears.  They are a big part of our fund-raising efforts.  The sewing and knitting teams work endlessly to keep us up to date and supplied with their lovely outfits.  Besides events and the H2H office, they are now available to purchase

online at:
Join one of our volunteering groups. 

One of the biggest hurdles of volunteering is knowing where to start and finding the right opportunity that matches your skills. At Heart to Heart we have a number of volunteering groups that are essential to the organisation: Assembly / Hospital Playroom / Events / Sewing / Knitting & Crocheting / Schools / Speakers / Management. New members are always very welcome.  More information on these groups can be found on our website ( under the volunteering tab.  You can also write for specific questions.

Volunteer as a group 

Community awareness and involvement plays a huge role in helping H2H achieve its goals.  Our Group Volunteering Program has been launched to provide companies, schools and social groups the opportunity to volunteer as a group. This can be helpful in completing a company’s CSR requirements, student credits or just a good way for social friends to volunteer and contribute together.

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to all your contacts.  By doing so you will be contributing to raising the H2H community profile and awareness along with promoting the great work that is being achieved

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做志愿者最大的障碍之一是要了解从哪儿开始,并且找到最适合自己技能的工作。在心连心,我们有很多志愿者团队,他们对我们的组织都非常的重要:装配/医院活动室/活动/缝纫/编织&钩编/学校/演讲者/管理。我们总是非常欢迎新成员的加入。更多关于每个志愿者团队的信息大家可以在我们的官网 ( 点击“志愿者”进行查阅。你也可以写邮件info@h2hsh.net向我们咨询更多具体的问题。团队志愿者



It Had to Be Frida 

Each year a special Heart to Heart bear is created by our own Helen Anderson to auction at the Art for Hearts show.  This year was no different.  Helen came up with an extraordinary edition of Frida.  Now from Helen …..

After dressing and selling an actual one-eared heart bear named Van Gogh in 2018 and a very dotty Yayoi Kusama complete with sunglasses and handbag in 2019, it was time to dress one of my all-time favourite artists Frida Kahlo.

For those of you who may not be familiar with who Frida Kahlo is, she was an iconic Mexican painter who lived a very short but eventful life. Born in 1907, she died in 1954 aged 47. She had bad health most of her life, from polio at six years old, to an horrific bus accident when she was 18 that left her in pain for the rest of her life.  She painted between 150-200 paintings and many of them featured self-portraits. She was married to another artist Diego Rivera, best known for his large scale murals.  Frida was the child of a Spanish indigenous mother and a German father, and she was very proud of her native heritage and increasingly wore native clothing. She is well known for her flowers in her hair and her bright beautiful clothes, and of course her infamous mono-brow!
So when designing a heart bear to look like Frida I had so many lovely images to choose from. I finally decided to use two images to base the bear on – a knitted black skirt with a crocheted lace edging, combined with a knitted top, both covered in elaborate floral embroidery.  Of course Frida Bear had to have her hair done, earrings and of course her signature heart necklace.  The final touch, a crocheted monobrow.   I thoroughly enjoyed creating Frida’s outfit, and yes it took hours, but oh so worth it when she made 3,500 rmb for Heart to Heart!



Goodbye Note from Candia Allen Back in 2013 I joined the SEA, became editor of the Courier and an SEA board member, and I came across the two most heroic, charitably dedicated people that I had ever met, Karen and DJ. The Courier advertised H2H’s phenomenal work in the Community Spotlight page and published articles covering the whole gamut of H2H’s work from the knitters through to the lives turned around by the lifesaving operations. In 2014, I got to experience first-hand an H2H mission to the countryside. At the time this felt like an intrepid expedition into Anhui Province, having up to then only ventured from Shanghai to Beijing. I figured I could cope with the squatty potties, the hard beds in local hotels and the very long bus journey, but couldn’t face the Chinese breakfasts. So I packed my cafetière, coffee and breakfast supplies, much to the amusement of the other veteran volunteers.

