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December 2019

December Assembly:

Tuesday, December 3         9:30-12:30
Tuesday, December 10       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, December 17       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, December 24       9:30-12:30  Thursday, December  26    17:30-20:30
Tuesday, December 31       9:30-12:30


December Events:

Sunday, December 1
Shanghai Centre
Commune Christmas Market
Friday, December 6
SUIS Shangyin
Friday-Sunday, December 6-8
Paulaner Cristkindlmarkt
Saturday-Monday, December 7-9
Yoga Conference in Songjiang
Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8
Commune Christmas Market
Monday, December 9
SEA Coffee Morning
Wednesday-Thursday,December 11-12
Jingan Christmas Market
Thursday, December 12
CISK – Kunshan
Saturday, December 14
YCIS PUXI Christmas Market
Saturday-Sunday, December 14-15
Commune Christmas Market
Saturday-Sunday, December 14-15
Jingan Kerry Center Xmas
Tuesday, December 17
Hongwen Montessori Academy
Friday, December 20
Evergreen Preschool Xmas
Saturday, December 21
Jiashan Market
Saturday-Sunday, December 21-22
Jingan Kerry Center Xmas

The Society of Pertroleum Engineers (SPE) & H2H

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) holds two main fund raising events annually in south China – the SPE Chili Cook Off and the SPE Shrimp Cook Off. The cook offs are furiously completive events with cooking teams provided by local oil companies and oil field service company staff. These two annual events are charity  functions to raise funds for Heart to Heart Shanghai. SPE chose to support Heart to Heart over 5 years ago because they are and always have been a 100% volunteer organization with no paid employees. Heart to Heart has a $0 operating budget which means that 100% of donations are spent for surgeries. Sponsors are given documentation on where their donations were spent and can also visit the children while the children are in the hospital for their surgery.

石油工程师协会(SPE)每年举办两个主要的筹款活动- SPE辣椒烹饪和SPE虾类烹饪比赛。烹饪团队均为当地石油公司和油田服务公司的员工,烹饪活动比赛十分激烈。  这两项年度慈善活动的主要受益方是上海心连心。SPE 从5年前开始支持上海心连心,因为上海心连心一直以来都是一个100%纯粹的志愿者组织,任何志愿者均无报酬。上海心连心是一个零成本运营的组织,这意味着100%的捐款将用于受助患儿的手术费。赞助者会收到关于捐款的使用文件(受助患儿资料等),在患儿术后住院恢复期间, 也可以到医院探访受助患儿及其家属。

To date SPE has donated over 100,000 RMB to H2H;  they’ve helped a lot of children! In addition, one of the SPE members and his family has conducted an annual family service project in honor of their granddaughter, Emma Ivanovsky, who was tragically killed in an accident in 2015. In Emma’s name the family has sponsored 23 children for surgeries. Craig and Terry have personally visited H2H in Shanghai to meet sponsored children and the H2H staff on two different occasions.

迄今为止,SPE已经向上海心连心捐赠了10万元人民币。 SPE帮助了很多孩子。此外,其中一位SPE成员和他的家人还开展了一年一度的家庭服务项目,以纪念他们的孙女艾玛·伊万诺夫斯基,艾玛于2015年在一次事故中不幸遇难。以艾玛的名义,这个家庭资助了23名儿童做手术。克雷格和特里曾亲自到访上海心连心,在两个不同的时期与受助患儿和上海心连心志愿者见面交流。

Heart to Heart LOVES the SPE and all its generous members!


Message From the Sewing Team 

There are a lot of changes on the sewing team now that the end of the year has arrived.  Our beloved manager, Stefanie Sauer, will be repatriating to Germany.  We wish her a wonderful life!  She will be missed.  She did a wonderful job forming the team and getting it off to an amazing start.

Marie Blossier will be the new manager.  Ingrid Dupper will be assisting her.  They both have a long history with the sewing team and we know they will do a great job.

