April 2022

Heart to Heart Newsletter

April Assembly Dates: 

Tuesday, Apr 5          Canceled
Tuesday, Apr 12        Canceled
Tuesday, Apr 19        Pending
Tuesday, Apr 26        Pending
Thursday, Apr 28       Pending

April Events: 
None are scheduled due to
COVID prevention measures



Keeping up with Regulations

Regulations for NGO’s, charities, etc. are different in every country.   Since Heart to Heart operates in China, we have to make sure that we follow the regulations here.  Here are two little facts that should always be kept in mind so we are correct:

  1. Heart to Heart should never be referred to as a “charity” or “foundation”.  We are a special fund of Rende Foundation – they are the charity/foundation.  Our formal English name is “Shanghai Rende Foundation Heart to Heart Special Fund”.  If you need to refer to us formally, that is the name you should use.  Informally, you can just call us Heart to Heart Shanghai or refer to us as a volunteer group or volunteer organization.
  2. Our logo can only be used if you get permission.  So, please submit any flyers or other advertising to info@h2hsh.net or WeChat Karen-H2H.  We’ll get back to you with the okay as soon as possible.

That’s it for this month.  We’ll have some more boring, but important tidbits next month.


  • 第一,心连心绝不应该被称作“慈善机构”或“基金会”。它是上海仁德基金会下属的专项基金——而上海仁德基金会才是“慈善机构/基金会“。我们正式的中文名称是“上海仁德基金会心连心专项基金“。如果您需要在正式场合提及我们,请务必使用以上称呼。非正式场合您可以使用”上海心连心“,或者“志愿者团体/志愿者组织”。
  • 第二,上海心连心的LOGO标识在您获得许可的情况下才能使用。因此,所有的宣传单或任何广告形式都必须提前给“info@h2hsh.net”或微信”karen-H2H”报备, 我们会尽快回复您。


Volunteering Opportunities Will Return
March has been a difficult time for Heart to Heart volunteers.   Many of us have been in compound lockdowns and the hospital has been closed to all visitors.  Events have been canceled.  Nevertheless, the COVID prevention measures that spurred all of this are working and we can all hope that we will return to normal volunteering activities soon – hopefully in April.  Don’t give up on Heart to Heart!  There are still many children needing heart surgery and surgeries are still happening.  We need all of your hard work and dedication for the times ahead.  Despite the current situation, we still want to save as many children’s lives as possible.  Thank you for staying with us and understanding the situation!


Things We Need 

Each child/family whom Heart to Heart sponsors for heart surgery receives a large bag of “gifts” when they get to their room.  This bag is always received very enthusiastically.  It contains clothing for the whole family, toiletries for the hospital stay, tissues, wet wipes,  a “throw” blanket for the hospital bed, towels/washcloths, diapers (if the child is a baby), books, toys to occupy the children while they are in bed, stationery/school supplies for older children, etc.  In other words, this bag of “goodies” is very important.  The things in the bags are new and donated by H2H supporters and volunteers.

Once travel becomes a little more affordable and easier after the long Spring Festival holiday, many children will be coming in for heart surgery.  Each will be hoping for one of the gift bags.  We hope to be able to satisfy everyone.  For March, however, we are a little short on the following items:

  • Baby toys
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Body lotion
  • “Throw” blankets for the hospital beds
  • Towels
  • Diapers – Medium size
  • Adult toothbrushes
  • Masks

If you would like to help us out by donating any of these items, please do so.  You can just kuaidi them to our Yoda Hospital address with Karen 13916295852 as the receiver.  You will help us make the new arrivals feel very happy in an extremely stressful time.



  • 婴儿玩具
  • 成年人牙膏
  • 身体化妆水
  • 可以“扔”在医院的病床上的毯子
  • 浴巾
  • 尿布-中号
  • 成人牙刷
  • 口罩

如果你能捐赠这些物品,我们会非常感激。你可以把这些东西送到我们在远大胸腔医院的办公地址,收件人是Karen, 手机13916295852。你的善举能帮助我们让新来的小病人在紧张之余感受快乐。

Featured Sponsor of the Month – Epermarket

Epermarket started as a small company with a simple idea for better food safety 10 years ago. It has now become one of the leading online foreign grocery platforms across China with the goal to bring safe, high quality, and healthy foods and products right to your door.  Epermarket has rapidly grown into a full scale operation with over 300 employees, multiple platforms in 3 different languages with over 8,000 of the best products from around the world. Epermarket’s mission is not only to bring you high quality, healthy, and affordable foods and products, but also wants to give a big resounding thank you to everyone. We want the community to know that the support and trust you put in Epermarket has been the biggest drive towards our continued growth and success throughout the years!  That’s why we’re incredibly happy to be able to work with Heart to Heart again this year and help support the community.