As charities chair for Brits Abroad I continued to sit around a table with Karen. I’ve manned the stall at the Christmas markets and knitted heart bear jumpers with the German ladies knitting group, but not until Covid hit and so many people were stuck overseas did I start helping in the assembly room. Why hadn’t I done this before? The camaraderie and laughter are a brilliant tonic for the soul. And the grand finale was helping with the Art for Hearts show. I miss you Team H2H already! Although I never want to see another Next tracksuit hoody, not ever…

After a 30+ hour journey to the UK, including a taxi ride from Frankfurt to Folkestone with three bags and two dogs (Ruby and one pet belonging to a stranger who got stuck outside Shanghai), I’m now back home, a shabbier version of itself that needs lots of TLC, once the trillion boxes are unpacked. But on the bright side, I now have the H2H assembly room experience to sustain me whilst carrying boxes, emptying boxes and dragging things from A to B and Back to A again. I’m already bored with my own company, but its bearable because I can e-chat to my family and friends all over the world from my quarantine lockdown. Talking of family, as Shanghai has lured several family members to live and work in this great city, I will be back to visit and I’ll be sure to join the Tuesday assembly room activities if you’ll have me. So au revoir H2H.

2013年,我加入了SEA,成为了一名Courier的编辑和一名SEA的驻外员工。然后,我遇到了我这辈子见过的两个最英勇、最无私的人——Karen和DJ。 Courier在Community Soptlight (社区焦点)页面报道了心连心的杰出工作成果,并且发表了关于心连心工作模式和内容的文章,全方位的介绍了心连心如果将编织志愿者的编织工作最终转化为拯救生命的手术。在2014年,我亲自参与并体验了心连心的下乡活动。在那时,我觉得去安徽下乡就如同一次勇敢的远征。因为在此之前我只从上海去过北京。我想我应该可以接受蹲厕,当地酒店硬硬的床垫和漫长的巴士之旅,但是我不太喜欢吃中式早餐。于是我带上了自己的咖啡壶、咖啡和早餐用品,这让其他有经验的志愿者们觉得有点好笑。
“New to You” Sale
Around 6 weeks ago there seemed to be a theme cropping up in conversations and it was always about clothing. Some people had been stuck abroad for 6 or 7 months and on return realised that their children’s clothing (or theirs!) left in China no longer fit. Others who’d either stayed in China or returned before lockdown hadn’t done their usual restock of clothes of familiar brands over their summer trips home. This got a few of us thinking we decided to organise a “New to You” sale.The idea was for people to donate their new or gently used clothing. We then set up a sale in our area and all the money generated was donated to Heart to Heart. We could never have predicted the level of generosity from the local community and we ended up having to double our initial sale area within the Ruby Yu Hotel.Sack loads of clothing and accessories were sorted, folded and hung in preparation and after a fantastic 8 hour long sale (and some very sore feet!) we were done.

Thank you to the generous donation of space by Ruby Yu Hotel who also donated a percentage of their takings from heart themed cakes and kids high tea. Also donations from our two vendors – Epermarket and Kathryn at Flamingo Paperie, and when everything was totaled we’d raised a fabulous 22,400rmb. Thank you to everyone in our area (Huacao) for their generous support & donations and the assembly team at the hospital. We couldn’t have done it without you all!

大约六周前,在谈话中似乎出现了一个关于“衣服”的主题。有些人在国外被困了六七个月,回来后发现好多自己或者孩子的衣服都不太合身了。还有一些人,或是一直在中国的,或是在中国闭关前回来的,没有机会像往常一样在夏天的时候回家去补货,购买一些自己喜欢的牌子的衣服。这让我们中的一些人想到,我们可以组织一个“New to You”的售卖会。
这个想法是为了让人们捐赠他们新衣服或保养的比较好的旧衣服。然后我们组织一个售卖会,所有的销售所得将捐赠给心连心。我们从未想到大家会如此的热情和慷慨,最终我们不得不将在瑰宝酒店(Ruby Yu Hotel)的场地扩大了一倍。
感谢瑰宝酒店(Ruby Yu Hotel),它不仅为我们提供了活动场地,还将爱心主题蛋糕和儿童茶点的一部分收益捐献给了我们。感谢两位供应商的捐赠——Epermarket和Flamingo Paperie的Kathryn。最终,我们一共筹集了22,400元。感谢所有人的大力支持和捐赠,感谢医院装配室的志愿者们。没有你们,我们的活动将不可能成功。