The « Maker Fabric Store » at Century Link Mall will be the new headquarters for the sewing team. The next sessions are 4 and 11 December from 13:00 – 17:00.   Festive dresses and skirts for the New Year’s collection will be prepared.  If you’d like to join us on the sewing team, please fill out an application on our website at If you’re already a H2H volunteer and want to volunteer additionally with the sewing group, please write to and ask to be added to the group.  Easy!

H2H Field Trip to Jiangxi Province 

If you missed the November H2H field trip to Jiangxi province, you missed a really special time.  We had quite a few former volunteers flying into China for the trip as well as new volunteers and friends. Despite the fact that there was a wide variety of people/nationalities/ genders on the trip, everything seemed to mesh nicely and everyone worked together so well that the trip seemed magical.  Participants on the trip visited seven of our previously sponsored children in their homes.  Each visit was heart-warming and fun.  The children were all well;  their surgeries were absolutely successful.  And then there was the amazing block party in a small village in the countryside that automatically seemed to materialize when we arrived to celebrate how well Ye Bolin was doing.  Ye Bolin was so excited that he was in tears with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face – neighbors appeared from nowhere – there was food – there were beverages (yes, old women and men were in the streets drinking Belgian beer that we had with us) – there were many charades between those who didn’t speak the same language – but most importantly it was FUN and smiles and laughter were flying between people who would normally never have met.  It was a truly memorable experience.

All of the children have a special place in our hearts.  It was so nice to see them doing so well.  We truly thank all their sponsors for giving them this chance at a new life;  they are using it well.

The children and sponsors were:

Child #507 – Zhang Xian – a 12 year old girl who had her surgery in March 2012.  Her surgery was sponsored by the BISS PX PTA.

Child #1080 – Ye Bolin – a 5 year old boy who had his surgery in January 2017.  His surgery was sponsored by Microsoft China.

Child #1263 – Fu Tianhao – a 4 year old boy who had his surgery in July 2018.  His surgery was sponsored by Sino-Yin Consultation.

Child #1386 – Zhu Zhekang – an 11 month old boy who had his surgery in June 2019.  His surgery was sponsored by Mowen Ho, Michael Bei, Commune Market sales, Les Enphants, AKS Football tournament, Sonja, Daniel Newman Tours, St. James’s Place and the Disney English March Hare Run.

Child #1404 – Ye Yuxin – a 4 year old girl who had her surgery in May 2019.  Her surgery was sponsored by Denise Lau.

Child #1430 – Wang Xinyi – an 8 month old girl who had her surgery in June 2019.  Her surgery was sponsored by MetLife, MWL Jewellery by EMI, H2H volunteers, Jeanette Furleger-Staltmayer, Zamira Khalid and Lotte & Aoi.

Child #1444 – Yu Xiuli – a 4 year old girl who had her surgery in August 2019.  Her surgery was sponsored by Profile Search and Selection.

In addition to seeing children H2H had previously sponsored for heart surgery, we also visited 3 primary schools where we donated libraries and sports equipment packages.  All the kids, teachers, headmasters and school board officials seemed to be in a holiday spirit and truly thankful to receive the books, computers, library tables, ping pong tables, badminton sets, footballs, volleyball sets, etc. that they received.  And thank you to donors like GAP and individuals who donated products and/or funds so we could give the children at the schools some great little gifts in addition to their libraries and sports equipment.

The schools and sponsors were:

H2H School #144 – Sangyuan Primary School (桑园小学) – whose library was donated by the Klajnscek Family & Friends and whose sports equipment package was donated by Rotork.

H2H School #145 – Shanli Primary School (善里小学) – whose library was donated by Boston Scientific and whose sports equipment package was donated by Stephanie Hsiao.

H2H School #146 – Maozhai Primary School (毛宅小学) – whose library was donated by Microsoft China Employees and Kavetha D and whose sports equipment package was donated by Stephanie Hsiao.  

Consider joining us on a future trip – like Anhui province from March 30 – April 2, 2020.  It’s already filling up.  We even have people fly into China to go on the trips…. 6 of them for this trip!  All are welcome as long as you are registered in time (just write to or Wechat Karen-H2H).  It’s a great way to experience what Heart to Heart is all about and the warmth of Chinese hospitality.