Epermarket is a big proponent of what Heart to Heart does for the community. Their mission to provide corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart disease (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery. The surgeries not only saved their lives, but transforms the lives of their families.  Having worked with Heart to Heart for many years now, including their Art to Hearts show, Epermarket’s Advent Calendar Charity Pre-sale, and much more, Epermarket’s future plan is to continue sponsoring their events and make May the Heart to Heart month.  During May, if you put in the code H2H2022 at checkout, you will be identified as a Heart to Heart supporter.  Then, at the end of May Epermarket will donate 5% all revenue from H2H customers (with no cost to you) to this great charity.  Additionally, Heart to Heart heart bears will be available on our EperStore for our customer to receive as gifts from exchange points.  Epermarket will buy the heart bears from Heart to Heart to raise even more money!

Epermarket is looking forward to continuing our cooperation and sponsorship with Heart to Heart for many years to come!

Epermarket诞生于10年前一个简单的想法,就是想给大家带来更安全的食品。10年后的今天, Epermarket已成为中国主要的国际超市网购平台。Epermarket 致力于将安全、优质、健康的食物和产品送到您的家门口。 近年来,Epermarket迅速发展,现已拥有 300 多名员工, 运行三种不同语言的多个平台,提供来自世界各地的 8,000 多种优质产品。 Epermarket 的使命是为您带来优质、健康、实惠的食物和产品,并籍此向大家表示衷心的感谢。我们希望您知道,来自您和社区的对 Epermarket 的支持和信任是我们多年来持续增长,不断取得成功的最大动力!这就是为什么我们非常高兴今年能够再次与心连心合作,帮助支持社区。

Epermarket全力支持心连心为社区所做的工作。心连心的使命是为来自全国各地患有先天性心脏病(CHD),而其父母又负担不起手术费用的儿童提供矫正手术。手术不仅挽救了孩子们的生命,而且改善了他们家人的生活。Epermarket与心连心合作多年,包括艺连心艺术展, Epermarket 的 Advent Calendar 慈善预售等等。Epermarket未来计划继续赞助心连心,并把五月份定为“心连心月”。 5 月期间,希望您在结账时输入代码 H2H2022,您就会成为“心连心”支持者。在 5 月底,Epermarket 会把“心连心”客户的结账款的 5%捐赠给这个伟大的慈善项目(您无需支付任何费用)。此外,我们的 EperStore 将提供心连心爱心小熊,我们的客户可以用兑换点换取心连心小熊。 Epermarket 将购买心连心爱心小熊以筹集更多资金!


Featured Child – #2289 Yang Meiqi

If you’ve read the H2H 2021 annual report, you’ll know that 56% of the children we sponsored for heart surgery were girls.  40% of the children were between the ages of 4-10.  And 33% of the children came from Guizhou province.  So what does a 4 year old girl from Guizhou look like?  Meet H2H Child #2289 Yang Meiqi.  In 2018 Yang Meiqi was hospitalized with pneumonia in Funing People’s Hospital, Yunnan Province. During her medical examinations, she was found to have congenital heart disease. In 2019 she was hospitalized again because of pneumonia. This time, she was put directly into the ICU in Foshan Fifth People’s Hospital. Yang Meiqi did not have medical insurance.  These hospital stays cost the family more than RMB 14,000.  That’s a great deal of money for our families.
Yang Meiqi lives with her grandparents and a sister (14 years old).  Both her parents are migrant workers in Guangzhou.  The father is of the Yao Minority and the mother is of the Miao Minority.  Their living expenses have to come out of their salaries so they aren’t left with much to send home for the family to live on.  The grandparents have no income; they have 1 mu of land on which they grow vegetables for their own use. This family has no savings and rely on the parents to support this family of six. They couldn’t afford the cost of Yang Meiqi’s heart surgery.

