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April 2020

April Assembly:

Tuesday, April 14       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, April 21       9:30-12:30
Tuesday, April 28       9:30-12:30   Thursday, April 30     17:30-20:30

April  Events:


Signup Open for the May H2H Field Trip to Anhui

The Coronavirus forced us to cancel our March field trip.  We are hopeful, however, that the current trend in China continues so we are all able to return to our volunteer work for Heart to Heart.  We also hope that we are able to go on our May H2H field trip.  With that in mind, it is time to make plans for it.  We hope to visit  H2H children who were previously sponsored for heart surgery as well as donate rural school libraries and sports packages.  If you’ve never gone on a trip with us before, you probably don’t believe me when I say the trip will be a highlight of your life in China.  But it will be – no matter where you’re from (even China).  Just ask those who have gone on a H2H trip before.  We’ll see our sponsored children in their homes, talk to families, dedicate libraries & sports equipment packages, interact with the students, see beautiful countryside, experience Chinese hospitality, eat tasty food, enjoy each others company, and have some fun.   It will be different things to different people, but you will LOVE it.

Where are we going in May?  Anhui province – since we weren’t able to go in March.  The trip will be May 25-28.

Here are the high-level details we have so far:
Trip Dates / Estimates
— We will probably pack the bus on Sunday evening, May 24.  If not, we will pack it on the morning of the 25th.  This will be decided later.
— We will go early Monday morning, May 25
— We will return to Shanghai on the evening of Thursday, May 28
— We will go by bus with our long time drivers – Mr. Fu and Mr. Wang.  (They’ve been driving for us for at least 13 years.)
—  I have no real idea how much the trip will cost at this point, but I would think the trip will be between RMB 2,000 – 2,500 per person.  I will know more once everything has been researched.

What will we do?
— Visit some of our previously sponsored children (5-10) in their homes
— Dedicate at least 3 rural school libraries and ?? sports equipment packages
— Try to see at least one point of interest
If you want to go on the field trip, please let me know as soon as possible ( or WeChat “Karen-H2H”).  Space will be very limited.  It will fill up quickly.  Everything is done on a first come, first serve basis – no exceptions.  Sorry!  Otherwise, once you get your confirmation from me, there’s nothing you need to do except free up your calendar for that week and wait for more messages from me.

If you or someone you know would like to donate a rural school library or a sports equipment package, please let me know.  We would still like 2 more libraries and 5 sports packages for the trip.  You are also assured 2 seats if you are a donor.

It should be an amazing trip!
新型冠状病毒迫使我们取消了3月的下乡探访活动。然而,鉴于中国目前病患及感染人数持续下降的趋势,我们希望我们都能够陆续的重新开始开展我们上海心连心的志愿服务。 我们也希望5月的上海心连心下乡探访活动能够如期进行。考虑到这一点,该是时候为此制定计划了。 下乡探访期间,我们会探访以前接受过上海心连心心脏手术赞助的孩子,到访当地的农村学校捐赠图书和体育用品。 如果你以前从未和我们一起去“旅行”过,那当我说这次下乡探访活动将成为你在中国生活的一个亮点时,你也许不相信我。但它的确一定会 -不管你来自哪里(包括中国)。 问问那些以前去过心连心下乡探访活动的人你就会得到答案。 我们会去接受过我们资助的孩子的家里探望他(她)们,与他(她)们的家人交谈,我们也会在当地的乡村学校,捐赠图书和体育用品,与可爱的学生们互动,看到中国美丽的乡村,体验中国人的热情好客,吃美味的当地食物,享受志愿者之间彼此的陪伴,当然还有更多乐趣等你亲自体验。不同的人会自会有有不同的感受,但等活动结束,你一定会爱上它。

