Our mission is to provide support and financial assistance to indigent Chinese children who require heart surgery and to provide financial assistance to rural Chinese schools which require libraries, sports equipment and other essentials. For more information visit our website (www.h2hsh.com).

Sign up to volunteer on our website.  Feel free to pass along the information to friends who may want to get involved.
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August 2020

August Assembly:

Tuesday, August 4
9:30 – 12:30
Tuesday, August 11
Tuesday, August 18
Tuesday, August 25
Thursday, August 27


August  Events:

Come out and support Heart to Heart at The Rooster (August 1), Green Escape Market (every weekend in August), the Charity Dinner / Comedy Show at Colca (August 5) and Swap & Sip (August 8).


Bring Your Group to Volunteer with Us! 

Following a long break, we are delighted to be able to welcome groups of volunteers to Yoda Hospital to volunteer to help Heart to Heart again. Could you organise a group to come and give us a hand? Perhaps you have already been to volunteer with us in previous years;  we would love to see you again. 53 groups came to help out in 2019 so we have a lot of catching up to do!  How about getting together a group of colleagues from work, from school or college or just a group of friends? We always have lots of work to do: dressing and finishing heart bears, sorting donations, cleaning the playroom… It’s not difficult work and all takes place in a great fun atmosphere with our team managers. We organise sessions on Tuesday afternoons or Thursday mornings and afternoons, 9:30am-12:30pm or 1:30-4:30pm. We can take groups of up to 12 volunteers but if you have more, we can always set up more than one group. If you would like more information about our group sessions or would like to reserve a date, please send an email to Bev Darle at this address groupvolunteers@h2hsh.net Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

中断了很长一段时间之后,我们终于舒一口气,可以开放给志愿团体到远大医院来为心连心做志工服务了。您能够协助组织一个团体来帮忙吗?如果您过去曾经担任过团体志工,希望您能够再度与我们携手。2019年有53个团体来帮忙,今年我们要特别努力才可能赶上。也许您可以考虑邀约同事、同学、或朋友一块儿来?我们这儿总有需要帮忙的事儿:为爱心小熊着装、整理小熊服饰配件;整理捐赠物件和游戏室….工作单纯而且是在有趣的气氛里跟心连心团队人员一起进行。我们提供周二上午9:30-12:30,和周二、周四下午1:30-4:30时段给志工团队人员,每次最多可以有12人同时参与,超过12人的团体可以进一步分组。有意进一步了解我们志工团体服务时段细节,或想预订志工团体服务时段,请利用电子邮件地址groupvolunteers@h2hsh.net 跟 Bev Darle 女士联系。我们期盼很快能收到您的信息。

Message from the Schools Team 

For over more than 15 years, Heart to Heart has worked to ensure that children in poor circumstances are able to get CHD heart surgery when they need it.  H2H has also provided rural school libraries and sports equipment in the areas from which our sponsored children come.  We know their lives are better as a result of the work we’ve done.   We believe every child deserves a childhood, a future, a better than fair chance.

This year’s pandemic has affected us all in one way or another.  However, the kids with congenital diseases do not understand the depth at which COVID-19 has impacted them.  Their only aim is to survive regular life and to cope up with a disease that they were unfortunate enough to have been born with.  That disease nor their need for help in curing it has not gone away because COVID-19 is impacting the world.  In fact, because most people are focused on it, donations to help the children with CHD are down.  Their chances of survival are now even less.  I hope to try to help address the situation.

I have the privilege of joining Heart to Heart’s great mission as manager of school liaisons. I have extensive experience in management that I will apply together with hard work to achieve the best result we can offer these kids in need: our most sincere help. I want to help unlock new ideas, new partnerships and new innovations to work with schools for these kids’ basic need – to have a life free of heart disease. I am thrilled to be able to help children but especially in this difficult time so these kids are not the hidden victims of this pandemic. The children’s futures are in all our hands and I hope we can work through this together.

I looks forward to working with the schools and the H2H school team during the upcoming school year!



我很荣幸能加入“上海心连心(H2H)”的伟大使命,成为学校联络管理者。我有丰富的管理经验,也会继续努力,为这些有需要的孩子们提供: 我们最真诚的关爱。我希望能启动新的想法、新的伙伴关系,通过一些创新举措与学校合作,来满足这些孩子的基本需求——过上没有心脏病的生活。我很高兴能够帮助到儿童,特别是在这个困难时期,使这些孩子不会成为这场流行病的隐性受害者。孩子们的未来掌握在我们手中,希望我们能一起度过难关。


2020 Art for Hearts!

Last month, we announced that Heart to Heart Shanghai will hold its third annual Art for Hearts art show in early November 2020. We have been inviting all types of artists to use their talents to contribute to the Art for Hearts show. We’re lucky to have so many friends and volunteers who can help us connect with some wonderful artists.  If you know artists, please help us spread the word to an even larger community.  The more artistic works we have the better!