Things We Need
Heart to Heart always wants money so we can perform more heart surgeries for our little patients who need it so badly.  But, if you also want to help out by sending things that the children and their families need while they are in the hospital (or when they get home), here is what we currently need:

  • Hand towels and wash cloths
  • Full-sized body lotion
  • Wet wipes
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Boys clothing (ages 6 months – 4 years)
  • Baby toys

We really appreciate your generosity!

上海心连心一直努力筹集资金,为更多急需钱的小病人完成心脏手术。当然,如果您想通过捐赠物品来帮助住院期间的孩子和他们的家人们,我们也是非常欢迎的。 目前我们最需要的是:

  • 擦手毛巾和擦脸毛巾
  • 沐浴露(瓶装,非旅行用小包装)
  • 湿纸巾
  • 成年人牙膏
  • 6个月-4岁男童服装
  • 婴儿玩具


The 2020 Art for Hearts Was a Huge Success

We hope you all enjoyed the 2020 Art for Hearts show. It was H2H’s 3rd annual art show and continued to be our most successful fundraising event.  

  • Approximately 187 artists participated by donating their amazing artwork
  • Around 300 pieces of artwork were donated to us and exhibited at the show
  • Over 400 guests attended the opening party on Friday night
  • Over 200 pieces worth approximately 200,000 RMB were sold on Friday and Saturday
  • The funds raised through raffle tickets, heart bears, and the Frieda Kahlo bear auction totaled approximately 36,000 RMB
  • Personal donations made in the name of 2020 Art for Hearts were approximately 60,000 RMB
  • Our long-term corporate sponsor – St. James’ s Place Wealth Management – donated 60,000 RMB on Friday night
  • When all the numbers are combined, we raised enough to sponsor 12 heart surgeries!

We would like to thank all the contributing artists from both China and abroad. You were very kind to give us your precious pieces. You put your heart and soul in your artwork and their sale will do great things. We truly appreciate your contribution!

We would like to thank Mr. Dave Murphy, the Consul General of Canada in Shanghai, who attended our opening party. Thank you for the speech and helping us to auction our Frieda Kahlo bear! You are truly a good friend to H2H!

We would like to give special thanks to St. James’s Place Wealth Management who sponsored the delicious food.  And, of course, the 60,000 RMB you donated to us at the opening party is fantastic! We appreciate your long-term support of H2H and the Art for Hearts show. Words cannot express our thankfulness.

We would like to thank all the sponsors, especially our venue sponsor Shanghai Centre, our wine sponsor Mountain Trail Wines, our beer sponsor Vedett, and our smoothie sponsor Innocent Drinks. Without you, the 2020 Art for Hearts would not have been possible. You helped make it a truly amazing event.   And of course, we love all the sponsors who provided us raffle gifts.  It was a great raffle with 20 very happy winners.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank the Art for Hearts Team who have put five months of selfless effort into making this happen!  We also thank every H2H volunteer who worked at the opening party. You are our heroes of the night!

The 2020 Art for Hearts show has come to a good end. Now it’s time to bring the 12 children in for their heart surgeries.  That is the best result of the entire event.  They will remember the event forever.  We hope to see you all next year so more children can be sponsored for heart surgery!

  • 大约187名艺术家参与了艺术品的捐赠
  • 大约300幅艺术品捐赠给了我们并且在展览中进行了展出
  • 超过400名客人参加了周五晚上的开幕酒会
  • 超过200幅总价值在200,000元左右的艺术作品在周五和周六卖出
  • 通过抽奖券、爱心小熊和Frieda Kahlo小熊拍卖筹集的资金约合36,000元
  • 在2020年艺连心活动中以个人名义捐赠额约合60,000元
  • 我们的长期赞助商——申展商务信息咨询有限公司在周五晚上向我们捐赠了60,000元
  • 当把所有的数字都放一起时,我们筹集了足够的资金为12位先天性心脏病儿童做心脏手术。
我们特别感谢加拿大驻上海领事馆的总领事Dave Murphy穆大纬先生先生,感谢您在百忙之中参加我们的开幕式,谢谢您精彩的演讲,并帮助我们拍卖我们的Frieda Kahlo小熊!你是心连心的最忠实的好朋友!