那5月我们将会去哪儿呢?  因为3月原计划是去安徽省,但因疫情计划取消,我们将这个计划直接衔接到5月的行程,所以 5月25-28日,我们下乡探访活动将去安徽省。



— 我们计划在5月24日周日晚将我们的物资装车(长途大巴)。如果计划有变,我们将会在25日清晨做这件事情,最终计划可以稍后视实际情况而定。

— 我们将在5月25日清晨出发。

— 我们将在5月28日傍晚返抵上海

— 我们将会乘坐“老司机”朋友-付师傅和王师傅的长途巴士。(至少近13年的下乡探访活动的巴士司机均为此二位。)

— 目前我还没有算出这次活动的个人开销费用,但凭经验我觉得单人花费将在2000-2500元人民币左右。待我完成更多的细节计划,我就会知道更具体的费用了。


— 到接受过上海心连心先心病手术赞助的孩子的家里探望他(她)们及其家人(预计5-10个孩子家庭)

— 到访当地乡村学校,捐赠图书和体育用品

— 如果时间充裕,我们将至少去一个当地的旅游景点游玩。

如果你想参加该次的心连心下乡探访活动,烦请尽快让我知道(发邮件至 或者微信我 “Karen-H2H”)。座位有限,先到先得。一旦我与你确认你的座位之后,你无需做任何事情,但务必请记得在你的日历上记上这件事情,然后就等我更新消息即可。




Potential H2H Assembly Start Up – Dates & Rules

Hi everyone,
I know that many of you are anxious to start volunteering again in the assembly room.  Nevertheless, we want to make sure that no one at the hospital nor any volunteers are exposed to the Coronavirus.  We are still waiting for final approval of a date to restart, but have been told that it will probably be April 14 – assuming there is no resurgence of the virus in Shanghai.  There will, however, be rules on who can attend assembly to ensure everything goes as planned.

Please make sure you read the rules carefully and conform with them.  Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to volunteer until you do.  Sorry, but we want everyone to be safe and want to follow all regulations.  Hopefully, this will all end relatively soon.

1)  Each assembly volunteer must have a “green” QR code with them on their phone.
2)  Each assembly volunteer must have been in China for the past 14 days and cannot have been in Wuhan during that time period.
3)  Each volunteer MUST be a registered (through the H2H system) H2H volunteer or as a prospective.  If you aren’t positive you’re registered, contact me to see how you can become registered.
4)  No one under 15 can participate or attend
5)  You must check in with DJ or Karen when you arrive and receive a sticker that indicates you have checked in and been cleared.
6)  No one is allowed to touch any of the patients
7)  Assembly activities are limited to the assembly and playroom.
8)  If someone asks, ONLY donation deliveries by kuaidi are accepted.  No drop offs by drivers or individuals are allowed until at least June.

Thank you for volunteering for Heart to Heart.  We couldn’t do it without you!












Best regards,  Karen

Message from the Assembly Team

At a minimum the Heart to Heart (H2H) assembly team meets every Tuesday morning from 9.30-12.30 and the last Thursday evening of each month from 17:30 – 20:30. The assembly team helps Heart to Heart prepare for all the various activities we do to support our sponsored children and their families.  Nothing could go forward smoothly at H2H without the assemblers.   The assemblers sort donated goods, count donated coins, dress heart bears, clean, prepare the kits for events, prepare for field trips, sew on buttons, embroider …. the list is endless.  We try to assign people to tasks they enjoy so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t very talented in a certain area.  You do not need any special skills to work in the assembly room – it’s enough that you’re hard working and happy to donate your time.  As long as you are at least 15 years old you can participate.

Assembly is one of the most fun teams to volunteer with in H2H – mostly because you get to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and from many different countries. Most of us have made some life-long friends through working on the assembly team.  There is always plenty to do as donated goods roll in, events are scheduled and so on.  Of course, H2H needs a steady supply of donated goods to do its work and be successful. We are happy to accept clothing for all ages. Clothing should be clean and washed, be stain-free and in gently used condition. The rural families we assist have very little and appreciate these gifts so much.