Starting in August, we will officially start to accept submissions. The requirements and donation process are detailed in the attached posters.  Please make sure you contact April Shi (WeChat ID: aprilinwonderland) before you send out your artwork. We want to make sure we make secure arrangements to receive the artwork.

Besides donating artwork, you can also help us by sponsoring the art show. If you or your company want to know how to be a sponsor for the 2020 Art for Hearts, please also reach out to April Shi.


我们将从八月份开始正式接受送件。作品要求和捐赠步驺细节在所附宣传海报里有详细的说明请确认在您送出任何作品之前跟施瑜辰 April Shi小姐联系 (微信号:aprilinwonderland)。我们要安排最保险的收件方式。



Donating Goods to Those in Need  

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all those items (new and used) that you bring or send to Heart to Heart, we’ve got the answer.  Many different things can happen.

  • If something is badly damaged or worn, we recycle the item with a local recycler and make a little money from it which goes into our heart surgery program.  That’s not bad for things that can’t be sent out/given away!
  • New or like new things are often given to our sponsored children and their families when they come into the hospital.  The families come with little to no things since that’s what they have.  So we give them clothing, toiletries, books, toys and other miscellaneous items to make their stay more comfortable in the hospital.  (We also give them food cards for the hospital cafeteria so they have something to eat while they are with us.  After all, these families make between RMB 5,000-30,000 a YEAR so there isn’t a lot they can afford in Shanghai.)
  • Toys often end up in our playroom where they can be loved by all.
  • The remainder of the donations are usually taken to villages in the countryside and distributed there.  This year, however, we haven’t been able to do that because of COVID-19.  Thus, a new program of shipping donations out to particularly needy schools in remote areas has been arranged through Yoda Hospital – thank you Nancy!  In July we managed to ship out 128 bags of donated goods.  Where did they go?
    • 20 bags of winter jackets went to a very rural, mountainous Tibetan area in Sichuan province
    • 40 bags of clothing for school children were also sent to the same Tibetan area in Sichuan province
    • 60 bags of clothing went to communities in the high mountains in Yunnan province
    • 8 bags of clothing went to a school in Guangxi province

We are really glad that we were able to help people in these remote areas despite the COVID-19 situation. (Note that because of recent flooding most of the bags still haven’t been delivered, but we hope to be able to show pictures of the deliveries in the next newsletter.)  I know all the recipients will be really happy that H2H supporters donated all the goods.  Thank you!

如果你想知道那些你捐赠给上海心连心的物品(全新或使用过的)的去向, 我们可以通过实际使用情况, 逐一为你解答.

  • 如果收到的物品受损/磨损严重, 我们会与废品回收人员联系将其换卖成小额资金, 这部分资金会直接汇入手术基金作为赞助手术费用使用. 对于那些因为损坏而不能转捐出去的物品来说, 算是一个很好的处理方式.
  • 全新或较新的物品, 我们会分类存放, 并在受助患儿及家属来到医院时按人数按量发放给他们. 患儿家属通常随身物品较为缺乏, 因此我们一般会提供他们日常使用物品, 如:换洗衣物, 洗漱用品, 书籍, 玩具,以及其他杂物以保证患儿及家属能够在住院期间尽量”住”得舒适. (我们还会提供每个家庭一张餐食卡, 他们可以在医院的餐厅使用这张卡吃到热腾腾的食物, 而不是整日开水泡面而已. 毕竟, 对于这些年总收入在5千至3万之间的家庭来说, 上海的物价, 绝大部分的开销是他们无法负担得起的.)
  • 至于收到的捐赠的玩具, 通常当然是清洗消毒后直接分类归置与我们的活动室, 每日到活动室”消磨时间”的小朋友对这些玩具真的是爱不释手呢!
  • 其余的受捐物品, 我们会日常进行分类, 打包并存放于我们的后勤办公室, 然后定期由我们志愿者亲自带到农村或偏远地区的有需要的学校进行分发. 但今年由于新冠的影响, 我们的下乡探访活动仍然未能按计划实现, 因此, 一个新的关于物品捐赠的新项目已经开始执行- 通过上海远大心胸医院的帮助和安排将物品直接递送到有需要的偏远地区的学校或村落. 在此, 要感谢远大医院的孔楠女士(Nancy)为此新项目的实现提供的帮助. 7月, 我们成功的寄出了第一批128袋(蓝红编制袋)受捐物品, 它们的去向见下:
    • 20袋冬季夹克, 寄往非常偏远的四川省藏族地区;
    • 40袋混合衣物, 同样也寄往四川省藏族地区;
    • 60袋混合衣物, 寄往云南偏远山区;
    • 8袋混合衣物, 寄往江西省一所学校.