You won’t forget your Heart to Heart experience.

Our Tibetan Girl Goes Home – Pu Bu La Ji (Child #1472)

Pu Bu La Ji’s mother knew that there was something terribly wrong with her 2 year old daughter.  So she took Pu Bu La Ji to the free clinic that doctors from Yoda Cardio Thoracic Hospital were running in Ali, Tibet.  The mother’s worst fears were confirmed when Pu Bu La Ji was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome – a complex congenital heart disease.  Three surgeries would be required to help her.  Since Pu Bu La Ji’s parents were illiterate herders who only had a few goats and lived off their RMB 2,000 per year government allowance, her mother was in despair.  Luckily, 17 Heart to Heart donors were put together to come up with the funds (RMB 25,000 at that time) to help her have her first surgery;  little Pu Bu La Ji made her first trip to Shanghai for surgery.  The surgery was successful and she returned to Tibet to grow.

In June 2019 Yoda Hospital doctors made their annual trip back to Ali, Tibet, and Pu Bu La Ji was there for another examination.  Her lips were purple and her health was failing so her parents knew that the time had come for another surgery.  The doctors agreed that she needed her second and third surgeries.  Our brave little patient made the trip back to Shanghai with her father.  She arrived on August 2 with a group of 34 other Tibetan children who had all come for heart surgery.  She had her first follow-up surgery on August 15.  She was in the Recovery Unit under constant supervision for several weeks and then had her 3rd and final final surgery in September – both surgeries thanks to Heart to Heart SPE donors Craig & Terri Davis and their extended family.  There was a lot of pain and suffering, but little Pu Bu La Ji came through it like the amazing child we knew her to be.  By October she was in the playroom making friends with children and volunteers alike.  And finally, on October 24 we said a tearful, but OH SO HAPPY goodbye to her and her father.  In all probability we will never see Pu Bu La Ji again since it would be very hard to find her and her nomadic family in Ali, Tibet, but I know that many Heart to Heart volunteers and sponsors will hold her in their hearts and remember her smiling face for years and years to come.  We all wish you health and happiness Pu Bu La Ji!蒲布拉吉的母亲知道两岁的女儿有严重的健康问题,于是她带着女儿去了西藏阿里来自上海远大心胸医院的免费筛查诊所。当蒲布拉吉被诊断为左心室发育不良–一种复杂的先天性心脏病时,母亲最担心的事情得到了证实,这种病需要做三次手术。由于蒲布拉吉的父母是文盲牧民,只有几只山羊,靠每年2000元的政府补贴生活,她的母亲陷入绝望。幸运的是,17位“心连心”的捐赠者一起拿出资金(人民币25,000元)来帮助她完成了第一次手术。这是小拉吉第一次去上海,手术很成功,她回到了西藏继续成长。


Arts for Hearts

What a splendid show the 2019 Art for Hearts was! This year, we had over 60 artists donate their heartfelt works. We would like to give a huge thank for their kindness!  Without their contributions, we would never have had such amazing art show!   From Chinese ink paintings to Western oil paintings, from Abstract to Realism, our guests were impressed by the diversity of the beautiful art.


A huge thank you also goes out to the H2H team who worked very hard to make this happen!  After many months of preparation, it’s impossible to find one single word to describe their incredible effort.  The whole art team contributed!  Their passion and love made the show a huge success.   Bravo!!!


This year we also invited a few creative vendors to join our art show to enrich our guests’ enjoyment. Our guests appreciated the art while enjoying a little shopping – jewelry, refreshing perfume, exotic scarves and stylish mobile phone chains!  Art was everywhere!


And, of course, our heart bears were there as well.  With our knitting and sewing teams’ skillful work, the clothes the heart bears were wearing were even more stylish than those from actual shops! What is more important …every heart bear sale raised funds for our children’s heart surgeries.