For more details on the assembly team, have a look at the H2H website and sign up in the “Volunteering” section.  If you want to donate goods, please contact the assembly room co-ordinators at
每周二的上午九点半至十二点半,以及每月最后一个周四晚上的五点半至八点半,心连心上海 (H2H) 的后勤组装团队都会在医院集合一起工作。后勤组装团队的主要任务是帮助心连心的各种活动做后勤准备,以来支持我们帮助的孩子和他们的家庭。如果没有后勤组装志愿者,心连心的任何工作都无法顺利完成。他们需要整理并筛选收到的捐赠物品、清点捐赠硬币、装扮爱心小熊以便拿到集市上售卖、清洁物品、为售卖准备专用行李箱、为乡村拜访准备捐赠物品、缝纽扣、裁剪、编织等等…… 这个团队的岗位描述简直数不胜数。通常我们会为志愿者们分配他们喜欢并胜任的工作,所以即使您在某个领域不是很有天赋或经验,也完全不用担心。在这里工作不需要任何特殊技能——只要您年满15岁,努力工作并乐于奉献您的时间就可以加入我们。



Message from the Knitting Team

COVID-19 has combined with my fictitious medical condition of CCD (Compulsive Crafting Disorder – not real of course).  As a result, I’ve been keeping busy making things. First, it was sewing my own extra fabric face masks. Then I turned to yarn crafts. And with lots of time spent at home these days, what’s a busy Heart to Heart knitter to do? How about trying crochet something different. So began the idea for my latest pattern design, originally timed for Valentine’s Day, but will probably sell any time. It’s the Heart Bear Crochet Heart Dress.

It can be finished in record time. It’s also a great pattern to use up scraps of yarn as the heart rows only take 3-5g of yarn. You can, of course, just have one contrasting colour for all the hearts, if you prefer. This would certainly reduce the number of yarn ends to be sewn in.  The new step by step pattern is pretty easy to learn and includes over 20 photos to make it as simple as possible to follow. You only need to know a few simple crochet stitches to get started.  Stitches used include chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet and a fun stitch called popcorn stitch. The individual hearts are each made up of two popcorn stitches separate by two chains.  The optional heart head band has a couple mores stitches, half double crochet and treble stitch, but again photos make it easy to see how to create a quick and cute heart. And the last two pages of the pattern include a great chart showing how to do every stitch in the pattern and even a few more stitches not used in the pattern are thrown in.

The pattern can be found on the Heart to Heart website at in the section Volunteering – Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing – Knitting Patterns – Heart Bear Crochet Heart Dress (the last one).  If you need any help with the pattern or even just need some yarn or crochet hooks to get started, please contact me, Helen Anderson, the Heart to Heart Knitting (and Crocheting) Manager at

Happy Hooking!


这条裙子只需要很短的时间就能完成,还是把手边积存的小量短线充分利用的好法子,因为每行心形只需要3-5克的线就够了。当然,如果您愿意,也可以只用一种对比色。这样可以节省缝很多线头的时间。新的花样有一步一步地说明,同时搭配有20张照片,简单易学,只需要会几种简单的针法就能上手。使用的针法包括小链针(chain stitch)、拉针(slip stitch)、长针(single crochet) 、加长针(double crochet) ,和一个有意思的玉米花针 (popcorn stitch)。个别的心是用两个单独的玉米花针和两个链针分开的。可以选择的头箍还用了其它两种的针法:中长针(half double crochet)和绕长针 (treble crochet);不过照片的示范能显示既省时又可爱的心形编织。最后两页把裙子花样的每一种针法都列表示范说明了,还包含一些其它这个花样里没有使用的针法。

裙子的花样可以在心连心网页www.h2hsh.com里志愿服务的棒针、钩针、缝纫组页面里的爱心小熊心裙子(最后一个花样)找到。如果您需要帮助,甚至需要毛线、钩针、等等,请跟我联系:心连心棒针/钩针经理 Helen Anderson 祝您快乐钩!