在受到新冠疫情的影响的情况下, 通过各方努力, 任然能够帮助到这些偏远地区的人, 我们感到非常的高兴. (需要注意的是, 由于目前中南部地区的洪水疫情, 物流速度受到影响, 大部分的物品仍未到达目的地, 但我们希望能够在下一份上海心连心月报发出前能够收到收件人的照片反馈, 那就真的太好了.) 当然, 我们都知道, 受捐人在收到物品之后, 将会非常的高兴收到来自上海心连心的捐赠和帮助. 当然, 这些都是你们, 所有上海心连心的支持者们的功劳! 感谢你们!

Spreading the Word – Work an Event for H2H

Despite the July summer heat, H2H volunteers have carried on and participated in markets around Shanghai to help raise funds and promote our mission.  In mid-July at the Jing’An Green Escape Market, a group of students that were interested in learning more about charity activities, stopped by the H2H booth to interview our volunteers.  Our efforts are and have already touched the hearts of thousands! Every person whose awareness we raise contributes to saving the lives of children with congenital heart defects. As we continue on this journey, rain or shine, let’s spread the love together!  Work an event!



Message from the Knitting Team: A Brief History of the Heart Bear Cardigan

In the beginning there was only one pattern.  It was a plain cardigan with attached front bands and three unevenly spaced buttons. Sleeves were usually knitted flat, sewn together and then sewn in. The pattern suggested you could pick up stitches around the armhole and knit them in the round, but no instructions were actually given for how to do this.  Cardigans were usually knitted in one colour or sometimes with stripes. Embroidery was sometimes used to help sell the more unpopular cardigan colours. The cardigans sold well, but were slow to produce. We even had to pay knitters in the early days to help get enough Christmas cardigans made.  It was a long process for a small cardigan. I knitted it once and said to myself, ‘I can do better’.

The first variation was to try thinner yarn. Then came the issue of how many buttons to use, five or three was usually chosen as four is an unlucky number. Then I played around with colour and styles…

Then as orders for hundreds of cardigans came in, in addition to the ongoing regular cardigan sales, a faster-to-knit cardigan design was needed.  Enter the new streamlined cardigan!  This new cardigan had front bands that were knit at the same time as the body of the cardigan, a real time saver.  It is now the cardigan pattern used for all of our Christmas cardigan designs.

But of course we didn’t stop at just redesigning the cardigan – sweaters, dresses, tutus, skirts, Christmas trees, Christmas angels were all designed. So to conclude, knitting patterns for our heart bears is always evolving. Many knitters have contributed to the designs we now sell. Maybe you have ideas for what we can knit next? You don’t even have to be a knitter, just another volunteer with a good idea. Let me know and we can work together on new designs to ensure our heart bears are always attired in great looking popular outfits.

It’s one of the things that keeps me knitting for Heart to Heart – the opportunity to be CREATIVE! And what a great way to be creative too, making items that give pleasure and give back by helping to heal hearts.

Hope to hear from other fellow creative volunteers.