The funds from six separate donors were put together to help Yang Meiqi have the open heart surgery she needed on February 24. She did well.  Her family was thrilled with the outcome.  She was already well enough to go home to Guizhou on March 7.   Her prognosis is great.  She should recover fully within 3-6 months and be able to go on to live an entirely normal life.  The health and hope that the heart surgery provided for her and her family should change everything for them.  We thank her sponsors and all the supporters of Heart to Heart who gave this family and 405 others like them (in 2021 alone) a bright future to look forward to.

要是您已经读了心连心2021年度报告,您应该注意到56%接受赞助心脏手术的是女孩儿。40%的孩子在4-10岁之间。33%的孩子来自贵州省。那么一个从贵州来的四岁女孩儿是个怎么样的人呢?在此跟大家介绍心连心赞助的第2289位小朋友 杨美琪 . 杨美琪在2018年因为肺炎在云南省富宁人民医院住院治疗。诊断时,被检查出她患有先天性心脏病。2019年她再度因为肺炎住院。这次她被直接送入佛山第五人民医院加护病房。杨美琪没有医疗保险,几次住院费用超过人民币一万四千元,是一笔很大的开销。



Featured  Volunteer of the Month – Bia Fortes

It’s an honor to be the featured Heart to Heart volunteer this month.  I don’t think I deserve this honor because I could help much more than I do, but I would like to use of this opportunity to tell about my experience and encourage new volunteers.

The first time I heard about H2H was when I moved to another apartment in Shanghai. The person from the moving company gave me the H2H leaflet saying that if I wanted to donate clothes to H2H, they would make the donation. Coincidentally, in the same week my friend Poi invited me to be part of the H2H sewing group. And then I started to attend the sewing group at Marie’s house. From that moment on, H2H became part of my life.

And so I started helping the sewing group. I always liked to sew.  I learned it at a young age with my grandmother. But I had never used a sewing machine, so I am very grateful to Marie who opened her house to teach volunteers who did not know how to sew with a machine. That made a big difference for us and increased the clothes’ production.

During the Christmas season, which is the best time to sell the bears at the markets, the baby bears’ sewing group came to my house. And so, on every Tuesday we delivered dozens of baby bears to be sold in the city. Each of the volunteers brought their positive energy to the group and made our working hours unforgettable moments with new friends.

Another gratifying moment that I wanted to share was welcoming the children (who were going to have heart surgery) from Tibet and their families at the airport. Some arrived with a dad, a mom or a grandparent.  All of them were still a little bit insecure as they were arriving to have the surgery in the big city, but at the same time finding comfort in the smiles of the Heart to Heart volunteers who were there to welcome them.

It also brings me a lot of joy to see post-op children playing in the hospital playroom and getting ready to have a normal and prosperous life. All this is only possible thanks to the work of H2H volunteers.  In these times we see that all our efforts are worth it. Heart to Heart literally saves the lives of those who would not be able to undergo a heart operation if it weren’t for Heart to Heart.

Finally, it’s important to say that it’s great to be able to meet dozens of other people with the same purpose as you. Most of them are in the same situation as me, spouses of executives who came to work in Shanghai with free time to help those in need.  They are people who love to do good for others and who end up becoming great friends that China has brought together and I will forever carry in my heart. Many thanks to Heart to Heart; you made my time in China much more meaningful than I ever imagined. Thank you and let’s keep working together to give a normal life for more and more kids!

我第一次听说心连心是我在上海搬家的时候。搬家公司的人给了我心连心的传单,说如果我想给心连心捐衣服,他们会提供帮助。巧的是,在同一周,我的朋友 Poi 邀请我加入心连心的缝纫组。然后我开始参加玛丽家的缝纫组活动。从那一刻起,心连心成为了我生活的一部分。


Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

New Knitting and Sewing Volunteers

New Assembly Volunteers
May Botha

New Events Volunteers
Brenda Tao
Marylin Cortez Salvatierra

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Visit Us at an Event
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Donate New or Gently Used Goods
Clothing, toys, toiletries collected from hotel visits, company swag – as long as it is not electronic or breakable, we will find a use for it.  Please contact donations@h2hsh.net.

Donate Your Time
Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

Other Donations
You can help support our food card program, our rural school library or sports equipment programs, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

Tell Your Friends About Us
Talk to a volunteer at an event and pass on the information. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).