Goodbye Message from Therese Burke 

Breaking up is hard to do! Saying goodbye to Shanghai and H2H 

As I sit here in my little backyard in Sydney, Australia, I look at the same blue sky you are probably seeing in spring in Shanghai today. Only you are there and I am all the way down the globe in the southern hemisphere. So much has happened since we were told to leave Shanghai in late January and make our way back home as soon as possible. But, where is home? After 3 years in Shanghai, that was home to us, but as Australians we were instructed to come back to Australia immediately. As COVID-19 has circled around the globe, Australia is just starting the path that China has almost finished. As Shanghai locals go back to work and back into streets and cafes, we are just beginning lockdown here and are now confined to our homes. The beautiful and now lively streets of Shanghai give me hope that will be us in a few months’ time.

Sometime in the last month, my husband’s company decided it was better to keep us permanently in Australia and for Troy to start a new role here in Sydney. So many mixed emotions followed. It is so nice to come home, but in many ways we weren’t ready to leave China. We had planned out our wish list of things we wanted to see this year and I definitely wanted at least 3 more field trips! And to miss out on the opportunity to say goodbye to the beautiful locals who made us feel so welcome and were so kind to us seemed very cruel. But, perhaps the saddest goodbye for me is the one I definitely wanted to do in person and that is to say goodbye to Heart to Heart (H2H). I honestly do not know how I would have survived those early days in Shanghai without H2H. I met so many lovely people and made amazing friendships quickly. Suddenly I didn’t feel like a stranger in Shanghai anymore. I had a tribe and I had a purpose. The fact that the Chinese children melted my heart was the icing on the cake. Here was an opportunity to keep busy, to meet new people, to see parts of China I never would have normally seen as an expatriate in privileged Shanghai. Part of this was to hang out with Chinese families who had a baby with a sick heart and were very poor but had more love and gratitude than you could ever bottle.  Raising money for operations and taking care of the children after the surgery filled my own heart with love and joy. I still tear up at the many memories of mothers and fathers who still can not understand why foreigners would care so much for their child. And would want to help them. But it was so incredibly easy to do.

I was very fortunate in my time to volunteer for almost everything and to be manager of several groups. I encourage all foreigners to Shanghai to get involved with H2H.  It will make your stay there so much richer and you will develop deep and important relationships you will have for life. Choosing my favourite role is impossible, but I think managing the H2H hospital playroom and going on field trips to visit kids who have previously had heart surgery in the countryside are the two stand-outs for me.  Another favourite would be taking sponsors to visit children whose lives they saved in hospital, there are no words to describe the looks between those faces when they met for the first time. So, donate to the H2H cause, buy teddies, make up teddy costumes, come to assembly and sort and pack, sell our teddies at events, help Karen with paperwork, sign up for the playroom…whatever it is, just do it! You will be forever indebted for what it does to your soul. And there will always be a smiling beautiful face trailing after you long after you leave.

To Karen Carrington, I have never in my life met a more dedicated soul whose mission is so pure and so direct. Those kids live because you make it your life mission to get them there and make it happen. Others dream, you just do. I am so blessed to have been in your path. To DJ, who makes everything so fun and welcoming. You never have given anything but 200% to every H2H task and people are drawn to you and your passion, you give me hope that our world is headed in the right direction. To Nancy, you make me laugh and thank you for helping me make so many smiles. To all my H2H friends along the journey and everyone who answered all of my pleas for help for events and for playroom assistance, thank you. Please keep paying this forward, as the biggest winner in all of this not the children, it will be you.