Helen Anderson, Knitting Manager

爱心小熊开襟衫的简史 一开始只有一个模式。平淡的开襟衫,接上去的门襟和三个距离不等的扣子。袖子通常是平面一片织好,缝起来再缝到衣身上。这个样式也可以从袖孔上挑需要的针数,转圈儿织袖子,但是并没有确切的说明介绍织法。 开襟衫一般是单色或者是带横条儿织的。有些开襟衫的颜色不讨好,就加些绣花来促销。开襟衫的销路好,但是编织费时。早年我们还得付钱请人帮忙织圣诞节应景的开襟衫。完成一件小小的毛衣有漫长的过程。我织了一次,就告诉我自己 “我能改良一下”。 第一个变化是试着用细一点儿的线。接着是决定扣子的数量,由于四是个不吉利的数字,一般选三个或五个扣子。然后我就在颜色和式样上变花样。 为了满足大量订单和平日义卖所需,一个精简的开襟衫设计因此诞生。这个新的设计里门襟和衣身同时织,节省了很多时间。这也是我们所有圣诞节开襟衫所使用的设计样式。 当然我们也不只是变换开襟衫的设计 – 毛衣,连衣裙,芭蕾舞短裙,裙子,圣诞树,圣诞天使也陆续被设计出来。总而言之,为爱心小熊编织的服饰不断更新。不少编织者都对我们目前贩卖的服饰设计做了贡献。也许您也有好的设计点子让大家来执行?不一定非得是编织者才有资格,任何人都可以提供设计想法。您可以跟我联系,我们可以合作研发新的设计,让我们的爱心小熊永远衣着光鲜靓丽。 有机会不断创新也是我持续为心连心义务编织的原因之一。通过设计创新,满足制作成品的乐趣,又能为治愈心灵尽一分力,是多么美好啊! 希望有创意的志愿者们跟我联系。 海伦·安德森 Helen Anderson, 编织组经理

Message from the Assembly Team 

Helping with “assembly” volunteering with Heart to Heart on Tuesday mornings or the last Thursday evening of each month is very different from when I started 9 years ago. When I began, there were very few sorters, but many knitters.

Boy have things changed. We now spend the majority of our Tuesday mornings sorting bags and boxes full of donated clothing and other useful items. We recycle items not deemed appropriate for the countryside and have been lucky to have a company that pays us for these goods thereby raising more surgery funds. We are also very lucky to be supported by wonderful brand-name companies. For these special donations of brand-name clothing, we spend many hours carefully de-tagging and de-labeling new merchandise before we can surprise everyone (including volunteers) with “pop-up” sales. The sales also support children’s heart surgeries so the work is vital.  We have now expanded with a sewing team that creates delightful outfits for our heart bears as well as other items such as tablecloths, banner bags and aprons. If you can knit, sew or simply sort, please come out and join a wonderful group of H2H volunteers for our assembly sessions.

几年前我开始参加周二上午的后勤服务集会和参加每月最后一个周四晚上的后勤服务集会, 和现在相比, 差别太大了.

最初开始的时候, 编织志愿者很多, 物品分类的志愿者很少. 渐渐地, 变化开始了. 志愿者用于受捐物品的分类/打包的时间占了绝大多数比例. 那些因为损坏或我们认为不适合转捐到农村的物品, 我们幸运的找到一家废品回收公司, 愿意接收这些物品, 并根据每次不同的份量, 换成资金给到我们, 这部分资金将会用于支持手术的费用支付. 对于那些品牌捐赠的物品, 根据不同捐赠单位的要求, 在给大家或志愿者惊喜的快闪式”销售会”前, 我们会花大量时间去除吊牌或洗标, 销售所得资金, 也将全数用于手术费用的支付支持. 目前我们还”扩建”了缝纫志愿者小分组, 收到的桌布/横幅/围裙等布料捐赠物, 我们的缝纫达人们, 各施所长, 将这些布料捐赠物”变”成一件件漂亮且独具一格的爱心小熊的服装. 所以, 如果你会编织(毛线), 或是手工针线活(缝纫), 或是简单的物品分类(及打包), 请不要犹豫地加入我们的后勤服务集会吧, 你会发现你即将结识一帮非常可爱的上海心连心后勤服务志愿者们.

New Training Videos for the Events Team

Yay!  What we’ve all been waiting for are finally ready.  Videos are now available for people who are scheduled to work events.  There are three:

  • How to set up for an event
  • Frequently asked questions about H2H
  • How to fill out the sales sheet

These videos along with our introductory video to Heart to Heart will all be available on a Youku link soon.  For now, when you sign up to work a Heart to Heart event, the videos will appear in your event chat group to prepare you for the event.  It will make everything much clearer.  We hope everyone will watch them to make all of our lives easier.  Of course, we will continue to try to put experienced volunteers with new volunteers as well as Chinese speakers with foreign language speakers.  We want all of you — and our “customers” — to have a great experience at events.  Thank you for volunteering!


  • 如何为一次售卖活动做准备
  • 对上海心连心的常见问题解答
  • 如何填写小熊销售单


Fun Night of H2H Bottle Bingo  

H2H held our first H2H Bottle Bingo at Abbey Road on July 17 to raise funds toward a heart surgery.  It was LOADS of fun and very successful!  The capacity of our room was 60 people, but it seems that 80 showed up and participated.  We hope to expand the seating next time so that we won’t be quite so crowded ….. but the crowd and atmosphere seemed to make everything even more fun.   

