Our good friend from Z Wang T-shirts has made Heart to Heart Shanghai his official charity beneficiary in his new online shop.  The first of the t-shirts he is offering to benefit H2H has a QR code on it that scans to say “STAY AWESOME”.  (Scan this QR code to see the t-shirt and order.) He will soon add more t-shirt styles and colors (they already come in any size) – the proceeds from which will go to H2H when you order them.  I just got myself one and it was really easy.  (If you can’t read or type your address in Chinese, however, you might have a friend with you when you scan the QR code so that you can get a little help.  Otherwise, they are really easy to order.)  There are also t-shirts from many of our supporters on the site so you can order from them too.  Some benefit H2H as well.  Stay Awesome and sponsor H2H!