Therese Burke

难分难舍!跟上海+心连心道别 今天我坐在澳大利亚悉尼家中的后院,望着跟你们在上海春天时看到的一样的蓝天,只是你们在上海而我在南半球。从我们一月底接到命令尽快从上海回家到现在,发生了很多变化。可是,哪儿是家?过去三年,上海是我们的家。但身为澳大利亚人,我们得到指示立刻回澳大利亚。新冠病毒在全球肆虐,澳大利亚正开始步上中国抗病毒的后尘。在上海人民工作生活开始步入正轨时,澳大利亚正开始进入居家隔离。美丽生动的上海街道景象为我带来希望,这一切也将在几个月后在我这儿重现。


很幸运在我担任志愿者的时候有机会参与每个组别,并且担任部分组别的管理。我鼓励每一位在上海的外籍人士都参与上海心连心。这个经验丰富你的人生并且让你得以建立长存的友谊。选一个我最喜欢的角色很难,不过负责游戏室和跟大伙儿回访那些动过手术回家乡的孩子们是两样对我特别突出的经验。还有一件很喜欢做的,是陪同赞助手术的有心人,到医院去看望得到他们伸出援手才能做救命手术的孩子们。他们初次见面的瞬间无法以笔墨形容。所以,请支持心连心达成宗旨,不论是捐款、买爱心小熊、制作小熊配件、参加装配组、分类、打包、到市集或其他活动场合义卖小熊、协助Karen做文书工作、到游戏室帮忙….. 请出一分力!你将永远感激自己为灵魂所做的事。并且还有一张你离开之后很久很久的美丽笑脸。

我从来没有遇到过比Karen Carrington更投入、更衷心、更直接的公益行动者。那些孩子是因为你的人生使命才得以生存。当别人在梦想时,你在实际行动。我有幸能与你并肩同行。DJ,你让每件事都成为有意思又受欢迎。对心连心的任务总是百分之两百的投入,让周围的人感受到你的热情,被你吸引,你让我对未来充满希望。Nancy,谢谢你给我带来欢笑,和帮着我带来更多的微笑。在此也对所有心连心的朋友们,赞助者们致谢。请不要停止付出,因为最后的赢家不是孩子,而是你个人!

Featured H2H Sponsored Child – Zhang Siyu (Child #1562)

Yay!  Now that the height of the Coronavirus epidemic seems to be behind us in China, children are starting to come into Shanghai for heart surgeries again.  That’s really good news since there are many children waiting for surgery now we should be able to get it for them.  Anyway, the first child has successfully completed her surgery and is already on the ward recovering.  She is H2H Child #1562 – Zhang Siyu – a 9 year old girl from Anhui province.  In 2018 Zhang Siyu had a funnel chest operation at Shanghai Xinhua Hospital. After the operation, the doctors suggested that she should have an ultrasound to check her heart. The ultrasound showed that she had congenital heart disease. She is sick quite often.  Surgery was recommended, but the family couldn’t afford it and left the hospital. There are four people in the family – parents, a 22 year old brother and Zhang Siyu.  The brother goes to university in Hefei on a scholarship.  The mother takes care of Zhang Siyu and the house.  The father works as a migrant worker on a construction site with an annual income of about 30,000 yuan. He sends back as much as he can to the family, but they still owe more than 40,000 yuan.  They were unable to get a loan to help Zhang Siyu have the surgery she needed.  

Donations from the 2019 H2H Sri Lanka / Finland 4,855 Km Challenge enabled Zhang Siyu to have the heart surgery she needed on March 12.  She is doing extremely well and her family is really happy!  Although we didn’t let sponsors visit her because of the potential of Coronavirus contamination, we are really happy that she was able to finally get to Shanghai and have the surgery she needed.  Her life is full of promise now because of the generosity of donors to the 2019 Challenge.  Thank you!

好消息是,有一笔来自2019年心连心“斯里兰卡/芬兰4855公里挑战赛”的捐款使张思宇能够在今年3月12日进行了心脏手术。她在手术中表现很棒,她的家人也很开心!尽管由于疫情原因,我们没能安排资助方前来医院探望她,但我们真的很高兴她最终能够来到上海接受手术。 因为“2019年挑战赛”的捐助者的慷慨,她的生活现在充满了希望。再次感谢捐助者!