Our gratitude goes out to Abbey Road for donating 10% of the food and drinks revenue of that night.  We also want to thank Greenwave for donating a very nice gift voucher (shower head water filter) for one of the prize baskets.  And it was really nice of the H2H management team to donate so many fun prizes for the 9 gift baskets.  Some of them were quite unique!  And thanks to DJ and Sunita for making up the baskets, which were truly lovely.  And, of course, we can’t forget Toby – our Bingo caller extraordinaire.  We really appreciate all the efforts people put into the night …. and we appreciate the enthusiastic crowd who turned out to play Bingo and support H2H.

Why is it called Bottle Bingo???  Well you’ll just have to come to our next one and find out!  Stay tuned for our next date (probably September).

7月17日晚上, 于Abbey Road餐厅, 上海心连心成功的举办了我们的第一场瓶子宾戈(Bottle Bingo)游戏活动, 活动所筹资金, 将用于手术费用支付支持. 当晚活动简直是超级欢乐和成功. 场地的容客人数应该是60人,但当晚我们却成功”挤”下了80人并全员参与游戏. 下次但愿可以扩大我们的活动区域, 让大家坐的更舒适宽敞一些.  但这次的”拥挤”所带来的的”紧张”气氛, 也让大家格外的兴奋和欢乐.

另外, 感谢Abbey Road捐赠了活动当晚酒水和餐食销售总额的10%金额. 我们也想感谢Greenwave捐赠了一张非常棒的礼物券(莲蓬头出水过滤器)作为其中一个活动奖品. 而我们的上海心连心的管理层志愿者, 则捐赠了其余的9个活动奖品蓝的物品. 感谢DJ和Sunita, 把这些奖品都包装得美美的. 当然, 不能忘了感谢当晚的活动主持, Toby先生-我们超级厉害和风趣的Bingo”报数员”. 上海心连心真挚地感谢当晚到场的所有人, 以及参与筹划及执行的志愿者/场地人员, 没有你们的参与和帮助, 我们将无法取得此次活动的成功.

为什么叫瓶子宾戈呢??? 好吧, 那你得亲自到我们的下一场活动寻找答案了. 下次活动日期(也许会是在9月哦)确定前请保持继续关注我们, 谢谢!

 Goodbye from Zoe Crook

Hello H2H! My name is Zoe and I am going back to my home in the UK after living in Shanghai since July 2019. My family moved to Shanghai a few years ago and I decided to join them for a year after I graduated from university. I went to the University of Nottingham and studied English with Creative Writing so communicating with the children in the playroom without sharing the same language was so interesting for me. I started volunteering in the playroom in October 2019, and watched how excited the children and parents were by the playroom, despite them going through such a difficult time. Like a lot of people, my time here was cut short here due to coronavirus. It would have been amazing to have seen more of China, and joined everyone on the famous field trips, but I am still grateful for the experience I have had. Thank you to everyone who has made my time in the playroom so enjoyable, I will miss you! Zoe Crook

各位心连心朋友们好!我叫Zoe,2019年7月来到上海,即将返回英国。我的家人几年前搬来上海,我自己决定大学毕业之后到上海住一年。我是诺丁汉大学创意写作本科生毕业,所以在游戏室跟孩子们没有共同语言的沟通经验很有趣。2019年10月开始在游戏室担任志愿者,见证了病童和家人苦中作乐,在游戏室开心活动。跟许多人一样,我的居留也受到新冠疫情影响而缩短。虽然没有预期中多见识中国,或者跟着大家做回访旅行,我还是非常感激获取到的经验。谢谢大家给我在游戏室的愉快时光!我将会想念你们的!Zoe Crook 敬上

 Featured H2H Volunteer – Chia Sin 

It was exciting to receive the news about myself being the featured H2H volunteer of the month for the H2H newsletter. But after the excitement wore off, I started scratching my head thinking hard to recall how and when I started volunteering for H2H.

