Call for Artists | 2021 Art for Hearts

We are happy to announce that Heart to Heart Shanghai will hold its fourth annual Art for Hearts art show in late October 2021.  Art for Hearts is an annual charity art show held by Heart to Heart Shanghai, a 100% volunteer-operated non-profit organization providing heart surgeries for Chinese children from impoverished families all over China. 100% of the proceeds will go to Heart to Heart to sponsor more heart surgeries.  No fees or salaries will be taken out.  Last year the event raised enough money to help more than 12 Chinese children have the lifesaving heart surgeries they needed.  We hope to save many more lives in this year.

Each year, we call for all types of artists to donate their artwork for the show – whether it is traditional ink painting or Western oil painting or any other media. We also welcome all to contribute whether you are a professional artist or simply view art as a hobby.

We ask that all artwork donations be received in the months of August and September 2021. All artwork must be free from nudity, profanity, or any political or controversial subjects. Due to the limitations on space, we can only accept a maximum of 3 pieces from each artist. Please note that prices cannot be set by the individual artists, but the artwork will be priced by a professional assessor who will volunteer for this purpose. Also, any artwork donated for the show will not be returned afterwards whether it sold or not. Artists should begin the process by filling out the information requested in our artist portal on our H2H WeChat site (see the attached QR code for the site).  All work should come framed, stretched, and with the unique Submission Code assigned by our artist portal so that it can be identified.

If you have any questions, please contact

征集艺术品| 2021艺连心慈善艺术展