Featured Sponsor: Fortune Kindergarten

With great excitement and motivation to help others, Fortune Kindergarten Hongqiao and Yulin campuses join together to hold their annual festive Winter Charity Bazaar with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Heart to Heart Shanghai.  This event has become a tradition for the past number of years, with each year surpassing the previous one in the total contributions.

Fortune Kindergarten is celebrating 22 years of quality education, offering a bilingual international program for children ages 18 months to 6 years and this charity event provides an opportunity to teach our young students and their families that we all have a role to play in helping others. At Fortune, we are especially thankful for our very supportive and talented Parent Support Group (PSG), who work tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the Charity Bazaar.  And every year they impress us with new and innovative ways to make the event even more successful.

On the day of the bazaar our students excitedly arrive with their parents, grandparents and friends to show off their school, which is transformed into a marketplace with delicious smells, enticing displays, and attractive services to enjoy.  The classrooms host various games, as well as live interactive demonstrations, friendly competitions, music and artistic activities – all organized through the creativity and impressive efforts of our PSG members, Fortune staff, and invited vendors.  With all the food, games, shopping and a huge raffle, this Charity Bazaar is certainly a highlight of our school year.

Later, when our Fortune friends, families and staff witness the impact those efforts have made, and receive photos of some parents and teachers going to visit and getting updates on the little patients who received much-needed surgery, their hearts are truly warmed and everyone feels so proud to be a part of this most worthy cause.  We are all so thankful to support Heart to Heart and all of their amazing work.






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Sewing Team Manager Backup:  Ingrid Dupper
Sponsorship & Hospital Visits Managers:   Karen Carrington & DJ Wizniak
Sponsorship & Hospital Visits Team: Antton Arregui, Helen Anderson, Maria Christoforatos, Mei Kang, Nancy Kong, Steve Lee, Therese Burke
Webmasters: Jung-Woo Lee (website), Eric Wang (database), Frank Song (database maintenance for the new database being built), Karen Carrington (content)
Website Pictures (remote):  Lenel Roux
WeChat Account:  Alie Wang, Alex Tsou, Mei Kang

Office Location

YODA Cardio Thoracic HOSPITAL
Address: No. 218 Long Cao Road, Xuhui district, 200235 Shanghai
Driving Directions: Longcao Road (between Caoxi Road &Longhua Road)
Metro Directions:
– Line 3 & 12 “Long Cao Road Station” – Exit 4 – Turn left (it is the next building)
– Line 1 & 12 “Cao Bao Road Station” – Exit 4 from the SOUTH platform – Turn right
8 minutes walk (it will be on your right)
Bus Routes:
– Bus 50 (Caohejing Road stop or N Caoxi Rd, E Tainlin Road stop)
– Bus 111 (Long Wu Road -­Longcao Road stop)
– Bus 120 (Longcao Road stop)

Many Ways to Support Us!

Did you know that Heart to Heart is a 100% volunteer organization?  With no paid staff we always need people to volunteer.  Here are just a few of the ways you can help us.

Visit Us at an Event

Check out our ‘Support Us‘ section following the calendar.

Donate New or Gently Used Goods

Clothing, toys, toiletries collected from hotel visits, company swag – as long as it is not electronic or breakable, we will find a use for it.  Please contact

Donate Your Time

Help out in our hospital playroom, join an assembly session, schedule a special group volunteering session for you and your coworkers, knit or sew bear clothes at home or with friends.  There are countless opportunities.  We definitely need your help!

Other Donations

You can help support our food card program, our rural school library program, or become a heart surgery program sponsor.  Contact us to find out how you can help.

Tell Your Friends About Us

Pick up a flyer at an event and pass it on. Bring a friend to a volunteer session. Enlist your friends from home to make a donation (contact our executive director to find out how you can make this happen).

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