我们也特别感谢申展商务信息咨询有限公司(St. James’ s Place Wealth Management)为我们提供了美味的食物。当然,你们在开幕式上捐赠给我们的60,000元人民币真的是太棒了!我们感谢你们长期以来对心连心以及艺连心活动的支持。只言片语已经无法表达心连心对你们的感谢之意!

我们想感谢所有的赞助商,特别是活动场地的提供方上海商城,红酒赞助商Mountain Trail Wines,啤酒赞助商Vedett以及我们的奶昔赞助商Innocent Drinks。没有你们的帮助,2020年艺连心慈善艺术展都无法实现。你们的帮助真正把今年的艺术展变成了一个无与伦比的盛宴!我们也感谢所有为我们提供抽奖礼品的赞助商们,这是一个超级棒的抽奖活动,也使得我们20名获奖者非常高兴!



Meet Board of Directors Member Joyce Wang 

I  am Wang Wanxin.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.   I have been on the staff of Amity Foundation since 2004 and was the General Director of the Amity Home of Blessings and the Amity Children Development Centre until 2018.  I have 16 years of public welfare experience and have accumulated rich project management experience and institutional management experience in the field of children’s assistance and special education and rehabilitation. Since August 2018, I have been the Secretary General of Shanghai Rende foundation and have been fully responsible for the management of the foundation.


Featured Child of the Month: H2H Child #1661 Jia Yitong
Not every child Heart to Heart helps has a complicated congenital heart problem or an emergency situation, but it does seem that we are helping more and more complex cases through our surgery program.  That’s great – we want to save as many children as possible.  But, we can’t forget those who have lesser problems, but still require surgery to ensure they can live a full life.  Such is the case with Jia Yitong, a 3 year old girl from Shandong province.  When Jia Yitong was a little more than one month old, she was taken to the county hospital for a physical examination. The doctors found that she had congenital heart disease. They suggested that when she got older, she should be reexamined to see if she needs surgery (hoping that the hole in her heart would heal on its own).  Recently, she was taken to the maternal and child health care hospital for review. The doctor said that she should have an operation now since the defect wasn’t getting smaller.  The family, however, couldn’t afford it.  There are five people in the family – parents, an 11 year old sister, an 8 year old brother and Jia Yitong. They have 20 mu of land on which they grow wheat, corn and cash crops. Both parents are farmers. They make around 20,000 yuan annually and couldn’t borrow enough money to pay for the surgery.  Through a donation from our good friends at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (in South China), Jia Yitong was able to have the surgery she needed on November 5.Little Jia Yitong is looking, acting and feeling great now that her surgery is over.  She is also now on her way home after having passed all of her post-surgery tests.  Her prognosis is outstanding – she should live a life free from problems with the defect with which she was born.  She can now have the future her parents always wished she would have.

We hope that through your generous donations, many, many more children like Jia Yitong can be helped.  Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart.