First of all, a brief introduction about myself. My name is Kok Chia Sin, a Brunei-born Chinese who came to Shanghai in 2006 after getting married to a Shanghainese husband. We have been living in Shanghai ever since and now have 2 additional members to our little family, Jayden 11 and Jayne 10.  When I first came to Shanghai in 2006, it was not very expat-friendly.  I experienced the first culture shock of my life.  Through the Shanghai Community Center, however, I found many interesting activities, classes and social events and decided to give Shanghai Patchwork and Knitting Guild a try. It was founded by Susan Ferry intended to serve as a forum for knitters and piecers of all levels to come together to meet new friends, learn new skills and make something special for friends and family or use these skills to make items for various local charities supported by the Guild.  When Sue Ferry left Shanghai in 2008, Kathy Pauli took over the Guild, by then I had improved my knitting skills thanks to the experienced knitters in the Guild. The Shanghai Guild met every week.  We knitted and raised money for H2H to establish libraries in rural schools and to sponsor children for heart surgery. Some members stayed for years, some we only met once, all came to Shanghai for different reasons but were brought together by the Shanghai Guild for a good cause.

Now, the Shanghai Guild is co-managed by Niny Lam and Helen Anderson.  I still knit for it.  And sometimes I join H2H assembly at the Yoda Hospital and knit or sew there. I have also volunteered for the Christmas market sales for H2H bears. In future, I would love to participate in one of the field trips to visit previously sponsored children.


首先,简单介绍一下我自己。我的名字叫郭嘉欣,一个文莱出生的中国人,在和上海丈夫结婚后,于2006年来到上海,从那以后我们一直在上海生活。后来我们的小家庭又多了两位成员,11岁的潘羿喆和10岁的潘羿雯。在我2006年刚来上海时,这个城市的大环境对外国人并不像现在这样融洽,我经历了人生中的第一次文化冲击。然而,通过上海社区中心,我发现了许多有趣的课堂和社交活动,并决定加入”上海编织行业协会”。它是由苏珊·费里(Susan Ferry)创建,旨在为各个层次的编织者和钩编者搭建一个平台,大家聚在一起,结识新朋友,学习新技能,为朋友和家人制作一些特别的东西,或利用这些技能为行会支持的慈善机构制作物品。当苏·费里2008年离开上海时,凯西保利接管了该协会,在有经验的编织人员指导下,我的编织技能也得到了提高。上海编织行会每周都有一次聚会,我们为心连心编织和筹集资金,在乡村学校建立图书馆,并资助儿童进行心脏手术。有些成员编织了好几年,有些我们只见过一次,都是因为不同的原因来到上海,但因为一个共同的愿望在“上海行会”相聚。

目前,“上海行会”由Niny Lam和Helen共同管理。我也还在为它编织。有时我会参加心连心医院每周二的集会,在那里编织或缝纫。我也参加了心连心小熊的圣诞市场销售。将来,我很想参加一次乡村回访,去看望曾经被心连心资助的孩子们。

 Featured H2H Sponsor  – Michelle Lu  陆延瑶

Hi.  I’m Michelle, a Shanghai native.  I worked as a Human Resources Director in a foreign company becoming a mother.   I became a full-time mother once I welcomed my baby into the world 4 years ago.  Now I’m committed to training the next generation, parenting experience, food, sports, travel, and sharing my life.  As a novice mother, I spent a lot of time researching and evaluating infant-related supplies.  In 2015, I created the “Little Maru”‘s Microworld in order to exchange parenting knowledge with novice moms, share the latest information for cost-effective mother and child supplies and toys. This platform provides information on the education of the young as well as other meaningful offline experience activities, such as: visiting the fire department to learn the basics of fire escape, holding a flea market to exchange items, going to the zoo, taking children shopping in a supermarket or taking children and parents for pizza.

I began to work with heart bears by sharing the bears with a group of mothers who are visitors to my platform.  I learned about Heart to Heart Shanghai and the positive energy the volunteers have behind them. I think H2H is a very meaningful thing – making an effort can help families who lack financial conditions and have children with CHD.  So, in early 2020, in order to thank the fans on my platform, Xiao Maru himself sent 100 heart bears as a New Year’s gift for the fan base and we launched our heart bear program.  So far, Xiao Maru and fans have purchased a total of 430 heart bears from H2H so we’ve donated 86,000 yuan and sponsored two children from Guizhou Province, Chen Fujie, 8, and Yang Xinyun, 6, so far.  They both underwent congenital heart disease surgery sucessfully. After the operation, Xiao Maru visited the children for the fan base and found that their operations went very smoothly.  Their recoveries were also very good.  We are sincerely happy for them and also hope to pass on this opportunity to express the true meaning of love.

In the future, Little Maru and the fans will continue to share the heart bear program with more people. Not only that, we also hope that through our platform and strength we can help more people in need.  I hope you can also become a part of us!

If you would like to join us through the platform, please scan the QR code below.






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