Our thanks also goes out to our wine provider, Mountain Train Wines, for their generous donation of so many bottles of wine so we could provide free flow drinks for our guests.  We appreciate Pain Chaud as well who provided vouchers.  And last but not least, we sincerely give thanks to St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation who sponsored the delicious food for evening and additionally donated RMB 50,000 during the event.   In total, the event sponsored at least 5 children for heart surgery.  It was a wonderful evening!

感谢活动酒水赞助商Mountain Train Wines, 在会场提供了免费的美酒让嘉宾们无限畅饮。我们也感激Pain Chaud 提供优惠劵。最后,我们要诚挚地向St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation 致谢。这个机构除了赞助活动当晚的佳肴之外,还另外捐出人民币五万元。艺连心这项活动让我们得以赞助至少五位病童的心脏手术。这真是个精彩的夜晚

Please stay tuned for our upcoming events, there are lot to happen and we are looking forward to seeing you!


Featured Volunteer: Alan Rijnders

My name is Alan Rijnders, born and raised in the Netherlands but with a Scottish mother. The first time I came to China was in 2016 when I spent my exchange semester at the University of Notthingham in Ningbo and I fell in love with the country. Determined to succeed in China, I decided to move to China after my bachelor’s degree.  First I spent a year in Ningbo studying Chinese and now I’m in Shanghai for an internship. Through my internship I came in contact with H2H at the Expat Show and saw it as a great chance to help the local community in Shanghai. I had been involved in volunteering through my parents back home, but never knew of any opportunities in China. When I saw the stand and talked with some of the members, I knew this was my chance to do volunteer work in China. Since I love playing with kids, I thought the playroom would be a great fit and so far it has been for sure. For me after a busy week of work and studying, the playroom is the perfect way to escape everyday stress and busyness and share a true moment of joy with the kids. Seeing their smiles while playing fills me with happiness and excitement. In trying to help H2H as much as possible I also decided to take up some volunteer orientation sessions to ensure many new volunteers can get introduced to H2H. I will leave Shanghai for a few months since my visa wasn’t extended, but hope to be back at the playroom as soon as possible.

Featured Sponsor: Brits Abroad

Brits Abroad Shanghai is a not-for-profit group run by volunteers to provide a welcoming environment for British expats living in Shanghai – supporting new arrivals through those first few bewildering weeks, and organising events and activities through the year.  Membership is typically British families who live in or near Shanghai, but up to 40% of members are other non-British foreign passport holders.  Members enjoy monthly clubs as diverse as photography, Mahjong and May I, as well as cooking and craft workshops, social evenings and city walks.

Brits Abroad supports a number of Shanghai-based charities, with much of their fund-raising from charity social events.  H2H has been a regular beneficiary of their donations, with their annual Christmas lunch (very British!) typically collecting winter clothing for young children.  In past years children have been able to receive life-saving treatment with the cash donation raised from raffles and sponsored events.  Most recently their donation provided ping pong tables and equipment for Lvzhuang Primary School in Shangdong much to the delight of the pupils.

“Our Community Outreach Programme is a central part of what brings Brits members together”, says Selina Ruscoe-Price, Brits Abroad President.  “Our members get great personal satisfaction from volunteering with our community partners and H2H’s established work resonates with many of us.  Social events like our charity lunches are key to bonding us together as an expat community, and the fund-raising element enables us to give back to our host community”.

To that end, Brits Abroad is generously supported by a number of Shanghai businesses such as Bottles XO, EperMarket, Dea Kudibal and Cotton’s who regularly sponsor charity raffles and events.  If you’re interested in joining Brits Abroad, check out their website at or email them at  New members are always warmly welcomed and you can continue to support H2H via their Outreach Programme, or just go along to one of their events and have fun!

Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

New Playroom Volunteers
Betty Zhang
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Ying Yun Wang
Zi Huang

New Management Team Volunteer
Diana Schweinert

New Knitting Volunteer
Qianwen Zhou

New Assembly Volunteers
Allison Ross
Cristina Buron Pust
Mei Kang
Michele Laurent
Shevaun Macks
Sirus Mrazik
Tracey Homersom

New Events Team Volunteers
Nancy Shi

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