并非每个心连心儿童都有复杂的先天性心脏病或紧急病情,但事实上我们的手术资助项目帮助了越来越多的复杂病例。这当然很好——我们想尽可能多地拯救儿童生命。但是,我们不能忘记那些问题虽小但仍然需要手术来确保他们能够过上完整生活的人,比如说来自山东的3岁女孩贾依彤。贾依彤一个多月大时,被送到县医院体检。医生发现她患有先天性心脏病,建议等她长大一些后,再重新检查看看她是否需要做手术(希望她心脏上的洞会自行愈合)。最近,她被带到妇幼保健院复查。医生说她应该尽快做手术,因为缺损没有变小。然而,这个家庭负担不起手术的费用。家里一共有五口人——父母,一个11岁的妹妹,一个8岁的弟弟和贾艺彤。他们有20亩地用来种植小麦、玉米和农作物。父母都是农民,家庭年收入约为2万元,筹不到足够的钱支付手术费用。通过我们在南方的石油工程师学会的好友捐赠,贾艺彤得以在11月5日做了她需要的手术。 小艺彤手术结束了,从她的外表、谈吐、言行看上去都很健康。在通过了所有的术后检测后,她已经在回家乡的路上了。她恢复的非常好——从此她可以过上没有先天健康缺陷的生活,也能够拥有父母所希望她拥有的未来了。 我们希望通过您们的慷慨捐赠,能帮助到更多像贾依彤这样的孩子。感谢大家支持心连心!

Featured Volunteer of the Month: Mabel McCormick

My journey with H2H started in 2018. At the get go, I thought it was a good idea to use my free time to help others especially since I love children. What caught me by surprise was that it was I who benefited from playing with the children. All children who come to the playroom whether they are waiting for their surgery or recovering from it, are very brave, positive and full of life.  They smile despite of their condition and healing pain; they play with openness towards strangers (volunteers) like myself;  they are truly gifts in my life. One just needs to spend two hours with them and your heart will be filled with their joy and hope in life.
I was privileged enough to join a H2H field trip to visit several families whom their children were sponsored by H2H. It was good to know first-hand that H2H not only helped children to get their heart surgery, but also followed through with the families to ensure that their children’s heart conditions and functions resume to normal. It’s a very humble experience to be welcomed by these families into their home as their friends.
The H2H playroom is an activity I look forward to every weekend. It might have been obvious that it also became my passion hence the team asked me to be an orientation leader to help explain to potential volunteers about this service.  I hope you will sign up for this meaningful activity. I look forward to meeting you in the playroom!


Featured Sponsor of the Month: Raul Bonatiu 

My name is Raul B and I was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania. In my twenties I moved to Barcelona, Spain where I lived and worked as a tennis coach for more than a decade. I’ve got job offer from China about 5 years so I decided to take the chance and here I am, riding metro line 11 more often than I would like. In my spare time I like hiking and reading. Currently I am watching this series of lectures from A History of philosophy course by Arthur Holmes (Podcasts) which keeps me pretty intrigued. I am gonna beat you with knowledge after this one:)) One year ago I discovered H2H through some articles I read on internet and I’ve been moved by their efforts in helping the children with congenital heart diseases which can’t afford an intervention. It happened that at the same time I was thinking to get involved with an organization of this kind to contribute my grain of sand. Raul

From H2H ….. Thank you, Raul, for your constant donations to help the children of Heart to Heart!  There are now many children in rural China who will remember you throughout their lives and marvel that a stranger helped them when they needed it most.
我的名字叫Raul B,我在罗马尼亚的特兰西瓦尼亚出生和长大。在我20岁左右时,我搬到了西班牙的巴塞罗那工作和生活,我在那里做了超过十年的网球教练。随后,我获得了一个在中国五年的工作机会,我决定接受它。因此,我来到了这里,乘坐地铁11号线的次数超过了我的预期。最近,我在看一个Arthur Holmes讲的关于哲学史的系列讲座(Podcasts),这个讲座让我特别的着迷。等我听完以后,我要和你们一起比赛一下知识储备,哈哈。一年前,我通过网络上的一些文章了解到了心连心,我深深的被心连心帮助先天性心脏病儿童治疗疾病的善举所感动。在那时,我正好想加入一个类似的组织,去贡献我微薄的力量。Raul。


Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

New Assembly Volunteers
Ben Li
Chao-yu Cheng
Heather Cameron
Jay Zylka

New Events Volunteers
Angela Liu
Ben Li
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New Knitting and Sewing Volunteers
Fuyu Guo
Heloise Robertson
Karen Chen
Katja Schaefer
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Lu Cheng
Poi Yu

New Playroom Volunteers
Aria Fan
Cynthia Poon
Tong Liu
Xinyan He
Yangfan Yue

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